Sunday, December 29, 2002

I broke a toof yesterday! ...was at the *teef emergency services* this morning!
It was the same toof for which I went there last time when I was preggie... I could have waited till tomorrow but my dentist is on holidays and I could not wait a whole week actually.

I was not the only one there I tell ya.... about 20 people there visibly suffering a lot (not my case though).... wat an awful *idea* to get teef troubles between xmas and new years' eve, and worse...on a sunday morning!

I'm just back at home with a bottle of champ.... to recover ya noe... and to be sure I have rilly no more euros to spend in the next days ;-)

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Yeeepeeee, Gulli's back to life!!!
There's still a loooooooot to re-install, but at least I'm not sittin in front of a black screen anymore!
(dancing around)

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Today's a BIG day for shrimpette Lola!
First, It's Christmas, but almost more important for a goil:
She's gonna wear her first dress! (And this due to Martin, who insisted...).

I promise to bring back pictures of the Lolita :-))

(Jumping into my christmas-boots) .... WOOOOSH!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

(haaaa those reindeers are funny to ride, aren't they!)

(kissing and huggin my deaaaaar laptop now)
We're having a major probbie with Gulli and the other big machine.... a nasty virus getting rid of main programs. Damn, we're the most careful with viruses and that happens again!
It has first attacked the anti-virus system (which is updated every day!), so it could easily spread after that.
My poor Gulli!
And all the datas we had.... woooooooooosh, vanished!
Thanx Gawd, the laptop has not been connected to the others since a few days...:-)))))

And damn... I somehow *nooooooe* it's my fauIt! (sigh)
I will now only open the files .jpg or .giff, and avoid any kind of .pps, .exe, etc. and be very careful with my downloads, I tell you!

Friday, December 20, 2002

I wonder why they keep on checking military installations and weapons in Iraq... In any case it's written, george w. will attack Iraq.

When you hear the war might start on the 28th january... as if it was a rendez-vous to take....
How ugly!

I hope France will keep away from that... which I doubt... at a certain point, the economic relationships (with Americans) will be threatened and we'll follow like guud puppies.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

I've decided to look for a job (in the next months) as an illustrator!
I dunno why I did not think of it before (probably because I did not feel ready), but I guess it would be the purrrrfect job for me!
Of course, it's probably as hard to get such a job as for an actor to get a role, but I gotta do it.

So besides my *personnal* work, I'm going to start a collection of illustration of famous legends... to get some kind of references to show.
yeeepeeee!! hehe
I'll simply look for legends and tales, if they inspire me or not is not the matter... I'll have to make one illustration for each tale I find. Each being a challenge (specially for tales with animals! I don't draw animals.... I can't wait!)

(going to refill my glass...a guuuud idea to celebrate!)

Monday, December 16, 2002

Lola's weight is finally getting beder!
She eats like Gargantua since 3 days.... and those days are to me dedicated to milk cessions. I'm right now a huge bottle of milk, who sometimes takes the shape of a goil. Strange feeling that I happily accept for the Shrimpette!
(a shrimpette who's listening at heavy metal with her dad right now! She has guuud tastes, ya see!)
Yeeepeeee, I've just finished a new painting!
I started 3 weeks ago and I thought I'd nebber see the end of it (not that it's a big one, but I had other priorities ;-)

I'm a bit frustrated right now cause I can't show my new paintings, I gotta wait to finish the webpage.
I gotta hurry up, anyone to kick my bum?!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2002

I don't understand this facination, this passion people (here ;-) get for Napoleon!
The other day, a colleague of Martin told him that he spent his free time studying the war plans of Napoleon!

At least if there was something romantically heroic (hehe, yup, a goil talking huh :P) about him... some fever bits about his life...
But only conquests, wars, etc.... yuck!
I think hard and even a guy like the tyranic Robespierre seems less cold than Napoleon......
Even the architecture or the fashion of the time look pretty ugly (to me). No, I don't understand his popularity.

Take a man like Henri IV, who loved playing with his kids and who, when he left for war, never forgot to write passionate letters to his wife and mistresses! Now dat's an entertaining one, nee?!!
I already thought shopping was boring, but then doing shopping while carying la shrimpette against the belly seems now rilly tough!
Part of the mamarathon you could say, well yes, that's it, exactly!

I spent my time asking for help in the supermarket, I rilly could not reach anything otherwise! I'm already small and kinda struggle each time to reach the top, but with Lola I couldn't do anything.
An old man near me wanted to help, but he made all the chocolate boxes fallen when he tried. We needed then double help cause the old man was actually rilly old!

