Saturday, August 06, 2011

I will love you until death do us apart

The wedding of my cousin the other day was perfect. Some women were wearing funny hats, champagne had that gold colour and Heaven's taste, the bride was exquisite, children were building perfect memories, etc etc.

A wedding like in movies you know. Honestly I like it, nobody marry anymore nowadays, at least around us. We're more into the age category now where people get into divorce.

Hell, shouldn't we celebrate sometimes divorces? new life beginnings? Sometimes, I'm sure we should. Might be a good biz to build around that ;)

When I was in the church, one of the best moment to observe people, my eyes got caught by the most welcoming message you can read on the painted window (Thou shall obey me until death).

I really shivered, The warm and happy atmosphere were escaping me for a moment. I wanted to take my brush and transform that awful message into something human, plain... Thou shall fuck happily until death? Thou shall disobey when you heart tell you so? blablabla

Thank ermm God, the lovely couple shared an adorable kiss that brought back the warmth I wanted to feel. I happily left the dark church.

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