Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bitch vs Bad boy

So we women would be more attracted by bad boys, it's well known.
In magazines they even say a man not smiling at all would be more attractive to women.

Shit. I suspect these articles are written by men.

Of course the bad boy has some sex-appeal. On the screen, in books. In real life, bad boys are just nothing to me. Or just like candies. Just have one from time to time, enjoy what you can get from them... but don't get too much of them.

No no, a man, clever and sensitive, has much more sex appeal to me than a stupid bad boy.

What do men enjoy? I wonder. We are supposed to prefer bad boys... Do men prefer bitches?
I would bet that men love their women clever and sensitive most of the day, but real good bitches in bed. hehe... dunno, I only repeat what I've heard!

I think real bitches are pains. Perfect on the screen, but not in real life. Just like bad boys.

PS: oh and psssshhhit... a rel bad boy has no chance in front of a real bitch. Yeah yeah!


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