Friday, April 29, 2005

bewitched, be water witch!

I'm stressing a bit, starting a whole new series of paintings about witches. Water witches.
I've decided to be free to try something else than my cartoonish style for a while (but I luuuve my cartoonish style, I'm not spitting on it at all!)... And I think I'll make the whole series this way, with a lot of water around :P

Well, you can still recognize the Candles' style I think ;-)

Trying new styles with drawings or paintings is always something. I guess it's the same with music or anything related to creation. Keeping habits, keeping doing what you know is comfortable. It's time I replace comfort by pleasure :P

a witch at the royal court

New Life (wasn't it a DM song?)

I just had to metion it today. Jack is about to close his photos' shop tomorrow.

I am not aware of all the reasons that killed his biz, but I think it's been one of the victim of high tech and internet. Do we go to get photo prints anymore? I do it maybe once a year now. And I select just a very few photos...

I guess there's a book to be made about all the biz that are going to disappear because of the same reasons..

Anyway, Jack is about to start a new life. I wish him the very best and will follow carefully what's going to happen in the next months. It's going to be exciting, I can feel it!

I'll cross my bits tighter so that he can make money from what he loves: photography and writing.

Cheers! (not fun to make a toast with sparkling water but... the intention is here, rilly! :-)

Another kilo of strawberries, puulease!

Et voilà, the first big part of tests I had to do for my pregnancy is over! Yeeepeeeeeeee
Yesterday I went back to the hospital for the blood test called here the *tritest*, a test that shall tell if there are high risks of trisomy 21 or not.
If I don't hear from the hospital in the next 2 weeks, then it means all is fine.

Good it's done!

The atmopshere in the hospital was kinda special, very quiet, with much sun coming from the windows around. Pregnant women everywhere, walking slowly, caressing there belly, whispering rather than really talking.
Put clouds around and add some Loreena Mc Kennitt's music, then it would have been a Paradise's hidden corner, the place where babies are made ;-)

**~~*^* *

Now I'm in my 14th week and I do feel much much beDer than before!
And "before" was kinda horrible!
I'm not yet feeling like a preggie wonderwoman, but but... I can feel in my waters that soon I'll be like on top of the world again!
(dancing around!)

It's strange, the baby should be about 14 cm now... 14!!! And since the nasty symptoms have disappeared, I feel less "pregnant" than a few weeks ago. Thank gawd my shrinking trousers always remind it to me (s)

Woaaa the sun is shining hard outside, I'm off with the shrimpette to smell honey around the trees!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trembling in my boots just thinking of it

Wanna scuba diving? Yeah? Well that will be without me!

The other day we finally watched Open Water (don't miss the trailer here :P).
Like many people, I love to be confronted with my biggest fears in movies. Why do we like that? I dunno... Maybe to feel lucky we're not there! lol

Anyway, this movie can't be compared with Jaws (which I could watch another hundred times!). It's much much more realistic. The story of a couple of divers who are on holidays. One day, they go with others tourists to observ corail. So far, it's fine. But, oh noooooo, their boat leaves and forget them!
The movie will focus on the terrifying hours spent in the middle of an infested sea...

The scariest part was maybe after the movie. Because you can't help thinking and thinking again about the feelings of the 2 divers during all this time. I'll nebber ebber scuba dive, I swear it! (spitting far)

I guess sharks are my biggest fear, it's not a real scoop. They've always been. I've been swimming in the middle of the sea, but being at 10 meters from the shore has the same effect. I can't help wondering what horrible creature is coming to me.
I saw 2 sharks once (but then I was on the boat...huuuu), it was not far at all from Bretagne, on the British south coast, not far from Penzance.


So when I read a piece of news like this one:
"CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- A surfer fought off a two-meter (7-foot) shark with his board at an Australian beach Saturday -- then continued surfing, a life guard said."
... I think some guys and I do not live on the same planet! lol

If you wanna frighten me one day (but I warn you, that will be risky! You know how hysteric people can be, huh? :P), you can always try it with 1)sharks, 2)snakes or birds or toads, 3)rats.
You've no chance with spiders though, phewwww!
(see I'm 5% of a country girl, could be worse!)

Lola the eldest

When I got preggie, we wondered how Lola would take it.
It isn't easy I guess to learn one day you're not the *baby* of the family anymore, that you are not the only center of *love*, that you've to share your moma and popa.

At the beginning, we thought we'd wait to be sure there won't be a miscarriage or any other problem.
But even being careful to not mention it, Lola understood by herself everything very very quickly.

