Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Guess who comes for dinner tonight?

Our lucky day week! Today... tadaaaaa....Lola and I are about to cook for someone very *special* who's had the brilliantissima idea to spend some time with us!
Yeeepeeeeeeeee!!!!**~~*^* * *^^* *

And tomorrow, chef hat on the head again... this time for el Rey de Paris... aka Esox! (the only Parisian who hasn't got a blog yet...-shaking head-!)

Shebam! ! Pow ! Blop ! Wiiiiiiizzzz !

My *bubbles' maker* has introduced him/herself....
Yup, I feel the *mini-one* moving inside my belly! Finally!!
Sometimes just like bubbles popping, other times as if he/she was pushing with a foot or a arm.

At first, it feels alien-ish. You *feel* the vibes but you can also *see* a kind of wave on your belly!
And then the alien-ish feeling disappears. You wait for any new vibe as a another exchange with your baby. It feels wonderful. 2 in one. The *mini-one* already living his/her own life within me, taking energy from me, giving me energy back with his/her vibes.
Motherhood. Sweatness. Love.

(no idea about who did this lovely drawing!)

edit: Angel knows where the mice come from... They're house mice! Thank eww, Angel!

European attitude versus French-centered attitude

I'm still in that frustrated mood when it comes to politics. And even more when I start hearing here and there "I don't know really why I voted *no*, I'm not sure anymore it was the right thing to do". Arggg.

A few years ago, French people put the extremist le Pen very close to a presidential position. Now they vote against the European constitution, without caring at all about Europe, but only about their French priviledges.
When I see how they can vote, I worry a lil bit about what may happen next.

But but... we're still 46% who supported Europe, it's not just nothing. It won't help, but it gives lil hope.

And I gotta thanks Parisians and Bretons for making me smile despite this political chaos.

Yeahh, everybody uses to spit on Parisians (why so much hatred? ;-), but at least Parisians massively voted for the European constitution (yes at 66,45%!!! no at 33,55%)!
And same for Bretagne with a yes at 50,90% and a no at 49,10%.

Given that I spent my life between Bretagne and Paris, I feel quite in harmony with these inspired places! :-)))
(dancing around**~~*^* *)

Quais de Paris, by Paul Almasy

Brocéliande forest, Bretagne

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shame on us, Frawnch

(by a Candy not happy happy tonight, just to warn you ;-)

I'm disgusted, but above all really disppointed. People can be happy around for refusing Europe, for being selfish, thinking only about themselves and their own lil interests.

Sorry kids, your grand parents and grand-grand-parents fought for a beauDiful dream with Europe. Your parents (our generation) have been stoopid enough to spit on it today.

All of them chosing NO today will raise their glass with the gang of extremists. You all voted the same, and sorry but, probably for the same reasons. Against the government? Against Turky? Whatever.
Wonderful victory guys. Now it's in your hands. Have fun!


Haaaa, thank Gawd I feel German at heart too... And specially more tonight! Phewwww, and to that I can raise my glass of Champomi!!!:P

(off to ermmm *let it go* with some hack 'n slash game. I'll sleep beDer after that! ;-)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nice to MEAT eww

(keep your kids away from the screen, this is a SALACIOUS post... with salacious images! ;-)

I've just learnt it's the National Vegetarian week right now (from Monday 23 to Sunday 29 May), and it happens in UK I think, who else could do that, hm?! :P

Lemme think, when was the last time I had meat? Oh 5 hours ago, for lunch! lol. It was raw meat (carpaccio), fresh, a bit bloody, just what's forbidden for preggie women, but.. just what I madly wanted!!!

Anyway, after watching this, I think tonight I might fall for a salad with peas in it. The peas yeah, should be a must!!! (faint)

The head cook

Another day, another witch!
I've just finished the head cook. There should be a series of that kind to follow.

the head cook

Early breakfast in a sunny Paris

To avoid the heat we've enjoyed since a few days, you've to be a real early bird. And this morning, we made it, yeahhh!
The photos below speak for themselves, the shrimpette was on a high cloud!

click here

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A new (wet) step toward independence

First step was walking, second step was talking (I'd rather say "screaming YES" or more usually "NOOOO"!), and now Lola's starting with a third step that will give her more independence (as much as for me actually ;-)... living without nappies!

