Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hm, while I'm wondering about love and hate, life and death, cigarettes or cigarillos... will I finish this piece in time for next week?

It comes directly from what I am living, I gotta finish it quickly, to start another one. Suddenly everything's boiling in me... when I thought inspiration would fail me, chaos brings new perspectives.

Chaos... a friend of mine noticed i did not finished my sentences lately.. I start with something, jump to another topic, and another.

And truly, I realize that's me, at the moment. Chaos. Soon I hope a happy chaos again.


Right now, through the chaos, I'm focusing on work. Next week that wonderful, expected varnishing. Then, gotta start looking for (flexible) jobS, that allow me to keep taking care of my babes. For the varnishing, I feel overwhelmed, dunno where to find the strength, probably in the people around that support me so much.

Yeah, I'm wondering, will I find peace again, will I succeed, will I be the best mom for my babies.

Moving sands. I'm not used to them yet.

But maybe the worst was to walk on secure lands.
 Then you forget how to get your balance, maybe.

Southern blues for a northern soul (mine!)

Nirvana's cover of it is truly good,  but this one is a fine change. It's a song I'd love to sing (if I had the voice, that is lol)... I'd adapt the lyrics as they all did : )

Christmas spirit

I thought a design was missing among my dozens of Xmas candle holders !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

And now everything goes my way (I wish!)

(i think, i'm not sure yet, that I am a Metronomy's fan :P)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Love potion.. under construction?

on the canvas yes!
Otherwise, no way.

I hope to have it done for the varnishing. It will be both acrylics and collage.

The canvas is really big (1m15 high), I'm loving bigger stuff (huhu)

When I work, I forget everything.. November life, etc.
Work, sport and time with my babes are the very best medicine to that cold and grey atmosphere.

Anyway, if it goes the way I have it in mind, this will be the central piece of my varnishing. I have still so much to do to organise everything! Arg!

November's always in the shadow ..

... Of December and Christmas!
I'd hate to be November, honest!

I don't know how to deal with Christmas this year... I hope my babes will get the best of it. Well ok, they're already having a taste of it : )

The tooth fairy ..

...gets bad habits.. like loving chocolate or craving for a cigarette at the moment.
But I spread my lil wings and made a good job : ))

 The other day my baby boy woke up in the middle of the night. He came to me, said his moving tooth was really boring. I told him to just take it off (I was joking of course).
Well, he did it!

Arggg! I could "hear it"!

I get two "Conan the barbarian" at home, I think. hehe :P (and one Red Sonja, or two... three maybe!)

Pretty devil and lazy demon

this photo was such a hit on FB that I really had to share it on here ;-)

It's the kind of photo where the photographer is nothing, anybody can make such a photo.. BUT... the moment is unique and if you do not capture it... * shrugging *.. it's lost!

Flying Ribbons

I  wish life was a flying ribbon... light so light...

Jealousy is really not a guy thingie

But Lennon sang it so well

John Lennon - Jealous Guy par scootaway

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A song totally made for my candies' pin-up girl : )


That will be the last pin-up for the vernissage. It will be so nice once framed! : )

Vernissage (and lil helpers!)

I get 3 weeks to finish preparing my painting exhibition. About 3 other paintings to do... 1/3 of the painting are framed, being framed (acrylics, collages). I get more troubles with all the watercolours.
And I get lots and lots of candle holders to make, their colourful light will add what I need to the atmosphere.  God, days and nights are way too short.

I've just received the flyers (a LOT of them), and I gotta admit they're nice!

I'm focusing on it just now, it's helpful when you see the chaos in my life right now. I needed such a project, and not in 3 months.
 And yes, I believe it's just good practice for all what will happen in the coming year.

The devils want to help, talk of that day like a BIG day. That's so wonderful : )

Yesterday, we went to buy fabrics in Montmartre and a few other stuff (lights etc). They're very serious about everything when it comes to the vernissage. That motivates me, makes me a bit optimistic :)

So glam' !

Please, next time one of you see me, ask me for a business card! Please please please!
It's just that... I found that adorable biz cards holder yesterday. Not even for 5 euros!

I absobloodilutely needed one... but they're often expensive and boring.

This one was made for me!!!

Hey.. want one of my biz card, hm ?

What have I captured here?

This photo of Lola...

She's actually watching Paris from le Sacré-Coeur but... it was as if she tried to look at (the past, the future?), she's upset, insecure?

I don't know.

Yeah.. it's just a face expression, but I don't see often that expression on my shrimpette's face. I wanna cuddle and reassure her.

The past was great and the future will be.

Same mama, same devils ..

Lately, I often tell the devils one day they'll be super proud of their mom...
One day, I'll take them with me to show my paintings in New York and Tokyo (my two main targets! lol).

They always answer "but mom, we're already super proud! "


Talking of art, Lola is developing a taste for acrylics! She has already a very personal way to use colours and paint!

As for Loup, he a taste for collages ! ... it's very funny, he gotta think a lot before associating "papers". That's very interesting, I must show you his work. I'll add a pic later.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

I want... (she wants)... to dream deep tonight.



My favorite flavour? Pistachio, chocolate, mango, vanilla rum, lemon, raspberry, etc.

I'm totally crazy for ice-cream!... but not only.. ;-)


Painting lollipops, I don't care really (wait.. I mean I kinda love it!). I gotta go straight to the point, you see.

Life's too short to be subtle!
Well in my own way, I am though, trust me : )

Pushing doors, putting feet on new lands

On the 9th of December, I will make that vernissage. Yes yes I'll make it.
Been so many years since I've done one.

Michelle and Gwenola are pushing me hard to do it. My official guardian angels. I love them, and I love all my precious friends, from so different backgrounds, that offer me support and love at the moment. That's simply incredible. I feel so lucky.

So.. this vernissage it's for now or never maybe. Life has been so bad lately. I gotta find ways to recover. Painting will help, I am sure of that. I get it running through my veins.

Inspiration's here, inspiration's back... motivation will follow some day.

Just a Cigarette.
A painting I've done during summertime, I was reading in a crystal ball maybe, I don't know.

Part of me wanna get higher, off the ground