Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bionic woman counting the hours

Another day to come and we're gone.
Unfortunately, Martin's back has been blocked since 2 days now (I know I know a perfect male-ish strategy ;-). Today he went to the doc to get his forehead's threads off, and got a painful injection to help with his back. Not fun :(

That means mama Candy must go up and down the 5 floors with heavy luggage and devils around. Good for my diet, really ;-)
That also means I'll have to drive whereas I hysterically hate that.
And that means, well that means for the next couple of days, mama Candy will do anything that require physical efforts!
Haaaa.... Love! :)

Anyway, as a woman, mother and wife, I will take care of everything. Do you think good mood is required too? pfffff :)

No, the only thing that could really make me grmmmphhhing right now is a "question of quota", see below... (life's too too unfair)

I don't know if I'll remember how to blog in 3 weeks...?!
Till then I wish you all the most pleasant summer-ish time (winter-ish for our missing mizz Penny Sillan) !


When we won't be lying on the sand like cooking crabbies...

... we'll naturally work in the hobbit house!

Honestly I think we can spend our first night there in a couple of years (you really *need* to have faith when you renovate a house, huh)

Spending 3 weeks working on the house is pretty kewl, We can make big works then. The only opportunity in the year.

So, here are our plans:

-making the electric circuit in the whole house (so far we have 2 scary plugs, welcome to modern ages). We don't know anything about electricity, but we take a thick book with us!

-masonry work (my fav' job, don't ask me why) on the walls, around new doors and windows too.
We've just had our carpenter on the phone and all the new “outside/exterior doors” are ready (all of them custom made because the house is too old to get standard ones). He comes next week to deliver them. Yeeehaaaaaaaaaa

-working on the floors of the bedrooms

-starting to renovate the terrasse that will be in front of the kitchen and living room

-building the walls (in wood, Martin's fav job)) for the bathroom, the toilets and dressing room, as it is shown below (yeah I know I have a hidden talent for architects' plans :P)

Yeah, in our house, you'll be able to have a bath while watching the boats sailing on the river! Pleasurus Maximus. :P

We'll come back with hundreds of pics of "before works" "after works" :)

Yet, I can't wait to play the crabbie on the beach ;-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

last days before...

...cuddling the sheep in Brittany!

After an exhausting weekend (Loup has been terrible night and day, testing us, pushing the limits, being in extreme bad mood, not sleeping, etc.), I've started the week, a bit tired. Zombie attitude!

Well, as an excuse for Loup, he was actually sick. Spent 2 hours at the doc yesterday: painful otitis and nasty conjunctivitis. Antibiotics should be our saviors.
Of course, despite 30°C around, I managed to catch a cold, but that's ok.

Lola is adorable, helping a lot. She is patient with Loup and very autonomous (playing by herself, creating new games etc).
At the moment she never goes out without her plastic diadem and makes herself known in the surroundings as "la Reine de l'Angleterre". She goes this way to salute the butcher, the baker, etc. They love it. hehe. So cute.

And Martin, when he's not at work, enjoys the new Parisian toy ...

Le Velib' à Paris
LEMONDE.FR | 14.06.07

© Le

He already loves it, and is as excited as a kid with the new bycicles! hehe

ok, back to my illustrations lil devils :)
Have a wunnerful day, I insist!

JL: if you're around, we're in Battlestar Galactica season 3, and... it's so so kewl and brilliant! thank you again for having *connected* us to this series!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

How addicted to blogging are you?

Here's a lil quizz you can see on blogs around, if you haven't done yet, it's fun (or scary...! :P)

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I guess I'm a bit addicted...
T'is ok, I'm not about to join any Bloggous Anonymous Association, I can live with this addiction

Your turn!

Haaa the pollution is back! that means... Heat too! Yeepeeee :P

Finally going out without a coat on! It feels unusual!

Yesterday, we got an idea of what summer should be, and we made the best of it. We rushed to take the hats out and quickly organize a lil picnic :)

That felt pretty good.
And I'm not complaining about the heat (30°c / 86°F), I'm even ready for more :P

And if you can understand French, really take a second to hear this one, it's just so appropriate!

(and by the way, it comes from this album, a lil jewel if you ask me)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You never know what might happen in the middle of the night

like... yesterday, 1.15am. Lola cries, having nightmares. Martin gets up to calm her, he comes back and BANG. Big noise.

He just ran into one of Loup's trucks, almost fell. But instead he received the sharp end of the door in the face.

Blood. (I'm not being dramatic, huhu)
LOTS of blood!
The kids are still asleep, incredible!

I rush for a towel and ice, Martin's arch of the eyebrow has a bad cut!
I come back, sent him everything and feels like sick. My face's burning.

