Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holy Thursday

I've sung my lullabies.
As usual, as soon as I'm out of the bedroom, I hear the devils plotting together... their *thing* at the moment is sleeping together.. hehe... Loup joins Lola in the upper bed.
It seems they feel reassured this way, and I don't mind really since they manage to sleep pretty well.
That's cute, really :)

Holy Thursday.
I've sung my lullabies, and tomorrow it's Martin's turn. Less fun to start the weekend this way (we spend a lot of time singing lullabies!)

We had big strikes in Paris today. Lola's school was closed. Loup's was not. So I could spend a happy girlie morning with the shrimpette.
I took her to the hairdresser... we both had our hair cut, but you just can't see it... not cut enough for once I think! lol
But it was nice, Lola loved it!

We spent the afternoon getting active at home (so cold outside today! Was a shock!)
... and had fun with scrapcooking... super à la mode ce truc! lol
We made chocolate lollipops, got an overdose of them, but the devils enjoyed :P

Holy Thursday, almost over.
Tomorrow I get more time for meself. Sports, work. Sounds like perfect!

Holy Friday... at the corner of the day!

Under construction ... & under inspiration!

I'm into the vampire theme at the moment, with my paintings.
My libido hasn't specially raised (lol).. (you know what they say with vampire and eroticism, huh)
It's just that I like the theme which is visually a very strong one!

I'm still into sketches... the hard part will be the choice of colours actually. Gotta think twice before starting!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My first customer

... nice one, but psssssshhhit .... he does not pay well!

Who's next?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Octopus Garden

Maybe we get crap weather outside, but the devils got ready to fight back heavy dark clouds and icy showers


So my back is still burning from the other day (well really, getting one's back tattooed turns to be so uncomfortable in the next days, I won't do it again soon!)

What did I do? I got new ink on my three old tattoos.


Alex, the tattoo guy, was tempted to redesign them, making like much bigger dragons. Which now I think would have been a GREAT idea!
That would be for another time.

We had time to talk a lot about his work, that was very interesting! I learnt how hard the work is, physically (the eyes, the back, the joins in the arms), psychologically too (you kinda absorb the stress of the people when you "work" on them).. I also learnt there was no school to become a tattooer, you *simply* learn by yourself, usually receive many wrong advice from other professionals who want to
protect their own *space*, etc.

Nevertheless, that would be a work I would kinda love to do I think. Am I too old to learn that? I don't know.

In 2 weeks, I have another rendez-vous for a new tattoo! (as it was less expensive than I thought, I can afford another one!)
Alexandre suggested (after he saw my gallery online) that I make my own design for it... but I can do it for everyone but me I think. I want something different than what I can create.

This time (I will show you the design when I find it online) it will be a flying little bird, with colours, on the front of the shoulder. It's a big step for me, getting a tattoo that is much more visible!

I've tried the bird design with a transfer, and it looked really beautiful, like a jewel on the skin.

(my mom gonna scream again! lol)

Some kind of girlie shock

So yesterday I went for shopping, just to find one or two skirts that fit better.

Well size do not mean much, a bit yes... but (talking girlie, sowwy guys), I wear stuff French size 38 or 40, and it's perfect for me...

But yesterday I came back with 2 skirts....

... in size 36! Ok they are pretty hard to put on when it comes to the hips, but once it's on, it's just perfect.

Size 36, lol, when you were used to muuuuuuuch more, it's like... you just can't believe you manage to put one leg in that! lol

It's a shock, some kind of good one.

The thing is... I don't lose weight anymore, since weeks, and not even try to!
I'm not thin at all!
1m58 for what... 56, 57kg, it's not as if I was going to die, AT ALL!

I think sport only is making this little difference, reshaping ol' candy here and there.

That's pretty kewl. Efforts pay!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

News from Candles' planet

It took me 2 hours to write 2 little bloggies!
I've got rusty, lazy or whatever, but woooo I had to kick my bum hard to do it. (but it felt good enough once it was done, just like sport :P)

Loup is finally recovering, it was about time. Martin does not feel on top of the world yet, Lola is doing well now, and I still haven't caught anything :D

We've just bought a digit cam, we started to miss the old (crashed) one. That's kewl.

