Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And I, still holding my cupotea!

I start only to get some voice back, still coughing, feeling horrible.
From my perspective, my *social* weekend was a bit like hmm, tiring. I was completly dead, without being able to talk despites real efforts; and the heat was just like an acid cherry on a green cake! ;-)

But yeah, I'm doing beder than a couple of days ago! No that bad!

So, my plan is to be antisocial for 2 weeks now, to recover just in time for our holidays :P

Well of course, on my bloggie it's all different, my fingers being so talkative, they won't have a break :P
Cheers, big ears!

Lola's holding the reins

From a general point of view, we had a purrfect weekend.
Visiting Lola's school on saturday, meeting her teacher, discovering minitables, minichairs, minitoilets, minibeds (for the naps), maxinoise (the kids were so excited to discover for the first time what school is! lol, that won't last!)

Then Marine's baptism (my niece) which went really well, exotic atmosphere, heat, lot to drink, enless talks about summer's holidays, etc.
And on Sunday we went to the second part of Arnaud's wedding, which was really kewl. We've been welcome as part of the family and Lola could enjoy some horse riding!

Yusss, She was the youngest, the smallest of the kids, but they accepted she rides a bit (she was so excited).
For not even 3 years old, she did well, I tell you! Very concentrated!
So much concentrated that each time she was asked a question, she answered automatically "her name is Lola!" (she does not say yet "my name is lola" btw, lol).

She could ride Tipi (her old horse) for about 15 minutes. She loved it. Gotta show you the film I made of it :P

And as I was filming I thought, she had turned again a bit more independent. Not fearing riding a big horse, getting ready to attend school in a couple of months... and being clean since 10 days now! Yeahhhhhhhhh! She almost never pees in her pants or bed (except lil accidents) anymore, that's so kewl! And a good thing done, since they ask your kids to be totally clean when they start with school (which is a major stress for parents!), otherwise they're sent back home...

I'm proud of my lil horse rider **~~*^* * *^^* *^^* *

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Holding my scarf, challenging my electric fan

Bloody fan, you're guilty!

I'm going to start a highly social weekend, with a very alive cold, and a bloody broken voice!

Lola's school to visit this morning, a baptism this afternoon and second part of a wedding tomorrow... and when I think friends and relatives there won't be able to enjoy my delicate sense of humour! No, instead I will nod and repeat 10 times in a mafioso's voice "I'm feeling ok" and "yes I'm very happy to expect a babyboy"!


Wish me luck... and voice!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

When moons get full

While summer's solstice has just been celebrated on this side of the planet , a full moon is joining the party tonight!
Mom' Nature is very *guuuud* at her job :)

If somehow the moon had the magic power to help me to get rid of that bloody cold of mine, that would be kewl. Feeling sick with 34°C starts to be boring!
Well, and if it does not work, nebbermind, I'll survive it and will simply enjoy the unique show full moons always offer **~~*^* *


It's so hot around here (I'm not rilly complaining! ;-) that there's no way Lola and I can go out after 2.00pm. I can hardly stand such a sun and heat at the moment.. and Lola and I having a cold, it does not help!

But then through the Heat, I also see ...

Clear nights
Shooting stars
Sparkling sand
Secret dunes
Wind on skin
Burns healing

(Ice joins the scene)

The world's now melting
Zillions of colours in the eyes

My soul for a ... tequila sunrise :P

Monday, June 20, 2005

Two postcards 'n a kiss

I wonder if ol' Gulli will survive the heat! I gotta type quickly before it gets on nerves and starts threatening to explode...eeeeeck!

Our weekend was short, really, but excellent!
When we arrived late late on Friday evening, we had dinner in the garden and it was just a brilliant beginning.
We're enjoying the *longest* days of the year till tomorrow, right? I could even read my book outside without anylight except the ones of the sky till really late! Exceptionnal!

After a busy saturday morning (we've ordered our stairs and finally met our mason! yeepeeee!), we left for la playa (from about 5.00 to 9.00pm) and just enjoyed sand and water. I had forgotten these sensations... Magical!

