Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My booze-fuelled romp with footie star *

While I'm waiting patiently for another book (about kids' literature business) to be delivered, here are the three one I'm about to start! I just can't decide myself about Potter (I want to know the end of it!) or Blood knight (which belongs to one of the most exciting series I've read so far)

I will definitely improve my slang between 2 chapters anyway. So please forgive my English if I use strange words from time to time.

Some expressions (like the title: * ma nuit d'amour et d'ivresse avec une star du football) do not seem very easy to use in everyday conversations, but that's a detail. It's going to be very funny! I'm all excited to learn all these new words! Yeeehaaaaaa

New hair cut ...

... and home-made!
Loup is being such a tiger when we go to the hairdresser that I give up with that.
The other day I decided to cut his hair myself. I started, Martin finished, watta team! Loup was watching tv while eating honey pops. it worked very well!

See the result!

(see the difference?!! come on !)

Popcorn and tomatoes

It was my lucky turn to take Lola to watch a movie last weekend!
Our choice was Ratatouille and I did not regret it! We spent a great moment! Lola was just old enough to watch it I think, for youngers it might be a bit long, dunno.

The movie was visually fantastic and the topic just my kind of topic! :P
It was also very nice to discover Paris via the talented guys from Pixar.

Oh I don't know if you've seen the movie, but in it there's this shop with dead rats behind the window... I had completly forgotten about it, but it exists, I remembered about it instantly!

(ermm, I don't want to be a rat in my next life, thank you...)
edit: (...except in a Pixar movie, huh!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Double shock for the shrimpette

Yesterday we took the kids to the zoo, they loved it of course.

Except when I took Lola to the vivarium, she wasn't afraid of the snakes and other lovely pets, but... we came across the home of a big lizard with the shape of a dragon, and just in front of our nose, behind the glass was a baby mouse literally taping her lil hands against the glass wall to desperately escape her fate!
First shock for Lola, how someone could have done that to the lil mouse!

Then I told her to not worry, the lil mouse will join Joe and have a happy life on the clouds with him.
Ha yusss.
Oh but (slapping meself) stoopid me!
Joe is (was) our cat!

Second shock for Lola, Paradise might not be as expected..


and now on the cute side of life:

Loup taming his first hippo, checking carefully how his teeth are doing (ok, the hippo is fake, which you can guess only if you have ever been around a real yawning hippo! No one can survive that!)

And here is the most adorable red panda, which reminded me of the Pompoko's tanukis! (Pompoko, what a wunnerful film! One of my fav'!)

Look at his lil face! awww! :P

I could be violet sky

I had never paid attention to Mika really, the name, the guy, nothing inspired me really.
But then it's been a few weeks I've listened to what he does and finally, I've got inspired! Even the name, even the guy! Refreshing, full of energy, just what I need sometimes to make my time with the devils more relaxing!

Martin says he does not like it at all, but tssss he will dance on it before the end of the month (it's the ABBA syndrome, you can't escape it!)

one long, huge, endless week

...before school starts again!
Kids are getting wild and I have no idea where they get their energy from! I make them run and scream everywhere, I take them wherever I can, etc... hoping at the end of the day they'll be exhausted, but nenene, nothing works!

The worst is when they start fighting against each other, or focusing their energy on me! Yeeehaaaaa mama is having 1 minute of break on the sofa, let's entertain her!

I am the exhausted one at the end of the day!

I even found myself with bleeding lips 2 days ago because of Loup having fun punching what/whoever around him! really!

I wanna school to start and suck all the energy of my lil devils! (Loup will start kindergarten twice a week, which is not much but enough to give me a break!)

Short night

Lola did not sleep well last night.
Same for us, naturally.
After waking up 2 times, I couldn't sleep anymore. Insomnia is having fun with the blogwriters it seems. (sigh)

I couldn't close my eyes and I started to think (eeeck). And my mind suddenly was stuck to the small place we live in. Or rather the lack of space of the place we live in.
We can't afford for more space (55m²), and it's kinda too small for 4 people.
We can't move from Paris for the moment, because of work. We can't change of flat, too expensive, we can't go to Paris suburbs, almost as expensive.
I think of getting whatever job to bring more money. But what if the money is used for baby-sitters? that would simply make things worse.

