Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Very... comics!

Lola's teacher has visited my painting website the other day... and the female character of Operation rescue Major Tom reminded her a lot of a science-fiction comics she loves Valérian and Laureline. I've never been muuuch into comics actually, until a few weeks ago...

I had never read this one, so Lola's teacher gave me 2 of these comics :-)

On my way to Bretonie, I took them, and my first Metal hurlant issue, and my first meta-barons comics Othon le Trisaïeul...

I read them all in the car (I had to wait 34 years before being able to read in a car without feeling sick!)
And what a pleasure I got!
Oh my Gawd, it was intense!

Valerian was very funny, with all the science fiction words (Valérian, agent spatio-temporel! lol) invented in the 1970s to talk about the future, so good!

Metal Hurlant... will definitely get all the issues I can. That is crazy... science-fi,fantasy, erotic, but in a crazy way. Sometimes I jumped on the seat screaming "oh noo, they can't go that far"! And they usually went "further"... hehe waww! so creative, no censorship, so good!!

And the cast of the meta-barons... olala.. ages I've know all the visuals.. But I was never so much into comics. I've started reading it really... Small literary orgasm if I may say. Loved it!!! Can't wait to get the next one now !...

Books are nice, but comics... lots of images and small texts! hehe ... it's fookin good sometimes!

Are you into comics, hm?
What's the last one you've read?

(I hate Tintin by the way! :P)

Madame Alfred

... is the funny name of a beautiful kind of rose that we get in our garden.

The same way I hate cooking, I don't like very much working in the garden. But I love a good meal, and I love a beautiful garden! hehe...
Thank you Martin for being so complementary to me! Martin LOVES working in the garden (and cooking too!) :)
He planted Madame Alfred, a old type of roses, last year... And this rose on the picture above is the very first Madame Alfred we get! The perfume is wonderful! (happy sigh)

Martin also planted tulips, though he and I are not tulips fan at all! But... he found these...

...with petals like fire tongues! SO beautiful!

The last good surprise of the weekend was the *Lily of the valley* (what a wonderful English name for the boring French "Muguet") in full bloom! I like it a lot
Took a big bouquet of them back in Paris, so that the kids could bring some to their *maitresses* :)

Love, etc

Before leaving back for Paris, Lola asked my parents to explain Charlie why she had to leave... She felt she lack the courage to tell him herself!


She's so cute and so crazy for Charlie :)

My babes came back to Paris with lovely "apricot skin" and blonder hair (Loup is still half blond half red, very strange colour! lovely!). They enjoyed a definitely SUNNY Bretonie for 2 weeks.

In May, we'll get all these supa long weekends... we'll be back only once in Bretonie, next week... and then, we wanted to take 4 days for Hamburg, too expensive, shit. We thought, why not taking the kids to London then, lol, more expensive of course. We'll stay in Paris then... and ok, it could be worse :D

Gotta start playing lottery again!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

With and without...

...my babes... (boooo!)

Last week, I was in Britanny with Lola, Loup and other relatives. Almost no rain in Bretonie, can you believe it! It was even.... warm!
hehe... woaaaa!
It was a great week, Loup (3 years-old, huh), surrounded with girls most of the time, was a very funny lil tarzan showing whenever he could how strong he was! hehe
Oh, and the clown in him keeps improving... he now tries to make "jokes" all the time! Well, jokes à la Loup, huh...

Loup: "mama I've lighted a fire all by myself"
me ---> fainting : "no!!!! where???"
Loup: ".... mama, it's a JOKE"!

click here

Lola, haaa...(smiling)... Lola had an intense week of horse riding and she successfully passed her first horse riding exam, the "gallop 1" ! I've worked on it with her the whole week (because you have a theory part in it), and I was stressed! She was not at all. lol
So she got it and I was very proud!
The next day she lost a tooth (tooth fairy making a wonderful job by the way! :P).. and on the same day she managed to ride for the first time a bike without the lil wheels. Oh my big girl! :)

click here

(I love that cuddle above between Martin & Lola!)

Eva, their cousin, helped me a lot with Lola and Loup, that was kewl. She celebrated with us her 11th birthday! My beautiful niece, already brilliant horse rider, has such a pleasant personality, strong one too. I love spending holidays with her :)

And now I've been in Paris for a few days... missing my babes!!!
But enjoying the free time I can get... I thought I'd get longer days, but no, I'm still running everywhere!... At least, we have wonderful relaxing evenings! Been invited at Jenny's the other day (fantastic time there), went to restaurant two other times, and tonight we join Mr Esox for another unique evening! hehe... life's not too too hard this week ;-)

We'll leave on Friday evening for Bretonie, to finally join my lil ones and spend hours cuddling them! (happy sigh)
Then we'll come back quickly on Sunday because we're expecting a mooooooost exciting visit from Gijs and Irmeli, coming from Finland! The beer is ready, the wine too, and so I am!

Well, life's speed and wonderful this way! :)

The garden of eye candy ...