Martin's bleeding and I almost faint, I rush to the toilets, sick of the blood. painted the walls there (thank you Candy for the details, I know I know). Feeling really bad for not being able to help more just at this very moment!

Finally when I feel on top of the world again, like a ghost back from hell would feel, I call a taxi, Martin needs to go to hospital for some sewing we guess.

He leaves at 1.30am. Had the time to visit 2 hospitals. But he's back all sewed at 3.00am (not bad!)

People at the hospital did not believe Martin's story: a big guy, almost 2 meters tall, attacked by a red truck... nenene, that does not happen!

Anyway, after 2 days, Martin has less headaches and feels pretty well.

As for me, I worry a lot about my reaction in (more or less -lol-)extreme situations!
I've always wondered how I'd behave when things like that happen... well, now I know:
just don't hurt yourself when I'm around!

Marie-Antoinette, Sofia, etc

I've finally watched Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette, and ...
I really enjoyed it!

Ok, I had to switch to French after 2 minutes, otherwise it was really like “not fitting” to hear French people talking in English in Versailles.

The focus is on (surprise surprise) Marie-Antoinette, presented as what she was, a teenager sent into the French arena. Same with her husband, a teenager, not ready to be a king. Not ready to be a husband either.

Sofia Coppola made this movie with much sensitivity. Focusing on details which symbolized everything.

Like when it starts, Marie-Antoinette leaves Austria for France. Sofia Coppola decides to show how long and boring the trip was. A detail which suddenly gives much humanity to History!

I also liked a lot the way the etiquette is presented, how silly it must have been for a 15 years-old girl to follow it.

Another thing that touched me in the movie was the way Luxury was like natural for Marie-Antoinette. Because she was born in luxury, because luxury was the only escape to her fate and unhappiness too.

And I think that fits to the historic character. Her world was not the people's world.

In the movie, Marie-Antoinette's world is completely cut from the revolutionary background (brilliant idea!). We do not hear anything about the revolution just as if we were trapped in Versailles, like the queen and king.
At the end only, Revolution rushes into her life, like a shark coming from deep waters.

Poor kids, they were born at the wrong time in the wrong place!

I swear this post is not about the weather !

It's just that I think we've had a shower of melted snow earlier today!
I'm sure about it!

And when we went to buy outdoor toys (despite the ugly weather, it's holiday time for the kids, huh), everything in the stores had disappeared! No kidding, no balloon, no Frisbee, nothing. Just hundreds of school bags! That's depressing!

To keep faith in summer time, I bought again a swimsuit (no not another one, it's just that the one I had ordered wasn't available anymore, which sounded like a joke, considering that fookin weather).
I think I'll consider this as an investment for summer 2008. grmppphhh

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Boy vs Girl (chapter #344)

While Lola is being very girlie, Loup is developping a very boyish sense... loving already pirates, knights and cowboys, breaking half of his toys, not being aware of his own strength, getting crazy for firetrucks, finding it hard to keep calm, running everywhere, preferably across the streets where it's HIGHLY forbidden, etc.

click here

(thank you to all the guys and girls above, who accepted to leave the kids' bedroom for a minute. And thanks more specially to Martin who made this great picture above! Gawd, you even made shadows on the grass! Wawwww)

It's funny to observe so many differences between my babes... and it's really due to who they are (a boy and girl), not my education... I mean, ok Lola is very girlie probably because I'm into it too; but Loup, no I haven't taught him to adore fights and macho cowboys! Lol

Thank Gawd, Lola loves playing footie and Loup enjoys make-up too!

We've had sunshine in Paris, like for 3 hours!

Not bad, huh!
When we saw we could go out without any umbrella, we rushed to the Tuileries where we knew the kids would spend a real good time ;-)

A few hours later, and a lot more churros in the stomach, we went back home, with exhausted and really happy kids.

And then I tried to make my first album on picasa... very easy tool! The photos are not extraordinary, a bit too “postcard-ish”, but that's a beginning :P

A lovely day in les Tuileries

Global warming, it's her fault :P

Dunno if, like me, you to wasted spent some time watching Live Earth yesterday...
Well, I followed the UK concert, it was just running on my computer behind, and that was not so bad!

I've no idea if all that makes people more aware and finally more « active » to protect what surrounds us. Can artists really influence people? No idea, I doubt it. Yet, if all that has touched more people, then it was worth it.

Anyway, when Madonna finally joined the show, she made her (pretty boring) hey you, which was followed by the most unexpected La Isla Bonita... You must watch it! (in case you're curious about it, that is ;-)
The 2 *trollish* musicians helped her to make of this song a party, a real party! I was completely under the charm.
How can she still surprise us after so many years in the biz, I have no idea :)

PS: and she is doing all that in HIGH heels!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Which movie hero are you? (let's quizzzzzzz!!!)

