Tuesday, July 30, 2002

We arrived pretty late in Bretage (about 1.OO am), both tired but happy :-)
The smell outside was fantastic, the perfumes of the wet grass, the wet night and the chimneys, all rushed into me. It was very intense, as if nature was embracing us.

When we finally jumped into bed, a huge thunderstorm broke out. As usual I got scared and exited, the sky was really farting hard!
While trying to sleep, I suddenly felt something wet at the end of my nose... I opened big eyes and had the strangest view! During a light of thunder, I saw Joe standing in front of my face, his nose against mine with monstruous ear-rings (yuss yusss!!) hanging down his hairy ears!
Joe did not look like a cat at all then, more like a creature of the Dark coming to haunt me!
It took me 10 secondes (which is finally long) to realize the creature was my Joe! A joe who had just visited the most dusty parts of the house and decorated himself with cobwebs! hehe

We woke really late to discover that the weather was wet and quite grey, but it smells even beDer!
That smell... oh Gawd... these perfumes all around.....
I love it ***~~* *^^* *

Saturday, July 27, 2002

I wonder.. Is it really "inappropriate" to talk of serious subjects (as the death of a relative) in a bloggie?!!
The more I use blogger the more I consider it as a part of me. The bloggies I write are always very personnal and important to me (even the lil funny pics I add sometimes)... and I see them as a way to share whaveter feeling with friends, without imposing really those feelings to them.
And to me, the bloggies let a complete freedom of reaction. I like that a lot.

I am reorganizing my archives to print them. It's fantastic, I have all of them since beginning of january **~~* * *^^^** * * *
Two days ago, I thought a lot about my grand-mother who lives in Lyon (south France). Very often in the day, I thought about her death. I dunno why.. I have not seen her since about (I dont even remember) 8, 10 years.
I never took time to go and visit her. Then I thought the fact I cannot travel during my pregnancy sounded like another excuse (though real one) to postpone our visit.
I finally thought the situation was kinda absurd, for years I did not make the lil effort to visit her and now I'm preggy I just cannot.

And yesterday my dad called me to tell me "Mamie" had just died :-((((((((
Ok she was 95 and not feeling so well, but it still feels like a blow you receive in the middle of the heart.
You can't tell I was very close to her, but we wrote to each other very regularly and called each other pretty often. She was the "typical" grand-mother, long wite hair always brushed on top of her head, lil voice like one of a mouse, playing scrabble everyday after lunch (s), cooking like a chef (specially jams), etc. I wish Martin had known her:)

I coud not stop contractions yesterday after I learnt about it, even staying on my bed with medication.

Now I have only one grand-mother left (to which I am very very close), I call her "bonne-maman" and I hope she'll be around us for years and years again.
That scares me to see this generation disappearing, it's like part of your childhood going away with your grand-parents (souvenirs are not just the same)... and somehow you become aware next step will be your own parents.


Anyway, I cannot even visit her a last time, which would have felt terribly ironic to me anyway. But she would have deserved at least that last visit.

Martin and I will try to leave for Bretagne on Tuesday (if I can travel "horizontally"...), I should not travel at all, but I need to breathe fresh air and to leave the walls of da flat for a few days:)

Thursday, July 25, 2002

I really can't stand torrida and it is full season for it south of France! Grrrrr
Aren't bulls adorable!

Yeeeeeepeeeee, we've just bought the domain www.candyfroggie.com!!!
Then we have (bought) space on an hoster's server to build our webpages, websites, etc. We have access to databasis, stats, etc!
(it costs 7 euros/month... 12,99 AUD or if you prefer 4,43 £ :P)
It will take time before you can see anything at this adress but.... first stone of my pyramid :P

Oh and I have named Martin as candyfroggie's technical manager! (G)

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Instead of counting sheep to fall asleep....(G)

I really wonder if you can sell anything on the internet without making it official...
I spend hours looking for information about the French legislation. So far, I did not find anything!
If anyone knows about it, I'll share a glass of champ with him or her :P
Well, dat fookin toothache disappeared as soon as I took rendez-vous with my dentist!!!
I went there though to be sure... He found nothing. Soooooo, I guess that strong medication I'm having provoked all that.

