Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Illustration competition (forbidden fruits included)

 "Adultery is the application of democracy to love. "
(H. L. Mencken)

haha it was hard to find a positive quote about infidelity! 

But I made some research, 
I wanted to make a positive illustration about it! 

Just participating to a competition organised by Fluide Glacial, "Croquer l'infidélité". 

The title : "Bouchées doubles"

I'm quite happy with that lil work, the whole idea of it and realisation : )

Hard Candy (I wish)

and I wish I could get as sticky as possible, at least (that the plan!  ;-)
I'm testing my new sport schedule, to which I'll add individual cardio and musculation stuff.
Somehow... I train 6 days, make a break on one day. lol. But that's ok, half the week is pretty soft.

Yesterday, 2 hours of pure musculation with a trainer I've known since a few months. Full of energy, creative and merciless! Exactly what I want.

Today, and for next three days, I'll get tortures from Lylou.

She's into martial arts and she's a fantastic machine to torture anything required. Tonight, Zumba (not sure I'll love, it's cardio, but too much dance in it to me probably) and adored body combat. 2 hours to get sticky.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are truly killer's day. I'm fully trained (I think) yet because the trainers push the level really high with our lil gang... it is always harder. Painful. Goooood! :P

Oh and in 10 days, I'll follow a training on Sunday... self defence !

hehe... I go there for the fun of it with other girls. It's organised by Lylou, super professional, and she teased us in the best way: telling it would be THE opportunity to kick guys' ass there!
haha! Sounds like fun!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last summer bits & very short stories

The hobbit house is closed till next holidays and my perfect tan is going to vanish soon (tragic sigh)

But I am ...

I'm back in Paris and that rocks. So much to do, so much work to do, so much hard training and sweating sessions,... and also so many mojitos to share !
 (I'll soon stop talking about mojitos because they're said to be totally out of fashion. grmmphhh! Time to drink something else, huh! any idea?)

Shocked part 1
I thought kids started again with school next week. Wrong!!! They still get 2 weeks of holidays! OMG, in my mind I was starting a new life from next week! But Noooooo!

Shocked part 2
The other day I was on the grass in the park, when a big boy, rugbyman player type, with 2 kids came to me: "Hey B! Is that you??! You haven't changed at all!"
I had the sun in the eyes (who was that guy with easy words?)... took me long seconds to recognize... the guy who used to be my BROTHER for 10 years!
Ok, I explain. My mom and his dad were married for years. We used to live together, spend all our holidays, sailed together! Then life... hard separation on our parents' side so... contacts were kinda broken... That's sad.

Anyway, We talked and talked, admired each other kids! that was SO nice. He has a flat at 100m from mine! haha
Life and its surprises : )))

I have no idea what the coming year will bring me. I'm totally excited to start it (yeah, I stick to the kids schedule. A year to me starts in September and ends in June. July and August are a kind of happy purgatory between Heaven and Hell :P)

This blog is alive 'n kicking. Just writing down all these words, sharing them with you... is very helpful. Why? I have no idea. : ))

Conan the hunter (a totally disgusting story)

My posh kitten, my pride, is a tiger inside! haha! I was actually so proud when I followed him the other day (see guys, always keep your camera in your pocket! that's the only way to get crispy scoops!).
Conan had found a hole, and just kept trying to put his paws inside.

I thought he was playing with stones.

But my boy looked excited, jumping around, coming back. He was really trying to pull something out of the hole.
I bent down and was to check inside when a super nasty pair of eyes looked at me from the darkness (I screamed, ran to the house, really jumped on the wood table and called for heeEEEEeeelp!!!).

 A big, enormous and very ugly toad (he looked so mean, thank god I was much bigger) was there.
I'll never dream of fairy tales anymore (it was about time, I knowwww)

Kissing frogs and toads, no thanks. Give me a real prince!

Anyway, we gave a chance to the toad to escape Conan. Just one chance. Then, I would have let mother nature do its job and Conan get his first prey.

The ugly toad escaped.
He will probably meet a girlie toad, live happily ever after. And get..... lots of ugly baby toads!

