Monday, February 06, 2012

RIP Candy Froggie

No I'm not dead : )
but this blog is.

Let's celebrate my 3002nd post, 'cause yeah, I'm always looking for an excuse to raise my glass! : )
Cheers, big ears!
(it all started with you Anne! **~~* ^* *:))

It was about time to kill that blog. Thank you all for your friendship and love, I mean it.

New life, new everything.

If you want to keep in touch with the Pirate's bones,
hey you can still contact me: candy @ candyfroggie dot com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bum Butterfly

I have sold not long ago a Fullmoon Butterfly painting, and I truly missed her.

I had to take her back home somehow (what a protective mama I am! lol) so I painted her, another kind of "her",

and she now stands peacefully on her branch, just next to me.


(Don't) remind me

I'm breaking a glass every other day, or a plate, whatever. Just like my kitties! lol
It's ok, just annoying.
Just doing something, anticipating about the next one, trying to not forget anything. I keep writting down lists on lil papers here and there... but then I can't remember when I put them... lol //oO\\
I want the luxury of thinking about nothing, or one thing only : )

Royksopp - Remind Me par Pard


Lola and Loup have developped a lot their sense of friendship lately.

They confide and tell everything, just everything to their verybestfriendforever.
Their lil friends are very concerned, supportive.
That is so good.
There's a lot they don't tell me that they share with their friends, already.
It's a good moment in their life to start building their own world. They need it.
Specially at the moment when they can't or don't want to share all their fears and questions and anger sometimes with me, or their dad.

They do need it and as often as I can, I invite their friends at home, even for bloody homework ; )

Winter kitties

When my babes are away, I am so grateful to get feline love and cuddles!
They're lazy, they keep acting like teenagers (making stupid things all along the day, trying, testing, breaking), but they're really part of the lil gang we're forming now : )

Indy Candy Jones and the Last crusade

Mahie, you asked me what kind of unusual job offer I found... here's one that was hidden among dozens of very boring ones. I was almost to answer it, but I don't think I'd enjoy being tickled very much by a stranger ;-)

(sorry it's in French, but to apply to that job offer, one quality is required: to be ticklish)

"vous serez rémunéré à l'issu de la séance de chatouilles
Vous aurez bien évidemment la possibilité d'être accompagnée.

Mission proposée:
Si vous avez plus de 18 ans, que vous êtes chatouilleuse et que tout le monde en profite sauf vous, vous pouvez forcément être intéressée par cette annonce.
En effet, pourquoi ne pas être payée pour "subir" ces chatouilles

Si vous êtes intéressée n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations

Conditions: lieu, salaire, horaires...:
La séance dure une heure au minimum et est rémunérée 100€/h.
Le lieu de travail sera à définir suite à nos entretiens par mail

Profil du candidat recherché par le recruteur:
Je ne recherche que des personnes majeures et des modèles féminins uniquement.. Aucune connotation sexuelle ni aucune nudité ne seront présente lors de cette séance

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More sugar for the soul

Been a supa tough day, been eating avocado etc, you see. You don't? nevermind. It got better, later :)

What do I need just now? Sugar and a long night of good sleep.

Yet it is not as bad as it sounds (or as it looks on the pic); I've started looking for unusual jobs, I feel rage to succeed.

Hungry Candles : )

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gay Paris

I have a dream, that one day on the red grey hills of Paris I'll be showing you what you've never seen ;-)

I've dreamt I was getting a most exciting job (lol and I mean it): showing Paris to innocent eyes... Being a tour guide! haha!

I wanna do that, really really. I love so much my city and enjoy so much the company of * visitors * that I think I am made for this job (and a few hundred other ones actually). I'll be talking all the time, showing off my knowledge, making bad jokes, teasing the curiosity of people around. Yes that fits!

and here's my master, master!

Fast train

If I felt like a master @mutltitasking before... then I knew nothing about it.

Life has turned to be weird, crazy. What should I focus on at this very minute? My blog? another job hunt? my bed?

I feel energy back to get over the three past months. Sometimes though I crash down, pretty badly. Feeling lost, alone, wanting to protect my babes more than anything. Sometimes wanting someone to take care of me too... yeah that sucks, I don't want to *need* anyone.

Well tonight, I'll focus on my blog, some things never change and I don't want that writing habit to change. At all : )

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Candle spell scene

Nik Walkingbear, the man with the wild name, shared this vid the other day. I did not know it, such a good one.
Men and mice have really no chance (to escape!)