I'm pretty suprised at the end that people do not react to provide help to a woman with her babe or to an old person. I rilly had to ask!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Oh that restaurant yesterday was even deDer than we imagined...
I'll try to translate what we had:

duck fois gras in a little soufflé with thin slices of soused (?) apples
raw salmon on a bed of wild herbs

(drooling already, huh? hehe)

sucking pig stuffed with black pudding
canette cooked in honey with crystallized fruits

and to finish...
hot papaya cooked with spices and basil
pear ravioli with almonds cooked in hot chocolate and fresh basil

oh and a yummmmmmy bottle of chardonnais which was at a purrfect temperature!

And if you ask what I enjoyed the most, I wouln't be able to chose.. all was excellent. And the pleasure wasn't only for the mouff and nose, for the eyes too!

They change their menu every 5 weeks, I gotta win lottery so that we make of this restaurant our canteen :P

Monday, December 09, 2002

Hmmmm, Martin and I both get a rendez-vous at our dentist-the-butcher on next Friday.... the 13th of December you see (!!!)....
......I wonder if it's the purrrrfect day for dat.....
We've been to the paris boatshow this weekend, it's at 10 min from here :-))))
It was a real pleasure to see mom and sister and a couple of ex-colleagues working there.....and being just a visitor (an amazing feeling)!!! hehe
For the first time in 12 years I have time to enjoy December! yeeepeeeee!
We ( I ) wanted to visit a few people there, to present dem Lola, but we got invited to an oysters and white bordeaux cession (s)... how could we resist?!

I've realized that I know so many people there... it felt very familiar. I was not nostalgic at all though, I guess because working at the boat show was really hard ... and somehow I still feel in the biz with a part of the family working there. I only get the advantages! hehe

Anyway, as "tourists" again, we'll finish our visit next weekend!

Lola, that mushroomic shrimpette below, is 2 months-old today! wooohooo!

What has changed in a month? Hmmmm... she smiles now!!!!
The question is...does she smile because she's happy...or because she imitates us...or just automatically...?
In any case, smiles suit her lil round face! hehe :-))) **~~** ^^** * * **

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Okies, here's the invitation on which I've been workin.
You won't see much though because the image quality is very poor (a sacrifice I had to make to be able to show it here :-)

Friday, December 06, 2002

Bubye Harry Potter....waaaaaa!.....waaaaaaa!
And no, no chance to watch it on monday after 8.30, so we won't's far too early :(((((

yes...bubye harry....snifff....snifffff....

but..... "Hello Yves Quintard" !!!
No idea about who's that Yves Quintard? Me neither actually (S)... except that it's the name of a French restaurant we wanted to try since 2 years now.
And we promised to go there once Lola would be here... An excellent reason to go to that posh restaurant, huh! :P
But posh or not, what has attracted us are the menus. You would not believe what's cooked there.
I can't remember exactly the name of the dishes, but I'll let you know so that you realize the orgasmic dimension of these menus (nossing!)

Being quite superstitious, I've waited to be sure to confirm that Lola has done her Paris-NewYork (7 hours by plane, nee?) every night since 2 weeks!
Sometimes she even dares trying a Paris-L.A. !!!

Thank you, thank you my shrimpette for *travelling* that well
:-))))) **~~* ^^* * * *

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I've just been sent that joke (thank ya Sieur Romuald :P)
I'll try to translate it (s)

the European paradise is...
..a place where cops are English,
..cooks are French,
..mecanicians are German,
..lovers are Italian,
and where everything is organized by the Swiss

the European hell is...
..a place where cops are German,
..cooks are English,
..mecanicians are French
..lovers are Swiss
and where everything is organized by Italians!

(thinking of it, I don't agree with most of dat...except 'bout the Swiss..kiddinkiddin :P)

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

It's so kewl.
Gwenola has offered to take care of Lola on Monday evening so that we can go and watch Harry Potter!!!
Very useful to write bloggies hey (s)
(..ermm..and to get a generous sister around! lol!!)

Now I cross all my bits so that it works! **~~* *^* * *
It's been the specialists day!
I took Lola to the pedatrician and Lola took me (s) to the kinesitherapist!

