Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's Tuesday and I'm 10 years old (again!)

(J'ai dix ans
Je sais que c'est pas vrai mais j'ai dix ans
Laissez-moi rever

Yup, today, I feel the boiling excitation you can feel when you're a kid.
We leave tonight for Hamburg, for 10 days!!!

This trip happens about once a year and we're gonna make the best of it, I tell you!

That means real holidays, nothing to do (no cooking, no washing, no bill to pay, etc., no boring adult thingie to do!), my step-mother and step-father will have fun with the kids, and there will be much time for Martin and I, time to visit all our friends there, to have fun and beers and fun and beers, and curry wursts! Ermm, and beers! hic! hehe
(what a lady I am!)

If anyone want to join us huh, you're welcome there for a party time anyday! :P

We'll be back in about 10 days, so till then, don't behave and remember that Life's definatly too short to drink cheap wine **~~*^* *

Monday, October 23, 2006

For Michelle, Angel and all the other fans of Mc Dreamy ;-)

(well I know I know he's just about nothing in comparison with Michael Scofield!)
(well, I also know we do not care for Mc Dreamy at the end)

(Jeez, my case is desperate I fear!)

Hope you enjoy this Grey's Anatomy's bit of parody :P

1 candle for the lil wolf

We've just celebrated Loup's first birthday yesterday.
No present from us (he has already everything!), a very small cake, but a very happy big boy :-)

click here

Waving at ...

...the Compuserve ol' gang, just in case you're around :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let the devil in you express him/herself (Halloween on its way)

Here's the very last Halloween poll, and I did it all by meself (proud smile)

I've noticed that the most popular costumes for kids around here were snow-white for girls and spiderman for kids! Really many of them. So what is it for adults, hm? Just let your innerself answer here ;-)

It's Halloween, what's your costume? (for women)
Spicy nurse (who's getting a sore throat again?)
Indian Maiden (anything to get the calumet)
Evil Bride (it sounds gothic and gothic rocks! ;-))
Angel of night (no way you jump into your coffin before the sun rises!)
Marquise de Sade (and they believe all the good ideas come from your man, tssss)
Midnight priestress (may the full moon bless you, now let's have fun)
Merry murderess (I always wash my hands before lunchtime!)
see the results

It's Halloween, what's your costume? (for men)
Bored Zombie (it's Hallo..what? Oh that...)
Caveman (you're tired of the tie)
Killer Clown, (not sure they'll enjoy your next joke!)
Hellvis (you're gonna burn the rotten stage ya sexy beast)
Naughty monk (you're ready to hear about any A-N-Y confession)
Jack the ripper (You've studied medicine for 12 years, time to show it)
Mewing werewolf (that's not fair, you love only peas and peanuts butter!)
see the results

These costumes were found here, and really I could buy hundred of dem!

Bubye headaches

I've almost recovered from my microbes' attack!
Fever in the night only and no more headaches (happy sigh)

Gawd bless antibiotics :)
A couple of days and I'll feel like on top of the world again.

Not like one year ago, when I was as big as a fat cow, walking like an old duck, and about to give birth really soon to the most devilish of the angels! **~~*^* *~~*^* *

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If the Rocky Mountains were a hat...

...I'd be wearing it!
I feel about this way, with a supa heavy head!

But it went ok at the doc this morning. The kids got their injections and I thank Gawd this time I did not mention them to Lola before going there. It was much easier this way.

My babes are doing really fine. Lola's now 108cm and Loup is 80cm (for 12 kg).
Loup had his "decalotage" thingie done (as I mentioned before, some doc here help to take the skin which covers the extremity of the penis backwards, for health and comfort' reasons). Which I totally approve.
The doc did it in several times. This was the last time.
I expected it, yet I found it painful again for my baby!

But Loup has survived it. Just took 2 photos of him to prove it ;-)

For whom the bell tolls

well, I REALLY prefer Metallica's song to that gloomy bell I hear about everyday from the Church across the street, celebrating funerals. So many funerals! Is there an epidemy or something?

This bell is one of the sound I really hate the most.

Otherwise I'm in good mood, huh :P

Lunch at school: a culinary trip around the world!

(please, investigate, your participation is highly required :P)

Ok, I feel like the topic really interest me, lol!

Laurienna has just presented the lunch menu his son gets at school. Don't blame me but I got a lil bit hungry while reading it! hehe

I've started describing a menu during a week in a public (as in "not private", free one) French school, and it's here

Now, besides USA and France, I'm sure kids here and overthere have fascinating (or not) menus at school! I wanna know them!!! :P

Wish me luck..

... cause with my bloody 38.8° fever (it does not go down! Pffffffff), I must take the babes to the doc today for their 1 year old and 4 years old's visits.

And they're about to get 3 big injections!

Last time this happened, Lola got hysterical, we had to be 3 to hold her...

I'll be back later
(I hope! lol)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Confessions on a hard floor

I confess I spent a third day with pretty much (beyond 38.8°) fever taking care of the kids, but I really feel ok! Kids give you strength, I tell you!