In the end, the end of the tunnel

The mailbox

For years I had a nightmare... creatures, half men half bird, came to me to empty my body from my blood. I've been really scared by that image since years.
I hate birds :)

But today, it's my mail box I fear. Every morning I go downstairs, I get cramps in the stomach.
Which bad news?
Which word from the lawyer?

I only breathe when the afternoon comes. Unfortunately, emails are delivered night and day (sigh)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Surrounded with love

I spent a wonderful Christmas in Bretonie.
My babes and parents around,
A blessed moment.

With boots on : )

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Packing life and luggage

to find much desired and needed warmth and love in Bretonie : )

See ya from there : )

wooooshing out **~~*^* *

Candles letter to Santa Honey

Well actually I wish only three things (yeah I know that's a lot already) :

colours back on my cheecks,

 sparkles back in the eyes,

And a year without bad news in the mailbox

(look at that lion cat!)

Girlie letter to Santa Baby

That would be perfect!

New tats on the arms,

boots (but i'd have these in black)

and a big bottle of that paradise perfume!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Honey? so so adorable

I wanna fly high enough to sing this song on Xmas day
(merci for this song, Mr accross the pond )

Candy versus Candles

 Thank you C. for sharing that with me the other day!
I just love it (and this one below is my favorite :) !

and (as I'll be watching Puss in boots tomorrow) ... schpechul dedicace for Jerôme Sanspeuretsansrepproche :

Monday, December 19, 2011

Following the wandering stars

Hm, the song is pretty gloomy. I feel better than this sounds. Yet it's winter, and I am facing so many changes, so many first times.

I'm learning how dependent you get when you're living "as a couple". Suddenly you gotta learn or re-learn everything, everything. Even thinking for yourself, by yourself. So weird. Long and sometimes painful process. I follow the wandering stars that bring me light, here and there.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love Potion

I've finished that painting a few hours before the varnishing. Pheww! Just in time! I've never worked so much, night and day, than in the past weeks. Crazy. You would "know" if you saw my face.

About Love Potion... I need someone to buy it very quickly because it's too big to keep it in my tiny flat lol!

I've got some people interested in it, wanting to reserve it for when they get the money... huhu.
It's not THAT expensive (shrugging)!

Well ok, it is but I used my sweat and blood and life potion (huhu) to make it! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

I actually hate quiet places : )

... and I don't like silence at all : )
That's what Candy says huh ;-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Done : )

My varnishing is over.
It went wonderfully : ))

but i am exhausted to a point I feel sick inside, outside.

I need to be in a world with no stress, no bad news, just for a couple of days.

I need love and warmth. My babes are not far, i get love.

My kitties are stuck to me, i get warmth.

I feel lucky to get both.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Now's the time to be alive ?

that's what the pretty girl with a pretty voice advices, huh... not sure i'm ready for that at all, but working hard on it : )

(love the musicians too! :P)

Yellow belt for my lil warior

---- Envoyé avec mon beautiful BlackBerry® ----

** dancing around, grinning with pride **

Monday, December 05, 2011

13cm of happiness

oh nonono I'm not talking of what you think!
Got the visit of a Santa Claus not long ago, a santa who knew what would bring me lil happiness.

It worked : ))

 (and don't tell me my photo montage is supa kitsch :P)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Swim with the current.. and float away

PS: Such a lovely, inspiring song discovered by a friend, with a fucking good name which echoes a wonderful personality,  Nik WalkingBear : )

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hm, while I'm wondering about love and hate, life and death, cigarettes or cigarillos... will I finish this piece in time for next week?

It comes directly from what I am living, I gotta finish it quickly, to start another one. Suddenly everything's boiling in me... when I thought inspiration would fail me, chaos brings new perspectives.

Chaos... a friend of mine noticed i did not finished my sentences lately.. I start with something, jump to another topic, and another.

And truly, I realize that's me, at the moment. Chaos. Soon I hope a happy chaos again.


Right now, through the chaos, I'm focusing on work. Next week that wonderful, expected varnishing. Then, gotta start looking for (flexible) jobS, that allow me to keep taking care of my babes. For the varnishing, I feel overwhelmed, dunno where to find the strength, probably in the people around that support me so much.

Yeah, I'm wondering, will I find peace again, will I succeed, will I be the best mom for my babies.

Moving sands. I'm not used to them yet.

But maybe the worst was to walk on secure lands.
 Then you forget how to get your balance, maybe.

Southern blues for a northern soul (mine!)