We're back, a bit tired I've to say (high heat really kills when you're not used to it!), but counting the days till we starts with our holidays (in a bit more than 3 weeks now)! Weeeeeeeee!!**~~*^* * **^* *

Oh, I brought back 2 postcards for ewws! It's the "postcards' season", no? :P
First one of the playa and second one of the hobbits'house:)

click here

click here

Friday, June 17, 2005

Kenavo! We're on the road again :)

I can feel in my waters that this time we're gonna spend 10% of our weekend working (another meeting with a mason and wooden stairs to order -drooling just thinking of it-...;-)

And the other 90% will be spent on sand and in water (yes Martin I'm not joking about water! lol).
Short weekend, but full of gooodies!

Ok, 4 hours on the road (I should say 5 because of Lola's 20 emergency "weewee stops") and we're there.

Have a great, relaxing and salacious one**~~*^* *

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who wanna place a bet?

Not me, because I have no idea what they gonna tell at the hospital: second baby scan today. It happens during the 5th month in France, and this second scan can tell (if you want) if you expect a boy or a girl.
Of course we wanna know!!!
I'm so excited, knowing *that* will make our relationship with the *mini-one* much more "real"!

I'm a bit more nervous with the following rendez-vous with the gyno. When I was pregnant with Lola, at the 5th month they told me I had to stop walking and to stop waking up as much as possible (so pleasant to be preggie! ;-). No more trip, no car, no stairs, etc.
I know it's completly different from one pregnancy to the other... yet I'm still a bit nervous.

I will let you know about all that later probably, if you're nice, that is :P

edit: Sorry to come back a bit late around here, I had an exhausting day, but just equally wonderful! :)

It's a boy Mrs.Walker Candles, it's a boy
It's a boy Mrs.Walker Candles, it's a boy

A son! A son! A son!

Yup, I'm expecting, we're expecting, a babyboy!Yeeepeeeeeeeeee!!!!
The babyscan was fantabizooby. The woman who did it took her time, kept talking to the baby, laughed when *he* started jumping around or to make faces, almost took him between her hands through my belly to move him slowly! He was turning, moving upside down, sometimes holding his head with a hand as if yawning, getting bored being there, sometimes trying to touch his nose with a foot, etc.
When she asked if we wanted to know about a boy or girl, she caressed my belly to help the *mini-one* turning a bit and then she asked us : "ok, so what do you see between his lil legs, hm?"
Seeing clearly like a lil match straight between the legs, I answered almost jumping.. it's a BOY!!!

There was so much emotion around, from us, that you could almost feel it physically**~~*^* *

I did not expect it at all, somehow I thought I was made to make goilettes ;-)
We're very happy, it's like a new adventure because I have no idea how it gonna be with a boy!
A new planet!!!

He's already taller and bigger than the average
and should be above 4kg on due date. Huuuuuu, let's just hope I don't put on 3 kg every month like I just did in the past one!

My rendez-vous with the gyno went really ok despite lil hmm probbies with my inner bits that I had noticed just before. You're maybe having a pizza or a royal cheese, so I won't share the details! hehe... but, no worries, all is fine! Phewwww:)

our lil beauDy,
(sowwy I just can't be modest today! hehe)

PS: Lola tries to convince us that a lil brother has to be called a "lil sister"! lol! Fun times to come :-))

The dew-drops' caress

Here's one of the paintings which is already part of the *body bits* collection:)
I made it the other day on an early morning.
Early mornings are (to me) often very motivating and rich for inspiration... as long as I'm not on a zombie mode ;-)

Enjoying morning dew

The subconscious mind of a preggie woman

(watta title, hey! I need a nap now... :P)

I usually never remember my dreams or nightmares, but since I've been preggie, I don't sleep too well.
And I remember my dreams/nightmares (funny how I don't like the words "dreams" or "nightmare" here, as if you'd say life's wether black or white, no colours between)

Anyway, without mentioning the salacious ones (never had so many of them since a couple of months!), here are just a few ones that I still remember.

the final attack
We're in the old family house in Normandie with lots of 1950s actors around.
We get prepared to face a 3 days attack from the Hitler army.
I see the soldiers getting ready outside. Inside the walls that surround the garden, I see all the familiar corners of the huge garden, the farm, the house, with our *guys* ready to protect it. I dunno how the battle went, who won, but I only remember the deadly atmosphere that came "before" the storm.