I confess I still hate driving, And that is a real problem for me

I confess I'm very frustrated for not speaking German. That must change.

I confess I never get up when our babes cry in the middle of the night, Martin does it (!)

I confess I got in love with pumpkin bread but feel too lazy to cook some (any one feel like doing it?)

I confess I still prefer having subtitles when I watch English/American movies (sigh)

I confess I can't wait to go to Hamburg next week!

I confess I really luve beer, I develop a German innerself I think

I confess my dad does never know how old my kids are (...)

I confess I would tell 6 people precisely if I win lottery next time. Two among the 6 read this bloggie! :P

Now, what do YOU confess today?!!! :)

Easily influenced

yup dat's me!
That makes me mad... but when I hear a politician (not extreme ones, huh), I often think that fook, he/she is not so wrong here!
One day I feel I could vote white, the other day black (but at the end the colours will be greenish, i swear it!)

I really admire people who manage to have strong faith in their beliefs, standing like rocks, knowing exactly what they expect from life, what they do not.
I admire people who always know what's the best way, what's wrong or right. I always stand in the *foggy between*!


Can my kid have a sweet before dinner?
Hell, no!!!
hmm, ok, but just one!

Sometimes I feel I'm never straight and determined in my convictions!

What kids eat in Paris (yumm!)

I find that always interesting to compare different habits depending on the country where you are. Specially when it comes to food ;-)

Here in France, kids go to school from about 8.30am to about 4.30pm (really long days! huh). They can stay at school for lunch if they want or they can go back at home to have lunch (which is a great break, at least for younger kids!)

the photo was found here

When I see the week's menu for lunch at school, I kinda feel ashame, I never cook so many different things for my kids in a week!
But I find that really great. And it's said now food at school even tastes ok.

To give you an idea, here's the menu they get for this week at school.

Sardines with tomato sauce (Sardine à la tomate)
Veal saute (Sauté de porc)
potatoes with onions and herbs (Pommes boulangères)
Cheese (Samos)

Salad (Salade verte)
Bolognese spaguetti with parmesan cheese (Spaghetti bolognaise et Parmesan)
Grapes (Raisin)
Neapolitan ice (Tranche Napolitaine)

Gratted carrots (Carottes râpées)
Cordon bleu
Garden peas (Petits pois)
Small cream cheese (Petits suisses)

Corn and emmental cheese salad (Salade de maïs emmenthal)
Turkey saute (Sauté de dinde)
Green beans (Haricots verts)
Saint Paulin cheese (Saint Paulin)
Apple doughnuts (Beignet aux pommes)

Endives with mimosa eggs (Endives et oeufs mimosa)
Pollack fillet (Filet de lieu)
Ratatouille with rice (Ratatouille et riz)
Fromage blanc
Dry fruits (Fruits secs)

Not that bad, huh?!!!
And this week is also the "week of Taste" in French school.
In Lola's school, each classroom has a main colour and kids must bring food of this colour. then they will all taste the food. Lucky them! The colour of Lola's classroom is brown (she'll brink meat balls cooked with cinnamon)

Lucky kids!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My taylor is not rich

Just spent the end of the week helping a relative with a 7 (full) PAGES of translation of technical stuff (the worst to translate, cause it's BORING!) about boats' recycling.

Boats' recycling!
Recycling insurance
How to make cement with boats' fragments.

I really admire people working as translators, very hard work and often far less exciting than we'd like!

I'm dead, have to be on top though with a first Halloween party today, I fear I need my salts

Peggy's treats

(lol that title almost sounds like ermm hot stuff! )

I've finished my last halloween painting, just in time before the hallowwen parties start! Yeepeeeee!
If you knew how hard it is to find time to sit down for a minnie, even harder to sit down with a brush in the hands!
But it's done, that makes my day!

click here

"Et maintenant, Blaise, flattez-moi"

Been a week I've wondered if the soundtrack from the French movie "La folie des grandeurs" was made by Enio Morricone, or not.
(lol yeah I know, some keep thinking about politics, money, philosophy, how to save the world and my mind just sticks to a song! pffff, a real shame!)

I thought not, but it sounds very like Morricone's stuff.
Check by yourself

But no, it was, and (grrmpphh!) I knew it, a soundtrack made by the talentuous Polnareff! Funny.

Oh did you know the so virtuous queen in it started a carreer in porn movies later? Hmmm, I guess the way she talked could have been a sign ;-)

Anyway, my problem is solved, I'll sleep peacefully tonight ;-)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


If you still wonder what "kawaii" means, it means "cute" in Japanese. I've learnt it from my friend, Hiro, have a look at her "kawaii post" by the way, the pictures there speak for themselves! lol

So, Lola got a very kawaii present yesterday...
(please Michelle, thank your sister again from us! That was too nice!)