The quizz comes from Laurienna's blog! Thank you m'dame!

It seems I am the One, huhu,just like the kewlest (wo)man in the Universe, the best at wearing a long black coat and sunglasses!
Yeeehaaaaaaaa that rocks!

Now I've just seen the face of "Jim Levenstein", I am way too old to know him and I thank Gawd for that! :P As for Indianna and James, nooo I don't like snakes and I hate gadgets!
And I have about nothing in common with Shreck or Yoda... not fun!

Néo (Matrix) : 70%
Jim Levenstein (American Pie) : 70%
Indiana Jones : 68%
James Bond : 68%
Forrest Gump : 66%
Hannibal Lecter : 66%
Maximus (Gladiator) : 64%
Batman / Bruce Wayne : 61%
Tony Montana (Scarface) : 61%
Eric Draven (The Crow) : 60%
Schrek : 59%
Yoda (Star Wars) : 57%

Quel héros de film es-tu ?

Now your turn!

Lola Tralala, the next best seller for kids ;-)

So yup I'm working on that lil book for 3-6 years-old kids.
Funny because I'm not fond of writing, not at all... It's just that working with a writer is not the funniest job. Sooo I just make life easier for me ;-)

Anyway, Lola Tralala will be the main character :-)
I've just realized inspiration was in front of me: the shrimpette and the lil wolf of course!

No more *white page fear* for the moment, I think there will be a few books (but you know, short children's books, not thick novels :P) with Lola Tralala ...

For the moment, I'm working on the first one, dealing with a children's fear. The text is done. The format and page-setting is the next step. Then doodles, and illustrations.

I don't want to waste to much money in fine prints for publishers. So I will select like 10 publishers only, the most appropriate ones. At the same time I will make my book available on, which is such an opportunity to make your book alive! It's exciting to try that too!

Last day

Lola has just started her last day at school. Then... holidays... big, huge HOLIDAYS!
School stops today here, and will start again on the 3rd of September.
haaaa, happy school life!

Lola has spent her evening preparing stuff for her teacher (and his son ;-)
She really spent a fine year. Never got bored with school, always enjoying sharing what she's been taught! It was almost perfect :) **~^*^* * *^^* *

PS: now wish me luck... 2 months of holidays + tiny flat + november rains + 2 devils = hard time to come I fear! argggg...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Being reasonnable (and stoopid?)

I don't know if it's the sales season where you are, but it is, here.
No money to spend really, but... hey, it's SUMMERTIME and the only swimsuit I still have is my pregnancy swimsuit. lol. I'm not the whale I used to be, so I thought that yeah, the sales season, SUMMERTIME being here, yeah, ok, let's gooooooo!

After going for (most exhausting) shopping and visiting also dozens of online shops, I found the one I wanted!

(well, ok, I know this swimsuit has a REAL grandma touch, lol, but it's said to make your body look like a perfect one! LOL! I fell for it!)

The thing is, it's not SUMMERTIME, we might even not see a day of summer this year.
Why did I bought that! Oh stoopid me!

I went out this morning with Loup. I came back wet, from top to toe, and when I say to toe... there was water in my boots! inside!

You rain ghost wanted to challenge someone? ok, mate, I'm here, all ready, it can't be worse (or can it???!!! )

edit: we have thunder now! haha (I thought it was too cold for thunder!)
the ghost is coming for me!!! :P


I've finally finished the French translation of my gallery! It was a real hard work, I just don't tell the same things in English or in French (just the way it is, lol)

On the "hard work" chapter, I plan to open another bloGallery, but dedicated to paintings for kids. Putting everything in the same gallery limit my work in many ways.

Oh and I've just (like yesterday) started to write a new book for kids! Yeeepeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going to work on that before anything else. I really have found the idea I was looking for! (thank you Gawdess of inspiration!)
I'll tell you more in a few days!

(singing in the rain)**~~*^* *
(fookin rain!)

Juliette je t'aime bien

(surtout quand tu fais ton cinéma :P)

I haven't found many videos from Juliette and the Licks, but there's this one, I like it, dunno really really why. Because of the song itself of course, the socks she wears on the arms, the strong 1980 touch here, etc. Dunno, but yeah dat's kewl!

No need to worry anymore! :-)

I've just called Penny, and she is doing wunnerfully! (as I expected!)
Just busy with life, spending much time taking care of her family, etc.
So all is fine, she'll be back around as soon as she'll have the time and she'll be in the mood of it!

(happy sigh)

It was so great to hear her beautiful and happy voice again! **~~*^* * *^^* ^* *