Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy devil and demons

Shaving, hairs, daugther 'n mom

(Welcome in my bath tube, no more intimacy allowed!)

A moment with my shrimpette. yeah when on holidays, razor rules, I'm sorry for the lack of glamour in that!

Lola helped, it was really cute.

She was so delicate just like she is when dancing.
When she finsihed with my legs, she said :

"now give me your arms, mom" (she wanted full arms! lol)
Hey I swear I do not have hairy arms!

Rammstein unlimited

Got it, got my ticket.

Pretty expensive though.

Concert are being so selective... no money, no music, huh.

I couldn't afford Roger Water's 90 euros' tichet. A pity for me, really really. A shame for him. I know he wants to make money like all the others. He deserves it. But shit, I love what he's done and have no access to it. That's not fair! :P

Anyway, now i have Rammstein in the pocket, i'm as happy as a bee about to dive into sacred pollen!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gardener's ritual

Woa, i have not left my computer behind me but sitting down to update my bloggie? I thought I'd never make it!

 Just before leaving for Bretonie, I had finished a watercolour painting.

Lovely, pretty one. It was more about spring than summer. Water everywhere.

That was certainly a sign of what we'd get in Bretonie for Summer! grmmmphh

** shaking head, laughing, enjoying every drop of that heavy Bretonish rain **

If you're curious, the whole painting is right there

Some people get flashes & see Jesus, Or dirty bits. I see shoes.

Little legs, dancing feet and I, happy owner of them all : )

Can't resist sharing my new crush, of course.
I hope you'll appreciate the way I hide the camera with a lil heart (beating fast for this treasure)

They're actually a present from Michelle (i'm not sure she knows about them already :P) for my bday.

I had these shoes in brown, found them two years ago and then... I got a flash, a holly call you see! I needed them in black!

And I found them in black! Now that's a miracle!
My lil feet are just happy again. And i can sleep peacefully for a while. Phewww.

Cooking is art !

I'm just starting with this one. Watched 3 episodes and intend to get more. It is weird, strange, I like the characters a LOT. The atmosphere too. The unpredictable side of it. I wonder where this one will take me. What are you into at the moment, (talking series!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bretonie (part 1)

A week I've been here now... And I'm not suffering from lack of civilization yet! Yeah!
Gotta say the lil house is getting so cosy and comfortable, the hard works for years are paying for sure! :)

So far (yes, yes, enfer et damnation, I am talking of the weather) we've got one beautiful day only. Sunshine, lazy mood and rosé wine (I like rosé, shame on me!;-)

3 hours of sun and rosé wine versus 6 days of rain and delicious planteur cocktails. Life isn't bad in Bretonie!

I welcome the rain, I could work without frustration on the orders I brought with me.
Better, I've started working for myself. Looking through the looking-glass you know. Loving it.

I want to update my blog regularly and I will, I'm just sorry for the bad quality of the photos... my screen is so bad that I can hardly see what I am posting (sigh).

Martin, the devils and demons are like in paradise. It is good to see them enjoying the time without the Parisian stress (that I love : )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In my quite fascinating book about  Adolph H. the author mentions a most logical theory that I had never thought about really.
That sucks, I'm really not blond, yet... I simply do not take the time to * think * really. lol (now that sounds very blondish!)

Anyway, the author says somewhere that you desire something that you don't have, that you miss.

Missing, not possessing feed the desire.

But hey, of course that's not stupid... I really want the strawberry pie I don't have right now.
The perfect red wine? no thanks, I've got it for two hours now.

Poor rich men that have already everything!

That's a scary theory... Can't you desire what you have then? You can appreciate what you have but... desire it? Deep inside, is it possible?

(right now I desire classic powerful music, not Wagner (!), something that could take me SO high)

Dr Candy & Mrs Candles ?

I'm gonna do that. I've been thinking about it since 2 days, since I talked with him and seing my frustration, he adviced me to create my hidden gallery.

What sells the most are on one side my collages (which is very reassuring, I can express myself so much through them), and my cute and adorable paintings. Innocent, a bit funny and just pretty paintings :) I like them, I paint them feeling light and detached. Like a bee around a flower.

But it's very frustrating. For real I don't feel this way all the time, not at all, of course. I need to express more, stuff I might not want to show or sell. Maybe ugly, plain, dark, pornographic or erotic. Maybe Beauty, but not in the cute way.

I will paint sorrow and pleasure with no limits, free from the others' eyes.
I have no idea. I just know I'm taking all my painting stuff to Bretonie to explore that field.

That hidden gallery, these paintings I might not show to anyone, they will bring the balance I need for the rest of my work.
Does that mean any sense to you?
It's very exciting. I have no idea where I'm going with that. A foot on a new planet.

Same mom, same kitten ...

Conan was inspired the other day :P ... A kitten with perfect tastes already!

"Mojito Spirit, 
(bowing down)
please keep an eye over our holly souls" : ))

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glam, offbeat .... and a candy for the ears!

Yes I wanted a cigarette the other day.

I was craving a cigarette really. 10 years later (after I stopped), I still feel the desire. Desire, I'll come back to that topic later.