Goils *neeeeeed* to take care of themselves huh ;-)

Lola is now 55 cm, all her bits are growing well, but her weight is a bit low... she is 4.2 instead of 4.8... So I've to carefully check her weight for a week, then we'll see if she needs anything complementary.
Well, feeling kinda "baaaaaad" for not having enough milk for my shrimpette, I spent the afternoon drinking water, milk, etc... now I stoopidly -and impatiently- observe my breast expecting it to take some Everest size (G)

And at the kine, I just started some reeducation for my bits. It was almost kewl :P

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Yesterday I felt old... when at about midnight, 2 parties started just above and below da flat, we felt like ham in a bad sandwich (does that mean anything, huh? hehe)
The music was rilly baaaaaaaaaaad, like French "classics" from the 1970s.... ouch!

I don't know how Lola managed to sleep... Martin was ready to shout at dem as soon as they'd wake up our angel.. hehe... worse, I almost crossed my fingers so that cops could come to tell dem below to calm down, they made such a noise. I couldn't believe my ears!
If only they had warned us before, that would have been a lil beDer.

I nebber used to feel bored by parties and noise... jeeez, it feels weird!
Next time, we organize the party! Mwaaahaha
...and till then, we'll let Lola crying like a mommy tiger as much as she wanna... at 3.00 am (s)
It is so sad what's happening to the coasts of Galicia!
I wonder how many other cases of ugly pollution Europe will need to take the hardest measures against such risks!

I've often sailed along that coast and it was rilly beauDiful, though not that popular (a bit colder than the mediteranean coast)
well... it gonna be tough for dem Spanish neighbours..
I don't think we'll have the opportunity to go and watch the new Potter and LOTR ... argggg!
Everybody's so busy in December that it seems difficult to find anyone to take care of Lola for a few hours.
Ha well, if it's not possible, then I'll do like the three lil monkeys to avoid hearing anything about the movies and I'll wait till we can watch the dvds..
... but it gonna be LONG! :P

Friday, November 29, 2002

Tomorrow will be the first time we gonna let the shrimpette to her frawnch grand-mother...
....For a few hours only! phewwww...(s)

It's kewl for Martin and I to have the opportunity to enjoy a lil time just together (dancing around!!!), though I *nooooooooooe* we'll spend our time asking ourselves if all is ok with Lola... It's stooopid but there's a first time to anything, hey?!! ;-)

Stressing for one's baby.... the kind of feeling you can't rilly control...
I wonder though if there's a time when you can get rid of such a stress.... if so, when?!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I had not realized Oz was suffering from such a big dryness at the moment, I just read it in the newz!
There is nebber any balance... we've the rain Oz absobloodilutely *need* down there, and Oz has the sun we're desperatly looking for since months...

(memo to self: gotta ask Penny how's the situation!)
I don't know how it happens in UK or Oz about strikes.
Well, I kinda remember UK enjoyed huge ones, huh....

I'm not against the right to go on strike.... but it's all different to me when it comes to civil servants!
I really think that all of dem who stop working that way should be ermmmmm....fired! (hehe, I'd be a fine boss, huh ;-)

In Germany, the civil servants are not allowed to go on strike. Which sounds normal!
I mean.... we pay for them to work at the end, and they get lots of advantages.... the kind of jobs many would love to get!

So why are they allowed to block the country whenever they wanna, hm?!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Tomorrow the invitations on which I've been workin will be printed! Yeeeeehooooo!
It feels guuuuuud to use my lil skill in a professional way! :P

I really hope my official webpage will bring me something guuuud....if not $$$, then maybe interesting contacts...We'll see :-)

It takes so much time to create a webpage from A to Z. I take care of the content and Martin of all the programming and development for each page, each function, etc.
I think web development has turned to be Martin's passion, he codes more than he plays bagpipe at home now, can you believe it?
It sounds less romantic but, all these matrix and complicate thingies, that I see on the screen when Martin works, are really mysterious and intrigant. Just like ingredients of a magic potion, ya see ;-)
Now we've played against southern countries, I just can't wait for the next match against the English team... in less than 3 months, wooooo!!!
I already see a 27-23 for the Roastbeef...

neee, just kiddin!

Friday, November 22, 2002

From what Gwenola told me, they all get ready at the Boat Show to celebrate "Ellen" :-)))
Yup, we're all impressed by Ellen macArthur's talent at taming the seas!

The Route du Rhum race is beeing hard this year... All these skippers giving up or getting troubles with their boats.
Specialists here start to tell it's a too dangerous race, specially for the skippers of the huge trimarans. It's true that when you see the "beasts", you hardly believe one man only can drive it at all!
But they're free to face the dangers they wanna I think. What would be adventure without risks?!!

Wooohooooooo I'm so happyroony it's the weekend!
That means Martin will wake up at night to help me with Lola!!!!