The battle between Lola and nappies is not over though, I hope it won't take too much time!
I tried to force the situation a bit some weeks ago, just letting Lola go without nappies at all and telling her now she has to go to the toilets.
Oh what a mistake, it did not work at all!
Lola is not someone to who you can impose anything (sigh). So she got her nappies back.

And then, on last friday she decided she wanted to wear pants only. As a parent you'd better be prepared to that I tell you!

That means:
-I've to ask her about every 10 minutes if she wants to go to the toilets
-I've to be ready whenever she calls me, 2 seconds later and it's over... I'd rather say it's "all over" and then you've fun with your washing set
-when I take a bath, for instance, I must be ready to jump out of it with soap all over to run to the loos with a screaming Lola..otherwise... the washing set is required again
-I must be prepared for any kind of lil accidents: yesterday she did everything in her bath (I did not come in time), the other day she peed on her puzzles while playing... she just had not the time to realize it, etc etc
-I must be prepared for any *pee request* when we are out, in the streets, in the parc... and I tell you, THAT is not easy!
-I must nebber forget to bring with me 3 pants and trousers when we go out
-I must be diplomatic... not shout too much after her if she decides to pee on the carpet... but enough to make her understand it was not appropriate!

Huuuu... see what I mean?
"Pee hunter", a full time job!!!

Living on fresh air

(the French expression "vivre d'amour et d'eau fraîche" is so much beDer... for once ;-))
"Living on fresh air", that's about what we plan to do.

What does that mean? That means we've taken the decision to live with one salary for a while.
Maybe my painting biz will work someday, but it's far from being a salary at the moment.

The logic process would be for me to look for a new job, though my *job* is definatly my painting biz.
Ok I'm preggie so I can't get a new job in the next months.
And after, we'll see. I'll take care of our baby for a year minimum. Why wasting most of a salary to have you baby kept by someone else? naa, that does not work for me.

We simply want to give to our family life the most important part of the cake :-)
We're not rich at all.. But we'll make sacrifices in less important fields and that's it. Maybe it gonna be too hard, maybe we won't make it, but we want to try.

As for me, being at home is fine since I already work a lot from here, it's just that... it would be good that I make money ;-)

Anyway, that's our new philosophy of life, focussing on what matters. Life's short! **~~*^* * ***~~*^*

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Sending healing vibes to the father of dancing orchids ;-)

Zillions of *guuuudies*

The 11 candles were not the only excellent surprise. I got fookin spoiled!
Martin and Lola found the Buggy shoes that I luvvvve (you know, Penny, the *comfortable* shoes? hehe ..comfortable, yeahh but in a so *mimi* way :P) + an unofficial DVD of the first concert of Metallica I saw in Paris (yeahhh!)... + other SF dvds!
Oh and I got very kewl books, including the last "Dragon Lance" books (my fav' Fantasy series), 2 huge beauDiful books about fairies and goblins, the last Star Wars' (a wink from Gweno who knew we'd find hardly any time to go to the movies), etc.
Also a unique buDerfly ring and a candle holder...

...oh, and sweet words from a definatly *Speschul* one (happy sigh) and the most unexpected call from another very unique one**~~*^* *

Told you... been spoiled!!! :-))

click here

11 candles

I luuuuve it that they forgot on purpose 20 candles! hehe
I had a real fantabizooobidy time last weekend, Martin and Lola making of my time the most relaxing one and the rest of the family having organized a very kewl party for the ol' girl :)
I even enjoyed my champomi (errr yess, I know!) while the rest of them started with my fav' cocktail (le planteur)... which means the party was a success! :P

Lola felt specially motivated when it came to the candles and the presents ;-)

Monday, May 23, 2005

A wish under the Moon

Another full moon tonight, yeeepeeee!
I mean a full moon is supposed to get some influence over female bits, you know, yess? Sooo, I'd find it very very appropriate that the *mini-one* gives his/her first lil kicks tonight! (knock knock knocking on heaven's door, laaalalalaalala)


another witch painting in process :P

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just a perfect day

Drink Sangria in the park
And then later, when it gets dark,
We go home

(from Transformer)

The song just tells everything. It gonna be this way and it gonna be a purrrfect day!
If I'd see a shooting star tonight then I'd ask for Life to be as sweet as it is for the next 60 years**~~*^* **

And if I put in a bag all my different feelings (I do not include Love here, Love can't be *just* a feeling ;-), my fears, my hope, my positive attitude, my doubts, my zennitude, my happiness... then well... the last one I mentioned is definatly the heaviest in that bag. Which I think is a very good sign!!! :P


On my way to blow out all the thirty one candles that gonna burn just for me today!