the clever Troll
We're doing a trip in UK by car with friends. Our speciality is troll hunting (eeeck!). When we arrive in Scotland, we have to awake a huge troll to kill him. But we did not expect he was that strong and that clever. He turns to be the hunter. I can see all of us running through the woods, a funny legend (am I sure of that btw?) turning into a bloody reality.

the lobster
Martin, I and the rest of the family are gangsters. Dressed like gangsters as you could see in cartoons, organizing bank attacks as we could plan a day at work. But the *dream* here doesn't deal with the robbery part. Besides being gangters, we all LUVE fishing lobsters. And we do fish, still dressed as cartoon gangters (dunno why but this detail was important! lol)

the scooter
I'm crossing Paris on a scooter, just wearing a leather coat and it's freezing. Martin and a friend of us are on scooters too. But suddenly I cross at the red light and kinda lose them behind. I wait for them at a corner but they never join. Suddenly I find a way to go into the catacombs, still riding my scooter. When I get out of the catacombs, I realize I've forgotten my scooter in them. And you know how catacombs are in Paris. A real Labyrinth. No idea were I lost it which makes me feel very stoopid when I join Martin, just barefeet.

So, doc', anything to say about all that? :P

a troll

Monday, June 13, 2005

Falling from chair

I can't believe it! Roger Waters is about to join the rest of Pink Floyd to play together in July!!!
They'd better record this one! I wanna sound and images (but sound only would be enough, I've got zillions of Pink Floyd images in the head already!)

"She smells like angels ought to smell" (Marv talking)

Sin City

As expected, we finally voted for Sin City instead of the RotS! No regret at all. We both enjoyed a looooot the movie. It was a surprise because I had never read anything from Frank Miller before... And we did not know what to expect with Robert Rodriguez; we luuuved El Mariachi, Desperado and From Dusk till Down, but not all the other movies he did.

Anyway, Sin City is not really a mainstream movie, I guess if you don't like it, you RILLY don't like it. It's definatly ultraviolent (gotta watch 10 hours of the "lil house on the prairie" to get a balance now ;-)

But beyond the *ultraviolence*, the characters, who are pretty basic, also hide some deep pains and opposite inner feelings which makes most of them hmm *tragic* I'd say.

No chance to find here a battle between the Guud and the Evil (phewww). You'll only find real baaadies and others who had to turn as baaadies to survive.

The visuals, the atmosphere, the colours, the music, the actors, the rythm, the female caracters, the malish ones too (hehe), Marv... Lot's of details that make me tell I rilly luuuved the movie. Can't wait for next one in 2006!

Psssst... Mel': I thought about you when it came to Elijah Wood... because hmmm I can't say here in Sin City he was really acting perfectly! lol! He simply does not "act" much (though his character is impressive enough ;-).. Which made me laugh ;-)

As for the other movies I've watched lately, I've got 2 pretty good surprises:

Well, you know my tastes, so you're not so surprised! lol. It was definatly not a brilliant movie, but really entertaining! Yuss m'am! (spoiler: ok, I expected a kiss from the Predator to the girl.. I'm a goil, I've pink in the head, can't help it! :P)

Arsène Lupin... I'm not a fan of the main actor at all and I was pretty reluctant when Martin rent the movie, but it was better than I thought :)

Now the 3 last ones:

No surprise with Ocean's Eleven, just an average movie to me

Yawn, that's all I could do watching *Hero*. I usually like this kind of movies, but here, I got bored.

The bad surprise of the whole series. Real crap. It's a SF series based on the Babylon 5 one (which I enjoyde, huh). We have 5 CDs of it! Watched 2 episodes, it was a torture. We're gonna sell them before wasting more time (hoping my potential "buyers" won't read this post! lol)!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Petit bonheur

The music's loud here.
Lola's gone for a day (I already miss her, but I can survive :P).
And I can enjoy the time just the way I want. An unexpected kind of freedom I'm going to enjoy to the maximum!

(dancing around)
(throwing petals here and there)
It already feels fookin guuud!
**~~*^* *

Thursday, June 09, 2005

So tell me

Tomorrow we plan to go to watch a movie. Yeahhhh on a huge screen! Something that has happened hmmm twice a year for the last 3 years.