(dancing around)
Ha yuss, I've discovered a mom has very simple pleasures (S)

Talking of the *shrimpette*, imagine that when she drinks now, it lasts 45 min, 1 hour!
That kills me!
And I can't do anything against it, if I stop her, she gets all red, cries like a daddy tiger, and looks at my breast as if starving!
To relax myself a bit with that, I tried to prepare bottles for a change... but it works only if Martin feeds her, if it's me, she gets very angry against the bottle and sticks herself to my chest!

I type I type.... but argggggg! Time for a new milk cession (I get the feeling I spend 90% of my time in milk cessions! i'm getting guuud at *mamarathoning*!)

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Here's a pic of our lil shrimp, enjoying a loooot her bath :-))

She's sooooo small, huh! **^^ *
(hehe, I guess there will be tons of pics posted by a very proud mom this year ;-)
Do you enjoy weird movies? hehe
Well I've just watched a very weird one!

ONe from the 70s, "La Grande Bouffe"...
4 guys eating to death... yup that's the topic!
Only an Italian (Ferreri) could make such a movie! hehe
I've always found italian cinema weird....ermmm... which is also a great quality, mind ya!! ;-)

I'm not sure I'd advice that movie -to good friends, that is :P-, but if you're really curious and cannot stand mainstream stuff, you gotta watch it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

With Thanxgiving and Xmas coming soon, I could not help supporting dem goils!

Wooooaaaaa Lola's weight is now 4kg!
Of course with such a guuuuuuuuuuud quality milk, she's getting the most adorable shapes!

A lil creature made of milk, what a delicious concept :-))))

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Awww I loved James Coburn!
Did you know he played in a movie named Candy and another named Martin's day, hm?! (I did not know either! hehe)
Did you know that bob dylan played with Coburn in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (I did not remember either :P)

Actually I'm unable to remember another title of one of his movies, that's a shame. But I liked the guy, I liked the face!

Monday, November 18, 2002

32-31 for the Roastbeefs against Aussies.... To me it looks as if our lil friends from over the pond have been way too lucky (G)
Let's wait for the 6 nations cup to check how long luck can last for dem.. mwahahaha!

And 20-20 for New-Zealand against Frawnch... we have not played well enough, we should have scored when we got the 2 opportunities in the last 5 minutes... but, can we really say we've lost, hm? neeeee hehehe

Haaa Murrayfield has been shining this weekend! 21/6 against the brutes (Springboks) ! Hurray for midgesLand!

And for those who can't stand rugger, I'm not specialized enough to give results 'bout ... golf or any other "lil ball sport" :P

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Today's Penny's Birthday!

I raise my glass to my Aussie WarriorSistaTwin on the road to the sparkling city of Champsbubbles!
**~** * ** **^^* **** * ***
******~** * ** **^^* **** **^^* **** ** **^^* **** **^^*

(on such a day -Oz plays Haggisland today I think-, Scottish should let you win at rugger! RoaaaaaaRRRRrrRRR)

OH! erratum maximum
Oz was playing Roastbeefs! Arggggg, I don't wanna think of the result!
You know wat's RILLY *multitaskin*?
Chatting in the blooooe zone (chat zone), while writing this bloggie (with one hand! The male-ish part in me, ya see ;-), while feeding greedy Lola!
Not easy, but with some guuuud training .....and no other alternative (s), it's very possible!


....I wonder why I had taken rendez-vous at 9.00 am at the gyno today! That means I was forced to wake up at 6.30. On a Saturday. Where's my reward now!
Actually, my bits are in great shape now. No more threads, no more pain, etc.
That means I'm going to stop just "talking" flowers and bees, ya see. (raising eyebrow) ....ya seeeeeeeee? hehe

I feel like Sista theresa back in the jungle!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

You know what I call a *MortalCaca*?
That's a weapon used by Lola from time to time, specially in the middle of the night.
And last night she used it riiiiiiilly well. I was the target, the door behind me also...oh, and the parquet too!
It was hmm about 2.30, and I was in the process of changing her and she looked pretty happy with her nekkid bum and legs! Suddenly she looked at the ceiling, frowning a bit, as if concentrating hard.

A loud and loaded fart later (you would not believe what such a tiny creature can do!), I was partly covered by some smelly green/yellow (sowwy for the details :P) material. Lola had brilliantly reached my arms and belly and feet. Plus the door, parquet and own pyjamas of course.

