Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bretonie (part 1)

A week I've been here now... And I'm not suffering from lack of civilization yet! Yeah!
Gotta say the lil house is getting so cosy and comfortable, the hard works for years are paying for sure! :)

So far (yes, yes, enfer et damnation, I am talking of the weather) we've got one beautiful day only. Sunshine, lazy mood and rosé wine (I like rosé, shame on me!;-)

3 hours of sun and rosé wine versus 6 days of rain and delicious planteur cocktails. Life isn't bad in Bretonie!

I welcome the rain, I could work without frustration on the orders I brought with me.
Better, I've started working for myself. Looking through the looking-glass you know. Loving it.

I want to update my blog regularly and I will, I'm just sorry for the bad quality of the photos... my screen is so bad that I can hardly see what I am posting (sigh).

Martin, the devils and demons are like in paradise. It is good to see them enjoying the time without the Parisian stress (that I love : )

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