Next week will be pretty busy with work on my side, some boring rendez-vous (dentists, etc), another for my tattoos (not so exciting because it won't be for a new tatoo, just to re-fresh the old ones)... which also means no sport for a couple of days (and I don't know how the addicted one that I am will survive to that :D)

Wanna some music now?
Not sure you want my music though! :P

When it comes to men...

I get naturally inspired!

And to follow Mahie's "top twelve, only for girls", I made my not even "top ten", but combination of the kind of men that makes me turn the head!

click here

1.James Hetfield (Metallica)
Because a voice, a presence and music that you love are enough to create sex appeal. On stage he is, hahem, really not bad.

2.Sean Bean as Boromir in the LOTR, his presence, his eyes and just about everything, the dramatic bits of his character, his weaknesses that appear behind a strong one.

3.Ewan McGregor
even though I hate when he poses on pictures, I like him a lot. Could have a beer with him in a good Scottish pub

4. Daniel Craig
as James bond, but also on this pic. I think I like the cold, rough look, the steel eyes that hide everything.

5. Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs
But it could have been about any character, here the look and style and words and atmosphere make everything. Testosterones powa!

6.David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
He was/is so more sexy than Roger Waters, huhu... I love his old photos, he looked inspired, sweet... and so very connected to a music that I love.

7. Clint Eastwood in spaghetti westerns
Again he gets about all what I enjoy here. The features, the style, the rough touches

I think I like physics that are cold enough, rough. Demanding efforts to discover the inner bits ;-)
The expressive latino, though very charming, is certainly not my type at all. (but I already think of dozens of exceptions! lol)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It could be worse.... slightly worse

Loup gets an otitis (both ears), with pretty much fever since a couple of days,
Martin has caught a bloody angina,
And I took Lola from school earlier because she started to show signs of fookin gastro.


But so far I haven't caught anything, which is practical when you're the official nurse around!

I will update my bloggie in the next days. I have lots to blog about and do miss blogging!
But ok, I have some priorities that will keep me awake part of the night I fear.
Booo ooooooo!

Monday, January 12, 2009


in Frawnch, sowwy!

Lola: "Loup, comment s'appelle le bb de la grenouille?"

Loup: "ben c'est le pétard!"

Vraiment, it's a quickie!

Days are short, weekends are shorter!

In a few words, I've had a wunnerful time today, at my sister's ! She celebrated her 33th birthday and our wedding anniversary.
With our closest relatives and friends. It was, oh, so warm and full of Love!

(here, my grand-mother, sister, niece, nephew, Lola & I, looking at our wedding photo album)

We've been spoiled too!
Got a *hot* night in a most charming hotel (of our choice) whenever we want! Yeeehaaaaaa
Which also makes me think of Martin's gift, hehe... he offered me a "Flashdance fitness body"... (I'm starting a new fashion trend! Oops, Madonna did it already? baaa, now it's me, all different!) :P
That made me laugh so much, it was great!

And the party at Gwenola's, just great, brilliant! Had such a good Sunday.

We're so different my sister and I, fought so much when we were younger... get on so well now (happy sigh)

the sisters

with Eva, my adorable and devilish niece

Friday, January 09, 2009


Back to the 9th of January 1999, it was snowing and I was getting married.

10 years of unconditionnal Love
I feel so lucky!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I hope I impress at least someone...

...telling you that tonight (between 8.00 and 9.00) I will follow my first course of... bodypump!

so, impressed? no?

Well, it's nothing more than intense fitness. Martin told me I would enjoy it but it requires a LOT of energy (même pas peur!)


But in the evening... THAT is the tough part!

edit: it was less fun than expected, not intense enough, I guess I did not have the right teacher! grrmpphh

Missing my digit cam'

We've just finished filling the papers for the insurance... dunno how long it will take to get some money back!

I specially miss my digit cam, I used it all the time!

Like right now I wanted to show the trooooooly fantastic tshirts I found in Hamburg.
Ben non, pas possible!

Around MarktStrasse there, there are lots of supa hype lil shops. A mixture between glamour (found shops with corsets and beauDifull betty boop dresses), punk and metal (on these glamorous dresses, there were skulls, bleeding heart -yeah I know, but that rocks for me :P).
The old style tattoos are now used as designed on tshirts and objects. Very nice!

