Sunday, May 08, 2011

Body talks

I talk making lots of gestures...
I easily make faces, I sigh, I (discretely) yawn, I jump from happiness, I kick ghosts from anger.
My body talks a lot!

Then, my red hair, my boots, the muscles I try to get, probably the way I walk. Fast and determined. Yeah of course my body talks a looooot.

And now I understand there are kind of subtitles on my body... my tattoos!

If it was aesthetically ok... 50% of my body would be covered with snakes. yeah I know... scary! Good I am very coquette. lol
Snakes are clever, they represent knowledge, freedom, selfishness, it's very masculine, complementary to the woman, to me.

ha well, that would be too many snakes and that would scare (not!) the devils.

Anyway, I have discovered that I had an arm made for love and one for freedom! Yeah that rocks! And well, that sounds a bit 1970-ish but I'm proud I naturally get both concepts in the flesh. I did not wanted these lovely concepts particularly, it's my body that revealed them.

On my "love" arm, I want to get an anchor, meaning how much love matters to me, no matter the storms, the deadly waves, Love is here (chabadabada).
Then roses around because it's cute it could symbolize different forms of love. Love flourishing in different ways. Like one rose for Lola, one rose for Loup, I don't know. But love grows, love expanded. That's the idea maybe. Love is not static.

Anyway, that will be one of the ideas for my next tats. Sunny will soon come back to me with her talent (I want her own style for them).

PS: check the gallery, there's Martin's pirate tat' on it :P


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