Friday, June 30, 2006

It's alive and kicking!

kiss kiss Bloglines, you managed to do it!
My new RSS thread works with Bloglines again, finally..

And as it's a new thread, hurry up, if you've missed it last time, here's your last chance (or so ;-) to add it to your RSS feeds :

Lola's no more a *Frankenstein goilette*

phewwwwwww :-)

We went back to the hospital earlier to take the threads off Lola's chin.
It was quick but REALLY painful this time (I mean much more than when she's been sewed)!

I could see Lola's eyes full of pain and tears while I kept telling her she could scream if she wanted or ask the doc to stop... but neeeee, the warriorian goilette remained quiet. She's been such a brave lil one, i'm very proud :)

Now she'll have to get sunscreen lotion with a SPF 60 minimum for a year. To help that the scar does not get darker or lighter.

Bravo ma choupipoupikouinette!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brazil vs Frawnch

I know, I swore I wouldn't talk about footie for 2 months on here!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Our weekend in Bretagne was ...

... too short naturally!

Even if I've been almost attacked by a ferocious and wild eagle (that Tammo insist on calling "baby pigeon" -tssssss-), we've had a wunnnerful weekend with Tammo's gang! There will be dozens of "next time" I hope!

I'll be back with a photo or two very soon, but for now my bed's calling me ol' bones ;-)
Mwaaaaa**~~*^* *^^* *

le chat de Dinan

Rss feed still does not work

...and I have no idea why!

edit: Bloglines' working on it... phewwwwwww!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Laffing at the face of rubber boots and stinky gloves

(gloves always stink when you work on cement, etc)

We're jumping in the car to join friends in Bretagne.
And these friends are not just "anybody", oh nenene, It's Tammo and his lil family.
Tammo and his wife are Martin's friends from Hamburg, living in UK now.

They've rent a (beauDiful!) holiday house in our corner of Bretagne and we've decided to join them for the weekend!
So no, we won't work on the hobbit house for once (relieved sigh)

If you wanna have a look at the guests' house, click here :-)

Have a warm summerish/winterish weekend, ewws all!

RSS feed has been modified

because there was a problem with blogger, I've had to modify my rss feed; so if you wanna follow my blog's updates, here's the feed url to use:

PS: merci Romuald de nous avoir mis la puce à l'oreille! Some must have thought I had not written anything in weeks! lol

edit: blogger or bloglines is still merdouilling with my RSS feed! grmppphhhh

Thursday, June 22, 2006

La chochotte qui sommeille en moi (part 2)

(translation: The Lah-di-dah girl in me, part 2)

I'm not scared by lil spiders or things like that, but take a big crocodile or shark with a good bloody story, and I'll have nightmares for days.

I have to add now Teddies to that list!

Since Michelle and I have been talking about the documentary Grizzly Man, I tremble in my boots each time I look at Lola's teddy bears!

Have you seen the movie? I have not, so far. Not sure I'll watch it, dunno yet.
The story is : A devastating and heartrending take on grizzly bear activists Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard, who were killed in October of 2003 while living among grizzlies in Alaska. (more here)

It seems the couple has been eaten by the bears they were taking care of... how ironic! I guess Nature is once again sending a message here, huh..

The Lah-di-dah girl in me

(translation: ch'uis qu'une chochotte!)

Well, I thought I was a lah-di-dah girl (does this weird expression really exist?) till today, yup.

Today I've tried and almost enjoyed (which is scary!) my Braun, the first Braun in me life (wawwwww! Champagne puleaaase!)

I thought after giving birth 2 times, I would stand the pain of such a tool.
The first time I've tried it was, hmmm, more than 10 years ago. A real trauma!

But this time, whereas I was ready to suffer a series of heart attacks, it went really really... OK!

I guess pain really differs from one person to another and the way you stand pain can change with time.

Now if I had to make a *Marquis' list* (most painful physical experiences I've had so far, lol), my top 8 would be:

1. birth contractions, without hesitation
2. teeth pains
3. stomach pains (I have a pretty painful souvenir in Dublin!)
4. tattoos
5. shaving with wax
6. feet pains (in new shoes, high heels stuff, you know?)
7. shaving with me braun (epilator)
8. tongue piercing (far behind the rest)

I've never had a broken leg or anything like that, so I don't know really about my resistance to pain.
What I know is that pain stresses me and I won't wait for hours before trying to get rid of it.

PS: I've offered Martin to use my Braun on a tiny part of his leg, so that he *knows* how brave I am. He refused! pffffff....

My big boy

is 8 months-old today!
(sorry for such an excitement but a month is something in a baby's life! ermm, in a *mama*'s life too ;-)

He's still more of a baby than lil boy, but that won't last. So I enjoy every bit of this time.