I finally slept like 4 hours.

I woke up like a zombie.
But all the dark thoughts had vanished! The miracle of sunny mornings!
Small space, but happy life. That's what matters at the end.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Show me your bits part #2 : your wallpaper

After the handbag/pocket thingie, why not sharing with us your desktop wallpaper on your bloggie?
I know there have been a lot of games like that, but I think (thinking hard) it's a good opportunity for you to get rid of the dust from your desktop and to show us THE wallpaper that sticks to your computer, and then to yourself (mais qu'est-ce qu'on s'amuse, oulala!)

For once, Martin and I have really close wallpapers (and I only realize that now I write this post!) I like a lot Martin's Cylon here! I will steal it, some day :P

Martin's desktop


I've been looking for a new one for ages. And this is just what I wanted! (in case you wonder, it is from princesse mononoke/ mononoke-hime)

About 30 pages

that will be the *size* of my new book for children.
I've finished with the basic work (text and doodles), that means 20% of the work is done.

Next step: working on the illustrations, details and colors. Pffff! I hope I'll finish it in less than a month! Lots of work here (almost same amount of pleasure though ;-)

Girls celebrate (sunny bananas dance on its way)

...ladies blush, and men get upset : Jack's back with his new bloggie!

I think the whole world already know about it ;-), but in case you missed that piece of news, it's here! Enjoy!

Psshhhhit, and you thought all this publicity would be for free, hm?

edit: oh and it's our lucky day, there's another bloggie from Jack-the-inspired-writer! A very interesting project, you can chere here !

Battlestar Galactica : the girls !

Except JL and Benoit, I don't think any other around here has followed the new Battlestar Galatica (and well,you miss something, really! :P)

We've just finished with the third season and it's been beyond what we could expect. Science fiction at its best!
For the fans only (who cares, otherwise!), here's a lil video with the main female-ish characters of the series (it happened during the last Comic-Con. There's also (a bad bad) Xena in the gang of Battlestar! Wooooo! hehe

What next? more of Lost and Prison Break, we're a season late with dem!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's in the bag!

aka allez hop on vide son sac

Following Mahie's (GREAT) idea, here's what I carry in my bag wherever I go.
I don't care so much about exposing you "my" stuff, but I would love to discover what's in your bag or in your pockets!
That's the idea you know, I show you mine, you show me yours (not getting salacious again, m'enfin!!!)... hehe

you will notice here:
my wallet, a marker, a pen, my diary, kleenex, aspirins, tic tacs, arnica (homoeopathies stuff for the kids), 2 lipsticks, my mobile (well, it should be there! :P), apartment keys, car keys, pills, eye lotion, plasters, and carousel tickets.

Your turn to play the lil game! Even if you only have a wallet in your pocket! :P

gimme my chef's hat ...

... because I finally made a REALLY good strawberry pie! :P
Which means I found the key to make a purfect short pastry (pâte brisée): using hard butter (=not melted) cut into small pieces.

There are things that when they're home-made just taste 100% better! (trying not to get salacious here ), mayonnaise, vinaigrette, pastries (short, flaky), guacamole, pizzas, etc. I wish I was a "born chef" with an instinct for cooking, you know (but, nenene, I always need books!)

I know a pair (or two :P) who was absobloodilutely satisfied with this strawberry pie
(such a pleasure to cook a lil something that does not taste just weird or unusually strange!)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Better than a diagnosis from the doctors

My grand-mama has been in hospital for 4 days now, but she'll be out in 2 days.
She had problems with blood pressure, but nothing alarming.

The problem is that we're in August, everybody's on vacation, so there were no relative around to take care of her. Only my sister and I. But it's complicate with our kids around. She's in an hospital in the middle of nowhere (near Paris), and children are not accepted where she is.

Sooo, we couldn't come and take care of her before yesterday.
Gweno (my sis) took care of the kids and Martin and I went to see her.

