Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a wunnerful surprise

(discovering the new David Gilmour's album, that is!)

On an island is trully beauDiful, so Pink Floyd-ish, so Gilmour-ish, so puurfect to relax and fly above!

Our fingers' eater ...

...is 5 months-old now :-)
Still growing well, heavy to carry (68cm for 9kgs), with 2 vampire teef almost out (poor babe, it seems really painful!)
He plays a lot, almost stands straight when sitting, *talks* a lot, laughs to tears when dancing with Lola and he also starts eating smashed fruits and vegetables (it's been 2 months now he's been watching with apparent huge hunger and jalousy the forks and spoons we use when having a meal! I think having now a right over the spoon is Heaven for him!)

About the nights? Irregular, he always wakes up at 3.00 or 4.00, without needing each time a bottle. In the morning, he won't stay in bed beyond 6.30 (arggggg....)

We've now all recovered from the first months (it was about time!), I can say I'm doing really well again! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Claude, François, Mick, Annie et Dagobert

Back in 1978, do you remember this one?

Where ever there's adventure to be found
Just a clue or a secret message
bring the Famous Five around.
When ever there's a mystery to be solved
up in the ruined castle
or down in Smugglers Cove.

We are the Famous Five
Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the Dog.
We are the Famous Five
We're coming back to you
Whenever there's time
Time after time

Wanna listen to The Famous Five? You will remember then! ;-)

I LUVED it and would love to watch it again sometimes... like about dozens of other series from the late 1970s! Do you remember a favorite series from your childhood?

PS: the French name dagobert was much much beder for the dawg me thinks!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nursing bras... to be improved!

Reading Jenny's bloggie (ya should see the pics of her boy! Adorable!) the other day reminded me how happy I've felt when I stopped breast-feeding Loup a couple of months ago!
Oh mind you, I LOVED it and miss it, but I was so HAPPY to get rid of these bloody nursing bras! I made an overdose of them. Oh they're practical, and there's a market, you get some choice, but tsssss they're really ugly! No way you can feel sexy with dem (what, a young mama can't feel sexy? and why not!)... and having to wear them night and day, not fun, really!

Show me where's the revolution, I have bras to burn here :P

Here are a few exemple (ok, the ugliest kind! But the *cuttest* are not very different from these! lol)

but okies, in the Anti-Glamour field, there is worse, MUCH worse....
The pictures speak for themselves, doesn't they?


When the mirror does not speak...

... my bloggie makes the job!
Here's the lil questionary Mel' has sent me.

Who am I?
not a Blond with heavy boobs!

How old people tell I am?
I really have no idea (what would you say????). I'd give myself about 25 (lol)

Who knows me really well?
definatly my other-half, and those who know me let's say "pretty" well... Penny, Marine and Esox I think :-)

The most important *thing* in my life?
my lil family

I always wear
my 4 rings, my piercing and 8 ear-rings (yusss, I'm a heavy girl)

I always do
listen with much pleasure to my friends' lil secrets :P (lol)
try to make people comfortable (to reach point #1 of course ;-)

I am the happiest
when I've finished a painting, when it's Friday evening, when I laugh with friends, when Lola asks for a cuddle, when Loup gives me a *snail kiss*, when Martin and I are together! Yesss!

On Monday morning, I am...
bloody tired!

My eyes are
certainly devilish (or are they just fragile? -shruggs-): they get red quickly

The object I prefer
my boots, my puter, a full champ' glass, my massage creams, our dining-table when there's 10 candles on it

Martin, Jack, your turn! And no excuse... (s)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The yummy specialities *circle*

I guess you've heard about the web concept that consists in sending a book to an unknown person and receive one the same way.

In one of the forums in which I actively participate, the idea is this time to send a lil package with some food specialities of the region where you come from.

I have the adress of the person who will receive it, I only know she's a mama.
My package is almost ready, with mainly sugary stuff in it (fighting against meself to not open any of the goodies I've prepared!)... I'll tell more about it when the woman will have it (just in case she visits my bloggie ;-)

And I can't wait either for MY package! I'm ready to try anything yummy!

We should do something like that someday with our circle of blog'users/visitors. Don't you find the concept is a groovy idea?!

Big boy

Yup, we've welcome another big boy at home!

We had ordered the high-tech canon 350D 4 months ago, looking for the cheapest prices for every part of it. We got pretty quickly the (HUGE) lenses, but only got the camera a couple of days ago.
Well, we got it for 50% of the usual price which deserved some patience from us!

