Monday, February 28, 2011

you gotta love them All Blacks ;-)

yayyy! now here we go, that's all about real rugger!

... and if you like the New-Zealand's skills, you might enjoy the French one too (different sport though, different style, I insist!) :

Foot 2007 (Rémi GAILLARD)
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The worst rugby promo

Later France plays England at rugger. Sounds like it gonna be fun, as usual! Can't wait!
Just found this ad for rugby, SO bad! lol
With pointus ridiculus to France (waving @ Chabalobelix) and Italy (omg the armor!) :P

and this one is not even better lol ... Can't they just add a touch of humour! Because it's all about fun (and shiny muscles in the mud), no?

edit: wait, finally I get something good! phewwww!

Satan's the Queen

Loup has his own way to make the Twelfth Night cake (galette des rois)
He wants to be sure that the king's crown won't escape him you see.

Last time he made one, he worked hard, made a lil crown for Satan that was to be his queen! :P

Dunno really what Satan thought of it, but she seemed like hypnotized, not super comfortable, but not escaping either. Tough queen!


nope, just a necessity, I breathe, I laugh, paint, drink, make love and eat. And I wear boots. huhu

During the winter sales, I bought actually nothing, till the very last day... Spring boots! Just a 8 cm heel, supa comfortable. I just need Spring to start very quickly.

Now the HOT pics !

The boots rock, I LOVE them!

Quite Interesting People (and Places)

That's Q.I.P, Peter's new blog!

click here

It's been weeks it's already a very active blog but I had taken the time I wanted to talk of it! pffff!

Peter, first a friend, but also a most talented photographer, a man who looks at life from a very unique perspective, shares here with us his works, his passion, his thoughts, his vibes.

A blog I wanted to see alive and kicking since years! Yeah yeah, I made prayers every night to see the birth of this blog! See, it worked,  now we get it!!! Hope you'll enjoy it the way I do!

What's your favourite sushi ?

Octopus. Oh yummm!
I have just tried octopus sushi and I felt very bad... because I simply LOVED it and at the same time I've always found octopus absolutely adorable.
Ok, I eat lamb and rabbit, so cuteness might be quality criteria, don't know!

But anyway, the octopus I had was nothing like rubber, it was melting, delicious. Just typing about it, I'm drooling again. lol : ))

 When the kids make a toast, do you know what they ALWAYS say?

"à la santé des locataires !"

It took me some time to discover where it came from. And it was from tv! From Wallace & Gromit...
In the "Wrong trousers" episode, they welcome a nasty penguin and make a toast (minute 10.05)

Wallace & Gromit - Un Mauvais Pantalon_VF_Part1
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Since then (about 2 years now), my devils only my a toast to "the tenant" ! lol :)))

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just found the keys of my bloggie!

Oh Gawd, bit dusty around here :P

February has gona like a supa fast train. I love that!

Martin has gone older. 
But hey, you know how it is with men getting older... wine etc! And that's very unfair!

6 nations' Cup has just started again
So far, so good. Tomorrow, so exciting, we play England!!! yeaaaahhh!
Talking of rugger... a miracle happened. A friend (she and I used to share passion for rugby and a hundred other things), a very good close friend, a sista really, that I thought lost ad vitam eternam reappeared in my life.
That makes me so deeply happy!
Another friend of mine (that some of you know) a Canadian pirate, a sista too has gone through very tough times. Still in the middle of it, but recovering. That broke my heart. Why life can be such a bitch with angels?!!!
Martin has created a blog for the kittens :P When they were born, there were 4 kittens. The plan is to make a blog with the whole gang, our 2 demons and their 2 other brothers who live in different families :)
I almost never talk of negative or tough stuff in here. It does not help me to share, usually. Strange huh? But I'm most concerned with Lola at the moment. She's having crisis close to epilepsy, always during the night, an hour before waking up. It happens on some irregular basis since December. 4 times in February. Thankfully, not so often, huh. But you'd see that happening, it's scary and heart breaking. Doctors haven't found yet, we're slowly but surely making progresses to discover if she suffers from terrible nightmares or something else.
I have spent 3 days alone in Paris during the kids'holidays. That was like a dream, you know... just time without worrying, just time for myself. But got sick during the three days lol. That sucked!
I have almost made an overdose with sport last week. Just too much, my body was really begging for me to stop I think. I have stopped for 2 days, now I'm back to it. Phewwww ;-)

Voilà, these were all the news aside, the news I wasn't to talk about in here. But there you go.
Now it's time to blog, for real : )

Monday, February 07, 2011

V like Very bad pets!

I've watched already some weeks ago V season 1 and just started watching season 2 ... well, just entertaining to me, perfect when multitasking! ... ok with less charm and of course originality than the ermm... original ;-) but some good points in the new one too.

There's a spoiler in the season 2 trailer, but my sister's such a fan of "her" that I had to share it :P

Indiana Jones + James Bond in the same movie ? oh yum !!!

What genre will this movie belong to?
Comical adventure?
Action farce?
(don't say "tragedy" while rolling your eyes, that would break my heart)

My two favourite genres in one: western + science fiction ! Yayyyy !!!
The title itself is PERFECT!

It's looks improbable enough and crazy enough to be memorable!
I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

hard working conditions ;-)

Life is so busy, so so busy that despite a hundred of different topics I've in mind, I just can't sit down for my bloggie whenever I'd like.

I've been working on candle holders orders lately, had to finish them quickly. I've several projects in mind to come, paintings and collage... here are 3 project among the dozen that is on papers. Sorry for the bad quality sketches, it's just to share bits of my secret garden with you : )

Of course when there's a barbarian that tries to sabotage everything I start, it's just less easy ;)

... and Boys don't cry ?

... but I suspect my lil Conan to swallow his tears when Satan attacks him!

Conan's a real boy, adventurous, he tries the craziest actions, often fails, crashes in some awkward way on the floor... but never surrenders. Obstinate he'll try again and again.

He's also very LAZY and affectionate, he spends hours stuck to me, which makes me the happiest (despite the lil fleas he's carrying! pfffff)

*just* a Girl - with moustaches -

Well, trust me I can make the difference between human boys and girls!
With kittens, I need more practice it seems :P

So Satan, is not a boy, nope. Satan's a GIRL! Yayyyyy! Another girl @chez Candles!
I should have guessed though, she's so delicate, she has a tiny adorable face, she's fast, a bit shy but already a promising hunter!

and she's clever, oh yeah! She already reads subtitles, see! :P

Weeeeee!!! got my ticket! (dancing around the totem!)

Because well, System of a Down... their separation years ago, etc. There was no hope to enjoy another of their concerts. It was totally hopeless!

8 years ago, I had a round belly, with a lil Lola inside, and SOAD's concert was one of the best concerts I had seen.

Besides Metallica and Pink Floyd, maybe Rammstein too, SOAD's concerts are on my top list. And this concert was SO unexpected. They only have 11 dates I think in Europe. With 2 in Paris. The first date was sold out before I could shoot! Thank god they added another date. The 8th of June. Just can't wait!

SyStEm Of A DoWn - ToXiCiTy
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