Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring in Paris

... feels truly ...* sighing with pleasure *

The devils and I got lunch on a sunny terrasse then popcorn in a sunny green place. I did not work much on that day but I haven't wasted my time, I tell you.

Quart d'heure américain

Just the name of that lil game (lady's choice at a dancing party) sounds soooo dusty! We still played it when I was a teen. For 15 minutes (a couple of slow songs), you were invited to chose your partner for a dance and he could not really refuse. lol So practical!

I actually wonder about the origin  of the French name "quart d'heure Américain", my only guess would be something linked to WWII, linked to American soldiers, end of the war parties stuff?
Any idea?

Slows. There are of course hundreds of wonderful slower songs. But I refer to the ones that would push you in the arms of your man / girl.

Dancing on slow romantic songs.. That's pretty intimate, which is good when you want to get intimate!

The thing is that most of the time I did not dance with the guy I wanted! lol ... minutes then were long, endless!
Then, the songs themselves... I've never fell for "Still loving you", "say you, say me" kind of stuff! lol

And then, there are those that have all the spices in them, the exact recipe to make you react. For me it's always been the Animals House of the rising sun or (yeah, appreciate my originality here, thank you!) the Eagles's Hotel California. lol

Do you have favorite slows, hm?

Right now, I must say, this one would work to the perfection for me :

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fate, resistance, survival ?

Can't add much more than a doodle to the whole story.
Rage, yes I can add that word.
Then Hope will follow. No choice.

And the Award goes to .... (spoilers included)

The Social Network

because... even if not truly exciting, it's quite entertaining to learn about the fucking gifted and clever bastards  that created Facebook or Napster. And being the users of all their inventions, we feel part of the machine, funny. Scary.

The King's speech

The King's Speech - #1 Trailer par hawkbcn
Well I'm not sure it sums up the movie really. It was my favourite among this list. Why, I think Colin Firth's acting made everything, and all the supporting actors. I truly loved it.

Black Swan

Because you get caught by the atmosphere, the sharp stress. I wasn't attracted at all by the movie. I knew I'd see a wonderful actress acting, but then... The ballet background... of course you expect competition to get really bad... but I must say it was quite surprised and pretty good.

127 Hours

Because of one scene, crazy wonderful, where the main character films himself as in a talk show. It was waw WAW so good! Just for that fantastic scene, I'd watch it again!
I thought the whole movie was predictable. I wasn't wrong. But the acting, the filming + this special scene makes it good enough.

True Grit

For that scene where the young girl crosses the river on her big horse to finally get spanked on the other side for being a disobeying girl! Haha yeah, what a scene! : )))
But the 45 first minutes of the movie were way too long, the ending really bad.

Ok, it was a very subjective movie review, I reckon :P

All these movies have one thing in common: incredible actors, I mean all of them! I was really positively shocked by that!

Ok, the thing is... I just can't get enough of rum, sex and rock 'n roll ... movies lately!
Anything you recommend?

On St Patrick's day

... fait ce qu'il te plait :P

and that's about what we all did in our lil pub, just next to the sport club.

The ultimate reward... that we get most regularly :))

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Meal

Here's my new collage, and another to follow in the next days! yeahhh!
Collages. A passion. I really love the other freedom collages can give, the kitsch side of it makes anything possible. Things that wouldn't work in a painting. That is very exciting.

I'm really happy, might be the first that will hang on my walls (I usually don't put my own work on my walls, there's so much of myself in my work, that it would be like facing mirrors everywhere. Eeeeck. Does that make sense? lol I wonder)

 For details about it, the whys and hows, you should check the page on my gallery.

Again, the photo quality betrays the quality of the collage. It's quite splendid (laughing! no false modesty allowed it seems) when I see it here next to me.
On the photo, it's not sharp enough and it's hard to avoid any reflection because of the varnish on it, which acts like a lil light sucker!

 I'm looking for a plain frame for it, black. I'll sell it framed, with no glass, no need for one :)

 It took me days and days to make it... Collages look simple to do, but it's SO much work. There's always a lot I want to express on my paintings, even more on my collages. I create my realities, my world. Ok, there's always a "front page" story, here a kitty feeding her kittens... and behind a lot more. That's what I like, apparent simplicity hiding a lot more, if you want more. But you can take it for what it is too. Just a fantasy collage, with a mermaid playing the sardine : )

talk about creating my own world...
I swear I'm working hard here!
It's never obvious, so you gotta trust me, thankyouverymuch :P

Hello... kitties!

Attention please!
Probably the most important post of the year. I knew 2011 would be a perfect year.

There we go, talking NAIL POLISH today.
Do you wear any make-up? I wear hardly any, just on the eyes and the lips. And the nails, yes my nails are always done. I don't mind when the polish starts to get off, I find that even kinda cute when I wear "fading away" red. lol. I am not a maniac of the perfect nail! :P

See how I am serious about the topic. I can talk about it for hours minutes and minutes! And for nail polish, I have found the prefect brand to me : Hello kitty. Perfect quality for 7.50€ (still way too expensive!).
I'm starting a collection ;)
I'll avoid some colours though... green, orange, yellow, violet, blue ... I'm classic: into reds mainly, from dark reds to flashy reds... or very pale pink. Those are the best to me.

The first one I tried, white, I gave it to Lola. Too white. Eeeeck!
Then found my colours, and they were perfect:

the perfect light one

or very red (super kawaï!) really must fit to my mood. And at the moment, I wear a LOT of red! huhu :P

Meowwwwww !

Monday, March 07, 2011

A bunch of roses for James : )

Because all that matters, because it's bean ages I had not seen James in his tuxedo, and never ever in a weird dress ... :)))

merci, James

Let me introduce you a lil beauDy !

His name is Crunch and he's the brother of Satan and Conan! Yeahhhh!!!

I feel like a hairy Dynasty was just born!
Blake and Alexis,if you hear me...

You can see the pictures of this lil tiger right there

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Don't make your John Galliano !

I'm lucky enough, I can stand alcohol pretty well = I fall asleep if I make REAL excesses. What about you? Do you paint the walls? Do you get naked and dance on the table?

You heard about Christian Dior's stylist's scandal, right? Martin had not of course. :P

It's all about John Galliano being drunk and telling how much he loved Hitler.
John the kamikaze.

That's a pretty bad thing to say huh. I won't put a link, because exposing that vid is almost as disgusting as the words that were said.

I think even if drunk to death I'd never say such stupidities (I'd be snoring I told you!)
Yet... the guy was drunk. Does that make what he says true? I wonder. He was drunk.

The girls were quite aggressive too -and not drunk! - asking if he was blond, etc. I'd take it pretty badly if I were drunk. BLOND !!! grmmphhh

Anyway, all that is not so important, lol. I just see a bunch of hypocrites spitting on the drunk guy. Of course his words are just terrible, but he was badly drunk, that does not help to be clever.
And I don't want to imagine what Karl Lagerfeld does or says when drunk! :P

All that anyway is a good lesson of life, if you get drunk, don't do it in public places! Do it at home, in safe quarters .... aka Don't make your John Galliano!