Faeries' flowers

Flowers being rather expensive, I usually resist them... But when I saw these beauDiful lisanthus, I asked Lola if she wanted to offer flowers to her mama ;-) ... she nodded, whispering a "yesssss!", and that was enough to convince me!(s)
What a pleasure to buy flowers for meself!

my beloved Lisanthus (click here)

Friday, May 20, 2005

A jump at the white place

Ma grand ma' was sent to the hospital yesterday (thank gawd, Gweno called the doc just in time!). Pain starting to grow in her right arm, difficulties to talk, that was serious enough to make us stress for a day. But a day only :)) She is still in hospital, and maybe till next week. They want to make sure she gonna be fine.
She will! **~~*^* *

And I spent two hour in *my* hospital this morning. I got the results for the trisomy 21 test, I got something like 1 risk / 1500 which is really fine (you have to make further tests when it's 1/50).
Then I had my 4th month's visit. All is fineroo.
I was extreeeeeemly surprised to see I haven't put on weight in 4 months...! Not a gramme, nothing in 4 months. A real mystery to me who feels I'm getting larger-thicker-fatter-horreur-bigger-hamburger-...ermm...-heavier ;-)

The *mini-one* should be now almost 20cm long from head to toe. 20cm!!! Can you guys imagine yourself with a 20 cm human being in your belly?!!! I can't! lol :-)))

The gyno tried to make me hear the *mini-one*'s heart, but the lil devil was kicking so hard that we only heard these kicks (which sounded as if you gave a kick in a pan you know? lol! That was fun!).
With such an activity, the gyno said she bets I'll feel the baby moving before the end of the week!!!!
(falling from chair)
I can't wait!!!!
I already feel lil, tiny vibes since a couple of days, but I can't say I really feel the baby moving yet.

a unique scan of my belly sensations at the moment :P

The wall(s)

To me, there are a 2 topics that are simply *walls' makers*... Politics and Religion. Can you really keep zen when you start with these topics? I can't.
I struggle to be calm and accept other views... but there's always a point when the other (actually me first) want to convince the other she/he isn't right.
And then it's the end. We become passionate, the conversation turns into a battle, we elaborate quick strategies, and we want to win, to have the last world. Finally one leaves slamming the door. The other thinks he has won! Yeaaaah!
But the victory has a bitter taste after a few minutes.
It always happens this way.

And guess what, I've just put another brick in the wall today!

Time for some music around here.
What's your favourite song of the album by the way?
I'd vote for hmm Mother, Good bye blue sky and Comfortably numb... they're fookin not bad**~~*^* *

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Men at work (you remember the band? :P)

A friend of mine just gave me this magazine's page (from 'Cadre Emploi' she thinks) where you can see Martin working hard :)
I knew he worked in an open space, but I've never been there so far; so that was nice to have a look at it and to discover part of Priceminister's gang!

Talking of that, I'm waiting for new cds from them... a Cranberries's best of, Garbage's bleed like me (which sounds supa guuud), the last Apocalyptica (hmm, not sure about it, they've really changed their style) and a Chantal Goya's best of for the shrimpette (sigh... she loves it, what can I say!)

click here


Since a few days I've been working -hard- on a boring part for my next website, the *information* and *FAQ* part.
For Martin, it's worse though, he's organising the shop and he's stuck in the *shipping* chapter at the moment: how much does it cost to send a print or an original painting, referencing all the countries with different shipping zone, etc. etc. (Thank you Martin for helping me this way too!!!!)