We realized it when she started having nightmares, screaming "baby, noo!", then she started to ask to see on my belly all the time.
That was kinda usual!

So a few weeks ago, following the advice of some of ewws around here I told her simply there was a baby in my belly.
And that was it. No question, no crisis, just a desire for her to tell people around that there was a very small baby in her mama's belly :-))**~~*^* *

Now she starts to talk to the baby (like "hello baby", "how are you baby?") via my belly button :) hehe... very *mimi*. She also believes that the baby will come out via the belly button, which is practical for us. We just happily nodd and that's it!

Anyway, we were completly wrong about the way Lola would finally take it! A mini-goil full of suprises**~~*^* *

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

What you won't see next summer

With my bawdy shape getting elastic at the moment, changing, getting more round than anything else, I just had to play with the tool I've just discovered on Angel's blog, who found it actually (rendons à Cesar ce qui appartient à Cesar ;-) on Del4yo's blog!

hehe, this looks much better than the real me! But nebbermind, the whale-to-come (=me in summertime) will sleep beDer knowing how I really look ;-)

(all that to make ewwws try that link above, I wanna see your virtual bawdies! :P)


As promised to Penny, here's my *echo* to the tattoo she gonna get by the end of the year!

From all what I've read, Penny gets the best explanation of the meaning of the triskelion! (yup m'am, I confirm it!)

As for the little story behind all this, Martin offered me this beauDiful ring a few weeks ago as a "pregnancy ring", yup yup! With the purrfect triskelion on it :-)**~~*^* *

Full moon and little crowns

I don't think we'll see much of the full moon from paris tonight... And actually it's not such a probbie since I also my own full moon (putting my hand on my moon-ish tummy ;-).
But anyway, I found in my stock a water colour painting to celebrate it again. It's one of the painting that gonna be part of a "witch" cycle. It's a bit cruel according to Martin (ermm, well, I reckon he might be right :P), but I forgot to tell him the frogs were in plastic (phewww).

The end of Monarchy (click here)

Third book and a proud smile

I've just received my copies of Herman ou la merveilleuse histoire d'un petit garçon surdoué (Herman or the wonderful story of an exceptionnally gifted little boy)!

I would have never believed Herman would have led me here: 3 books published so far... This sounds very kewl.

This time Herman is exceptionnally gifted: he has troubles accepting this difference that makes his parents so proud but himself so lonely.

Next book is already written and the illustrations have been done since a few weeks now. I still have the cover to prepare and "small illlustrations for the text pages" to do... should be done before the end of next week.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Expected reward

Before the end of the week I'll be paid for the books we sold in 2004!!!
First time I gonna be paid for my children books' illustrations! It's not much if you consider the time I spent on them but I'm happpyyyyyyyy**~~*^* *
It feels guuuud, and it's motivating!
With what I'll get I can buy about hmmm 7 pairs of beauDiful shoes (which I won't do, lol!)
(happy sigh)

Shrinking trousers

My first visit to Necker hospital was really fine.
Four different persons took care of me, explaining me everything, taking measures, etc. I accepted that a student make the *female bits* exams, they've to learn after all (and I'm used to that, I had students checking what was necessary all the time for my first pregnancy).

I go back there next week for the Trisomy 21 test. You're not forced here to make this test, but I don't see why people wouldn't want to know if there's a problem..

Anyway, after spending 2 hours there, I left, happy, for Monparnasse and its shops.
I was already tired and it was a bit cold but it was so pleasant to have this time for meself without having to run**~~*^* *

I was looking for a pair of jeans for preggie women (and me unreasonnable creature, for a pair of shoes too).
My jeans are still ok, if you consider that "ok" in a very tight way :P
But they're not comfortable enough anymore I feel. (SIGH)

So I tried elephant type stuff, way too big each time. Which was kinda reassuring, but also very boring!
I guess I'll stick to my ol' jeans for the moment, wearing them in the "open way" (how sexy!) (SIGH)
I haven't found shoes either, a relief for my credit card ;-)

I came back to take Lola with a few bags full of clothes for her. That I can never resist! Almost worst than shoes!

not really longing to wear these!!! (OMG! but look at these shoes, they're even worse!)

Vibes from within

Yesterday I heard my mini-one's heart beating. It had much more effect than the ultrasound images the other day.
I asked dem if they were sure it was not my stomach making noise.
I did not hear their answer, I was already far far away **~~*^* * *

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Tomorrow morning, very VERY early, I have my first rendez-vous at the Necker Hospital, 10 minutes from here by bus.

Once there, the main point is to not get lost in the corridors (it is so big! I already got lost there once with Lola!).

