Thursday, May 19, 2011

We are what we think, right?

That's a bit scary because what happens when I do really think about just nothing, or... stupid things, or hot sex etc.
Does that make me like nothing? or stupid? or obsessed?
Maybe : )
That's not so important.
Just thoughts.

Today I am broken because I have lost someone SO dear to my heart. Life is unfair and cruel.

Today I am kinda relieved, because I start to understand (and get answers about) what Lola gets. A form of epilepsy that happens at night only. More tests at the Necker hospital to come. Her crisis should disappear when she's a teenager. That's still very painful for the mom that I am.

Today I wonder how people can expect politicians to be "moral examples" ? They're politicians!!

Today... actually the other day (lol) I wondered why it was so chocking that Bin Laden smoked pot and watched porns? Are the media trying to make him popular or something? ;)

Today I wonder (not) if it's appropriate to make jokes about Hitler, or DSK and the Sofitel's woman. What are your limits with jokes? I think personally, it's the talent of the one making jokes that makes anything possible. Talent and sensitivity.

Today I wonder a lot. And that feels good.


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