Anyway, it's clear that I want to make (more) money with that new website. That's why there gonna be a shop online included in it.
But I was thinking I would love to add somewhere the possibility for other artists to exchange a piece of their work with one of mine.
I would love it!

And if I had enough time, i would start with a project of a "art exchange" site... I really luuuuve the idea of artists exchanging their art! Ohhh I wish I had the time!!! (sigh)

But that concept will be in my site, sure thing! :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Speschul thoughts for a very Speschul *someone*

Just found Lidwina, the cuttest teddy, at the door!
She gonna be in charge today to send zillions of sparkles to a very Speschul *someone* :)
I cross my bits so that her 2 days in hospital will be more than ok **~~*^* *

click here to discover Lidwina's world

Witch in peace

Here's another witch I've painted a few days ago. I wanted it to be zen, though to me she is more concentrating on the next trick she gonna do than anything else.
A very unsual fact, this painting is already sold (to a relative who saw it here at home, and who was looking for some painting to keep an eye over a bedroom that has been redecorated. A kind of orange room). Sold even before I could show it in my gallery, oh that's kewl!!!

It's funny because there's often a kind of gap between the paintings I really love and those that sell. But for once, there is real synchronicity, I really like this one ;-)

Witch in peace (click here)


For those who do not live in France, it's been 3 months now the media talk and talk only about the next referendum.
End of May, we can vote for a new text which is much more than a simple text, the new terms of the European constitution.
It determines more or less how Europe will work and the referendum asks if we accept the rules of it, or not.

The whole story of it is so Frawnch, everybody fighting for a yes or a no. People having opposite views within same families as in same political parties.
It's very funny at the end.

As a German, Martin is very suprised about how it goes here... He thinks French are definatly strange in a kind of "unique" way. He can't help thinking we French just can't accept something without saying "no" before or making always new revendications. It's simply not in our nature. hehe

Anyway, I've finished reading (most of) the constitution, long and boring. I haven't read all of it, oh nenene, I'm not masochist!!!
I've given up with the last big part, about the banking system, the financial system, etc. Which does not interest me at all.

But the beginning is really ok.
Actually, with so many people being ready to vote "no" to it, I expected to find in it terrible lines about our social rights, etc, etc.
Which was not the case at all.
But it's my view, ok, some might read it differently.

I actually made that reading my way, adding some + or - near about every important points. The final result (amount of + or -) would make my vote.
I was ready to change my mind if there were more - at the end!

I wonder what makes people vote against it really, there are no big change with the kind of Europe we have right now.. Besides, Europe's powers are limited. The States have most powers in 80% of the fields (thank gawd).
But again, maybe I'm stoopid and I haven't read it properly!

Anyway, I won't vote against Europe, which is the point really. Wether you are for it, wether you aren't. The terms of the Constitution respects our rights, freedom, social protection, environment and the power of the countries (of course I would have liked more about these points than about the money stuff).

And I'm not going to vote for or against the government, which is not the point at all.

Now really when I think of myself defending my views for weeks about this topic, while I had no idea about what was in this fookin constitution, I feel stoopid.
And I feel that's scary many people will vote yes or no without caring for the real stuff. Making it personnal and political.

PS: did you know that in Germany, when the constitution was voted, there has been demonstrations from German people against it, and these people carried Frawnch flags as a symbol of disagreement!!!! LOL
Our reputation...(shaking head)... I tell you! hehe

Friday, May 13, 2005

Close your shutters and hide under your bed..

..because today is a 13th, and it's a Friday... and worst it's spring!
Oh nooooo!!!!
Yeah, a 13th friday is baaaad when it's in spring, and in spring only. Don't ask me how I know that, I just know it (shrugging :P).

So, just be careful, k? And trust ol' Candy, don't try to go camping near a lake on the weekend.

Hm, oh and I was to forget... bad idea to hide under your bed. *He* usually knows that place!

A room without books is like a body without a soul

(thank you for these words môsieur Cicero)

When is your favourite moment of the day to read a book? Some can read once in bed, but then I'm way too tired to read and it's not the moment I like to focus on books ;-)
It is really hard to find the time to read when you have a shrimpette around and when you work at home. The best I can do is 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. So frustrating!