Good way to be all awake in less than a min. Thank ya my *choupi* ;-)
Okies, to make everyone around RILLY jealous, I gotta tell we've just offered ourselves the expensive and long version (30 minutes more)of The Lord of the Rings!
4 CDs of goooodies, that will be purrrfect to keep us awake during night's milk cessions!


PS: so, you're jealous now, right?!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I've just had news from my ex-colleagues :-))
Nobody has found a job since Elite Marine's chaos! Nobody except the boss !!!!!
How unfair!

Most of them are about 50, 60 years-old, which is young yup, but apparently much too old for active companies!
Gawd, I hope the situation for them gonna change soon.

And if I win lottery (25 000 000 euros next week!!! wooohooooooo!), I create my own company and give a job to all of dem!
When Lola will do her first *Paris-New york* (when she'll sleep about 6, 7 hours non stop), I swear I'll offer champ' to Martin and twice more milk to the buDerfly!

Monday, November 11, 2002

Sometimes I get emails from people visiting my Elfwood gallerie, and yesterday I got one from a student (in Art) in Russia..
He's working on a quite intesresting topic this year, Fantasy and Cubism. He thought that was exactly what I do in my paintings (probably because of my backgrounds looking like painted glass) and kindly asked me to explain him the relation between these 2 themes in my paintings.

Well, I explained him as much as I could (though I did not really feel concerned by this association)... Of course I did not mention that to me cubism means nothing more than a clever word to talk of cubes :P

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Wooooo... time's running!
A month ago at this very hour (18.24), I was surrounded by weird creatures dressed in green.
Yup, Lola is 1 month old!
I'm not yet a *relaxed* mom and feel Lola gonna teach me a loooooooooot. The Mamarathon goes on ! :P

Friday, November 08, 2002

Have I ever mentioned that *Gwen la zen* (as my sister calls herself online) is working for an association that organizes boat races?
They will participate to the next Paris boat show (first time in 12 years -yup I started at 16- I won't work there! I'll only visit people I know there and have probably a cocktail or 2 :P.... what a relief!!!)... and during the show, this association organizes a "nautical night" for boat racers. I'm working right now on a painting that might be used to make the invitations for this event.
The kind of biz that suits me, hey :-)

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Waaaa... I'm completly broken, but Lola is doing well :-)))
I'm just back from hospital where Lola had o be sent for an urgent check-up. We spent 3 hours in the emergency service, I stressing as you would nebber imagine when doctors started to tell me about a small operation, and Lola crying all the tears she had.
Lola having some digestion problems, we had to check very quickly that it was not serious. And it was not finally, thank Gawd.
Okies, I can barely open the eyes and Lola gotta be fed in 3 hours so that will be all with Gully for today.

Hurrrray for tomorrow as a much calmer and lazier day ;-)

Monday, November 04, 2002

Do you remember Gandalf from LOTR ?

I've discovered the website of Ian McKellen who played Gandalf :-)
His website is brilliant, with a journal of his own when he was working in LOTR. It's really fun to have his views about the movie, it's way beder than any critic!

Here are some examples of what he wrote:

Hobbiton looks itself, settled-in and cosy...The village has weathered nicely since it was built a year back.
When I, as Gandalf, meet Bilbo or Frodo at home, I bump my head on the rafters. (Tolkien didn't think to mention it!)
Members of the Fellowship et al were supported by a stunt team of horsemen and opposed by the masked forces of the Kiwi military, earning an extra bit of cash as a horrible-looking army. It must have made a welcome change from testing bombs!
I sat behind Peter Jackson huddled over a monitor showing the footage of Sam and Frodo in their rowboat. As the majestic Fellowship theme soared over the pictures and a plaintive flute and drums enchanted the ear, I heard and saw the first moment of completed film. Trust me: it is magnificent!
Whilst Saruman and I were facing off once more, I asked Dan Hennah (art director) if I could one day take home a couple of the fake-metal lizards which served as door handles in Orthanc. He smiled quizzically as he often does and as I left for Wellington Airport last week, Peter and Fran presented me with a hefty wooden box containing the lizards, which are now settled in at their new home in London
I also have a sizeable collection of prototypes for merchandising curiosities, which have been sent on approval. My favourite, although I don't eat meat, is Burger King's goblet with a convincing likeness of Gandalf in cameo relief on its bowl. Perhaps this should only be available for consumers of veggieburgers!
We met up first at the downtown cinema where we were to be shown, ahead of the distributors and selected media, the first completed footage from the trilogy.
I sat near the back, next to Saruman and Mrs Lee, with Frodo in front of me.
With relief and some excitement I can report that Peter Jackson's images not only look convincing they look stunning -- like an Alan Lee picture book come to life. That goes for all the actors' performances and the non-actors too, now I've seen the cave troll and Balrog deep in the Moria mines. The Moria extract ended with Gandalf's "You shall not pass!" followed by some tempting bits from the second and third films. We shamelessly applauded ourselves. The Hobbit actors whooped. And Elijah asked to see it all over again.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Have you heard about Dead Can Dance ?
I've realized we had 2 CDs from them and I've just really discovered them!

