Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ice bash

I've never really learnt much about ice skating, but seem like enjoying it a lot :P
I remember it when I was a teen, it was a good place to be with your boyfriend! lol

For the kids it was fun, they kept falling down but seemed to be like supa happy! :)

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Totally obsessed?

Oh well, yeah, no big deal though huh... but so much fun!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 more days

Two days my devils have been begging for us to stay longer in Hamburg. Can't resist them. They're having such a pleasant time!

We were supposed to be back just in time to organise New year's eve in Paris. I'm so sorry to have cancelled the party! We'll make it on Saturday evening. The never ending festivities!

I think snow shall be back by the end of the week.. right now we have much ice on the roads here. (Yawn) I'll enjoy the last 2 days I think! :-)

And the winner is...

A week i haven't talked about shoes!

So my 2010 boots will be the 11cm heels' ones!
11 cm! I'm challenging the gods! (so risky! lol)

I was to chose the 8cm ones but they were only available in supa big size... I finally enjoy to be pushed in the supa high boots direction though, I wonder how I'll tame them! It's adventure, it's exciting! lol

(crazy, me?? you're kidding!)

Monday, December 28, 2009

happy lil ones

You should see the devils in Hamburg... so happy to just be on another planet here! They don't want to go back to Paris, they want more fun, more wurst, more Xmas! lol

When do I come back?

Tomorrow might be our last day in Hamburg. We're even supposed to organise a New Year's Eve party at home! lol We'd better come back! Yet... we're invited here by ooold friends to some really nice & warm party. Nothing to organise + being sooo welcome & expected here... We naturally hesitate!
hm, we'll know by tomorrow.

Besides playing in the snow, drinking hot wine and making snow angels with the kids, I've enjoyed pretty much Hamburg by night.. pretty easy since at 4.00 it's already dark around! :P

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Friday, December 25, 2009

If Christmas is a beautiful tale

... then it can take place here in Hamburg. The air is frozen, the snow has fallen down and people are simply happy. Sledges everywhere in the streets, smell of hot wine & cinnamon around, good music in dark places too!

Oh and a paradise for kids :)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Running after the next glühwein

hey you've noticed how talkative I've been on my bloggie these days?
Good I'm not on holidays more often :P

My days here are really great. Time with the kids & family, time for pubs & clubs with friends in the evening, time for shopping, time for sport, time for the snow & redwine too. Who wanna join, hm? :)

For sport, hm, it's not easy, you gotta be suppa motivated when it's so cosy inside and cold outside. But I am the motivated kind, that's for sure ;-)

Oh, and running here, with the Elbe not far, with the beautiful landscapes everywhere, that feels truly fantastic.

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Winter postcard

Today, the sky is heavy, white, everything's white. Pretty nice for a Xmas day.
My plan: last minute shopping, running (despite the biting cold) & a most cosy afternoon, writing postcards. Celebrating Christmas later, eventually ;-)

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John John

That's the name of our 2 meters tall snowman.
He's so cute. And I feel like.... what's going to happen to him in a few days??? Every other hour I run to the window to check he's ok.
That's stresses me, no kidding!

You *create* *life* and here's what you get... stress!

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Challenging gravity, yeah yeah!

For the first time of my life, I got high with 10cm heels.
You will hate these shoes, at first sight they might be ugly (lol), but I fell in love with them. They've some kind of inner beauDy!

Unique shoes. Chaussures improbables for the biker's boots lover that I am. But hey they rock. I had to get them !

Monday, December 21, 2009

A world of whipped cream

that's what I felt during our 17 hours trip (instead of 9) from Paris to Hamburg.
Well last year we crashed the car, somehow it's been better! :P

I drove like 6 hours, many accidents around, live, in front of us, had never driven in snow storms. It was hmmm a good experience! ... Once in a Candy's life!

Today, I needed a strong something to recover, so I bought supa high heels shoes (lol), and went to have good fun with the kids on sledges!

It's been a pretty good day. And now it's almost mdnight, I'm in front of terminator Salvation (action movie for action candy, huh :P) and I'd better hurry to post this bloggie or I won't understand anything again! (past vs future thingie, always tough for me!)

Saturday night fever

We arrived late for the concert on Saturday. The pub before was just too warm! (and the first band wasn't inspiring at all!)

But it was good, had a good time, met new "metal" faces! was fun! -but bloddy cold when I got back home!-

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lost in Paradise

I run, quickly give news though...
On my way to join metal heads in some Irish pub

tonight 3 bands, one sucking hard (Adagio), and the 2 others that should be pretty good!

and tomorrow early morning.... we'll be wooshing out to Hamburg (by car -yawn-), snow planned the whole way, I hope not, really!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome @ chez Candles

When Jérôme joined the other day, he took a pic, 2 blocks from here ;-)

Well, I find it supa welcoming! (ok, on the board they don't mention that 2 real devils are involved if you join us, but it's a pretty good bait :P)

Brrrrrrr !