Nirvana's cover of it is truly good,  but this one is a fine change. It's a song I'd love to sing (if I had the voice, that is lol)... I'd adapt the lyrics as they all did : )

Christmas spirit

I thought a design was missing among my dozens of Xmas candle holders !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

And now everything goes my way (I wish!)

(i think, i'm not sure yet, that I am a Metronomy's fan :P)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Love potion.. under construction?

on the canvas yes!
Otherwise, no way.

I hope to have it done for the varnishing. It will be both acrylics and collage.

The canvas is really big (1m15 high), I'm loving bigger stuff (huhu)

When I work, I forget everything.. November life, etc.
Work, sport and time with my babes are the very best medicine to that cold and grey atmosphere.

Anyway, if it goes the way I have it in mind, this will be the central piece of my varnishing. I have still so much to do to organise everything! Arg!

November's always in the shadow ..

... Of December and Christmas!
I'd hate to be November, honest!

I don't know how to deal with Christmas this year... I hope my babes will get the best of it. Well ok, they're already having a taste of it : )

The tooth fairy ..

...gets bad habits.. like loving chocolate or craving for a cigarette at the moment.
But I spread my lil wings and made a good job : ))

 The other day my baby boy woke up in the middle of the night. He came to me, said his moving tooth was really boring. I told him to just take it off (I was joking of course).
Well, he did it!

Arggg! I could "hear it"!

I get two "Conan the barbarian" at home, I think. hehe :P (and one Red Sonja, or two... three maybe!)

Pretty devil and lazy demon

this photo was such a hit on FB that I really had to share it on here ;-)

It's the kind of photo where the photographer is nothing, anybody can make such a photo.. BUT... the moment is unique and if you do not capture it... * shrugging *.. it's lost!

Flying Ribbons

I  wish life was a flying ribbon... light so light...

Jealousy is really not a guy thingie

But Lennon sang it so well

John Lennon - Jealous Guy par scootaway

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A song totally made for my candies' pin-up girl : )


That will be the last pin-up for the vernissage. It will be so nice once framed! : )

Vernissage (and lil helpers!)

I get 3 weeks to finish preparing my painting exhibition. About 3 other paintings to do... 1/3 of the painting are framed, being framed (acrylics, collages). I get more troubles with all the watercolours.
And I get lots and lots of candle holders to make, their colourful light will add what I need to the atmosphere.  God, days and nights are way too short.

I've just received the flyers (a LOT of them), and I gotta admit they're nice!

I'm focusing on it just now, it's helpful when you see the chaos in my life right now. I needed such a project, and not in 3 months.
 And yes, I believe it's just good practice for all what will happen in the coming year.

The devils want to help, talk of that day like a BIG day. That's so wonderful : )

Yesterday, we went to buy fabrics in Montmartre and a few other stuff (lights etc). They're very serious about everything when it comes to the vernissage. That motivates me, makes me a bit optimistic :)

So glam' !

Please, next time one of you see me, ask me for a business card! Please please please!
It's just that... I found that adorable biz cards holder yesterday. Not even for 5 euros!

I absobloodilutely needed one... but they're often expensive and boring.

This one was made for me!!!

Hey.. want one of my biz card, hm ?

What have I captured here?

This photo of Lola...

She's actually watching Paris from le Sacré-Coeur but... it was as if she tried to look at (the past, the future?), she's upset, insecure?

I don't know.

Yeah.. it's just a face expression, but I don't see often that expression on my shrimpette's face. I wanna cuddle and reassure her.

The past was great and the future will be.

Same mama, same devils ..

Lately, I often tell the devils one day they'll be super proud of their mom...
One day, I'll take them with me to show my paintings in New York and Tokyo (my two main targets! lol).

They always answer "but mom, we're already super proud! "


Talking of art, Lola is developing a taste for acrylics! She has already a very personal way to use colours and paint!

As for Loup, he a taste for collages ! ... it's very funny, he gotta think a lot before associating "papers". That's very interesting, I must show you his work. I'll add a pic later.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

I want... (she wants)... to dream deep tonight.



My favorite flavour? Pistachio, chocolate, mango, vanilla rum, lemon, raspberry, etc.

I'm totally crazy for ice-cream!... but not only.. ;-)


Painting lollipops, I don't care really (wait.. I mean I kinda love it!). I gotta go straight to the point, you see.

Life's too short to be subtle!
Well in my own way, I am though, trust me : )

Pushing doors, putting feet on new lands

On the 9th of December, I will make that vernissage. Yes yes I'll make it.
Been so many years since I've done one.

Michelle and Gwenola are pushing me hard to do it. My official guardian angels. I love them, and I love all my precious friends, from so different backgrounds, that offer me support and love at the moment. That's simply incredible. I feel so lucky.

