Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just don't mess with red heads (if you get a big car!)

My self-defence training happened on Sunday afternoon, right after my race.
I couldn't lift my legs anymore when I arrived there. And my brain started to work very slowly. Which made everything fun, and complicate for me. I had those big, huge boys in front of me, trying to strangle me, and I was supposed to get out of their grip, kick them in the face, on their knee to make them fall, and once on the floor, a final kick on the face with the knee! haha!
Easy-peasy! ;-)
That was comic from my side :P

But I pretty much enjoyed that first training. Interesting. I know at least I gotta run quickly if a bad boy is looking for troubles!


Peter said...
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Candy Froggie said...
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