(told you it was a disgusting story ;-)

Marie-Antoinette syndrome (chapter 10)

noooo I don't have much in common with the headless queenette, except my love for lil sheep! and big castle, okok. And romantic escapades. Right. And sexy gentilhommes * shrugging *

But I have a big weakness for lil sheep... We got Cesar (that you can see on the left) and Rosalie when they were babies. 4 years ago.
Now they are 12! yeah! Cesar's a big boy, full of energy! hehe

A lil treasure was born on Friday night.

She does not have a name yet. It's a girl and she's so cute! You should hear her lil calls to her mama.

She never leaves her, always stuck to her mama.

And I spent long times among them before getting back to Paris, and in the cuteness kingdom, they get the golden crown!

Such a courageaous shrimpette : ))

Lola and I finally spent our day at Necker hospital on Friday.
I expected a short appointment, but they decided to make the necessary tests in the same day to confirm what they instantly said, from the symptoms and the videos of Lola's crisis.

We came back in the afternoon so that she could get another electroencephalogram. She had to fall asleep so that it could work properly.

It was very hot in the hospital, she was comfortably installed in a room with soft music, etc. After 15 minutes she was sleeping. The lil electrical connections in the brain started to talk a language I don't know.

The professor, the head of the neurologist department, was a tall man, taller than Martin I think. About 70 years-old, with a white beard and a mixture of super clever and sweet touch in the eyes and expression.

Lola was very impressed, in a good way.

He talked to Lola all the time, told her to come and watch the videos of her own crisis (I had never shown them to her, it's way too scary, already for me)... and was truly scared of her own image... but then he told her it was normal, because she suffered from a (small) form of epilepsy, and that is exactly what happens to people suffering from it.

She has started a treatment.

She was very happy to get a treatment. To get words. To have an adult talking to her about what she had.

I was sad and happy. Exhausted from the day, the stress.
We left hospital, I took Loup from a friend and one hour later, we were on the road to Brittany, to breathe for two days.

Lola slept wonderfully on that Friday night : )

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to my beloved pollution!

...and to my high heels (wearing them already!) and oh god, to my big BOY! Yeah, my big computer! Large screen, real keyboard and enjoyable mouse... God, that makes a difference!

I'm sorry for the lack of words here and there, on blogs, on FB. It was hard to get time to sit and enjoy. I'll take my revenge : ))

okok, I'm just posting my holiday postcards for now and relax a bit : )

During this past month, I can say I was quite relaxed, yet always thinking hard... about work mainly. Love too, sex sometimes. I'm transparent.

Not a clear blue sky in my head though, never. I enjoy that pretty much.

My devils, my demons. Loup caught in the toilets again (after 35 minutes, I start to worry!), this time with my books about pin-ups! lol. Really....... so cute!

My tigers... loved the countryside of course, and easily got used to it. We had many cuddles times and lazy times. So different from the past years. Perfect

And of course... beach stuff.
Hey it's summer after all : ))

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Patience pays, bitch !

(sorry my intention wasn't to insult you, I just couldn't help it here!)

Breaking Bad (again!)
Season 1 ... promising
Season 2 ... confirming the exceptional quality of the series
Season 3 ... oh god, you can't miss it, Sergio Leone & Tarantino with lots of sensibility, genius and humour.

Just another lil weakness

Well yeah I get many weaknesses, don't you get any?

... I don't have many weaknesses on a material point of view, noooooo (just SHOES, good wine, acceptable lingerie, almost invisible make-up, big boobs one day - lol -, and oh yeah good food!) ... but silver rings, I do love them. I have a lot of them, I only wish I had more fingers for them.
I keep them in a lil box, can't wear all of them all the time (sigh).

Give me precious stones, gems, I wouldn't wear them! I think I would sold them (for more shoes!)
Diamonds are not my best friends. Just transparent stones.
** shrugging **

Moogly in the jungle

The lil black and white intruder, we've known him since a few days. The kitten gets on very well with Conan and Satan. I thought they'd fight, be jealous, etc... Not at all. They keep playing like crazy.

The devils have also a big weakness for him, of course, but they know he belongs to the Bretonish jungle and would be very sad in a small Parisian apartment.