I think kawaii stuff is quite popular in France (come on, show us your Snoopy underwears! You also wear dem, don't lie to ol' Candy!!!)
And I believe this cup is only the first item of a very kawaii collection. Lola's crazy for girlie stuff, and (cough) I'm not too opposed to them myself!

olala pas Kawaii du tout, ça!

To explain what "kawaii" is really, I thought of showing what kawaii is not!
You follow me, yess?

And my birthday dinner for Lola was NOT kawaii.
I was to tell you I helped Lola to make that...:

but no, I did that all by meself.

Lola asked for eggs for her bday meal (lol, that should have been quite simple, huh)
I follow the recipe (yes, hahem... there was a recipe..!), but somehow, no, I ... failed!!!!

pas kawaii!!!!


Et voilà, I've just added another jewel in my treasure chest!

I've discovered Laurienna's blog not long ago, and I'm simply addicted!
Do I recommend it to you?
Don't even ask! :P

Or rather... check it by yourself! it's just here!

Phewwww !

Your Inner Child Is Happy

You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.

You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.

And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.

You figure there's just so many great things to look forward to.

Sounds ok!
Positive enough!

Now I know my inner child can't wait to win lottery!
We're both gonna have so much fun!!!

PS: thank you for the quizzz, my quizz guru

Monday, October 09, 2006

4 candles

To celebrate Lola's birthday**~~*^* *

And I might add 4 candles for meself because back in 2002, on this very day, I got the most beaudiful Life's gift!

And 4 years later, Lola's our lil sun and despite some thunder-ish personnality sometimes (lol, she can express a thunder storm very well! I wonder from you she got that! Honest!), I can say she really really shines everyday!

click here

Thank you my shrimpette for making our life so rich since the day you decided to join us!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Today I got

shocked when I had to face this big (spreading arms from there to there) rat in the street!

upset when nothing I did could calm down my lil wolf

relieved that the doc agreed that we visit him tonight

thankful for some drugstores to open late around here

amused when Lola stated that 2 nasty otitis had make their nest in Loup's ears

tired for waking upo again before 6.00 am

drooling with the yummy smells of the rabbit cooking (mental note to meself: get rid of that rat image! You're gonna eat a big fat rabbit. Yumm! Mental note to meself: don't think of the over cute Thumper, and don't even think about looking at this!!!)
(too late!)

relieved when my babes finally fell alseep (they'll awake a zillions times as usual, but I can sit down at least!)

relaxed like right now, with a lil glass of wine not far and Pink Floyd echoing

(happy sigh**~~*^* *)

You nasty little things!

When you know there's a big dawg poo revival on the Paris' pavements (yup, for a time it had almost disappeared)... and when you know Autumn in Paris means orange, dark brown leaves about everywhere, on the same pavements...

...well, I'm not far from accusing Autumn of high treason!


Upset and sad

I still love her because I've always known her as the most generous and welcoming and warmest person.
Of course I love her because she is the sweetest one to me.
But behind all this, I feel the bitterness, the fear of being alone also (maybe?), the nostalgy of a perfect world where kids say their prayers in the evening... I feel all that is making of her someone ready to bite today. A tatie danielle you know.

That breaks my heart, but she's turning that way.
I wish I was wrong.
She's supposed to be a reference, a rock, a lighthouse to me. I still see her that way, but...

Is it really that awful to get old?
Why the most wunnnnerful smile suddenly hide sharp teeth?

Age does not make everything.
But I fear years might steal more than physical energy.


by Eugène Feyen

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When the lil wolf's away, the mama will play ;-)

But not only, huh! ;-)

When Loup decides to have a lil nap (that happening once or twice a day) that means I have to rush to work, to take care of the house too, to update my bloggie sometimes (ok, "often"! hehe).
That's how my day is devided: 90% taking care of my babes, 10% rushing to do everything else.

Blessed lil nap

Bloody pill

Do you know how it costs me for one box of pills (=3 months of pills)? 34 euros!

I think they should be free... Pills and condoms!
I want my taxes to pay for pills and condoms. Till one candidate includes that in his/her program, I'll still vote for Nicolas, and guess what... he might still participate to 2007 French elections!!!


In case you wonder how to dress for Halloween...

...this other top 10 of most ridiculous black metal pics might help you! :P

My very very favorite ones are #1, #2, #8 and #9!

You MUST read the comments of the pics there! They're the cherry on the cake!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Monday, gimme a hug

(âmes sensibles, ne pas s'abstenir ;-)

While I was having my first coffee today, I jumped into France's blog, a blog that I love.
What makes France's blog unique is the way she writes. She writes with her heart, me thinks. And that's why she touches us so well.

And I could not imagine a beder way to start my week. France talks here about the Free Hugs campaign. Heard of it maybe?
Wouldn't life be more beauDiful if people shared a lil bit more hugs here and there?

And sarcastic ones might comment a lot about that, but take it simply: good vibes and love will never make a war.

Here's the video France shows. The images tell everything. Have a wunnerful Monday!