At the moment I'm kinda stuck in the middle of the 4th Potter (HP and the goblet of fire)... I find it a bit long. And there's the 5th behind... huuu... It's just that I'm curious about the 6th, dat's why #4 and #5 are one my priority list.
It's not easy after excellent historical stuff to jump into this kind of fantasy. But I start to get used to it again. And it's pleasant to find again the same characters, same walls and habits. It feels as if you are back home. lol :)

But I can't wait to finish the Potters to start with the pile of real Fantasy and SF books! So many of them are lying here, desperatly needing my eyes and my time!

Buggy me!

While France is having fun about the next referendum (sigh), spring is here, the birds are singing and I feel I'd RILLY need new shoes!!!

Okies, I'd luuuve getting those beige boots I've seen the other day... I'd wear them with some indian type of skirt and would run around trying to fly with my feathers.
But, I'm preggie and won't run this way really soon.... soooo, my mind is making a kind of contract with my feet and they've decided to stand against me...
...yuss, if there are any new shoes to join, they'll have to be comfortable enough for me to walk after the devilish Lola.

Funny because when I think about *comfortable* shoes, I think about the horrible pairs of mephisto of my grand mama... eeeeck!!!

Anyway, I think I'll keep my summer fantasy focused on teens' shoes, the Buggy shoes (not the ones on the photo though). The only problem is that all the models I've seen are wether in PINK or in WHITE... hm hm. My feet can't wear these colours. No way. What a dilemma!!!!
(off to cuddle my old pairs of birkenstock, 2 pairs, both in red :P ...Yeahh the -singing- lady in red, dat was me!! ;-)

Nimwendil's blog

It's not everyday that you can find a blog made by a *speschul* one who luuuves metal, fantasy art, rpg, fantasy and sf books... a *speschul* one who has a lot to say in his bloggie, and someone who even gets a fantasy gallery of his own!!!

Ohhh and Nimwendil knows people I more than appreciate, which reveals some great taste :P... Mel', Fennelin and Lithium (the 3 blogs on which I first saw Nimwendil's handle)! No doubt we'll hear again about you!

Nimwendil's Dame Blanche

(my favourite!)

Psssshit... it's a blog in Frawnch, but no need to translate when it comes to images :P

edit: some links had been forgotten and that wasn't my attention at all, but the names were already here! Tchusss! ;-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bits of our Bretagne

I was to use our cam corder there, but... of course as soon as I started with it, there were no more batteries!
(Smashing through the boundaries
Lunacy has found me
Cannot stop the battery
Pounding out aggression
Turns into obsession
Cannot kill the battery
Sorry, I'v had that song in the head for 6 days now!)

Why is it always like that with batteries, hm?

I had no time to take many photos... so here are the only precious ones :)

Lola playing footie (click here)

Joe the grey (click here)

Sex and the country (click here)

our vine (click here)

Feeling like a marmot in full winter

After 4 days away during which I felt on top of the world, taking care of Lola, running after Joe, even working on the house, I came back to Paris completly broken.
I did not expect I could sleep that much yesterday. Huuu, I hate feeling that way!
Today's much better (I hope!), I can even blog again ;-)

I dunno if that helped (I think it did) but I've started my day enjoying body butter (how salacious does that sound? lol). The weather is wonderful outside, as it's been now for a few days, but it's so cold! Fook! 4°C! Not warm enough for my monoï to be used (using monoï oil simply means it's summertime, you know?). Anyway, taking care of meself seems really important to feel some energy back. And my beloved mango body butter is miraculous here. Who would have believed that!

The 12.000 labors of Hercules Martin & Candles

If you wonder what it means to renovate an old house, here's a list that might give you an idea...
It's not a complete list, just the works we have to do in the very next months. The basic works, you see ;-)

Upper garden
-digging to make a garage + building a wood shed on top with typical roof
-building a small wood portail
-installing the whole water exhaust system. Lots of digging again
-putting a fence around the garden so that the kids do not fall
-planting a few trees for more intimacy (very important to me!)