I've seen there were books published about how to use this camera... which scares me a bit! lol
I think I'll let Martin tame the beast, then I'll ask him about the basics about it (s)
By the way, Martin thinks about changing his blog into a photo blog. Kewl idea!

A lil victory and a lovely pic

Finally, Lola has asked to stop wearing nappies during night!
And it's her final word (phewwww!)

Ok, it's a bit late but we wanted her to take the decision, since forcing her had not been a very good idea...

Well done, my independent shrimpette!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Who's got a hangover after St Patrick's day?

Not the Irish, not the Scots, nor the Frawnch :P

My two favourite moments of the day..

..are when I share laughs and cuddles with my devils, and when these devils finally jump into bed ;-)

The week has been fantastic with Martin's parents around! I had real free time and that felt wunnerfully strange :-)
So I can tell I'm relaxed now, though (same ol' song I warn you) really tired. Naturally because Loup keeps asking for milk at 2.00 or 4.00 am, but mainly because Lola's been coughing so much that sometimes I did not manage to sleep more than 4 hours.
I want a night of peaceful sleep!
And I'm glad to take the pill again, I don't want such short nights for my next 3 lifes at least! lol

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The sun, a wunnerful pretext

Because yesss Paris is being very sunny since a couple of days!
It feels oh jeeezzzz so guuuuuuuud
I had forgotten its sweet warmth on the skin
(happy sigh)

Well, that being said, hehe... this bloggie is no more than an excuse, a pretext to add this photo of a Spring-ish Marilyn! I love it!


Flowers look so much beder when coming from the lil posh shop than from the supamarket...
Wine taste so wunnerful in this beauDiful crystal glass, much beder than in the big water glass!
Oh and coffee feels unique in this lil cup with a terrific design, much more than in this brown plastic glass
Now books with hard, refined cover keep much more my attention than those with a kitsh paperback cover...
And yes, I feel more glamour when wearing expensive undies than wearing the supamarket's ones

oh and you will agree on this one...

A woman is more beaudiful in a sexy lil dress than in ugly sports clothes!**

I admit, I confess, I reckon, and I accept that
I AM superficial!
And I bet I'm not the only one (S)

...I'd happily conclude introducing you a gossip-ish website (I've got the link via Michelle! Yayyyyyyyy!), and don't tell me you've not scrolled down to get more gossips once there!


** this does not work for men, a gardener is sexy dressed as a gardener, a plumber as a plumber, a fireman as a fireman! LOL

Sunday, March 12, 2006

mais i' sont où ?...

mais i' sont où ? ...tralalalala la

Sowwwy, a lil pleasure... rugger today... oh brilliant!
...and these trained thighs all around...
No rilly..

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Nirvana

...is for me: free time

And I'll reach a Nirvana next week, yup.

Martin's parents join us for 7 days, and this is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c.
....because of course I'm over happy to see them, but also because the kids will love it too!

okok, here are my plans
-this rendez-vous in the beauDy center with my mama
-a cinema with Lola
-a birthday at some Lola's friend (well, that does not sound supa cool BUT when you only have ONE kid with you, it's already Heaven)
-3 restaurants (Sowwy ya Mr Diet), one with Martin, one with Lola and Martin at Martin's work, and one with Michelle, my guuud American friend.
-lots of time to paint

I can't wait for the restaurants part. I never have the opportunity to go there without the kids!
One with Martin is like Heaven!
One with a goilfriend is also wunnerful, I think it's been a few years (NO KIDDIN) since I have been to a restaurant with a goilfriend like that. SCARY!

De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté

(The Beat that My Heart Skipped)

The 8 Cesars French movie got excellent critics all around. I did not find the topic exciting at all, but so many good critics in the papers and well... 8 cesars...! I thought we'd get a wonderful surprise.

French cinema can be so boring sometimes. We could not watch it till the end (time's too precious!).
The only cesar that should have been justified was for the main actor. But he did not get it, lol.

We'll spend beder moments with the Oscars' movies this year, no doubt ;-)

Say "ouistiti" !

My *grunge lil princess* (watta style, huh!) has just had her first school photo yesterday!

So we all spent the evening playing at the "school photo". The shrimpette painted our faces with make-up and we had to pause for 30 minutes for Lola the photographer.
We had no right to poke our tongue out, to laugh, talk or make noise.



