Friday, January 31, 2003

Can anyone explain me about the probbies with Ivory Coast?... rilly, I've not followed anything about it...a real shame... all the more as I have an uncle and aunt there! We can't contact them at the moment, I guess they're on their way back to France... we don't worry... but it sounds as if we should, ne...?... //oO\\
What's happening.. I wonder...
(feeling bad for not knowin!!!)

(on my way to find some news on the web)

(back), I don't get the point ...! heh
Ivory Coast found again its late independence in 1960...but then, what's the frawnch army's doing there?

Gawd, time for a glass of wine me thinks :P
New step for the shrimpette today... She's just had her first boDle of artificial milk!
She did not enjoy much, not at all, but I had no choice (painful bits made this "real" milk cession impossible!)...
She then vomitted a lil bit, which I think is normal... the change of taste and "structure" maybe...

I will now give her both milks, and that for the next month because I don't want to give up with mama's milk yet, nenene.... she has such a lovely complexion, has never been ill (crossing bits), and seems in such a purrfect shape that I'm convinced I'm an enough guuuuud milk maker (that sounds *magic*, doesn't it? hehe) :P

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Yeeeehoooooo! Snow's back!!!

It's snowing hard hard outside, and I should be working while Lola's having her nap (more crying in her bed at the moment)... but those big flakes are so beauDiful, I could spend hours watching dem!

(happy sigh)
**~~*^* ^* * * *

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Okies, I've put a new painting online. The scan of it is really bad, specially for the goil on it who's way darker than the original. I did not want to put this painting (that I did a few weeks ago) online (though I like the frogs on it) ...because I don't like it! :P
But I had no time to finish the painting on which I'm working and as I promised a new painting every week... here we are!
Yesterday evening, while having her last milk cession, the shrimpette got a burst of laughter for 2 big minutes!
I laughed with her and we could not control ourselves anymore during these 2 minutes. It was completly incredible, I mean I did not know so far the sound of her laugh (she uses to smile most of the time)... and it was beauDiful.. and I found myself pretty stooopid being suddenly very touched by this laugh -on an emotional level, I mean-.
That was Fantabizooby, I'll never forget this moment**~~* *^^* * *

Friday, January 24, 2003

Phantie (One of the "Octobrettes", the mom of Gaïa) has written that story "The school mistress has a secret" for which I've painted illustrations.
We work well together it seems, both enjoying a lot what the other does! So we've decided to send this first story to editors... Hehe, yup, you just never know! And if it does not work, we'll make other stories and try again, and if it still does not work... then we'll have lots of nice stuff for our goils :P

There are 5 editors specialized in books for children. We're preparing the files and we'll send all that maybe end of next week. There is also something similar on which I wanna work with Martin (i have ideas, but no desire and no talent at all to put them on paper and write stories)... but I keep that secret for the moment :P

Well if I win lottery tomorrow (8 millions €), I swear I'll go on with these projects ! (and probably create my own edition house! hehehe)

Thursday, January 23, 2003

You know what? (I'm happy yes yes, but as usual! hehe).. I've just realized my days are much more busy now than when I was working!
When I worked, I had time to write BIGGIES, long looong emails. I had time for chat too, much time :P

Now my days are so short that I keep forgetting which day it is! Besides my shrimpette (who had her first nightmare 10 minutes ago! She looked so scared! awwww), I have so much administrative papers to fill for my "artist" status, so much to do to make a coherent and reaslitic biz plan for my gallery (like how to advertise -in a free way- and where, etc, etc), so much to do to finish the webpage... and time to find to let space for my lazy imagination to work to create new paintings!!!

You see, it's 11.35 pm and we're having the aperitif, I relax writting that bloggie... I think I should be working on paintings but I need to do *nothing* too.

That was my point. I wanna time to do NOTHING! Does that sound logical, hm?
hehehe //oO\\
France, Germany are 'problems' in Iraqi conflict...

... we're "problems" because we have a different opinion than the supporters of war?
The Americans can't expect to have everybody behind them to legitimate a war. For now, I'm pretty happy that France and Germany get such a position, not because it's standing against the USA (g), of course not, but against war.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

First time Lola really plays!!!

And I noooooe, it starts with lil puppets, it ends with poker in smoky pubs!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

As promised (s), there's a new painting in the gallery! The "Run, Candles, run!" is another version for the previous "run, Candide, run"... It's about one of my phobia (yup yup) which is EELS. A phobia which started years ago with the movie the drum crab!