Terrasse (in front of the living room and kitchen)
-digging to install a cleaning tank (for used waters) that will be linked under the house, then up to the garden to the water exhaust system
-digging to intall pumps to help carrying the used waters to the upper garden tanks (does that sound complicate? I hope it does, because it is! lol)
-leveling the ground
-building a small wall with old stones as a fence
-putting paving stones on it, letting some space for a pond

Outside stairs
-making it safer with a new handrail
-cleaning the lil place under the stairs (that have been invided by snails, mountains of snails' shit in it, yuucky!)

Storeroom (ground floor)
-renovating the walls
-building a wall to separate the kitchen from the storeroom
-installing the hot water tank
-installing the heating system (based on wood)
-digging for the exhaust waters' pipes
-remaking the floor

kitchen (ground floor)
-renovating the walls
-digging for the exhaust waters' pipes
-installing a heating system in the floor
-making the floor (old tiles)
-new door to make to go to the terrasse

living room (ground floor)
-installing a heating system in the floor
-making a new floor (old tiles)
-making the stairs to the first floor
-building the fireplace with old stones
-new door to install to go to the terrasse
-new entrance door
-renovating the walls

Okies, I won't mention TODAY (your lucky day :P) the works for the first floor (work room, bathroom, guest room) and the second floor (our bedroom and the kids' one)... hehe, it would be way too long, and boring for you! I keep that for later :P

And when I think I do not mention yet the electricity system and all the rest that make of a house a "normal" house.

What will cost really much here is the water exhaust system, the heating system, the new doors, the stairs and the floors. Even if we make everything by ourselves...!

Like, you wouldn't imagine the price, but we bought last weekend 1 ton of sand (=lil mountain of sand on 2m²) to prepare the joints for the walls... that isn't much sand at all, and it's sand only. The price of it was about 130 euros! Just for some sand!
Materials are much more expensive than I expected.

So, hm, wish me luck, muscles and lottery, that would make my day ;-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

4 days, tons of work for some, naps for others (s)

Et voilà, we're about to jump into the horrible traffic jam to get out of Paris (tomorrow's a holiday, everybody plans a long weekend, no? ;-)... to join the lands where Esox and Lithium are right now, enjoying well deserved holidays.
Bretagne, here we go!

Martin has already planned to work on the house during the 4 days. I think I'll try to help, not because I feel guilty sleeping all the time ;-), neeee, but it's frustrating to do nothing!
And if I can't.. well I'll just relax smelling flowers and huggling trees like weird druides :P
And Lola? Lola is over excited to join the family, but above all... she can't wait to see Julia the sheep and her baby :)

Have a fantabizoooby end of week!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Behind the beauDy, maybe the beast?

I've often wondered if you could appreciate some art and not the artist behind.
I would first answer "no" (and that's what I believed 10 years ago), you can't dissociate the artist from his work.

But at the same time, if you take the question in the other way, it's not because you appreciate a lot someone that you will enjoy his/her art. It would be stoopid to associate both this way.

Then there is that question... If an artist goes against your values or ideas, will you still enjoy his/her art?
And supporting his/her art is finally supporting the artist himself/herself, no?

I have a few examples in mind (I won't mentioned the extreme ones though)

... I remember gossips around John Irving, that I enjoy a looot, and who's said to have some baaaaad attitude towards women (gosspis, ya know...)

And a few years ago, I discovered Air, that I luuuve... But I really couldn't stand their attitude in interviews and I've never enjoyed their videos for some reasons (as if what they showed never corresponded to what their songs inspired me).

Oh and yesterday while watching this Metallica's dvd, my supa favorite James appears holding proudly photos of the bear he's killed during his lil holidays in Russia!!!
Suddenly his sex-appeal has vanished a lil bit , huh. Yet, when he starts to sing...

Oh shit, I dunno. I believe the art will remain while we'll forget about the men behind.
That still bothers me when my favorite ones are not as purrrfect as I want them to be. Better not knowing the private bits, if I may say ;-)

Next movie, please?