PS: Pauline, Arnaud, z'avez vu comme la puce adore la robe? Si elle pouvait la porter 24h/24, sûr qu'elle le ferait. Incredible! What a good choice!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Women's Day

I feel concerned though my life as a woman is perfect.
Thank you, you men and women who fought for our rights, you've made of our life here a priviledged (?) one. No, a normal one! Which is even more important.

I hope somehow I'll manage to help the same way other women to have a normal life too.

Monday, March 06, 2006

When Paris is NOT cheap

After 4 months, I've just finished spending time and money at my dentist-the-butcher. I've spent there more than 2000 euros...!
700 euros for a crown!

Then I've realized everyday life was really expensive around.
For Lola and Loup's doc, I spend 55 euros each time...
Worse, for my bits (gyno), I spend 65 euros for a rendez-vous!

Thank gawd, complementary insurance exists!

Even bread is expensive now, almost 1 euro for a baguette!


A contre-courant

I've watched something on tv the other day where they said that people gave less and less importance to dining-rooms. And companies selling furniture had started to adapt themselves to the situation.
(lol, yeah I know, I'm about to jump into a very exciting topic ;-)

People tend to have their meals on their sofa in a few minutes only. Preferably in front of tv.
Sometimes by choice, sometimes because of lack of space... As it's been the case for us..

We've desperatly tried to find a way to get a real table for meals. Our flat is really small and every corner occupied with a fireplace or a door. That was impossible to put a table without blocking the way.

Till we found that the ONLY answer to our lil probbie was a 80cm diameter round table! A Bigger one wouldn't fit, a smaller one wouldn't be ok for more than 2 people.

But average tables are bigger than that!

We've been looking for it since months now. And finally we found it! A garden table!

You can't, no, you can't imagine the pleasure it's been today to have a normal meal on a table.
Much more decadent than a meal on a sofa.

Simple pleasures are definatly the best ones ;-)

Friday, March 03, 2006

2nd step towards... Womanhood!

Well, I'm still dealing with the first step (loosing the kilos I took while breastfeeding my lil wolf), second step is taking care of my bits!
(dancing around)

I've decided to take my mom to a beauDy institute in a couple of weeks! It will be a very first time for both of us :-)
She's been very stressed lately, and I've been so tired, soooo... it's the *right* moment.
I've ordered a full massage and manucure and make-up -with advice- (the tips, etc) for both of us!


Can you believe (please take a chair, I would hate that you hurt your delicate bum), how long it takes for a manucure?
... 1.30 hour!
Enough time to get bored to death!
...but I'll survive, yusss yussss ;-)

And the winners are...

...well I am not sure, my quest is not over... but so far my heart's beating fast for (sowwwy I'm not being original at all) Mozart, and some pieces of Tchaikovski and Prokofiev.
For Mozart, what can I say; he's an Everest. I still can't believe my ears...!

And so far, I can tell my heart's not beating much for Schubert and Chopin.

Strange how music can be *felt* so differently by people!

To be continued!

My dodudAmour

4 months and a week for 8,3 kilos
Well that doesn't tell much to anyone who doesn't have a baby of about that age, but that's a pretty heavy weight!
Thanx Gawd he also gets taller! lol

You could think he's geatting ready to face a hard winter, but nenene! Spring's in a month! Ouch! ;-)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Deliberatly unsynchronized

That's about I'd described my lil devils at the moment.
When one sleeps, the other never does
When one wanna play, the other one wants all your attention
When it's time to give a bath to one, it's time to eat for the other
When we decide to go out for a frozen walk, the other one only ask for your arms and warmth
When I have no choice but to pay attention to one only for a few minutes, the other one won't have any more patience and will start doing all what a devil can possibly do (amazing how much imagination they get in that *field*!)

Oh but I'm a baaaaaad mouff!
They CAN get synchronized!!!... when it comes to scream and cry
...or when it's 4.00am, one is hungry and the other decides she has slept enough!

How many more kids did I want again?


I'm not too tired, despite what my zombie face can tell. But really I start to find it hard to get 20 minutes in a row for meself. Almost impossible (like, it took me 3 days to write 10 words in here!).

Now, when I give the last bottle of milk to Loup in the evening, it feels so so SOOOOO *guuuud* to know a few minutes later I'll enjoy a glass of wine and start to relax... a pleasure close to a lil orgasm, no kiddin!