So.. this vernissage it's for now or never maybe. Life has been so bad lately. I gotta find ways to recover. Painting will help, I am sure of that. I get it running through my veins.

Inspiration's here, inspiration's back... motivation will follow some day.

Just a Cigarette.
A painting I've done during summertime, I was reading in a crystal ball maybe, I don't know.

Part of me wanna get higher, off the ground

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sucking sun's energy

---- Envoyé avec mon beautiful BlackBerry® ----

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I do want release from absolution


Been hunting yesterday with the shrimpette... hunting for shoes naturally! She found a pair she loved, she was flying above the pavement once she started wearing them!

And I ... god, I wasn't looking for anything... but I found kind of betty boop shoes (can't find any pic of them! grrmmpph), super high heels (12cm?), rocking ones.

Well I did not buy them, but added them to my mental list.

Brown boots and Betty Boops shoes will come next.

When I am rich.

Let's make this happen

Loup and Moana

Loup has been enjoying judo more than usual lately...

And I finally found the adorable reason why he's been so motivated.

The reason is small, blonde, very energetic and totally cute.

My baby boy just melts already in front of a pretty girl and gets as nice as a lamb then.

That's good, very good.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh baby Suzie don't you wanna see my … ?

(it's totally sport related :P)

10cm or nothing!

noooo, nooooo, relax ya guys, I'm only talking of heels here (well 10cm wasn't really demanding either!)

Back to you girls :)

I found my winter boots! super high (it does not show really on the pics!), super comfortable (of course I've tried them already)... The idea of them already takes me high. Which will actually happen! :P

I dress in black or brown, so I gotta get them both. Ouch, don't really get the money for them at all at the moment, specially for two pairs!

They're quite expensive. (sigh)

I'm gonna get them sooner or later. They're feminine but not too sophisticated, which I love. They're made for me, I just know it!

And then I've decided I'll be 1m70 for the whole winter, I'm gonna reach the clouds, it's gonna be all fun! : )

The eye of the tiger

We went back to the hospital yesterday to talk with the guy there about Lola's improvements.
She has got only two real epileptic crisis since the beginning of her treatment (a month ago), several times she felt her body starting to shake but she could control it : )

It's quite good, the treatment is working, even if it had to be a bit intensified. She does not suffer from any of the side effects.

So she'll go on with the treatment, except that instead of having it for 6 months, she'll have for a year.

Pretty good to me that it works so well. My shrimpette is a real fighter, not that I had any doubt about it : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

My devils will be (alright!)

I was offered a ticket the other day to enjoy The Offspring's concert here in Paris. I declined... I had to train at sport! baaaa that's crazy, it's one of my fav band, kick ass band!
I've seen them once, and that wasn't enough.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gene Kelly, Lola's new hero

My devils keep surprising me... Loup starting with modern dance and Lola wanting to start with tap-dancing.
Tap-dancing... I had to explain her really what it was.
And show her.
When she discovered Singing in the rain earlier tonight (and for the first time in her life,) she said she absolutely, totally wanted to sing in the rain the way he did !

(haha yeah!!! Gene rocks! I'm totally supportive again :P)

** happy sigh **

Monday, September 19, 2011

Libertaire, libertin, libre, libéré... libre (de créer!), oh oui !

haha I did not see that coming (I got your comment Mahie and suddenly realized my post could bring some stress!)... I just did (again) my (lost) illustration about liberty for someone.

And I was looking at it, thinking hard...  thought that it symbolized pretty much what I was... what I am.

Simply someone making of freedom much more than a priority, making of it a goal, a graal, a way to look at life ... and I want as much as I can to help my devils to be free beings. Thinking their own way, making their own choices, defending their dreams.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Running girls, trying to catch up with the sun

I'm quite proud of our 6km race... we were, what 25.000 and arrived among the first thousand which is so cool. Best time was 22 minutes, we arrived all together at 36 minutes 35 seconds. It was raining (pavements were so slippery), I had to stop and fix a shoe (rolling eyes), and when I saw my babes, I kinda stopped to go to see them, they were SO proud!

I ran with Michelle and Nadège but I was also part of the team from Martin's company. And among the girls from the (big) company... I was the 2nd one! Right after one who runs very often, super trained!
I never run, or hardly (when in Brittany or Hamburg!)


Acid, Polish and trash !

Talking of the Acid Drinkers here, a trash metal band from Poland that I've just discovered a couple of days ago.

They seem to be very active, made quite many albums and also lots of  good song's covers.

