Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newly inked

Sunny has made wonderful job on my arms today.
I got the new tattoos I really wanted and even better than I thought. Such an artist !

Sunny worked as fast as she could, for hours. I was totally amazed. You feel the physical energy tattooing requires. It's crazy, physically very intense... And behind you have the concentration and the artistic work.

I got tattoos on both arms. Gotta decorate them more. I'll tell you more about the tats when they are visible. Right now they're healing.
The first arm was fine... but the second... (I'm such a chochotte!)... I felt every needle in the skin. I felt as if my skin had decided to resist, to fight back. Suddenly my skin felt so thick. A thick wall fighting against the needles. And that was painful. Not what Sunny did, but the way my skin was tensed, like under pressure, resisting.

Tonight I'm exhausted, no more physical energy. I wonder if Sunny feels the opposite, as if there had been some kind of energy transfer or something like that. But she worked so hard, I'm sure she must have felt tired from it.

A wonderful experience. With such an artist!

(I'll have more!)

And now... back to healing : )

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