Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Such a courageaous shrimpette : ))

Lola and I finally spent our day at Necker hospital on Friday.
I expected a short appointment, but they decided to make the necessary tests in the same day to confirm what they instantly said, from the symptoms and the videos of Lola's crisis.

We came back in the afternoon so that she could get another electroencephalogram. She had to fall asleep so that it could work properly.

It was very hot in the hospital, she was comfortably installed in a room with soft music, etc. After 15 minutes she was sleeping. The lil electrical connections in the brain started to talk a language I don't know.

The professor, the head of the neurologist department, was a tall man, taller than Martin I think. About 70 years-old, with a white beard and a mixture of super clever and sweet touch in the eyes and expression.

Lola was very impressed, in a good way.

He talked to Lola all the time, told her to come and watch the videos of her own crisis (I had never shown them to her, it's way too scary, already for me)... and was truly scared of her own image... but then he told her it was normal, because she suffered from a (small) form of epilepsy, and that is exactly what happens to people suffering from it.

She has started a treatment.

She was very happy to get a treatment. To get words. To have an adult talking to her about what she had.

I was sad and happy. Exhausted from the day, the stress.
We left hospital, I took Loup from a friend and one hour later, we were on the road to Brittany, to breathe for two days.

Lola slept wonderfully on that Friday night : )


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