Saturday, July 02, 2011

Shiba pow blop wizz... Arggh!!!

Last time I shouted "Arggggh!" was when I realized I had uploaded 80 photos on Facebook, instead of one.
And god, there were really photos that should not have been exposed! lol

Yes that was my last panicking Arggh.
Of course, everybody had time to watch them all. Fuck!

I don't often talk of other bloggies, just that I don't have the time to discover any new ones.
Already hard to update my own one...

Anyway, I've known the man behind before I got to know the blog. Which is a first time, usually it's always the contrary.
Fascinating blog. Make what you want of it, really... you just ("just" hides all the research work behind!) get topics, artists, concepts, anything really presented in the most honest way, not polluted by comments or views.

Such a blog had to get such a weird name: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !

Often it's shocking (which is not the main purpose, and which I find very good anyway, I love to be shaken, my narrow mind to be opened to other worlds), it's so neutral in appearance, so alive by the choice of the topics. Pretty unique ... And always amazingly interesting, free and without any limits that I know of.

Just have a look sometimes if you're curious about this lil addiction of mines ;-)

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