He wears 18 months-old clothes now, has 3 teeth out, almost 4, and eats about everything that he can reach.
He has also real hair now since it seems a storm has gone through them each time he wakes up in the morning! lol

He wants to stand on his feet as much as possible, roarrs when he's not happy and applauds when he is happy..

(happy sigh)

click here

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Winter!

While we're starting with a tropical summer, I know soon Penny will talk about how comfortable her thick socks are!
Well, she won't complain really about the cold and the icy temperatures, we're still talking about Australia here!

So according to you, who live at the other side of the world, downthere... what do you enjoy the most in your winter season?

Here, with summertime coming, I luuuuuve... not wearing socks (lol), endless days, picnics, punches, empty Paris on holiday time, lemon sorbet,the warmth in the evening, the blue of the sky on twilight, oh (!) and watching Jaws before leaving for holidays!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We're just back from the hospital, and Lola's sleeping to recover.
She fell this morning when she was playing at school, and I've been called because there was a big (not so wide, but deep) cut in her chin.
You could see both parts of the flesh hanging (faint)
And so much blood (sensitive part of the body I guess)!

So I took Lola quickly to the Emergency while Loup was roarrrrring in his push-chair and we had to wait there for a while because a special surgeon was required (the cut was really deep and not below the chin, more close to the mouth so the scar could be very visible later if surgery was not done by a specialist)

Lola's been really brave, she did not complain once, was as pale as a ghost but nodded sweetly when the surgeon explained her what will happen next. He told her that she was about to breathe some funny gas for a while and then she would feel asleep, that would be the sign that she would not feel pain anymore. Then he would take a needle (and I thought why the hell are you talking of THE needle to my baby! -shaking head-)and thread and will repair all that.
She nodded again, quietly, as pale as a sick ghost this time..

I could stay near during the surgery, Loup was getting wilder in my arms and it was not easy to keep him quiet. But all went ok.

We're back home now, she's sleeping, her chin will hurt badly when she wakes up :(

The strange process is that as a mama, I can feel all the pain she does feel! And it hurts!
Parenthood is not just fun huh ;-)

My poor baby!

Monday, June 19, 2006

our Father's Day

I REALLY luuuve all these celebrations all along the year that add even more spicies to everyday life! Yeeepeeeeeeeeeee!

And yesterday was Martin's day (like about every 2 days! lol), I made it possible that he get a real relaxing morning without kids and wife around ;-)
And later, Lola offered her papa a school-made *thingie-that-you-put-inside-your-book-to-know-where-you-stopped* (I have no idea about the translation of marque-page) and told him the first poem of her life:

It's a poem for you
It's a very short one
It's a very charming one
It's my poem for you
Papa, I love you

Saturday, June 17, 2006

'night 'night :)

it's been a good day, the sun's been shining, the wind caressing.
I feel lucky.
A good night should follow
And I wish the same zenitude
To those I care for (sorry for the others! lol) and who've been struggling lately.. problems with their health, problems with their work, problems with their partner, solitude too.

May the night be full of shooting stars

Shooting Stars by Fran Evans, such a talentuous artist!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Meal ? Happy flight?

I was reading my mag' this morning when I found this link where people have taken photos of the meals they get in planes when they travel..

LOL, I like the idea a lot! (of course, hehe)

And I'm happy I almost never travel by plane... when you get this kind of stuff

well, yet, there are a few companies that seem to offer pretty good stuff...

Another blog under construction

Not to replace this one! neeeeeeee

But I want a blog for my paintings and other works, it will be much easier for me to update it (in comparison with the old site), and I believe more pleasant for the visitor...(less "clicks", etc).

Martin and I start the big works on this weekend, I think we'll use dotclear this time, not blogger (just because Dotclear seem to be more approppriate to what i want to do with this blog :-)

wish us luck... and quiet time to do it :P

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pif Gadget new generation

If you've time to surf around, you've certainly heard about the international experiment that consists in putting very quickly mint mentos into coke? (and create the highest reaction with a fountain of coke)

It seems that Mentos and Coke are selling a lot since everybody's testing the experiment! Well done, ya biz guys!

To have an idea, you'll find it here, there, or there again! (lol, in the last one, the father really tried to make its best huh! It must have taken a couple of hours!)

And there are about a zillions of other similar experiments!

It's unproductive, stoopid and safe, 3 ingredients that will make me give it a try with Lola's help!

eggplant caviar

it's hot, you're on a diet as always (lol), but yet you're not the kind to eat salad night and day (phewww)
You should try then an *eggplant caviar* (caviar d'aubergines)!

You basically need 3 big eggplants, 1 spoon of olive oil, onion, garlic, herbs, lemon, vinegar, cumin, tomato purée, good bred and red wine

Perfect for an aperitive, unusual and cheap... and it tastes wunnnerful on bread!

