Friday, May 06, 2011

Here's the soap, wash my brain

What I wonder ... does not concern the stupid facts. Bin Laden dead...? where how when (10 years ago, yesterday, not yet?)
... no really I don't care. Anything of that would be true, we would have gotten clear facts. Less show and effects. No fake photos, etc.
And then, if it's true, really, that does not change much to the situation.

Well I care a lil bit though about the "how he's been killed" part, you know. That matters to me.

Anyway, I wonder about the impact of the piece of news. Will it work, really? Will it bring a fresh wave of popularity, patriotism, etc... to Eastern powers?

Are people so naive? (no! we are not!)

Do politicians sleep well at night?

Am I really considering the situation the wrong way?


Mahie said...
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