Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh baby Suzie don't you wanna see my … ?

(it's totally sport related :P)

10cm or nothing!

noooo, nooooo, relax ya guys, I'm only talking of heels here (well 10cm wasn't really demanding either!)

Back to you girls :)

I found my winter boots! super high (it does not show really on the pics!), super comfortable (of course I've tried them already)... The idea of them already takes me high. Which will actually happen! :P

I dress in black or brown, so I gotta get them both. Ouch, don't really get the money for them at all at the moment, specially for two pairs!

They're quite expensive. (sigh)

I'm gonna get them sooner or later. They're feminine but not too sophisticated, which I love. They're made for me, I just know it!

And then I've decided I'll be 1m70 for the whole winter, I'm gonna reach the clouds, it's gonna be all fun! : )

The eye of the tiger

We went back to the hospital yesterday to talk with the guy there about Lola's improvements.
She has got only two real epileptic crisis since the beginning of her treatment (a month ago), several times she felt her body starting to shake but she could control it : )

It's quite good, the treatment is working, even if it had to be a bit intensified. She does not suffer from any of the side effects.

So she'll go on with the treatment, except that instead of having it for 6 months, she'll have for a year.

Pretty good to me that it works so well. My shrimpette is a real fighter, not that I had any doubt about it : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

My devils will be (alright!)

I was offered a ticket the other day to enjoy The Offspring's concert here in Paris. I declined... I had to train at sport! baaaa that's crazy, it's one of my fav band, kick ass band!
I've seen them once, and that wasn't enough.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gene Kelly, Lola's new hero

My devils keep surprising me... Loup starting with modern dance and Lola wanting to start with tap-dancing.
Tap-dancing... I had to explain her really what it was.
And show her.
When she discovered Singing in the rain earlier tonight (and for the first time in her life,) she said she absolutely, totally wanted to sing in the rain the way he did !

(haha yeah!!! Gene rocks! I'm totally supportive again :P)

** happy sigh **

Monday, September 19, 2011

Libertaire, libertin, libre, libéré... libre (de créer!), oh oui !

haha I did not see that coming (I got your comment Mahie and suddenly realized my post could bring some stress!)... I just did (again) my (lost) illustration about liberty for someone.

And I was looking at it, thinking hard...  thought that it symbolized pretty much what I was... what I am.

Simply someone making of freedom much more than a priority, making of it a goal, a graal, a way to look at life ... and I want as much as I can to help my devils to be free beings. Thinking their own way, making their own choices, defending their dreams.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Running girls, trying to catch up with the sun

I'm quite proud of our 6km race... we were, what 25.000 and arrived among the first thousand which is so cool. Best time was 22 minutes, we arrived all together at 36 minutes 35 seconds. It was raining (pavements were so slippery), I had to stop and fix a shoe (rolling eyes), and when I saw my babes, I kinda stopped to go to see them, they were SO proud!

I ran with Michelle and Nadège but I was also part of the team from Martin's company. And among the girls from the (big) company... I was the 2nd one! Right after one who runs very often, super trained!
I never run, or hardly (when in Brittany or Hamburg!)


Acid, Polish and trash !

Talking of the Acid Drinkers here, a trash metal band from Poland that I've just discovered a couple of days ago.

They seem to be very active, made quite many albums and also lots of  good song's covers.

Here are a few funny covers... their cover of Metallica's Nothing else matters is actually truly good I think, I like it a LOT : )


Surprised but supportive of course !

haha I did not expect my baby boy, (cut in the wood, strong and heavy like a mini rugbyman), to ask me to start  
modern dance
at school !

Whether Loup is very  creative, open, wanting to learn anything new (which is very true), or he knows he will be surrounded with pretty lil girls.
I think both :P

He already does Judo, which he LOVES, but I think that might bring him another kind of pleasure.
I'm very proud he makes his own choices already, insisting there's no reason only girls should know about dancing! : )))

Just don't mess with red heads (if you get a big car!)

My self-defence training happened on Sunday afternoon, right after my race.
I couldn't lift my legs anymore when I arrived there. And my brain started to work very slowly. Which made everything fun, and complicate for me. I had those big, huge boys in front of me, trying to strangle me, and I was supposed to get out of their grip, kick them in the face, on their knee to make them fall, and once on the floor, a final kick on the face with the knee! haha!
Easy-peasy! ;-)
That was comic from my side :P

But I pretty much enjoyed that first training. Interesting. I know at least I gotta run quickly if a bad boy is looking for troubles!