Once I managed to get rid of the cigarette fever... there came that song! haha! Can't get rid of it! Fuck! That's so vicious! :P

I get the song in mind now, as much as the cigarette! ...  merci Guy-Bernard , you've been totally inspired, as usual !

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Gardener's rituals

... is the title of my next paintings series.

Nothing's done yet, but the idea is there.

The title almost guides my pencil and brush.

And it often works this way. I get ideas, sources of inspiration, and suddenly a title come to my mind that will guide my work, give a meaning to it.

There's a lot of construction in the process, but the title is like  the original seed. I find that strange when I think of it. Maybe the visual comes after the meaning, to me. Dunno.
The painting will fit the title and not the opposite way to me.

How does it work for other painters, for musicians, for photographers? I wonder.

Differently for sure.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mojitos and sexy Blonds

Who wouldn't fall for a blond mojito?

No one drinks Manhattans nowadays! ** shrugging **
We're all into Mojitos since about a year or two! (but psssshit... whatever the fashion is, god, Mojitos are simply exquisite!)

No Mojito will taste the way you do it. And suddenly I am quite sure you'll remember the recipe! :P

Secret agent X

Loup has a new passion, a new goal in life. Being a secret agent.
He has never heard of James Bond though.
I think he has never seen what a secret agent was really... But the title is quite exciting for him I think.

Before he wanted to be a knight. But that involved war, or so he realized. Hm. Being a knight sounded ok but being part of a bloody war, nope.

He decided then to be a secret agent and calls it his new passion :))

Earlier, we went out to find a hat (too much sun lately). And he exulted, found THE hat he wanted and THE tie he thought perfect for a secret agent. I did not resist of course.

Recovering tigers

Both Satan and Conan have been operated ...

I did not enjoy that day when i sent them to be opened , cut and sewed.

But they recovered much better than I expected. Satan (on the left) could jump on Lola's high bed (2 meters high!) as soon as she went out of her travelling box.

Conan, on the right, ... well Conan slept for a day... then, on the next day he was already trying to fuck again ... if that is not typical, huh !!! ... (not making any conclusion!)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer trip

I want it to be exotic, erotic, lazy and busy.

I want hot yellows and reds, I want cooler twilight blues.

I want sand in my shoes, monoï oil on my skin.

Facebook feature

Like what you get on Facebook, I really wanted a simple button "I like" for the posts here.
A button that might avoid comments.

I fnd that super practical... so many times you feel like agreeing or not, enjoying or not, but without giving details.

Ha well, there you go, just click whenever you like it :P

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Phone art

You might have seen it already. Such a good idea!
This video is one of the short films shot on a phone that was presented during the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The winner video.

Splitscreen - A Love Story par PayeTaChatte

Next time I try, Paris vs Dinan ... will be quite exotic ;-)

PS: lovely handle for the one who posted the vid!

Lola petit rat, Lola lovely swan : )

I'll never push Lola to do what she does not want to do (except bloody homework)... but you see, she loves ballet and I find that absolutely brilliant. As long as she gets pleasure, it's perfect. I don't want to push her in a direction that will break her body and high spirits : )

It's been 3 years now Lola has started ballet courses and she has developed such a grace, I can hardly believe it.

It's really ballet that helped her here.

Such a beautiful transformation from the lil girl who was fighting with boys on the grass (she still does it), to the lovely bird on stage, inspired, concentrated and serene. So feminine.

I can't believe I (quite actively :P) participated to the creation of such a delicate creature.

Well, yeah ok, I am proud and happy. ** happy sighing **

Shiba pow blop wizz... Arggh!!!

Last time I shouted "Arggggh!" was when I realized I had uploaded 80 photos on Facebook, instead of one.
And god, there were really photos that should not have been exposed! lol

Yes that was my last panicking Arggh.
Of course, everybody had time to watch them all. Fuck!

I don't often talk of other bloggies, just that I don't have the time to discover any new ones.
Already hard to update my own one...

Anyway, I've known the man behind before I got to know the blog. Which is a first time, usually it's always the contrary.
Fascinating blog. Make what you want of it, really... you just ("just" hides all the research work behind!) get topics, artists, concepts, anything really presented in the most honest way, not polluted by comments or views.

Such a blog had to get such a weird name: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !

Often it's shocking (which is not the main purpose, and which I find very good anyway, I love to be shaken, my narrow mind to be opened to other worlds), it's so neutral in appearance, so alive by the choice of the topics. Pretty unique ... And always amazingly interesting, free and without any limits that I know of.

Just have a look sometimes if you're curious about this lil addiction of mines ;-)

Punky Loup and pretty lambs

Loup has got a new hair cut. I proudly suggested the concept of the the idea of it (wait, I am super proud!).. and Martin wonderfully made it possible. It really suits Loup, who enjoys a lot being rock 'n roll !

Isn't he super cute with his Mohawk haircut? Yeah, well I know... I'm just a mom : )))

So my lil wolf arrived the other day at the dancing show in which Lola participated. he was totally into watching the girls training outside (such a hot day, they couldn't train much inside).

Before Lola's dancing show last weekend, Loup was there, little spy enjoying watching the girls training.
He was really into it, peeking to them, hiding often. That was quite cute : )

He got bored the rest of the 3 hours of the show. lol