Sunday, January 19, 2003

I've just printed all my bloggies from january 2002 to december 2002 .... 75 full pages!!!
It's so great to get that, I'm sure Lola will have good laffs one day reading it :-))) **~~* *

Saturday, January 18, 2003

(Jenny, do not read this post if you've not watched the LOTR #2 ;-)

What a happy time we had today! First a pub with some pint of white (belgium) beer for me (they say it's a goilish beer...tssss) and guiness for Martin. And when you haven't had a pint in months.... it feels like Heaven!
(droolin again at the thought of it!)

Then The Two Towers (LOTR).... we were almost at the front-row seats (which we love) and Gawd, it was worth it!!!
OK, I gotta say they have made more changes from the book than in the first movie... Like for instance Faramir is much more kewl in the book or King Theoden looks much more courageous and he had been affected by poison given by Grima, not possessed by Saruman, etc etc....
... and well, it seems they've stopped 200 hundred pages too early!!! eeeeeck..... That frustrates us fans! hehe

...but oh these images, the battles, the new characters, this Huruk-Hai army, the Elven army (I'm not sure that in ther book the Elves came to help, but it looked guuud on the screen!!!).....
It was Fantastic!!!!
And the three characters Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli who are getting much more "dense" (regarding their personnality)....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

That gives me desire to re-watch the first one and re-read the three books while waiting very impatiently for the 3rd and last (booooooooooooooooooo) movie! //oO\
I should be sleepin just like Martin and Lola but I have to prepare a bottle of milk for Lola... and it requires muuuch time for me to take the milk (dat cow's feeling getting more intense in such case!)...

Yup, I've to prepare that bottle so that Martin's parents (who're here for the weekend) can feed Lola while we'll be watching.....the LOTR!!!!!! YUSSSSSSSSSS!!!
I think we've never let Lola for more than 2 hours.... Gawd, it will feel guuuuuud to be just the 2 of us for a time :-))))**^^**~* ** **

(back to dat cow's job)

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I just couldn't finish the day without talking of the BIG....HUGE piece of news!!!
Penny's back around here!!!!
Yes! yesssss!!!!

weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!***~~* ^* **^* * *~~* **

Ok, we had all secretly planned to wear our leather trousers to welcome our Ghostlette.... but I'm more into silk stuff, ya see!

(happy sigh)**~~*^* * * *

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I'm now a member of Elftown, a great forum from Elfwood where lots of people talk of Fantasy art in general!
It's brilliant, I've seen astonishing paintings!
I need longer days!!!!
I can hardly do 1/4 of what I wanna do everyday... terrible!

At the moment I "work" on a project with a friend. We do it for fun and to see if we are "simply" able to do it. Sha has written a lil story for children and I am painting the illustrations of it. 14 pages, 14 drawings. It's very interesting even if completly different from what I do usually. I've made the first plans for 6 pages... Now it's about 22.00 and Martin's bringing Lola to bed. I can go on and when i'm dead, we'll have dinner ! :P

Yup, longer days, I need longer days! RoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRrrRRRRR

Monday, January 13, 2003

Yesterday we visited Clara and Aymeric, and Lola had a kewl time with her goilfriends Maïa (on the left) and Gaïa (on the right) who're also 3 months old!
So young and already partying, while the dads already keep an eye on dem as you can see :P

(all that while the moms were having champ'! yeah, again!!! ;-)

Wooooaaaaa, we finally finished the Candy Froggie's Gallery yesterday at 1.00 am!
I'm really glad it's online now, even if there are rilly lots of thingies to add!!

Now the main point is finishing it quickly and adding new paintings regularly. Once it will be complete, then we'll start the second version of it in which there will be the possibility to spend $$ on it :P

Friday, January 10, 2003

It's snowing again!!!
(dancing around with the shrimpette)

Gwenola will certainly enjoy celebrating her 27th birthday under snow :P
Happy bday, you zen one :-))

Thursday, January 09, 2003

What a special day today (I'll keep on playing 9 at the lottery!)
Martin's cousin, Sönke, and his wife Anja have just had a baby today! A goil! Yusss!!!

Her name is Mara-Sophia, she is 54cm long for 4.7 kg... a big baby!!! :-))))) **~~* * *^^* * *
Everything went well and when we had Sönke on the phone, he had the voice "new" dads get... as if floating above the clouds... so happy!!!