I'm glad to be there, it couldn't have been better (at least I hope!): this hospital is a specialized one for children and risky pregnancies.

I'm a bit tired though of all the rendez-vous and tests to be done.
Hmm, well, I guess I would get a rendez-vous everyday if it was required for the mini-one ;-) **~~*^* *

Benoit and Benoit

Some Benoit sound and look much sweeter and nicer than others! hehe
But I guess the first one wouldn't have taken with much pleasure the job of the second one! (and vice-versa probably ;-)

Anyway, that won't change my life at all, but the pope has definatly much influence over the world soooo... I'm disappointed that this new religious leader sticks to the rigid image we get of it.
I'm not inspired at all by this choice.

And I (who believe in miracles) still hope one day there will be a leader that will have the face of generosity like this one:

soeur Emmanuelle

I don't get it

...honestly I would have never thought that so many people here are ready to vote against the European Constitution!
I think it's something like the English in dem who is talking here because I don't see any other reason (s)

Do people fear something with that fookin constitution? I wonder. Fears, something well used by extreme parties (sigh).
Even if many points are not present in that constitution, it is simply in the process of building Europe, that's the way I see it.

And when I see which political leaders are promoting the "no" to the constitution, I find it most worrying!

Anyway. It seems for once people will vote, that gonna be a change. At least something positive ;-)

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Monday, April 18, 2005

My name is Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre Moulin

The other day, they put a paper on our door telling: we proudly inform you that an episode of le Commissaire Moulin will be filmed in a couple of days in your street. We kindly ask you to park your cars in another part of the arrondissement".

I gotta say "kindly" means here you won't have choice anyway, cops will take your car off if you don't move it.

The 15th arrondissement is a real nightmare at the moment when it comes to parking cars...
It took us 1.30 to park yesterday. Oh thank you, Moulin!

Okies, I would have parked my car outside Paris if it had been for the eyes of ol' Nicholson or Clint, or young Viggo (with his beard only!).

But for Jean-Pierre Moulin, they're kidding or what!

12th week, 12 candies to celebrate

Starting today my 12th week being preggie (yeahhhh!)

What do they say?
-the mini-one takes much weight from a week to another. His/her weight should be now 45 grammes and he/she should be 10 cm long from head to feet.
-if the mini-one is a *he* then he should now be equiped :P
-the mini-one can fold the arms and turn the hands. His/her face can now move and he can frown! lol :)

And I say... That all the symptoms that I've had since the first weeks are still here, 3 months later!... Except maybe my trawler, because appetite is back!
I'm having my everyday dose of vitamines but I don't feel they change anything, I feel fookin tired. I hope thiswill change soon!
As for my belly, it's still the same, it's just my trousers that have seriously shrunk lately!!! (s)

Lilypie Baby Ticker

Been cooking the whole day...!

... to prepare a lil something that should give much inspiration to someone who soon gonna cross the ocean to check the eiffel tower is still around :P


Saturday, April 16, 2005

A toast for high tech!

We've just learnt we can get a high speed internet connexion in our old-far-country-ish corner of Bretagne!
What a surprise, once there I thought I'd have to get back to the stone-age-modem... Connecting meself only once a day, writing all my emails on .txt before sending them as fast as possible, shouting all the time after the low speed, being cut from the modern world, you know? :P

But that won't happen! Nenene!

That's a fookin guud piece of news! (no, I'm not a www.addict! ;-)

Now I've told to Martin once "I won't move there before we have a dsl connexion!" (being sure it would give me a few comfortable years ;-)
... Will he remember that?
(packing the luggage already)

Friday, April 15, 2005


I'm sorry to have shared my stress in here, I usually never do it!
Got my toxo's results, they're fine. They found I must have had a toxo just before getting preggie, that's why they were not sure the first time.
I have to do other tests about toxo in a month or so, but just a usual checking.

I feel like making a trip on Pluto right now. Merde alors, I'm happy :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I knew my blood results for toxoplasmosis were strange!
When I saw my gyno this morning, she could not believe the lab had put "result uncertain" as a conclusion.

Wether it's "positive" or "negative"!
My gyno sent me directly in emergency to make new tests in the toxo and trisomy 21 specialized laboratory.

And there I was, with Lola on my back, running to make this new test.


I hope to get the results before the end of the week.
It bothers me that this comes so late in my pregnancy (I was ready to anything for the 2 first months, now I've seen my baby and all... It's not the same)

So that you "don't die stoopid" as we say (lol), toxo can be transmitted by cats and raw meat. Both are part of my routine, huh.