Hot season ... for nuclear shrooms !

I'm crazy for mushrooms, really I love them... cooked with almost nothing, some salt and pepper.

Girolles are my fav at the moment.
Whenever I see them, I sigh and smile and  do not resist at all.

they're quite expensive and I can only find the Golden Chanterelle mushrooms (other name for girolles) from Russia... 

Martin always shakes his head telling me i'm going to eat again nuclear mushrooms ;-)
So be it, I'll get nuclear, but I'll have them!

Now on the much more erotic touch, you just can't "not love" mushrooms! can you? :P

Friday, September 09, 2011

The shark has pretty teeth and the girls (erm) pretty tits!

hehe yeahhh my title is crap! I'm sorry.
I even find the Blond's tits more scary (they going in opposite direction!) than anything... I'm happy fashion has changed really!

The image quality is bad for the 1st five seconds... Mack the knife... i've heard dozens of different coverings, but the girls rock! That's not very metal but I feel in the mood to sing along with them : )

Red temptation

Today, I (truly) found an apple lost in a bush of Ivy...//oO\\... full, round, so red. I couldn't resist it. I'll keep it for a while, I think it is a magical one. You take it, caress it, and something good should happen... but shhhhh...! : )

Double challenge (testosterone included)

Yeepeeeee! it has just started! weeks of rugger! I don't want to miss any match of the World Cup.
The lil challenge will be to be able to wake up in the middle of the night... and to avoid wanting a beer at this time of the night... I can't drink that late! (Despite my perfect training, huh! :P)

It's gonna be all good !

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Paris, Roger, Reds, Ramblings

Well, first day at school and the leaves are just flying all around. That's the paradox: the season is changing, nature losing its colours and lil jewels... but I don't know the melancholy of autumn, to me It smells like new year's starting! .... ** stretching, awakening from summernation **

Everything is speed just now (lol) but in a more organised way.

Multitasking had reached a ridiculous point, I couldn't properly work, I couldn't properly focus on one thing at a time in the past weeks.

 Ooops !
Did I say I was more organised?
Because I've just realized that on next Sunday, I have my self-defence course in the afternoon, and ohhhh merde! ...gotta do my Parisian race in the morning! lol

6km only! phewwww... After such a day, I bet I'll sleep like a baby! Anybody will still be welcome to sing a lullaby.

I need some.... Martin wants Loup to learn violin, and I don't think I can stand that at home!!! You know what it sounds, a kid learning violin for years? ... I'm a good mama yet... I know my limits!

My devils are back to school. Loup has just started a big year, about to learn to read and count and everything that will give him more freedom! Yayyy, I'm so happy!

At the same time my babe is so small in this big school, with big boys all around! Boooo
Hard to be a relaxed mama.
But hey, he's got a great teacher, and same for my Lola. They both got the very best, I'm so relieved... and well, ermm...  happy! (sorry I'm repeating myself ;-)

Familly thingie?
Tonight, they're back to ballet and Judo, while their papa will be training at krav-maga and just before I go for musculation . I guess we're into sport! lol

Is there anybody out there?
Before I forget, happy birthday Roger! ... Roger Waters, I do admire his talent so deeply... yet just like John Lennon, I've never got good vibes for the guy. I need to meet you Roger and check by myself! So.... come back to Paris with cheaper tickets next time, pleaaaase : )

Mr Crumb, you get a new fan!

Fritz' papa is actually Robert Crumb (I really had to mention him!). I feel like so stupid and kinda uneducated for not really be familiar with Robert Crumb, that fantastic artist! It was about time!  I've started reading, discovering more about him, searching infos. Fascinating artist! A clever and most talented provoker (agitator?) ...

He hated the animated feature (that I really like lol) made of Fritz the Cat and then "Crumb ended the strip in 1972 due to disagreements with the filmmakers. He published a story in which Fritz was murdered by an ex-girlfriend"

The American artist lives in France since a few years. And I plan to discover much more about this man who finds Mick Jagger highly irritating! (I really LOVE his tone and attitude in the lil vid, must be quite revealing about the guy!)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Come here kitty, gonna make ya purr

I was half sleeping yesterday when I discovered Fritz the cat... the cartoon, animated movie!

I loved it. Trashy, funny, but not only. That was a surprise. I knew it but never got into it till now! Yayyy baby, yayyy!

Fritz the Cat (1972) PART 1 par voiceman91