We've got snow in Paris
A week before Christmas... the kids are so so excited with it! :-) I hope we'll get some in Hamburg so they can play with the sleigh!

I wanted to take a pic for my bloggie.

When I saw this lady with her breast covered with snow, I started trembling in my boots ;-)
Ice on breast... brrrr.....!


Today, i've got a call. It was Michelle, my American close & sweet friend, who married my cousin, Frédéric.
And who lives just near.

Oh you would know them, you would love them. They're so caring, they're so concerned, so friendly, generous, open-minded. The kind of persons you can count on. Really. And there are not so many of them you know.

**happy happy sigh**

Today Michelle called... she said she had Christmas presents for us.

Michelle brought me a CHEESECAKE! no kidding! Michelle cooked a cheesecake for us! She saw my Facebook status the other day about me craving for cheesecakes and she did it.
Made my greedy dream come true.
And you know how American cheesecakes are... the very best ones!

And she also brought me a bottle for sport (you know?) and a bottle of champ'!
no kidding!

I feel like... oh waw... it moves me to tears that Michelle did all that for us.
I am so lucky.

More Rammtreats ?

You've probably missed it, but here a funny video about *my* Rammstein concert. If you don't speak French, I guess it will still be funny enough :)

(this post wouldn't interest anyone if I wouldn't add any inspiring pic, so there you go!)

but, hey, the main stuff is just below! ...... :

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The new comments tool

ok, all the previous comments have disappeared. Could not manage to do it any other way :(
I'm just getting used to this new one, it has great features (like you can add a comment to a specific comment! //oO\\ Trust me that's kewl)

I hope I can make the comments window as a pop-up, I'd really prefer. I hope it's not too complicate to log-in. You try, you tell me if there's any difficulty or problem.

I also have to move my blog from own server to blogger.

And my art site to make.

I will not just get lazy in Hamburg, my lil computer dies to travel a bit with me :-)

Okies, I'll be back later tonight with other lil news :P

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tequila sunrise the title of my new work. Funny how titles come to mind, it's like a flash and it must be this one and nothing else.

This new work is a collage made of 4 boards. Huge work I tell you. But I'm happy with it, it's really me in it (people won't care about that, but for me that's important). Every detail in it is a door to be pushed. You know? A kind of advent calendar, with blood, sex, and religion! lol

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Attention please (lol! do I sound like a fookin politician?)

I have to change of provider for my "commenting tool" here.
It was good but I don't want (and can't really) to pay for it!
So I'll have to switch to another one.... Don't be surprised if I just don't tame really quickly the technoilogy of it! lol... oh and it may happen that all the old comments will probably disappear!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climbing (on high) heels

that's the way I'll climb 2010. My new challenge (besides being a supa hype Parisian painter):P

I gotta try it. I gotta try wearing girls' shoes. I mean with heels.
That will be my first 2010 quest. lol, yeah I know I'm such a material one. Not so much though, taming these heels is another form of freedom I wanna reach. lol. I swear this is serious.

Besides, I'm a woman, and women are this way... they do fight for their rights AND try to walk on high heels sometimes. Our multitaskin' side, huh :P

I just wonder if I can walk with heels. Main point: it must look natural. lol
Will have to train hard!

Below, you get 2 pairs I've seen, the kind of *high* boots I could get.

Turning around and around

my lil shrimpette has been improving so much with her dancing courses!

She's so delicate and feminine, yet she knows how to head bang too! (that will be the next video, I promise!) :P

I really enjoy that she develops a soft side, romantic. I think it's important. It's funny because she has never played with dolls, never with barbies (but she has some, I'm not the kind to say it's just stupid to play with blonds!)

But she loves being a lil dancing queen, and is getting pretty good at it!

Big pleasure, lil frustration

I've finished this new work (how do you call a painting in 4 different parts??) that took so many days in its conception and realisation.

It will be my last piece for 2009. Next week I have to take notes for the 2 next projects that are already done in my mind (one funny and sexy, another more political, both collages). And I have to start to work SERIOUSLY on the new website that will be be very helpful for my biz.

Well I'm really happy with the way my work is going. It has changed SO much this year, just like I have changed, I think. I've still that shitty sense of humour (wavin @Jérôme) and increasing taste for boots, but I have actually changed a lot. A lot.

Anyway, I'm supa happy I've finished my last work, just frustrated that I cannot show it right now. I need proper light to make good pictures and I haven't had any good light today! grmmphh. Tomorrow, maybe?

Soon... I'll be lost in Paradise

And I just realise my next, softer concert, *gothic metal* classified, will be at the end of the week. Paradise Lost! I've seen them, last year maybe?
Not my favorite band at all, but I still enjoy them. And this new song of them, below, is probably my favorite! This one really rocks!

