Thursday, October 31, 2002

And here's a lil something to add to my cats gallery :-)))
They call it Godzilla ;-)

It's been ages I've not posted anything about George w. ... I could not resist this one (g)

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

During the day, Lola asks for milk every 2 hours. If I'm lucky, she falls asleep between 2 rounds ;-)
Then I rush to do as much possible -while keeping an eye on her- : .... preparing her meds, doing all what the flat requires, painting for 2 minutes, taking care of the papers, putting Lola in her "babybjorn" (which makes me a mamakangaroo) and running for boring shopping, answering the DHN (g), etc., etc.

She'll have her bath at about 8, 9.00 pm. Always hoping she'll be more tired for the night after it. Lola loves water but hates the ceremony of the bath.
If not more tired, she gets more nervous after it.

Then she gets milk just before going to bed at about 10.00 pm. Earlier would be a mistake (s).
She wakes me up at about 1.00 am. Diapper cession then milk again.
It's now about 2.30; she's finally sleeping again (hurrrray!).

It's about 4.30, I don't feel I've slept at all, unlike Lola who *sounds* in great shape.
Diapper then milk.
5.30, I carefully bring my sleeping beaudy back to her bed.
The clock will ring in 1 hour now.
I already think about my rush to the shower before Lola starts her day :-)

To me, that looks a looooot like a *mamarathon* :P

Yeeeehoooo!!! In just more than 2 weeks (after the birth), I've lost all the weight (10 kg) I had got during the pregnancy!
Well, dat's kewl, I'm ready to make tens of bros and sis for Lola :P
Less than 2 weeks now before the *looooong* version of The Lord of the Rings is available!!!
(dancing around while asking myself how I can find a guuud price for it!)

Sunday, October 27, 2002

For a time I've felt uncomfortable with my decision for the coming year to be first a "mom" and a "housewife" before a "worker".
Actually working is much more popular than staying at home to take care of the family.
That is so unfair!
I realise it's probably as difficult to be a *housewife* than doing whatever job. At home, your "working" day neber really stops. From home you gotta make twice more efforts to keep socially active. You don't earn money and get an image often in opposition with the concepts of "active woman", "liberated woman", etc.

I feel courageous to have taken that decision. Yup :P
Martin's starting his new job tomorrow!
I hope I'll manage to make his weeks easy (not waking him up in the night when I take care of Lola, etc).. The job will be very interesting and will require a lot of work.
I'm seriously decided to make Martin's life at home a lil paradise. That will make a good balance :-)))**~~* * ** *
When the night is falling, my stress is rising.
How will be the coming night?
Will Lola get alright?
Will she sleep enough, will I manage to sleep?
Will I be a guud mom and take enough time to calm Lola whenever she'll need it?

When the night is falling, the world around is getting quiet. But not in here. Your baby and yourself gotta cope with this silence around.
It is strange :-)
First rush to the pediatrician (is it the right word in English?)...

On Friday, Lola spent her time vomitting (with me as a favourite target) all the milk she could drink. After a few hours, we started to get upset. Was she ill? Was my milk not good anymore? etc, etc.
These lil jewls are so tiny and look so fragile (specially when it's your first one) that you just can't keep zen when something goes wrong or unusual.

The doc did a good job = she reassured us, the stressed parents ;-)
She gave us a med to ease Lola's digestion and told us to come back in the weekend if Lola was vomitting again.

Lola is going beder I think: she's been crying and eating the whole weekend! Not bad, hey :-)) hehe

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

What a unique feeling to breast feed one's baby!
I first found it very stressing because you feel your baby's life finally depends on ... your breast!
Water, food, all come from this *magic* milk.
In the first days I was panicking because you gotta wait 2, 3 days before getting any milk. Will have I any milk? Will my milk be guud enough? How can my milk be enough to help Lola to grow!!?