Now I wish dem guuuud luck for the first weeks, somehow I can remember it was not that easy at the beginning :P
We've finally finished watching all the add-ons from the LOTR #1 !
Ohhhh I rilly prefer the longer version! (how unexpected! :P)

I still can't imagine how peter jackson and his gang managed to make those 3 movies.... The three books are so big, dense and full of details, I would have nebber imagined somthing guud enough could be done for cinema!
.... and just to pass from the books to the writting of the script... gawd, it would have taken a life to me!

But they did more than even expected...and that includes the actors who apparently involved in the movie much more than I thought.
... ohhh, and when you see the work of the team who made the costumes.....!!!... each costume is made with the most adapted materials, weapons are made with details even the biggest fans of Tolkien couldn't have noticed.... jeeeez... I'm rilly rilly rilly impressed!

We've friends in Germany who -professionally- create such weapons and costumes for events, shows or role games... they must have literally drooled in front of such work! hehe
today's our 4th wedding anniversary!!!
yeeeeehooooooooo!!!! I remember every second of it (happy sigh), including the weather was almost as cold as today (we had snow)

...but with Lola and her expected fever -poor shrimpette!-, we decided to celebrate it in the weekend :-)
Now Martin does not noe some excellent champ' is hidden around here, just waiting to be open tonight :P
Lola's 3 months today!!!

... and I rilly felt baaaad this morning when I took her to the doc for a nasty vaccine!... But there she took her revenge...peed on the doc's arm and generously vomitted on my beauDiful-warm-new pull-over!
I guess the injection rilly hurt :P

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Lola and I get a cold, not a bad one though. Maybe the weather fault, nee? (g)
The negative temperatures are getting worse, they say -10°c for tonight! Dat's rilly cold, huh!
The snow has turned into ice and I hear it falling from the roofs all day, so unusual!

And when you think about all these people outside without home... That is one of the first thing I'd do if I was President... giving a home to anyone... then....well.... I'd raise the taxes to pay for it !!!! :P
Lola's just reached 5 kilos!
(dancing around)
Not that I'm obsessed with her weight... (s)

I keep feeding her all day because she's still too light for her size... I personnally find her in a purrfect shape, all round as expected for babies... so I don't worry too much :-)

Sunday, January 05, 2003

In a couple of hours we live to celebrate Xmas with my Dad and his *family*!
I knewwww Sandy Claws would make a come back, just for us :P

**~~*^* * *

Merry Xmas!
And a few minutes later, Alaska was on the balcony! :P

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Haaaa, the digital cam, wattafookinkewlinvention!

here are the first flakes we had just below the windows earlier this morning.
Now it's snowing like hell but I like these 2 pics (well and ermmm.. all the pics I take of the snow falling down are just baaad! hehe)

Yeah I nooooooe, it's not like Antartica yet ;-)

We finally discovered what kind of files have been first destroyed by the nasty virus.... the files of my new website!!!
Not all of them, but most of them (boooooooooooooo)

It's been 2 days we're re-writing all the texts, re-scanning all the paintings, etc (sigh).... It has to be online before the end of the weekend!
we were outside when it started to.....SNOW!

yeahhhh!!! It snowing it's snowiiiiiiiing!!!

And snowing hard!

(dancing around)

I love it! **~~* * *^^* * * *

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Okies, I did not know what we could offer to Lola for Xmas... It's hard because we spoil her all the time! :P

I'm going to open a bank account for her (yeah I know it's not a very romantic or funny present).

I open the account and Martin will provide the euros on it! Mwahahaha!!!
Something like 15, 20 euros each month... it will be nice in a few years!

I talked then with a woman from the bank today and she asked me how old was the "new customer", and when I answered 2 months (and that sounded weird!), we both agreed Lola did not need a credit card yet!

phewwwwww.... and the woman said Lola will probably beg for it at 12 years old, even before!

I'll keep the account secret I think :P

We spent the most intimate (yuss yuss) and happy New Year's eve!
*Just* Martin, Lola and I !!!

We did not want to let Lola to anyone (well and nobody was rilly available) and we did not want to take her at friends.
But.... Lola's comfort is only an excuse 'cause we actually wanted to spend it that way! hehe **~~^* * * *^^* *

It was fantabizooby... Lola having twice more milk than usual (I had to drink 2 big bottles of water during the day!), and once she went to bed, the flat was only illuminated with candles (lol, yup me Candles.. hehe, kiddin) and xmas lights. We had the most yummy treasures for dinner, champ and magic muzic.
Was there a beDer way to start the year???

I loved it!