My mom is going to take care of Lola from hmm tomorrow lunchtime till Saturday lunchtime! (She is listening at my tired body's calls, see! -happy sigh-)

Anyway, as we almost never go to cinema, we must be sure at 200% of what we gonna watch, huh!
We hesitate between 2 movies... Revenge of the sith (Martin's fav') and Sin City (my fav'). I think it would be a pity to watch any of them on tv.
Hope you can help to chose!

(just tell me if there's chubaka in "the revenge", that will definatly determine my choice for Sin City! hehe :P)

edit: I hope THIS is a joke, huh!!!! ...:

Star Wars Horoscope for Taurus

You are a dependable creature, but you do tend to be stubborn.
You like material possessions and love to win at games.
You hate being bossed around or losing.
You may succumb to your physical strength when upset.

Star wars character you are most like: Chewbacca

Anything for that:

What a big week! Martin's been working really late (till about 10.00pm) and I'm taking the shape (face only, I reassure ya ;-) of a good ol' zombie.
So tired.
We don't sleep too well, Lola wakes up regularly once she's peed in her bed. And I spend my days more or less outside, running after my devilish one.

I think I've got contractions since Monday. Hard belly and painful back, can't be anything else. But you might have them from the 4th, 5th month. You just have to be careful with them.
I just cross my bits hard so that next week the gyno does not tell me I need to calm down. I just can't. One shrimpette needing me and 5 floors as the cherry on the cake. I just can't do less than I already do.

So, I'm just going to listen a bit more at my body for the next days, not forcing it to do things it really hates, you know :-)

(on my way to start my *hamac quest*)

18 pages of blah blah

I've just finished the French and English translation of the FAQ that will be on my next website.
Watta work, I'm pretty proud because it was really boring to do.
Martin has to make the German translation now... And the FAQ will be ready.

The new site is about to be complete very soon now (soon= a couple of months :P)

Another similar site will follow then, a bit more erotic (not much though). I just have some paintings that does not fit in a Fantasy/SF gallery, that's why I need this other gallery:)


(to be pronounced as a-e-ka ;-)

A big thought for Ika, my sister's dog who's just joined dogs'angels**~~*^* *
She'd been quite ill for months... Her inner bits getting really bad. And there's a point where you can't do much anymore.
Yesterday when Gwenola took her out, Ika fell, unable to walk really. Peed on herself, etc.

They went to the veterinary who told them it was time to help her with a final sleep.
My sister insited to stay wth her till the end, which broke her heart. Naturally. :((

Anyway, no more pain for Ika now...
She was a great dog. Gwenola had adopted her when she was already adult, she had been beaten and badly treated before.
With Gwenola, and Eva, my niece, who was just a baby, she found all the love she needed :-)
You should have seen Eva , a few months old, sleeping on Ika's back, cuddling her, etc. And Ika who was most careful with Eva, always sweet and devoted to the lil goilette **~~*^* *

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Collector

I guess the title tells enough about this new painting :P
I'm working on a "warrior" series along with the "witch" one. Funny, last time I was pregnant I only wanted to paint big bellies. Hmm... I guess the hormones work differently this time ;-)

The Collector

Holy responsibility

I read the news and I wonder...
How can a man who knows clearly NOTHING about couples and love between two people tell what is right and what is wrong for all of us???

Is his "Pope title" enough to justify and support discrimination (thinking about his opposition to gay unions), to tell divorces are "Evil" and that the best way is to stay married whatever happens (that is so irresponsible to tell such a thing!).

I have nothing against Catholics, part of me is catholic! I believe in the "love" and "generous" part of the religion. But then, when it comes to the highest "catholic representative" and its men, then I feel we're simply on different planets. Probably not sharing at all the same religion. I never recognize my beliefs in their words.

Winter in Oz

Do you have any idea about what is an *Australian winter* ???
Even if I nooooooe about it, I find it very very unfair that winter there is sometimes much warmer than summer here...

You're not convinced? Have a look at Penny's words then, you will understand what I mean!

Kewarra Beach

(pssshhhit Penny... don't tell me you know this beach, don't tell me it's just close where you live!!!)