Sooo, what happens then if I get it? I don't know much yet... except this brings a huge risk for brain and heart damage for the baby.

But, don't worry, as long as I do not have the results, I really can't tell much.
It is probably a useless stress, everything will be fine :-))) ... we'll see, I just have to be patient... again!!!


Time for a nap, I'm dead after crossing Paris this way in such a lil time!

PS: I'm not supersticious's the 13th today and... I've walked under 2 ladders in less than 5 minutes (I never ever do that usually)! Grmmppphhh :P

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


It's not because everybody has got a kind of Pop'overdose that I'm not going to talk about it!
I was just thinking that I would find it kewl if the *holy spirit* could inspired the gang so that they chose a black pope.

Too politically correct? Shhhh... It would just be fair and would correspond to the kind of religion I believe in. Not a religion for some whitish elite. A black woman would be purrrfect, but then miracles do not happen everyday!

Of course, make that black pope open-minded, close to people's problems and you'll make my day.

Ermm actually....
... make him green, pink or rainbowish, nevermind, he simply has to be open-minded and understanding and generous.
Amen ;-)

Girls...make them talk about religion and they focus on colours!


(jumping onto the sofa, relieved)
We've just got the first ultrasound test for the baby! Yeahhhhh! And all went well, the measures, everything went ok. The (over) caustious doc insisted that it was fine so far. Grmmphhhh! Diplomacy and doctors...

Anyway, we saw the lil angelo's fingers, feet, nose, legs, etc! All was there! (re-phewwwww!)
His/her size is absobloodilutely normal : 6 cm ... and I still wonder how the doc could measure anything because it was moving fast and a loooot!

It feels really good to have *seen* it, this way I can now really *feel* it **~~*^* *^^~~~^

After the biz, time for the bises

(sowwwy, je sais c'est nul!)

After busy days of hard work (yup, I just don't spend ALL my time sleeping ;-), I expect some deserved results!

I expect 20 copies of my new book. The publishing house has to hurry, I can't wait...

I've almost finished re-working and re-checking my tale script. The illustrations are done. Now I have to mix all that together to send it to publishing houses! I'll show you extracts of it very soon :)

All that means soon I'll have time to make new paintings, I miss it!

And, hm, Martin, who's also my webish guru, and I have almost finished my new painting website. I give it 2 weeks and it's online! yeeepeeee!!!

Oh, and the cherry on the cake, I expect some painting order in the next days:)

Typing so much about work makes me.... yawwwwwwnnn.... Time for a nap now!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Running after time ...and naps!

Gawd, if you only knew how I spent my weekend (yawning)... I've slept half of it!
And tonight I'm rushing to finish a pdf catalogue for a possible customer. Almost midnight and I'm... dead! lol

I feel a bit baaaaad for Martin who already has much more to do than usual... But well, my body's working fookin hard at the moment to make room for my lil guest ;-)
Talking of room, that's worrying, I inflate like a lil whale! It did not happen this way the first time! Oh nenene!

My belly was flat till the 4th month! And right now I'm only starting the 3rd one!
Soon I'll stop anyone around with a camera to come near me! (they'll be scared anyway :P)

Lilypie Baby Ticker

(supa ticker found thanks to miss Etolane)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Music for the eyes, but not only

While looking for some lost cds yesterday, I realized I had many movies' soundtracks. I'm a big fan of the music that comes with beauDiful images. Music is the essential touch that will give strength, poetry and emotion to images.

At the moment (but it changes really often), my top 10 soundtracks would be..

1.The Virgin Suicides
2.Barry Lyndon
3.The Crow, city of Angels (never saw the movie though, lol)
5.LOTR 1 & 2
6.Once more with feeling
7.Clockwork Orange
8.The Piano
9.Kill Bill 1

And then you have... Once upon the time in the west, The good the bad the ugly, Nightmare before Xmas, Star Wars' imperial march (the only thing I like from the series :P), M.A.S.H's main theme, Car Wash, Shaft, Hair, Tommy (dunno if the Who made the album before the movie though, sorry :P), etc etc..

Just naming all of them makes me wanna jump into some purple sofa and start with a *musical nap* ;-)

I give my personnal award to Ennio Morricone and Danny Elfman because they have created real inspiring worlds for my imagination! :)

Camcorder de mon coeur

Haaaa you know what? Patience is something of high value! See, we've spent months selling books (I never keep a book I do not LUUUVE) and DVDs (thank you *Babylon 5*, we made about 200 euros with ewww!) and PS games!