After 5 minutes, Martin was sleeping in front of my very-talkative grand-mother.
Literally sleeping!
My grand-mama asked me if he wanted to lie on the hospital bed to have a good nap.

so, I think THIS was the proof everything was ok, really... As usual my grand-mother's talks had broken Martin in a minimum of time!

Julia, Cesar, Rosalie, etc

Voilà I've finished sorting my 500 photos!
Here are the last 3 online albums from our vacation (I recommend you to used the slideshow tool btw) :)

1. Sheep from Ouessant
From the moment we tried to find Ouessant sheep farmers on the internet (back in May) to the final meeting with the selected farmer (2 weeks ago), we learnt a LOT about these lil sheep! I think we now know almost enough to turn ourselves into sheep farmers, if we want one day!

New lambs in the family

2. Breton Sunset
These are not the most interesting photos, but every evening, I just couldn't stop admiring these beauties from the sky!

Sunsets (made in Bretagne)

3. Our work on the hobbit house
these are the most frustrating photos. I think we've worked so much everyday that we forgot to take pics really! How frustrating!
Here you will see some part only of our work: we got our new doors and shutters, (which means lot of patience, cement, concrete, sandpaper, blue painting, white spirit, etc)
HUGE work (surtout le ponçage)which took a lot of time.
We've also finished all the renovation of the walls in the living room, with lime (pierres apparentes et joints à la chaux).
We've started to build an outside wall, with stones, for the terrasse (which is still a mess for the moment), and worked on the rain waters exhaust system. We've also varnished (to protect them from insects and give light to their original colour) all the wood lintels (les linteaux, les poutres en bois au dessus des portes, des fenêtres)

Well, we've done a lot, and all the official works to get connected to the mains (tout à l'égoût) should start in a month or so. THAT will also be a main change.
The problem (cough cough), is that we're running out of money for the works in the hobbit house! That's another problem, but I have confidence in lottery :P

A blue hobbit house

Thursday, August 16, 2007

First summerish photo album

more than 500 photos, huh. Digit cam are wunnerful, but in the old times you just had a 24 photos film and you were happy with it! lol

I've selected less than 20 pictures, about just the 4 of us here. I must say Martin and I spent 6 hours working in the hobbit house everyday, so these pics do not tell everything about our holidays. Other albums to come

Sourires made in Bretagne

Random songs tralalaquizz

Directly from Mel', here's THE quizz of the week!

The rule of the game: you get questions and you answer with random songs titles.
(using your MP3, puter or stereo -lol the last one sounds a bit like stone age)
You do NOT chose the songs, you just use the random function and write down for each question the title of the next song that comes. And then you can comment it.

I'll just turn my dusty yahoo radio and click on next song.
It should be funny or lead to some nonsense; let's goooooo:

1.How do you feel today?
Metamorphosis One (from Battlestar Gallactica series)
into metamorphosis could be the way I feel just everyday when I think of it!

2.Will your life be successful ?
I can't hardly wait (Juliette Lewis & the Licks)
Well, I'm married to the man of my dreams and we get 2 adorable devils, it is already sucessful to me! But I "can hardly wait" to be a famous painter :P

3.How do your friends see you?
Hotel California (Eagles)
The song was about drug and addiction, no? I doubt any of my friend is that addicted! lol

4.What's the favorite song of your best friend?
Highschool Lover (Air)

5.What's the story of your life?
Love her madly (the Doors)
let's make it "Love them madly" ;-)

6.How was it back at school?
Surfin' on a Rocket (Air)
erm, it was kewl, but not THAT kewl

7.What's the best thing about your friends?
Mr Moon (Jamiroquai)
The best thing is they're all very different and all bring their precious differences in my life

8.What's your plan next weekend?
No excuses (Alice in Chains)
no, no excuses. My grand-ma is in hospital since last night (she was not feeling ok), so we'll take care of her next weekend.

9.How would you describe your grand-parents?
Light my way (Audioslave)
Hmm, not sure it still work this way ;-)

10. How's your life?
Dirty Hary (Gorrillaz)
Hm, no, not a song for my life, I'd rather chose hmmm this one because I really still have sand in my shoes!

