Monday, May 16, 2011

Are you a happy chaos ?

I guess these 2 new lil treasures below, that I have bought a few days ago, are quite revealing (yeah I know, I take any opportunity to show my legs, huh! hehe true, true).
We are all made of specific tastes, desires. Sometimes there's a beautiful unity in what we are. Sometimes happy chaos.
What are you made of ??

I think I'm between unity and chaos. Lots of duality in me, like... yeah I bought these lovely sandals (desperate for not finding summer boots) and these free fighter shorts. Men's shorts in the smallest size possible. lol.

They're perfect for the kind of sports I do, jumping a lot, kicking ghost baddies, etc. And they simply rock (no? tss you've no taste :P)

I think part of that duality is simply the expression of the female and male sides in me. I chose these shoes and shorts as almost a caricature of that feature. Might be a caricature, a bit extreme, but so true.

In some other life I dream of being a talented tattooist  and an expert at some martial art. lol. Yeah that would fit.
It's a bit too late for all that (I knowwww some will say the contrary), and that sucks.

Yet...  that's a pretty good dream, one that always brings a smile.

So, are you a happy chaos? Or more coherent with a harmonious personality, hm?


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