You'll find the recipe in French here

And here's a photo of the caviar, it looks less good I guess than it is really! hehe

(no this caviar was not another excuse to have a glass of good red wine! tsssss ;)

edit: here's the recipe in English (phewww!)

For 6 persons (but I'ad say for 3 or 4)

-3 big eggplants
-1 onion
-1 garlic
-1 tablespoon of olive oil
-1 tablespoon tomato purée
-1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
-1 tablespoon of lemon juice
-1 tablespoon of parsley
salt and pepper

+ other spices if you want (I added cumin)

You cut in 2 parts the eggplants
With a knife, you do lil cuts in the eggplants' flesh

You steam the eggplants with the onion (I put them in a plastic pot with some water in it, slightly open, in the micro-wave oven, for 10, 15 minutes)

With a spoon you take off the eggplants' flesh

You mix the flesh + onion + all the other ingredients together

You put it in your fridge for a couple of hours (it has to be cold enough)

Then you can serve it for a *light* dinner or an aperitive, with bred and wine :)

Guten Apetite!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A lil wolf in a white dress

That could be the name of a funny tale, huh
Loup did not like wearing that dress btw ;-)

His baptism went wunnnerfully! Well, the ceremony was not the best one, too long (1.30 hour! poor kids... poor us), too conventionnal. The entertaining part was that Loup always pushed away the priest when he came near him! lol
But it was ok, at the end what matters is that we've pushed that lil door towards some spiritual life.. and... that we've spend a real *guuuuuuuud* time surrounded by friends and family!

I really wanna thank again here those who came by such a hot day. I know it's just not fun to get these kinds of party on such dry and burning days. But it went ok, the people we luuuuve where there and you could feel that in the air**~~*^* * ^

As for the kids, they loved it too I think! Lot of champomy to drink, a show with puppets brilliantly interprated by Martin, a goodies-fishing party, etc

That was really a special day!
And I was thinking just before that these kinds of "formal" celebrations are now almost the only way to gather with all the beloved ones. And as people celebrate less and less, it's a pity, less and less opportunities to gather like that..

click here for a larger view

edit: bloody larger view does not work! and I can't see why! grmpphh ... it works now! pheww (and it was not even my fault, the code was correct! :D)

the original

here's a screenshot of my new blog in its original version, just for those who get half of it because of different size of screens, at least you will know what we've made :)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Today I feel like a chiken wing forgotten on the bbq!

Neurones and fingers feel the same. Ouch!

Gimme a day or two.. :P

Friday, June 09, 2006

*My* World Cup 2006

Hurry up! Only a few tickets are still available :)

Size finally really does matter!

but who could doubt such a thing, huh?! :P

I think the last probbies with my new bloggy are fixed (Etolane, Gweno and Ariel, you'll have to confirm me that, thank you girls :-)... and you too, Jack!)

Large screens will get the whole design, smaller ones won't get the lil map on the top right, and smalleeeeer screens won't get the map nor the links. That was the only trick we thought about.
Bloody favoritism, don't you think? hehe... yup.

At least you can read the main posts, which is the main point :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Guess who's Coming to dinner?

I have thought a lot, a LOT about Penny's idea of naming (famous) people [living or dead] that you would like to have dinner with, and telling why you'd invite them"

There are many people I'd LOVE to have ermm dinner with (James Heatfield, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrisson, Mary Stuart, David Gilmour and Henri IV) but I fear if I had them in front of me with salad bloked between the teeth... the charm would disappear very quickly, and I would hate that! lol

So I really thought about possible guests, people I'd love to spend some time with for a dinner... and here would be my table:

On my left: Ken Follett
On my right: Peter Berling
Then next to Follett: Stephen King
Next to Berling: John Irving
And at the opposite of me: Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade

Why all these authors? Because I think all of them could make of a simple dinner something really RILLY special! I'm not sure about Irving, but I'm sure the other ones are very entertaining!
And of course, they are some of my favourite authors!...

And why Sade? Because I'm very curious about the person, I wonder what he'd talk about during such a dinner! hehe (note that I've put him far from me, ya never know :P)

And why no woman? dunno, next time! I'm not sexist!

Sooo, who join the gang for dinner tonight? You're most welcome (don't leave me alone surrounded by such personnalities!)

