Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In my quite fascinating book about  Adolph H. the author mentions a most logical theory that I had never thought about really.
That sucks, I'm really not blond, yet... I simply do not take the time to * think * really. lol (now that sounds very blondish!)

Anyway, the author says somewhere that you desire something that you don't have, that you miss.

Missing, not possessing feed the desire.

But hey, of course that's not stupid... I really want the strawberry pie I don't have right now.
The perfect red wine? no thanks, I've got it for two hours now.

Poor rich men that have already everything!

That's a scary theory... Can't you desire what you have then? You can appreciate what you have but... desire it? Deep inside, is it possible?

(right now I desire classic powerful music, not Wagner (!), something that could take me SO high)

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