Now I already feel like an expert in breast's milk (g)... I even *nooooe* when the milk is *boiling*. Ok, it's easy : when you feel literally like iron under the skin of your breast, then you know it's full!
A real genetic mutation. That's fascinating.
Your body answering the basic needs of your baby. The feeling that your baby is made of .. milk, your milk. If that is not magic, hey.... (s)

And the cherry on the cake... the face of your baby once he/she's fed, falling asleep on your breast, with a lil static smile, a red face, and eyes slowly rolling.... Yup, your baby is then completly drunk. I love it **~~* * *^^* *

Monday, October 21, 2002

Babies are easy, nothing to compare with teenagers.... ha!


I'm sure that is true, but right now we're in the process of helping Lola to make a difference between day and night... and dat's haaaard!
I think she can make the difference, but of course (g) not in the right way. She sleeps a loooot during the day and during the night, she wakes up at 12.00, then about 2.00, then about 5.00... and then she does not want to sleep anymore...
Each time I wake up of course and get ready for the diappers cession, then the milky cession (breast feeding); she eats a lot, then throw back half of it, then is hungry again, then starts to get asleep on my breast, then wakes up when I change her position in my arms, and finally cries for long minutes....till I realize she wanna eat again, or till she finally really falls asleep.

And besides that, I wake up each time I hear her breathing, coughing, moving. Martin does not know how I manage to "hear" her that much, he tells it must be in the *maman genes* ;-)

So, Lola is learning about night and day, and I'm learning about getting used to micro-nights (I'm sure Penny can gimme advice about it ;-)

Friday, October 18, 2002

Haaaa, finally back to the guud ol' bloggies!

But it's not the same, it can't be the same as I come back as a maman now :-)))))

Lola is born last week, on Wednesday, the 9th.
9 is really a number that counts for us, we married on a 9 ! ;-)

We arrived at the clinic a bit before 8.00 am, very excited and a bit upset about the day which was starting.
I thought I would receive some injections and would be free to go for a breakfast, etc, while the labour would slowly starts.

But nenene, at 8.00 I was asked to put a nightdress and to install myself in one of the birthrooms.
The day would be long, I would not have imagined that. I expected it would be done in a few hours.
I even thought that with the med, the labour would be complete at the end of the morning.

But it turned to be very slow. The lil Mermaid had somehow decided it was warm and comfortable enough to stay a few more days!
I had so little contractions that I started to feel baaaad to force Lola to go out that way!

We spent a relaxed morning in the birth room, laughing when thinking of the family which was certainly dying to have news!
Then it started to get long. Every hour, the gyno and others came to checks how ready we were.
But we were not!

Finally at 6.00, they decided to help Lola to come, even if the labour was not complete (I think the gyno wanted it to be done before he went back home...)

First the gyno with his forceps, then a few organized "cuts", 2 nurses coming to talk to me, to guide me, then a big guy with his arm pressing on my belly while I started to push, Martin holding my head, helping me, worrying a lot for me.
In 15 (tough) minutes, it was done.

Lola was here, instantly crying on my breast. Impossible to describe the feelings and emotions.
The only word that comes to my mind is "intense" ...**~~* * *~~* *

Just a minute later, Martin goes with Lola in another room for the first "checkings", while I'm being sewed. Glad I could not feel anything, I was just so tired and very cold.
Then Martin comes back with Lola and we wait for 2 hours in the birth room (they don't let you go before).

After 2 hours, they tell us there is no more rooms for us in the "Maternity service" !!!
They tell me we have no other choice than spending the night in a special room with other people that have been operated (just near the surgery rooms)...
They refuse that Lola spends her first night with me to not disturb the others in the room.

Martin starts to get mad at the fooking nurses, and I cry, I feel the pain coming back, and I don't want to be separated from my baby!!!
Lola would spend her first night in a big emergency room for new born babies who need reanimation....
When I saw her there, sleeping like an angel though (s), I cried more, I refused to leave her there!

Finally, the pain "helping", I was forced to get back to my bed.
I asked Martin to go and have some rest, telling him everything would be fine for me (which he did not believe at the moment, rilly).
I hardly slept during this first night, and when in the morning Lola was brought to me and then Martin joined us, I felt the happiest!

After 2 days, I finally got my own room, I discovered the first moments of real intimacy, and it was then that, holding my baby and Martin, I realized what a beauDiful lil family I had **~~* *^^* * *

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Well.... hehe...