Here are a few funny covers... their cover of Metallica's Nothing else matters is actually truly good I think, I like it a LOT : )


Surprised but supportive of course !

haha I did not expect my baby boy, (cut in the wood, strong and heavy like a mini rugbyman), to ask me to start  
modern dance
at school !

Whether Loup is very  creative, open, wanting to learn anything new (which is very true), or he knows he will be surrounded with pretty lil girls.
I think both :P

He already does Judo, which he LOVES, but I think that might bring him another kind of pleasure.
I'm very proud he makes his own choices already, insisting there's no reason only girls should know about dancing! : )))

Just don't mess with red heads (if you get a big car!)

My self-defence training happened on Sunday afternoon, right after my race.
I couldn't lift my legs anymore when I arrived there. And my brain started to work very slowly. Which made everything fun, and complicate for me. I had those big, huge boys in front of me, trying to strangle me, and I was supposed to get out of their grip, kick them in the face, on their knee to make them fall, and once on the floor, a final kick on the face with the knee! haha!
Easy-peasy! ;-)
That was comic from my side :P

But I pretty much enjoyed that first training. Interesting. I know at least I gotta run quickly if a bad boy is looking for troubles!

Hot season ... for nuclear shrooms !

I'm crazy for mushrooms, really I love them... cooked with almost nothing, some salt and pepper.

Girolles are my fav at the moment.
Whenever I see them, I sigh and smile and  do not resist at all.

they're quite expensive and I can only find the Golden Chanterelle mushrooms (other name for girolles) from Russia... 

Martin always shakes his head telling me i'm going to eat again nuclear mushrooms ;-)
So be it, I'll get nuclear, but I'll have them!

Now on the much more erotic touch, you just can't "not love" mushrooms! can you? :P

Friday, September 09, 2011

The shark has pretty teeth and the girls (erm) pretty tits!

hehe yeahhh my title is crap! I'm sorry.
I even find the Blond's tits more scary (they going in opposite direction!) than anything... I'm happy fashion has changed really!

The image quality is bad for the 1st five seconds... Mack the knife... i've heard dozens of different coverings, but the girls rock! That's not very metal but I feel in the mood to sing along with them : )

Red temptation

Today, I (truly) found an apple lost in a bush of Ivy...//oO\\... full, round, so red. I couldn't resist it. I'll keep it for a while, I think it is a magical one. You take it, caress it, and something good should happen... but shhhhh...! : )

Double challenge (testosterone included)

Yeepeeeee! it has just started! weeks of rugger! I don't want to miss any match of the World Cup.
The lil challenge will be to be able to wake up in the middle of the night... and to avoid wanting a beer at this time of the night... I can't drink that late! (Despite my perfect training, huh! :P)

It's gonna be all good !

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Paris, Roger, Reds, Ramblings

Well, first day at school and the leaves are just flying all around. That's the paradox: the season is changing, nature losing its colours and lil jewels... but I don't know the melancholy of autumn, to me It smells like new year's starting! .... ** stretching, awakening from summernation **

Everything is speed just now (lol) but in a more organised way.

Multitasking had reached a ridiculous point, I couldn't properly work, I couldn't properly focus on one thing at a time in the past weeks.

 Ooops !
Did I say I was more organised?
Because I've just realized that on next Sunday, I have my self-defence course in the afternoon, and ohhhh merde! ...gotta do my Parisian race in the morning! lol

6km only! phewwww... After such a day, I bet I'll sleep like a baby! Anybody will still be welcome to sing a lullaby.

I need some.... Martin wants Loup to learn violin, and I don't think I can stand that at home!!! You know what it sounds, a kid learning violin for years? ... I'm a good mama yet... I know my limits!

My devils are back to school. Loup has just started a big year, about to learn to read and count and everything that will give him more freedom! Yayyy, I'm so happy!

At the same time my babe is so small in this big school, with big boys all around! Boooo
Hard to be a relaxed mama.
But hey, he's got a great teacher, and same for my Lola. They both got the very best, I'm so relieved... and well, ermm...  happy! (sorry I'm repeating myself ;-)

Familly thingie?
Tonight, they're back to ballet and Judo, while their papa will be training at krav-maga and just before I go for musculation . I guess we're into sport! lol

Is there anybody out there?
Before I forget, happy birthday Roger! ... Roger Waters, I do admire his talent so deeply... yet just like John Lennon, I've never got good vibes for the guy. I need to meet you Roger and check by myself! So.... come back to Paris with cheaper tickets next time, pleaaaase : )