I'm getting used to the treatment now, I've almost stopped trembling and I have only headaches for a couple of hours! Huuuuuu, that's a relief!! :-))))))

Monday, July 22, 2002

Wooo, the medical treatment I follow seems quite strong.
The gyno had warned me about it, but it's a bit tough. My heart seems to beat faster, my hands have started to tremble (a normal reaction to this medication) and I have got a continuous headache. And last night, I suddenly felt a toothache (why everything at the same time! ;-)... I have hardly slept and I will wait till tomorrow before going to the dentist. It might be another reaction to the medication (sigh)

Now the good "physical" piece of news, the mermaid is over active, she's spending her day *telling* me she's in great shape and mood ;-)

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Ha welllllllll.... everything can't be just purrfect and the gyno was not happy with my belly this morning :(

It's strange cause I've really felt guuuuuuud in the last week and today even more!
But the buDerfly pushes again and again, provoking contractions, and she gotta be stopped a bit. I had not realized babies had already such a taste for freedom:)

The gyno sounded pretty serious and asked I hurry to the hopital if I feel anything unusual happens (I worry I might not "realize" when something serious happens though).
I have new medication to take, stronger one for women with risk of premature birth. I tell you I did not like at all that "premature" word on the paper.

Anyway, now I'm not about enjoying summer as I wished I could. I'm not even sure I can leave for any holidays.
I hope I can because it's so hot and I'm tired of looking at the walls of the flat without being allowed to go out (anymore).
...(will I tell it?...hmmm .. ok).. I wish it was full winter right now (wink@Penny), with snow and a temperature of -10°c outside!
Oh it would feel so well to be forced to stay under the covers (sigh)...

I hadn't expect pregnancy could be that tough and stressing (and I don't really complain here, it's just an obsevation:) ..I know other preggie goils who are having much worse probbies!!!)

Anyway, I really feel like a bird sitting on its egg now. What matters is this "egg" of mine, I gotta keep it warm and safe:)
**~~^^**^ ^^^**^^~~~* * * *
Yeeepeeee, today's another month to celebrate!!! :-))))

(grabbing a book a friend gave me)... let's see.. my 28th week :
The lil buDerfly must weight about 900 grammes and measures 33 cm....
the diameter of her head is about 7 cm and she has already hair.
A real lil damoiselle, hey :-)))) ***~~* * *^^* * * *

As for me, they say now I should take on about 350 to 400g every...week!!! eeeeeck!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

If my visit goes well enough (I don't expect the impossible, just the minimum of good news), we've a pic-nic planned on Sunday:)))

We organize that pic-nic with Clara and Aymeric, the couple we met 2 weeks ago at the Luxembourg garden:)))
We rilly get on well with them and wanted to see each other again!

Paris is organizing a summer project from next Sunday to mid of August. The project is called *La plage à Paris* "(the beach in Paris)... Instead of the yukkky traffic along the Seine, there will be beaches all along the quays. Sand beaches, grass beaches, with "guinguettes" here and there (guinguettes are hmm typical places along the rivers here where you dance "retro" dances like chachacha :P).
There will be also beaches for beach volley, places where you're allowed to fish, etc

Nice idea, hey?!!!
So we decided it would be purrrfect to see that while enjoying a pic-nic on one of those grass beaches! **~~ * * *^^* *
Now I can hardly wait for my visit to the gyno on Saturday.
At the same time, that stresses me a bit, but I *neeeed* to know:)))
It's the 6th month' visit! (proud smile -6 months already!)

I want to hear my gyno telling me the baby is up again and that my contractions are disappearing.
I've been so careful in the last weeks, I'd almost deserve an award (which could be -right now- a yummy strauberry pie) :P

Apart from that pub yesterday (which was close) and the Octobrettes' meeting, I haven't taken any metro or bus in the last weeks, sooooooo... it should be better!:))) **~~* * *^*
Haaa, it had been a while since we went to an English pub!
It was the choice of Rod, our Canadian friend (from Toronto). He was in Paris for 2 days and that was great to see him!!!

It's the first time I ordered a glass of milk in a pub. Which I did not get, of course (sigh)
I was not the only preggie goil, Fanny (Parisian friend) also expects a baby for December! And Rod has a lil "Noah" who's 3 months-old :-))))
So many babies around! It must be the last trend of fashion :P

I think guys talked more of babies than we did yesterday. It was very funny and their words were the most tender and sweet I've ever heard. Sometimes I think they manage to developp such a "maternal" instinct, it's really astonishing.

I hope we'll visit Rod and Karine (he married a French goil) in Canada in a few years. Canada, including Québec (s)
It must be a very beauDiful country and so far the Canadians I've met are rilly the kewl type:)))

Ohh we've also talked about Oz yesterday, a couple of friends have just made a World tour for 8 months.. and when they started to speak about Oz, they said it was very very strange to cross Vietnam, Mongolia, China, etc to arrive finally in such an occidental civilization as Oz!
Suddenly they found the civilization they knew, they could understand people again, etc.. hehe:)) They loved their trip!

They told us about the last new year's eve they spent, just the 2 of them sleeping on a mexican beach, drinking mezcal and watching the stars.... haaaaa, that sounded great!