It's hard to convince people to try to listen at a band ... I'm personnally nebbbber convinced enough by some hysterical "waaa, this band is fantastic, you gotta, you MUST listen at dem!!!!"

But then, if you have the opportunity to listen at these 2 albums (Martin tells me there are many others even beder!), The Serpent's egg and Spleen and Ideal, oh do it, yup :-)))

I don't know how to describe them really. Originally they were into Gothic, but their music is much more diversified. I've heard critics telling their music was "spiritual", in the very basic way (not in the posh way, that is).
I dunno. It's very unique, the kind of music you enjoy listening when having candles around and when the air smells like spices. that's all I can say :P

**¨¨~~^^** * * *

Thursday, October 31, 2002

And here's a lil something to add to my cats gallery :-)))
They call it Godzilla ;-)

It's been ages I've not posted anything about George w. ... I could not resist this one (g)

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

During the day, Lola asks for milk every 2 hours. If I'm lucky, she falls asleep between 2 rounds ;-)
Then I rush to do as much possible -while keeping an eye on her- : .... preparing her meds, doing all what the flat requires, painting for 2 minutes, taking care of the papers, putting Lola in her "babybjorn" (which makes me a mamakangaroo) and running for boring shopping, answering the DHN (g), etc., etc.

She'll have her bath at about 8, 9.00 pm. Always hoping she'll be more tired for the night after it. Lola loves water but hates the ceremony of the bath.
If not more tired, she gets more nervous after it.

Then she gets milk just before going to bed at about 10.00 pm. Earlier would be a mistake (s).
She wakes me up at about 1.00 am. Diapper cession then milk again.
It's now about 2.30; she's finally sleeping again (hurrrray!).

It's about 4.30, I don't feel I've slept at all, unlike Lola who *sounds* in great shape.
Diapper then milk.
5.30, I carefully bring my sleeping beaudy back to her bed.
The clock will ring in 1 hour now.
I already think about my rush to the shower before Lola starts her day :-)

To me, that looks a looooot like a *mamarathon* :P

Yeeeehoooo!!! In just more than 2 weeks (after the birth), I've lost all the weight (10 kg) I had got during the pregnancy!
Well, dat's kewl, I'm ready to make tens of bros and sis for Lola :P
Less than 2 weeks now before the *looooong* version of The Lord of the Rings is available!!!
(dancing around while asking myself how I can find a guuud price for it!)

Sunday, October 27, 2002

For a time I've felt uncomfortable with my decision for the coming year to be first a "mom" and a "housewife" before a "worker".
Actually working is much more popular than staying at home to take care of the family.
That is so unfair!
I realise it's probably as difficult to be a *housewife* than doing whatever job. At home, your "working" day neber really stops. From home you gotta make twice more efforts to keep socially active. You don't earn money and get an image often in opposition with the concepts of "active woman", "liberated woman", etc.

I feel courageous to have taken that decision. Yup :P
Martin's starting his new job tomorrow!
I hope I'll manage to make his weeks easy (not waking him up in the night when I take care of Lola, etc).. The job will be very interesting and will require a lot of work.
I'm seriously decided to make Martin's life at home a lil paradise. That will make a good balance :-)))**~~* * ** *
When the night is falling, my stress is rising.
How will be the coming night?
Will Lola get alright?
Will she sleep enough, will I manage to sleep?
Will I be a guud mom and take enough time to calm Lola whenever she'll need it?

When the night is falling, the world around is getting quiet. But not in here. Your baby and yourself gotta cope with this silence around.
It is strange :-)
First rush to the pediatrician (is it the right word in English?)...

On Friday, Lola spent her time vomitting (with me as a favourite target) all the milk she could drink. After a few hours, we started to get upset. Was she ill? Was my milk not good anymore? etc, etc.
These lil jewls are so tiny and look so fragile (specially when it's your first one) that you just can't keep zen when something goes wrong or unusual.