Loup, my lil poet

I'm fighting at the moment with Loup (4 year-old, huh), who's absolutely crazy for slang.
I really try to avoid bad words in front of him, but he can hear them anyway everywhere... and usually he uses them all the time (specially with the mothers of his lil friends...argg), except at school (he just said once bon appétit mon pote to his surprised teacher)

Yet sometimes with language he can be pretty funny. He's still at the age where he invents lots of words or repeat what he thinks is right, etc.

Today, he told me he LOVED "cloporte" **...???... ... He explained: "because she gives orders to many soldiers who have DEADLY weapons" (oh! lol, of course -shaking head-)

**(cloporte is the french word for woodlouse)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


and a few pics of the concert yesterday :) A REAL show which served the best songs!

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edit: and for the memorable pussy moment @Bercy:

Blonde joke?

Yesterday, we had a new *Terminator* at sports.
Somehow I found myself caught in his last course... "stretching"

The way I look at stretching:

But the way we're taught is a bit different, like ...

I've followed these courses several times... I don't like them, only love sweating, pushing limits, but not this way.
The thing is:
1) it's physically hard, really!
2) you've to concentrate so much on where to put your leg, foot, head, etc that I get easily lost.

Which happened all the time yesterday. The trainer seemed to find that very funny!

At one point he came to me, tortured me a LOT to modify my position (I was just sighing, trying to understand which leg, which arm, which direction, etc) and he literally whispered -with a BIG smile- in my ear:

"I had no idea red heads and blond heads had so much in common ... "

no kiddin'!

I ... erm ... thanked him.

(fookin stretching courses!)


Been such a good concert!
We got what we wanted! It was a bit too short for me (1h45? not bad but, there were 3, 4 more songs I would have loved too)

I'll add more pics of the show even if they were not that good.

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Oh and I got my *juste une petite biche* (as someone wonderfully translated it) t-shirt! lol la grande classe!
There were almost none of them for sale! But I got lucky. Hurried to the toilets (found myself in the men's room without noticing really quickly! lol) to put it, one of the concert's habit (lil thought for Alix and our histeric trip to the toilets during Metallica's concert :D)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

And there I go !

Been months I've been waited for them! I'll join Romu, Manu and Chris and then we'll pratice our German fluent way of singing :P

Should be fun, Bercy's gonna be trembling in its boots, and so will I!


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Let's make it clear

With Rammstein you don't need to hide behind complicated concepts. Their be direct way suits me. Really!

Yet, I still wonder if that t-shirt is classy enough for me (-kidding!- sure it is, but I don't like the cut! lol)

you're interested? it's right here

and same quality messages for male-ish stuff!

Feeling aerial

such a song.... when I feel like... Well tomorrow's Sunday, I don't like Sundays...

So I just let meself go and feel aerial ;-)

Final touch about crepes

(Jérôme, I wanted to post all your pics and brilliant demonstration but -coughing- I deleted them in less time than I wanted! booooo :( )

Soo, most of you already know everything about my crepes last week (almost 50 comments about my bloody crepes on FB! food sells more than sex, it's a fact!)

After a big failure (see picture #1) ...

I've got Krysalia's recipe, the one from her grand-ma, the one that never fails! (wooohoooo)
So I try it, first crepe... ahum.... (see pic #2)
But then, a miracle, it worked (see pic #3)

and finally, oh finally, I've got happy devils (see pic #4)

Thank you so much miss Krysalia!

So generous, Jérôme also offered to help me with his own recipe. I've got hundreds of explicit pics (in case words would be slightly too complicated for me :P)... Including a pic of a beer, for a lil break (I should have thought about that!!!)

Yet, despite my gatitude for so much help, I'm happy I did not make any crepes with such big black holes!!! :P

Heaven in my plate (no crêpes involved :P)

*Langoustines poêlées sur riz coco et jus de crustacé au curry rouge*

that's what I've had yesterday (outside, not home made!) and I think could die for it again and again and again!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas can feel damn good!

I've just received my own private advent calendar (Christa, Achim! thank you!!!) and this one rocks!

Look at it this way, I'm gonna start all my December days with a schnapps! LOL


Don't touch my body (huhu)

the *body touch* or how to make a a beautiful woman just ugly!

Yeah well, it's been weeks since I've had this VERY IMPORTANT mental note about these tights.

Gotta be girlie sometimes!

Hey guys, for a full view, it's right here :P

There's been so much publicity about them. Can't believe they sell something that ugly... hoping we girls can imagine we will feel supa comfortable AND sexy with these tights on!
Well ya know... there is some point, some limit you must not cross when it comes to comfort & sexyness.
This point is when an item is so "not sexy" that it will feel uncomfortable whatever you do. You know? no, ha well. lol. Just believe me!

PS: now tell me, do you find it sexy or is it me?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Final countdown

Just one week before I shout dirty german & english words with my *dirty* buddies!