11.What song for your funerals?
I cannot believe it's true (Phil Collins)
lol! And I can't believe I've phil collins in my radio, but why not after all

12.How do people see you?
River runs red (Midnight Oil)
hm, a song about pollution and the way we're killing earth if I remember. Well, I hope I don't get such negative vibes

13.Will your life be happy?
Heart of Glass (Blondie)
huuuuu, no this title does not fit here

14.What do your friends think about you?
Je suis un homme (Zazie)
lol, who knows who's hiding behind Candy! :P

15.How can I make myself happy?
Tango to Evora (Laureena McKennitt)
no tango can make me happy! And I'm not fond of this song really. Making myself happy is simple: sleeping 8 hours without interruption would make it.

16.Will you get more kids?
Trouble (Coldplay)
lol! Just a perfect title for the way I see other kids in my life ;-)

17.What song for a strip-tease?
Knockin' on Heaven's door (the Guns')
the song isn't that bad, but it wouldn't have been my choice! With that song, I'd rather sing on/under the table while enjoying some good beer

18.If a truckdriver offers you candies, what do you do?
Who tends the fire (Overkill)
who tends the fire? Not this truckdriver, huh! hehe ... But I keep the candies

19.What does your mother think about you?
Obscured by clouds (Pink Floyd)
I think my mama knows me rather well, but there are still obscured fields I guess.

20.What's your darkest secret?
Revolution 909 (Daft Punk)
hmm, no. It's much much worse :P ...

21.A song that stick to your personnality?
Bathroom girl (Air)
I'm more a bathroom girl than a kitchen one anyway :P

hehe, that was fun!
The random thingie is the funniest here, it leads you to answer/comment in a way or the other.
You should try the quizz!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

holidays in keywords

I know I'm lazy, but I also know you don't want to read a novel about my holidays...hehe...
Kewl, we'll all be happy with my keywords thingie ;-)

I have some big work to do to make online photo albums, but that's the next thing I will do here... Before that, I REALLY want to spend time on your blogs to see all what I've missed.

conclusion: my bloggie will be a bit slow for a couple of days, but I'm around here, almost hyperactive :P

Anyway, here we go with the keywords :)

blue painting, poneys, zillions-of-slow-worms (orvets), new doors, sheep house, lambs from Ouessant, wild Loup, dreaming Lola, family, rosé, planteur, beach, grass, boat, jenlain, cider, bbq, rain, sun, cold, work, short nights, rum, crepes & galettes, fest-noz, far breton, Kouign aman à l'abricot, naps on grass, + 2.5kg (arggg! :P), seafood, shooting stars, sunset, birthday parties, gallop 3, zillions-of-mosquitoes-in-love-with-Candles, masonry, renovation, granit, broken internet, Dinan, Saint-Lunaire, Saint Suliac, La Ville-es-nonais, vide-greniers, satisfaction, frustration, piano, Kirikou, bagpipe, disturbed nights (dreams of a new flat, of death, and julien doré -lol-), Germany, kitsch postcards for Esox, planes, moving swimsuit, fresh figs, people magazines, rugby, korrigans & elfs, la légende du vieux coquillage blanc, body shop goodies.

voilà, I think I haven't forgotten anything!

I'll be back with pics... and with a funny-sunny-bananas game from Mel''! hehe

Yeepeeeeeee !!!

I've just spent the last couple of hours making the package for a painting I've sold end of july!
And I had no idea about this sale before this afternoon, what a wunnerful suprise :-)

My customer comes from UK, I knew they've always had real taste over the pond! (happy sigh)

here's the painting I've sold, a painting about plastic surgery and the meaning of Beauty:

Act two, Scene three

I made this painting 6 years ago.
I'm just really happy, and I had to share it! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Unpacking the luggage (wanna join)?

Why did I take so much luggage, I wonder!
(I know I had been warned about it! grrmppphh)

Anyway, I'm back, happy and motivated, even if I feel a bit exhausted tonight (you know how holidays can be, huh ;-)

Soooo, I'm on my way to sit lazily and watch some SF and think about nothing except baddies and goodies :)


PS: my bloglines notifier tells me my fav bloggers have written more than 180 new messages! Wooaaaaaa! You've been over-active, you blogging creatures!