Between 2 RPG (on the PS2) that take weeks and burn a few neurones, we hurry to watch all the movies we've missed in the past months and years (I just can't remember what a cinema looks like anymore ;-)

Here are the last ones we've watched, the favorite in first position (damn, how logical I am! :P)

1.Kill Bill part 2 is definatly the very best one among this list. All what I luuuve in cinema can be found in it. Kill Bill 1&2 comes very close to *the good, the bad and the ugly* which makes my heart beat ohh very fast :)

2.Okies, only Metallica's fans will enjoy it I guess. It was very interesting to see how the band almost exploded from inside. I've discovered a Kirk I would not have imagined (happy sigh**~~~*^* *)

3.The topic is very original, the actors great. It's been years I wanted to watch it and I haven't been disappointed. Not a cult movie, but good one.

4.Already talked of it. I spent an excellent moment hiding under my cover and jumping on Martin!

5.Not as bad at all as I had heard. Details in it make the beauDy of that movie.

6.Tom Cruise as a baddie is kewl, he should do it more often. Not my type of movie though but better than I expected it to be!

In 6 words: I haven't wasted my time!
Only good movies and a couple of excellent ones.

What would you recomment next (in dvd only though)? I need inspiration!

Just in case...

...Penny jumps from the skies around here, you can land about where the lil red cross is.. we'll be there to welcome you :P

Monday, May 02, 2005

Reaching the clouds, getting high!

On Saturday we had the visit of Christine (on the right below), Martin's cousin, and one of her friends from Hamburg.
Too bad you can't see me between the 2 of them, you'd see how French (short) I am and how German (tall!) they are :P

click here

We had a great time, having lunch in the quartier Latin and experiencing a unique view from the balloon that has been installed in a parc near our flat.
It was the opportunity to do it, as much as walking through Paris as fascinating tourists. Just because we never do it anymore, it felt wonderful.

Anyway, this balloon was something! Lola wasn't scared at all and we enjoyed a view we won't forget!
It reached about 150m, like the second floor of the eiffel tower, but the sensations and the view were simply much much beDer.

click here

click here

click here

I was really suprised by the extended view. In my mind, Paris was a bit smaller, I did not remember it this way.

Now I would love to experience real trips in balloons, I would love that! Following the winds, exploring a kind of new dimension...
There are a lot of balloons (montgolfier in English?) in Bretagne, but the trips are fookin expensive. Sigh.

I put it nonetheless on my list of what-I-absobloodilutely-have-to-do-before-my-90s ;-)

Into my 4th month, curves getting definatly rounder :)

My belly is 15th week, now :-)
After some kind of tiring Friday (Martin came back late from work, at about 9.00 pm... I just fell asleep as soon as he could take care of Lola).. I had a fine weekend, a very ACTIVE type of weekend! No nap, nothing lazy really!
I could play the tourist, go to play footie with Lola and Martin, I could paint and put many old books for sale, etc etc.. and I still feel ok!

The *mini-one* should be now 16cm for a weight of 135 grammes :-)
He/she can now to hear my heart, stomach, and voice... probably martin and lola's voices too since they keep coming to talk to my belly! :)
He also have some hair now and very small hairs on the body that will keep his temperature high enough (these lil hairs will "go away" before the birth)...
Gawd, I can't believe it's being so active and well organized inside my body! **~~^^* ^*

In the books they say "use the high energy you get now to prepare the bedroom for your baby, later you won't be as mobile".. lol, I find that scary enough. Anyway, the bedroom will consist in a foldable baby bed installed about where there will be space! I wasn't to prepare anything like that before the 8th month anyway!

Marie aka Totoï

Okies, I'm going to switch into Frawnch just for a minute to welcome an ol' friend of mine :)

Bon, ma p'tite Marie, j'espère que tu as réussi à trouver mon blog, je pense que tu n'avais que l'adresse de mon site jusque là... et les deux sont vraiment différents!
Je te laisse découvrir tout ça, reviens ici quand tu veux et laisse des commentaires quand ça t'inspire :P
Ton coup de fil m'a fait super plaisir hiers. Vivement qu'on trinque ensemble next week!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

*May* I kiss you?

Did you know (and say "noooooo", puleaaase ;-) that the origin of the month name May probably comes from Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence? Yeahh you always come to learn something with the holy web ;-)

May has just started in the sweetest way for me with Martin cooking wonderfully, and with a shrimpette coming back home with a kiss and flowers... Somehow, life can be rilly BeauDiful**~~*^* *