The lil kitten has a broken tail it seems, his tail must have been caught in a door or something like that. He does not suffer at all, but if I get the time on Monday or Tuesday, I'll take him to the vet.

He is very clever, already found on my table good pieces of meat to eat! he must be 4 months-old, super small stomach, and he can already eat what I eat! But he purrs and cuddles so easily... that I forgive him anything (told you he was clever!)

Baby intruder escaped heavy rains

Here's what I just found as waking up!
A baby demon sleeping hard!

We always let the doors open on summertime, it must have been quite easy for him to find a shelter here.

He's so cute : ) * purring *

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Chocolate, Mojitos, Sex (just like everybody,huh) and ... Sport!

Holidays or not, my addiction for exercise does not fade away. Talk about addiction huh.
I might get a super short night, 5 hours, I might feel exhausted, crawling to reach my breakfast.. I'll still get my fix.

As usual thought, i gotta find time for it. Always complicate.Can't sacrifice my work and gotta be available for the devils.

In Paris, I do exercise really late in the day. Here in Bretonie, I do it super early. Sometimes at 8.00am I'm already running along the river.

One day I'll be running, the other day I'll do musculation. On the third day, I have a break though. That's about my rhythm. I really need it, that time for myself. Physical.

Pleasure is reached when pain is overcome. So good.

Rainy Bretonie, Miss Chang & a hot cupotea

This is clearly not the music I usually listen (hip hop, trip hop, hop hop whatever), not a kind of music I hate either, no no : ) .. but I saw the video the other day and I really liked it!
Just entertaining, the lights and colours, the train, this Miss Chang that has not much of Asian bits in her, the seXy cowgirl, the contrast between the female-ish high voice and the guy's rhythmic and low voice. The way it is filmed. Great vid with music that fits!

Breathing a bit !!! (I hope patience will pay)

Because it's been 6 months I've been waiting to meet someone who could really help me with Lola and her symptoms of  "night's epilepsy".
Lola's started to get these crises back in December with no possible reason. We thought of sleep troubles, intense nightmares... it happened more regularly then. And it was more and more shocking, like epilepsy can be. She's got tests, she saw doctors, neurologists, with no real diagnostics.

As a mom, that is so frustrating to be unable to help your kid. Lola asked why nobody helped her. She was mad and sad. And so was I.
Broken heart.

Then finally two days ago I got that call from the French Children's hospital, Necker hospital. 
15 minutes from where I live in Paris : )))
Lola and I have an appointment there in 10 days! Oh god, I am so so happy!!!
Yes, I am so happy yes, you can't imagine, Lola will meet one of the best French neurologist specialised in kids.
It's a first relief. Really.

I will love you until death do us apart

The wedding of my cousin the other day was perfect. Some women were wearing funny hats, champagne had that gold colour and Heaven's taste, the bride was exquisite, children were building perfect memories, etc etc.

A wedding like in movies you know. Honestly I like it, nobody marry anymore nowadays, at least around us. We're more into the age category now where people get into divorce.

Hell, shouldn't we celebrate sometimes divorces? new life beginnings? Sometimes, I'm sure we should. Might be a good biz to build around that ;)

When I was in the church, one of the best moment to observe people, my eyes got caught by the most welcoming message you can read on the painted window (Thou shall obey me until death).

I really shivered, The warm and happy atmosphere were escaping me for a moment. I wanted to take my brush and transform that awful message into something human, plain... Thou shall fuck happily until death? Thou shall disobey when you heart tell you so? blablabla

Thank ermm God, the lovely couple shared an adorable kiss that brought back the warmth I wanted to feel. I happily left the dark church.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I get a crush !

He is hairy, strong and muscular :P
People call him Conan le Terrible(ment cute)

(And I swear I ll stop playing with my toy and blog for REAL later today tomorrow!)

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When I m not shopping for boots...

I still manage to get a gnome... in boots!
Will perfectly fit in my jungle :D

(yeah yeah, that pic was almost a pretext.. I can make posts from my mobile, I hadn't tried so far, huhu, SO cool!)

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