We waited till we got enough money (we make good biz on Priceminister, -and this is not advertisement! lol-)to get a camcorder... this one:

(jumping around)
We ordered it in Germany and hope to get it soooooon!
Of course it's more like an expensive toy than anything else!

You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl

Haaaa, you'll enjoy it when I bring back live Bretagne just for your beauDiful eyes :P

Spring, strawberries and hormones

No doubt 2005 is ermm a fertile year... Spring comes back with a heavy bag of good news!
After learning about Etolane's pregnancy, now I've just learnt about Alix' one!
I think some angels gonna have supa mamas, huh**~~*^* * And probably supa exhausted papas because now they have to stand our moods and please our desires more than ever...for 9 long months (and for the next 50 years, while they're at it ;-)

You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment
Dave Barry

There are three reasons for breast-feeding: the milk is always at the right temperature; it comes in attractive containers; and the cat can't get it
Irena Chalmers

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament
Rose F. Kennedy, the mama of John! Yeahh! Wattawoman!

If men were equally at risk from this condition - if they knew their bellies might swell as if they were suffering from end-stage cirrhosis, that they would have to go nearly a year without a stiff drink, a cigarette, or even an aspirin, that they would be subject to fainting spells and unable to fight their way onto commuter trains - then I am sure that pregnancy would be classified as a sexually transmitted disease and abortions would be no more controversial than emergency appendectomies
Barbara Ehrenreich

Monday, April 04, 2005

Red Roof

Among our hobbits' house dreams, we have this one...finding a way to buy the part below with the red roof, which is stuck to our house (on the left).
This red roof part was used as a shed, but it's kinda abandonned now. And who would buy it? it's between 2 houses and too small itself to be used as a house...

The owner won't sell it (sigh), so we can almost forget about it... A pity, our 6 rooms house would have turned into a 8 rooms one! (happy posh smile)
Of course it's a ruin, but that's what we like too... old stones!

Time for another lil miracle ;-)

The trawler

Every evening, my trawler's back. Making waves, always.
(what a poor poet I make, lol)

It's just that every evening, I feel this way, sick. Sick as if I'd be on a trawler, rolling on the waves, a fookin wind bringing back in my face the smell of fish and gas.
And nothing helps.
Just have to wait for the final trawler to leave for the other side of the planet! Grmmmpphhh

3rd month

I'm crossing my bits tight, starting the third month (only) of my pregnancy.
I'm still cautious with it, knowing anything may happen and that it's still a *risky* time.

I've got all my blood's test results (200 euros for them, can you believe it!)... and I have some doubts about the "cat disease" (toxoplasmose) results. Hmmm, I try to be very careful with Joe around, but he keeps coming in the bed to try to sleep near me. Anyway, I got that illness when I was 16 so it should be ok, despite weird results...

Next week this time I'll be having the first scan. Then only I'll feel relieved, or not (lol)!

The first weeks are so long... just like the last months! ;-)

Maybe that's why I start having many "baby-centered" dreams!
Yesterday I dreamt I was expecting 2 babies. Not twins! From one I was pregnant since a month, from the other since 3 months. And the doctors insisted that only one will survive at the end! Oh nice!

The day before, I was in a taxi for a rendez-vous at a clinic, we kept turning around the clinic without managing to stop! And my gyno was tapping foot in front of the door looking at us passing around and around! LOL

And it seems I'm not the only one to have this kind of dreams...;-)... I'm so happy to have learnt about Etolane's pregnancy! As we told each other we are kind of pregnancy sisters now! ;-) I luuuve it!
(happy sigh)***~~*^***^* *~~~*^* *
(doing the mama's slow dance throwing petals around! hehe**~~*^* *)


Greedy, yes, because I think I'd need extra holidays! :P

Last week was really fine, I could rest a lil bit but I felt really good enough to be very active! I finished working on my 4th Herman's book and now I'm finishing my *own tale*'s book. It should take 2 weeks and I can send my new script to publishing houses... finally!

During this week in Bretagne, all my pregnancy's symptoms disappeared, as if I had no time to feel tired or sick. But when I came back in Paris yesterday, I slept 4 hours, just like that and now I feel sick again. Argggg....

Anyway, Martin has worked really hard in the house with his dad... still working on the stones walls to make them look beauDiful again. That takes so much time! But the result is brilliant!
I think I will start again helping him with it, in comfortable position and with minimum efforts, next month. It's too frustrating doing nothing for the hobbits' house!

And Lola...oh Lola had some goooooood week! With everyone around taking care of her, she was like a lil princess! ...While Joe had put his Indiana Jones' hat on to explore the very far 3 meters around the house (what a city cat! lol) :P