Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marie-Antoinette syndrome (chapter 10)

noooo I don't have much in common with the headless queenette, except my love for lil sheep! and big castle, okok. And romantic escapades. Right. And sexy gentilhommes * shrugging *

But I have a big weakness for lil sheep... We got Cesar (that you can see on the left) and Rosalie when they were babies. 4 years ago.
Now they are 12! yeah! Cesar's a big boy, full of energy! hehe

A lil treasure was born on Friday night.

She does not have a name yet. It's a girl and she's so cute! You should hear her lil calls to her mama.

She never leaves her, always stuck to her mama.

And I spent long times among them before getting back to Paris, and in the cuteness kingdom, they get the golden crown!


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