I'll play lottery on Sat', and if we win, I'll plan a world tour once our buDerfly can follow us! Weeeeeeeeeeee:-)))))

Monday, July 15, 2002

And just before going to check the first details about how I can create a lil online shop, you can have a look at Des fleurs et des abeilles, a painting certainly inspired by what I'm living; and besides that, I've realized preggie women are hardly represented on paintings or drawings. I think they make a real interesting subject though!
I hardly dare telling we've watched Scooby-doo (g). Oh I like the original cartoon, but the movie.... one of the worst of the year! That was kinda predictable but ha well..we've to use our cinema cards sooooo it's a good excuse, isn't it?!! :P

We should know this week *how* Martin will be fired (conditions, etc). Then we'll be able to start to plan our next weeks on solid basis.
Even though I'm not allowed to travel by car, I hope we'll be able to leave Paris for a few days. I thought I wouldn't be able to rilly enjoy holidays... but a few days away won't change anything and I *need* to breathe fresh air (and to expose my whale-ish swimsuit ;-), and I think Martin too :-))
In any case, Joe will have his lil injections tomorrow, so he'll be ready to play with all the nasty tigers of Bretagne (s)

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

huuuu, lying down and working hard on the puter is real exercise! (nossing)

This morning I've spent more than 4 hours working on my English books... I like so much that language that I wanna improve! ... and it feels like holidays in comparison with learning German ;-) ... I'll go on with both in the next days.

I have found new offers for Martin, now it's up to him! (I love dat team ;-))
We've received a couple of answers.... finally! Negative ones though, that's the bad side of it...
Anyway, I've done my part, I'll start again in 2 days:)

Now I'll try to find a right position to draw a bit and tonight... Dungeon Siege time!!!
What a great role game (on PC)! Martin and I spend hours on it together... So far we've a team of 7 soldiers (magicians, warriors, etc) and one old mule (which I protect a lot, against Martin's advice...tssss) that are supposed to help the heroe (a goil, named candide :P)
Yesterday, we realized we forgot dinner when it was over midnight!
hehe, we'd be teens, we wouldn't be *worse* than that!
... but it's a guud way, among others, to forget the stress :))

Okies, for now I'll put mini-Gulli (laptop) away and grab a pencil :-)))

Monday, July 08, 2002

So Saturday was the Octobrettes'day!!!
We were 4 preggie goils, 3 future Dads :-)))

It was really great, though the weather was not with us really (boooo).
We met a very nice couple, Clara and Aymeric, with who we instantly got on well! And it happens that they know exactly where we live..and a bit more...!

When I told Clara the stairs were a bit hard for me now... she said they also know friends in the 15th arrondissement who have "troubles" with their flat on the 5th floor. Just like us (!)
They said their friends live rue Blomet... well, like us!
Then they asked if there was a big wooden door then another one in glass, etc etc... they were describing *our* building! And it finally happened that their real good friends live just at the same floor as us! hehe... they told us that, before, their friends were living in the flat in which we are! So Clara and Aymeric knew exactly our flat!
It was very funny, such a coïncidence!

I think we'll have an aperitive or something like that with our neighbours and Clara and Aymeric!

Anyway, here are the pics Aymeric did with his webcam, to give an idea :))

This one shows Clara (on the left), Phantie, the fattie and Martin. Rain was threatening, so we were looking for a pub near (s)

Here is Clara, who expects her babe for the 1st of October, a daughter! :-)))

Here is Phantie, who repeated she'll make sure her "Octobret" join next time :P She expects a...daughter for the 29 of October :-)))

Now you can see Pauline and her other half (they were the youngest, 22 years old... the rest of us was more around 30). They expect a lil boy for mid of October!
You could hardly tell she was preggie, she has almost no "belly"!

And finally, Martin and I at the pub (I was telling him which beer I'd love HE takes :P)

We spent a real good moment, and I think it was quite an experience for the future Dads too! They could share this feeling of beeing also *preggie*!
We shall all meet again before August. I did not think we'd get on so well with all of them. The Internet is kewwwwwl!
Before starting again with *my* job research, I've just had time to finish my Tete-a-tete Lunaire

Now let's see if we've got any answer for a job.... even negative, I hope there will be answers.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

That is the best fortune cookie I've seen! hehe
(glad I did not open it though!!)

I'm not like all these *cute* (and charming!) old ladies melting in front of every *cute* creatures but (G) ...
... let's say this pic shows exactly the way I feel about our buDerfly (lol, yeah including feeling like a fattie ;-) :P

and well... they are soooooo CUTE, aren't they?!! hehe
(running to wash my mouff)

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Not a fine moment to celebrate one's wedding in Afghanistan.

What a barbarian world!
I'm just back from my *butcher* and right now I'd take watever yukky drug to calm the pain!
He refused to give me any injection before and now my bloody teeth hurt!
I came to visit him just for a checking and everything felt fine to me.... till I sat down there!

Arrrrrg, I hate dem butchers:)