PS: Ken really looks friendly don't you think?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Red Flask (part 2)

(only read that bloggie if there's a REAL girlie side in you)

Since you're all sweating nervously to get THE answer, here's what there's in the red flask:

Well, no, Loup is definatly too biggiechubbyouplaboom to enter a flask!
What I actually mean is that with this flask, I'll get my baby's adorable complexion!
(okies, a bit over reddish today, new teef on the way :-)

Everybody keeps talking about the suntan of Loup (who's nebber been exposed to the sun, and who won't be before he can offically drink beer!)... But they're right, Loup has the face of an apricot!
They lil secret behind all that is CARROT. With everything I cook for him I add some carrot, just because I think it will taste beDer //oO\
Sooooo, with the ugly weather we've had, I thought I'd like to say hello to a happyhaaaaapricot face in the mirror every morning.
I went to the next drugstore.
"Bonjour m'dame, voilà... my baby son has the most lovely complexion because he eats carrots everyday. I'd like the same but I don't feel like eating carrots the same way, can you help me?"

And a few minutes later I leave with my 15 EUROS magic potion: 20 flasks of a carrot-red palm-tomato-xtra vitamines concentrate cocktail.

Next morning I try it:

Yumm, taste of fruit juice.

200ml of fruit juice for 15 euros.

And on the same day my nose burnt with the unexpected sun!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lil news from Busyland

I have about a zillions bloggies in my mind to post, but I'm really RILLY missing the time! Shiteroo!

I have even more zillions blogs to visit, but I'm really RILLY "you know what".

I just have the time to tell you I'm over busy, that Loup is having a third otitis and finds it kewl to wake up at precisely 5.45 am since last monday (eeeeck), that Lola is testing at the moment how far she can go with our patience (no luck, I have 0 patience since... last monday ;-), that we're over happy to spend some time in a couple of weeks with Tammo and his lil family (in Bretagne), that I'm also very excited to gather with friends and family for Loup's baptism in a few days... and that my cheecks are burning because we've had sun today. SUN! You know? This big yellow flashing ball!


The Red Flask

This morning I found this and was absolootely happy and curious to try it...

What is in the red flask?
carot juice for red cheeks
red pigment for bloody make-up
young virgin blood (cheers!)
ink component for my next painting
Unicorn blood for eternal life
Good ol' steak in liquid form (yummm!)
Medicine for another terrible cold (grrmmphing at the weather!)

(the answer will follow in a couple of days :P)

edit: if you only want to check the result without voting again, just click on "submit" only

Friday, June 02, 2006

Complaints required!

Okies, now we're gonna have the time to fix the last details with the blog (like more transparency with the hair and lighter background)

I'd like to know WHO can't read the blog, or gets troubles with the whole design.

If you get a real problem, please tell us:
1) what's your screen resolution
2) what browser you use, and which version
3) what operating system (windows, mac, linux, etc)

See how much I care for ewwwws ;-)

PS: Jack is it beder for you now? Etolane, we're working on it :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life just can't be in white and blue! O' course, not!

Alix would have LOVED the evening we've

Sister says "to Errrr is human, to Laugh is Divine!"

14 lambs, 1 priest, and one "leading couple" to entertain us during the whole evening..

The leading couple... haaaa the leading couple!
Both dressed in white and dark blue (the colour I believe Alix, just like me, used to wear at school! Yuck!). He had a hair cut, Gawd, just as if he was a 14 years-old Scout. But he was maybe 45..
They introduced themselves talking of their 4 children (which is a minimum required ;-) and tried to tell (convince?) us why religion is so wunnnnerful.

Phewww, good I knew *why* religion is so wunnnerful TO ME, because they could have never convinced me!
"God loves us and Jesus died for us, we're blessed!"


Unexpectedly, the priest was less deaf and more open to face the real questions like "do we believe to reassure ourselves?", "how can we really tell that there is a Life after death?" (don't hope to get any answer here! no way to talk of fish when you only like meat, you know? lol)

Slowly, the talk turned to be rather phylosophical (and the *leading couple* was suddenly speechless), and I enjoyed it!

So, it was not such a horrible evening.
Martin had time to sleep a bit (lol) and I could share my views, despite a crowd of very "religious" people.
I still don't get why most of them people say thinghs like "with baptism, I offer my kid to Gawd" (eeeeeck!), or "I believe because Gawd loves me" (???)... For Loup, as it's been for Lola, we simply add to his life a spiritual dimension that will make his everyday life different: we'll help him understand Christmas isn't just a matter of gifts, that the beauDy of Life can be seen in every lil flower around (even in stinky daisies, lol), that if something goes wrong in your life, maybe that's not only negative, something good can come of it, etc.

alleluja :P

Official *Daisy Smeller*

I've joined the club of professionnal *Daisy Smellers*!
Taking the time to smell the daisies, to relax under the sun's shadow (sun? in Paris... that was a joke! lol), to just lie down on a field of poppies (happy sigh)... zactly what I want to do right now!

And that's preciselly because I have a duty now as official *Daisy Smeller* that I could not find the time to improve my design so far. But soon, very soon :P

PS: Penny, if I remember daisies ....stink!!!!!! LOL .. am I wrong? I think they RILLY stink! (laffin)