Next time I'll be posting a blog, I'll be a Mom (s)

I did not want to talk about it before *THE* right moment comes. Last weekend, it has been decided that on the 9th of October at 8.00 am, I'll be at the clinic for doctors to provoke the birth process!!!
Because all the conditions are here so that the birth goes really well, the gyno thought it's the right moment.

I agree with him, it's high time for the mermaid to come. I'm more exhausted than yesterday and I need a *change* ;-)

I'm excited and stressed, from the moment I arrive at the clinic to the birth itself, it shall take hours.
I fear injections and blood right now, I fear I won't know how to do, but "everything will be fine". Yes :-)))

I look at my belly and I just can't realize tomorrow this time there will be a buDerfly ON this belly. It's magical. The Big Adventure.

Wish me guuuuud luck hey ;-)

Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm feeling so tired today, I don't sleep well since weeks and now I physically get the consequences of that.
Plus I guess the hormones in the last weeks of a pregnancy do not help :)
But it's a monday and then who really feels in great shape on such a day ;-)

I just wanna feel as much ready as Rocky on his ring when I'll rush to the clinic (g)

For now I'm getting so pale-ish ("inside and outside") that I'd better try to sleep for a couple of hours. I bet I can wake up as strong as Conan, without the muscles and the big voice, huh!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

So yesterday I hear Saddam wanna challenge George w. to a duel "to avoid war"... how good from ol' Saddam
I find the idea ridiculously funny though!

And now I hear the Cicciolina offers herself to Saddam in exchange of a "Universal Peace" !

Mel Brooks would not find a beder script to start a movie about Irak ;-)
Yeeeeepeeeeeee, with the help of my Techie Guru, here's my new personnal webpage!
Much more simple, more pleasant, and... from any capitalist pressure (laffin).... I mean...without advertisment!!!
(happy sigh)

Next step is finishing the professionnal webpage... But that is mostly in the hands of my Techie Guru (a real complex programming system!), I'm only there to tell what I want and what I don't want, specially about the graphics :)

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

If UK had its earthquake, now Paris has just had its own too!!
(And Martin is telling it's the fault of Jack's ladder :P)

This morning, the unbelievable happened! Yes, in 10 secondes I felt the sky was falling on my head!

Last month, we had spent days building 4 looong shelves (more than 4 meters long) for our corridor here.
The result was brilliant! We had put tons of books, bottles of whatever, statues, mirrors, etc.... The probbie must have been this 'etc'.
The 4 shelves, completly full, fell this morning. Each was seriously fixed to the wall.
In a minute, I thought the wall had fallen and the floor too

Most of the sculptures I've done are now into pieces, books look tortured, and as everything is under the heavy shelves, I don't know yet the extend of this little nightmare!

Glad nobody was walking there, it's been so quick!

hehe, huuuuuu... we live dangerously, hey ;-)

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

This morning I went to "La Maison des Artistes", a cultural center which gives advice to Artists.

I had to go there in a way or the other before the birth.
I'm dead now, I've not done that much in 5 months!! (laughing)

Anyway, I got the answer I wanted!
I can sell "freely" my own paintings and own reproductions as long as I register as "Artiste Independant".
I will only have to declare on my taxes "declaration" and to the house of artists for how much I've sold for this year.
That's so kewl!!!!

It's the real beginning now :-))))
Funny how situations can suddenly change.
Two days ago, we worried for our jobs, and now Martin is wanted by two companies!

Yup, yesterday evening, Martin went to this other rendez-vous (which lasted 2 hours), and met the techie manager of a startup which is making excellent biz since a year.
After 2 hours, the techie manager agreed with Martin's conditions and insisted that Martin's profile suit them really well.
Martin said he had another offer and that he'll have to take a decision very quickly.

The man got the message, 'cause today Martin had 2 calls from the manager of this startup and another techie guy for 2 rendez-vous!
It sounds that this company is rilly interested in Martin.

So now, Martin has the choice!
How unusual it feels!
Martin will have to be diplomatic enough with both to know exactly which company would be the best. How weird -and kewl!