Monday, June 06, 2005

If snails could turn into princes charming...

...then our corner of Bretagne would be a busy kingdom! :P

Even if our weekend wasn't as constructive as we wanted, there's one who hasn't wasted her time!
Lola's collected snails all along the day. Baby snails, grand-ma snails, etc. Whole families!

When she started letting them run on her arms, I did not stop her, of course. And when she thought the snails living their glittering mark were kissing her, she started to be passionate, telling them she loved them too, kissing their antenna whenever she could.
I did not stop her again, it was more cute than yuccky at the end:)

One week later

(you might be fed up with politics, huh!
I don't want to be responsible for your overdose, so jump to the next post, huh :P)

One week, later and it's still the chaos, politically speaking.
The right wing has already been divided for years here, now it's the left wing. Another vote like this, and our extended gang of *extremist parties* will really make it. We'll be fully responsible for that.

The constitution has been rejected. And I still wonder... what do people voting "no" to this constitution propose now?
I hear nothing about that.
How can anything new be proposed anyway since they all voted "no" for hundreds of different reasons.

What a pity, really, what a waste of time (and probably much more).

It's time we start to look a bit beyond our frontiers, that we accept to make efforts to work with our neighbours (big thought for Germany here and for the countries that have fought for Europe, lately).

All in all, Chirac with this referendum gave the opportunity to people to chose with their votes. Brilliant! How democratic :)
People voting "no" should bless him for that.

But Chirac made also such a mistake with this referendum. *We* were not ready to read it, we were not ready to vote for what it really meant but for zillions of other reasons.
And I think it's been a mistake because now we get the "no" to it, the situation's blocked.
Nothing follows. At least if there had been a counter-proposal from the "no" side.

As a Europe's supporter, I applaud Switzerland today for their result!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A quickie in Bretagne

Tomorrow we're off to Bretagne for not even 2 days. It won't be relaxing, but we've to meet a mason there (how exciting) for summer works.
Hopefully there will be sun and beach on the menu (but tsss... lovely weathers always stop on Fridays!)
At least we will *breathe* delicious air and enjoy bits of the country world while Lola will chase Julia the sheep :-)

5th month

I'm just starting it; in preggie time, I'm in my "19th week" (I just can't get how they calculate their weeks and months in *preggie time*! lol)

The baby should be now about 300g for 21.5cm! That big! Wawww
The *mini-one* can hear sounds from outside, not only my own voice. He/she is supposed to start moving a lot, jumping, turning around, trying to push against the belly with his/her hands and feet.
And I can feel all of that, specially when I lie down for a while. How paradoxal. When I wanna have a rest, the *mini-one* is on a party mode! hehe

(happy sigh)
As for me, my belly has really turned bigger. I wear almost only mama-designed stuff. The whale chapter's on. Till 4 months to go, it gonna be a heavy summer! :)

Even if today I am really tired (sing me a lullaby, I'll sleep in less than a second), I feel rather fine.
It starts to be hard playing footie with the shrimpette. Now I am really "carrying" my belly, you know what I mean?
I don't sleep too too well, starting turning on one side and then on the other. Till Lola wakes up because she's just peed in her bed. Then I try to sleep again, but it's getting harder. And in the early morning, I wake up, quite tired, with a real painful back. Yeepeee ;-)

With all that no doubt it's getting hard feeling a lil bit sexy anymore. The mama side is having most of powers over me! T'is ok, I can survive ;-)... all the more as Martin keeps telling me the words every woman wanna hear all day, and that definatly helps a lot! **~~*^* *

Next step: in 2 weeks, second ultrasound. We will know if the *mini-one* is a goilette or a babyboy! Yeahhhh!!!

Monoi & moi

Et voilà, the season has started. The monoi oil's season!
When I went to get a new bottle of the heaven-ish oil, I got one for miss lulu, thinking that would help her to relax after her busy days in summertime.

Feeling monoi on the body, smelling the mixture of the skin and oil makes me see the beach and feel the sand on my toes. Isn't that magic enough?! :-)

This must be linked to childhood propbably. When we used to spend days playing on the beach, tasting salt in the air and unconsciously enjoying this unique monoi scent***~~*^* *