Also lots of perfect skirts for men, very well cut.
And metal clothes for kids, very funny ones (KISS tshirts for 12 months old ones, etc)

Unfortunately, not many are online, except Hotter than Hell and Holy Moly (their site is still under construction, but they were so nice, I had to mention them!), I haven't found much !
But at least you'll get an idea ;-)

Planned a topless day (yeah it's still -8°C outside!)

So I've taken my decision, along with the tattoo guy.
(a new tatoo was my supa diet's award, and I've reached the point where I really deserve this award! :P)

I won't get my back inked the way I thought, we both agreed what I wanted on the paper was not precisely the best... it wouldn't look that good.

Besides I've recently fallen in love with old style tattoos, the one with greenish and reddish colours, flowers, hearts, anchors. Later I'll get a small one *in front* of the shoulder I think.

So I will first get my 3 old tattoos re-designed a bit, inked again, making them all fresh! And that is really kewl!
Should take hours though, damn...

Then when I sell a couple of paintings, I'll think of the other tattoo :P
(will show you what I want as soon as I find a good photo)

PS: look at this one, no I don't want it, hehe, but found it pretty impressive! The real Spiderman! :P

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hamburg postcards

And here are the last pics from the holidays.
I've worked pretty well me thinks :P

Now I can just sit down, relax and finally surf on your bloggies! yeeehaaaaaaa!

So first, the Christmas market, where we enjoyed more hot wine than I had in the past 10 years! lol

click here

And here, more cosy Xmas bits

click here

Now with the kids (can you see how Loup was happy?! hehe)

click here

We had much cold weather, but also a couple of gorgeous days... absolutely beautiful, and perfect to visit lil friends!

click here

And final pics, from our training session around the Alster! We ran every other day. I was reluctant, but when I realized I could follow Martin (and his huge legs) for more than one hour, I was very proud!
We ran along the Elbe, in the forest, on large streets where the billionaires get some kind of really kewl houses, etc.

On this day, the temp reached -10°C, but when you run it's ok, of course. When you stop, then you die. lol
The ducks and even people were walking on the ice, something I never see in Paris!

click here

Ladybug, shark and cuddle

3 other pics that I really like.

Lola met a ladybug in the flat, she offered her lil friend hospitality :P

Loup thought there were sharks in the Elbe! hehe... we told him not in the Elbe, just in the mirror :)

And then, the devils fight a lot, but they do love each other and protect each other so much. That's so nice for a mama to see that happening :)

Les petits chefs

Besides going to Spielplatz and Spielstadt, there was one other activity the devils LOVED doing during the holidays.

They could cook all day!

In the morning already they spent 15 minutes pressing oranges, then they wanted to cook their meal, then biscuits, etc etc.
Loup, specially, LOVES cooking. He suddenly turns patient, careful, interested, he really wants to "work" properly!

Even if I just broke a tooth (oh nooooo! fook!) while biting one of their (delicious) German Xmas biscuits, I must say they're very good at it! (proudish mama smile)

(what a Pirate look from Loup just above! lol! love it!)

Oh and to finish with the cooking topic, here's a shot (thank Gawd Martin's camera was safe in the car) of one of our dinners, chinese fondue here... so good that you could easily sell your body and soul for it!

But the memory remains

It feels strange to get car keys without any car!

Found my keys yesterday. I'll keep them, not in memory of our little car, but to remember how life's precious (and roads dangerous)!

When the Police was there, they made sure that none of our stuff (gone in the accident) was on the highway (dangerous for the other cars).

When they came back, the only thing they had found was this piece of computer, and the only thing I thought about then was that computers do not only die from virus! lol, stoopid.

I think though the sights of our coats (the only thing *we* did find while on the way to call for help)was more impressive. Thick coats, leather jackets, just cut into small pieces! Brrrr....

Anyway, that already belongs to the past. Life's a bit more complicate without a car, but then, we're in the middle of Paris, who needs a car here!

The only thing that bothers me right now concerns Lola who did not seem to be affected at all by the accident till we came back to Paris.

Since 2 days she's got terrible nightmares, shaking, crying a lot. She repeats while sleeping that she's scared. (sigh)
I'm sure it's linked to the accident, I just can feel it.

Anyway, soon she'll forget too! :)