Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hard Candy (I wish)

and I wish I could get as sticky as possible, at least (that the plan!  ;-)
I'm testing my new sport schedule, to which I'll add individual cardio and musculation stuff.
Somehow... I train 6 days, make a break on one day. lol. But that's ok, half the week is pretty soft.

Yesterday, 2 hours of pure musculation with a trainer I've known since a few months. Full of energy, creative and merciless! Exactly what I want.

Today, and for next three days, I'll get tortures from Lylou.

She's into martial arts and she's a fantastic machine to torture anything required. Tonight, Zumba (not sure I'll love, it's cardio, but too much dance in it to me probably) and adored body combat. 2 hours to get sticky.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are truly killer's day. I'm fully trained (I think) yet because the trainers push the level really high with our lil gang... it is always harder. Painful. Goooood! :P

Oh and in 10 days, I'll follow a training on Sunday... self defence !

hehe... I go there for the fun of it with other girls. It's organised by Lylou, super professional, and she teased us in the best way: telling it would be THE opportunity to kick guys' ass there!
haha! Sounds like fun!

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