Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Paris, Roger, Reds, Ramblings

Well, first day at school and the leaves are just flying all around. That's the paradox: the season is changing, nature losing its colours and lil jewels... but I don't know the melancholy of autumn, to me It smells like new year's starting! .... ** stretching, awakening from summernation **

Everything is speed just now (lol) but in a more organised way.

Multitasking had reached a ridiculous point, I couldn't properly work, I couldn't properly focus on one thing at a time in the past weeks.

 Ooops !
Did I say I was more organised?
Because I've just realized that on next Sunday, I have my self-defence course in the afternoon, and ohhhh merde! ...gotta do my Parisian race in the morning! lol

6km only! phewwww... After such a day, I bet I'll sleep like a baby! Anybody will still be welcome to sing a lullaby.

I need some.... Martin wants Loup to learn violin, and I don't think I can stand that at home!!! You know what it sounds, a kid learning violin for years? ... I'm a good mama yet... I know my limits!

My devils are back to school. Loup has just started a big year, about to learn to read and count and everything that will give him more freedom! Yayyy, I'm so happy!

At the same time my babe is so small in this big school, with big boys all around! Boooo
Hard to be a relaxed mama.
But hey, he's got a great teacher, and same for my Lola. They both got the very best, I'm so relieved... and well, ermm...  happy! (sorry I'm repeating myself ;-)

Familly thingie?
Tonight, they're back to ballet and Judo, while their papa will be training at krav-maga and just before I go for musculation . I guess we're into sport! lol

Is there anybody out there?
Before I forget, happy birthday Roger! ... Roger Waters, I do admire his talent so deeply... yet just like John Lennon, I've never got good vibes for the guy. I need to meet you Roger and check by myself! So.... come back to Paris with cheaper tickets next time, pleaaaase : )


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