The doc did a good job = she reassured us, the stressed parents ;-)
She gave us a med to ease Lola's digestion and told us to come back in the weekend if Lola was vomitting again.

Lola is going beder I think: she's been crying and eating the whole weekend! Not bad, hey :-)) hehe

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

What a unique feeling to breast feed one's baby!
I first found it very stressing because you feel your baby's life finally depends on ... your breast!
Water, food, all come from this *magic* milk.
In the first days I was panicking because you gotta wait 2, 3 days before getting any milk. Will have I any milk? Will my milk be guud enough? How can my milk be enough to help Lola to grow!!?

Now I already feel like an expert in breast's milk (g)... I even *nooooe* when the milk is *boiling*. Ok, it's easy : when you feel literally like iron under the skin of your breast, then you know it's full!
A real genetic mutation. That's fascinating.
Your body answering the basic needs of your baby. The feeling that your baby is made of .. milk, your milk. If that is not magic, hey.... (s)

And the cherry on the cake... the face of your baby once he/she's fed, falling asleep on your breast, with a lil static smile, a red face, and eyes slowly rolling.... Yup, your baby is then completly drunk. I love it **~~* * *^^* *

Monday, October 21, 2002

Babies are easy, nothing to compare with teenagers.... ha!


I'm sure that is true, but right now we're in the process of helping Lola to make a difference between day and night... and dat's haaaard!
I think she can make the difference, but of course (g) not in the right way. She sleeps a loooot during the day and during the night, she wakes up at 12.00, then about 2.00, then about 5.00... and then she does not want to sleep anymore...
Each time I wake up of course and get ready for the diappers cession, then the milky cession (breast feeding); she eats a lot, then throw back half of it, then is hungry again, then starts to get asleep on my breast, then wakes up when I change her position in my arms, and finally cries for long minutes....till I realize she wanna eat again, or till she finally really falls asleep.

And besides that, I wake up each time I hear her breathing, coughing, moving. Martin does not know how I manage to "hear" her that much, he tells it must be in the *maman genes* ;-)

So, Lola is learning about night and day, and I'm learning about getting used to micro-nights (I'm sure Penny can gimme advice about it ;-)

Friday, October 18, 2002

Haaaa, finally back to the guud ol' bloggies!

But it's not the same, it can't be the same as I come back as a maman now :-)))))

Lola is born last week, on Wednesday, the 9th.
9 is really a number that counts for us, we married on a 9 ! ;-)

We arrived at the clinic a bit before 8.00 am, very excited and a bit upset about the day which was starting.
I thought I would receive some injections and would be free to go for a breakfast, etc, while the labour would slowly starts.

But nenene, at 8.00 I was asked to put a nightdress and to install myself in one of the birthrooms.
The day would be long, I would not have imagined that. I expected it would be done in a few hours.
I even thought that with the med, the labour would be complete at the end of the morning.

But it turned to be very slow. The lil Mermaid had somehow decided it was warm and comfortable enough to stay a few more days!
I had so little contractions that I started to feel baaaad to force Lola to go out that way!

We spent a relaxed morning in the birth room, laughing when thinking of the family which was certainly dying to have news!
Then it started to get long. Every hour, the gyno and others came to checks how ready we were.
But we were not!

Finally at 6.00, they decided to help Lola to come, even if the labour was not complete (I think the gyno wanted it to be done before he went back home...)

First the gyno with his forceps, then a few organized "cuts", 2 nurses coming to talk to me, to guide me, then a big guy with his arm pressing on my belly while I started to push, Martin holding my head, helping me, worrying a lot for me.
In 15 (tough) minutes, it was done.

Lola was here, instantly crying on my breast. Impossible to describe the feelings and emotions.
The only word that comes to my mind is "intense" ...**~~* * *~~* *

Just a minute later, Martin goes with Lola in another room for the first "checkings", while I'm being sewed. Glad I could not feel anything, I was just so tired and very cold.
Then Martin comes back with Lola and we wait for 2 hours in the birth room (they don't let you go before).

After 2 hours, they tell us there is no more rooms for us in the "Maternity service" !!!
They tell me we have no other choice than spending the night in a special room with other people that have been operated (just near the surgery rooms)...
They refuse that Lola spends her first night with me to not disturb the others in the room.

Martin starts to get mad at the fooking nurses, and I cry, I feel the pain coming back, and I don't want to be separated from my baby!!!
Lola would spend her first night in a big emergency room for new born babies who need reanimation....
When I saw her there, sleeping like an angel though (s), I cried more, I refused to leave her there!