...is THE next book I'm gonna find very, very quickly!

I stopped in front of it the other day... such a title, such a cover, I was instantly curious, and very quickly inspired!
The artbook presents the work of different artists, painters, illustrators... cartoon style, fairy tales, eroticism sometimes, gothic touches often... etc
A LOT to feed the imagination!

It was a bit expensive for me though... 45 euros... will find it somehow at a better price on the internet!
But anyway, I love discovering, when I'm not looking for anything, such little treasures!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Bretonie & Dragonnerie

I'm running!!!

Will be off (well, looking at my eeepc..... not sooo off lol), but we go to Bretonie tonight for a week :)
Can't wait for (sun) spending lazy times outside, (sun), lazy times in front of the fireplace, (sun), working on the hobbit house, oh and (have I mentioned it already?) SUN!

And I have just finished my dragon painting! I have never worked so much on the colours, it took hours and hours, and hours.
From the very first idea to the final touch, there has been incredible work... I must be slow, really! lol

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Monday, April 06, 2009

A quickie for a full week !

nurse: that's what I've been for the 10 past days with Loup getting sick, then Lola. Thank god my in-laws were here to help! They're doing better today, and the sun is shining hard on Paris (20°C!!!)

relief: did I mention on here that I had lost my wedding-ring on Valentine's day? ... Well, no I haven't found it yet... but my in-laws both told me they had lost theirs too! lol Oh?! so I was not the only one on Earth! It felt good :)

surprise: I can't believe how much time I spend on my painting! It's never been like that! And as far as I know, time does not make quality at all! ... I really *need* it to be done now!

ego: ...boosted (kinda) after a young one (I'd say 18 years old) came to me (who really look like a wreck) in the fitness club to tell me nice words in a trembling voice (so cute!)

pride: I still hate push-ups (les pompes, quoi), but I'm getting pretty good at them! And honestly, I would have never ever thought this would be possible one day!

politics: still waiting for the G20 to turn into some G158 ... (sigh)

time: missing it for everything, an order of 15 candle-holders (15! I mean 15!!! that's a LOT to do!)... that I can't simply manage to start! (will do it in Bretonie next week I think)

south America: the other day, my gyno told me -in details- how kewl Brazil was (she was just back from holidays). Never really though of South America for travels, I'm always attracted to the North! Which country would you visit there? Argentina would be tempting enough I think!

tragedy: my coffee machine has just broken! I'm a coffee addict, it's a bad bad day for me!

plans: so, next week I'm off in Bretonie with the kids... and the week after I'm back, without the kids, in Paris for a full week! Sounds like perfect holidays to me :)

The guest

Arthur spent the weekend with us.
Lovely (quiet) lil one who's one of Loup's school buddies.
He came here with his luggage, pyjamas, toothbrush, etc etc.

He went back at school this morning after a wonderful weekend. With Loup, he took care of a sick Lola (because when Loup went back to school on Thursday, it was Lola's turn to be sick! Doctor again, etc! pffff -she's better today-).

Arthur accompanied us for a family lunch, he met my grand-ma, made faces when she started talking about politics, loved her ice-creams.

Arthur never took part in Lola & Loup's fights, but loved it when Loup and he decided to dress like cowboys!

The best time for him (at least that's what he told me with a wink) was the DVD time.
The lil devils had chosen for him... Paddington adventures!

Nice quiet weekend with our lil guest :)

Heart beating fast

Haaaa..... Metallica's concert...

No way I can't blog about it!
When I think of it, I feel like a kid, I want to go back in time I want to feel the same vibes, the same excitement again.

Alix joined us early in the afternoon. As soon as she was here, I was 14 years old again! (Alix+Metallica have this effect on me :D)
Try to think when it happened to you again... hm, no, it does not happen often, right?

Fantastic feeling.

We spent like 4 hours outside waiting, had drinks, read gossips' magazines, made girlie statistics (how many cute guys around? How many long haired-ones?), we've looked for the best tshirt, the worst ones, etc... We sang (Cyanide, living dead inside, lalalalaaa! ok, I stop :D)
... We just had to find ways to kill the time! ;-)

Then well, from our group (of about 10 people), Alix and I were the first ones to enter the sacred place! Oh yeah! hehe

We ran like crazy to get the best seats.
Got stopped by security.
(lol ouais on est des supers rebelles, nous ;-)

Finally got the most perfect seats.

Once the others joined, Alix and I rushed out to buy sacred stuff. T-shirts!
We got them, then rushed to the toilets to put them on, oh yeah!
....Made about a hundred pics of each other in the toilets! lol
(shaking head ;-)

Then we went to get drinks for everyone and found a few minutes later that everybody had gone with the same idea!
had a fine collection of pints at our feet I tell you!

Adrenaline was rising, thousands of people here to share the exact same pleasure.

The show was awsome, I type all these words and I feel all the excitement vibes here again :)

the kind of moment in life when time simply stops :)

Metallica rules! hehe
(ok I stop!)