Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am not Robert Mitchum

I'm not Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), a serial killer and self-appointed preacher, getting a (not so) black and white personality...

I am not that extreme at all. I mean I am not a serial killer, lol.

Yet I have my own marks too. I had no idea where my tats would take me. What would my body tell.
It's fascinating! I'm truly following what my body asks for.

Today, one of my arms is telling about freedom, the other about love. Yeah I know that sounds very 1970s huh :)

but My love arm gets a snake, which means a lot more than just love. My freedom arm gets skulls, death is present.

See, I do not live in a world made of rainbows (though i love them!).

Sunny made them so much the way I wanted!
She added perfect details, perfect shapes. Such a talent!!! Cherry on the cake, I'm having a real good feed back about them : )

I don't think I'll stop with tattoos...
Once you kill the cow, you gotta get the burger huh

(now... don't tell me you HATE them! :P)


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