Finally, the pain "helping", I was forced to get back to my bed.
I asked Martin to go and have some rest, telling him everything would be fine for me (which he did not believe at the moment, rilly).
I hardly slept during this first night, and when in the morning Lola was brought to me and then Martin joined us, I felt the happiest!

After 2 days, I finally got my own room, I discovered the first moments of real intimacy, and it was then that, holding my baby and Martin, I realized what a beauDiful lil family I had **~~* *^^* * *

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Well.... hehe...


Next time I'll be posting a blog, I'll be a Mom (s)

I did not want to talk about it before *THE* right moment comes. Last weekend, it has been decided that on the 9th of October at 8.00 am, I'll be at the clinic for doctors to provoke the birth process!!!
Because all the conditions are here so that the birth goes really well, the gyno thought it's the right moment.

I agree with him, it's high time for the mermaid to come. I'm more exhausted than yesterday and I need a *change* ;-)

I'm excited and stressed, from the moment I arrive at the clinic to the birth itself, it shall take hours.
I fear injections and blood right now, I fear I won't know how to do, but "everything will be fine". Yes :-)))

I look at my belly and I just can't realize tomorrow this time there will be a buDerfly ON this belly. It's magical. The Big Adventure.

Wish me guuuuud luck hey ;-)

Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm feeling so tired today, I don't sleep well since weeks and now I physically get the consequences of that.
Plus I guess the hormones in the last weeks of a pregnancy do not help :)
But it's a monday and then who really feels in great shape on such a day ;-)

I just wanna feel as much ready as Rocky on his ring when I'll rush to the clinic (g)

For now I'm getting so pale-ish ("inside and outside") that I'd better try to sleep for a couple of hours. I bet I can wake up as strong as Conan, without the muscles and the big voice, huh!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

So yesterday I hear Saddam wanna challenge George w. to a duel "to avoid war"... how good from ol' Saddam
I find the idea ridiculously funny though!

And now I hear the Cicciolina offers herself to Saddam in exchange of a "Universal Peace" !

Mel Brooks would not find a beder script to start a movie about Irak ;-)
Yeeeeepeeeeeee, with the help of my Techie Guru, here's my new personnal webpage!
Much more simple, more pleasant, and... from any capitalist pressure (laffin).... I mean...without advertisment!!!
(happy sigh)

Next step is finishing the professionnal webpage... But that is mostly in the hands of my Techie Guru (a real complex programming system!), I'm only there to tell what I want and what I don't want, specially about the graphics :)

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

If UK had its earthquake, now Paris has just had its own too!!
(And Martin is telling it's the fault of Jack's ladder :P)

This morning, the unbelievable happened! Yes, in 10 secondes I felt the sky was falling on my head!

Last month, we had spent days building 4 looong shelves (more than 4 meters long) for our corridor here.
The result was brilliant! We had put tons of books, bottles of whatever, statues, mirrors, etc.... The probbie must have been this 'etc'.
The 4 shelves, completly full, fell this morning. Each was seriously fixed to the wall.
In a minute, I thought the wall had fallen and the floor too

Most of the sculptures I've done are now into pieces, books look tortured, and as everything is under the heavy shelves, I don't know yet the extend of this little nightmare!

Glad nobody was walking there, it's been so quick!

hehe, huuuuuu... we live dangerously, hey ;-)

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

This morning I went to "La Maison des Artistes", a cultural center which gives advice to Artists.

I had to go there in a way or the other before the birth.
I'm dead now, I've not done that much in 5 months!! (laughing)

Anyway, I got the answer I wanted!
I can sell "freely" my own paintings and own reproductions as long as I register as "Artiste Independant".
I will only have to declare on my taxes "declaration" and to the house of artists for how much I've sold for this year.
That's so kewl!!!!

It's the real beginning now :-))))
Funny how situations can suddenly change.
Two days ago, we worried for our jobs, and now Martin is wanted by two companies!

Yup, yesterday evening, Martin went to this other rendez-vous (which lasted 2 hours), and met the techie manager of a startup which is making excellent biz since a year.
After 2 hours, the techie manager agreed with Martin's conditions and insisted that Martin's profile suit them really well.
Martin said he had another offer and that he'll have to take a decision very quickly.

The man got the message, 'cause today Martin had 2 calls from the manager of this startup and another techie guy for 2 rendez-vous!
It sounds that this company is rilly interested in Martin.

So now, Martin has the choice!
How unusual it feels!
Martin will have to be diplomatic enough with both to know exactly which company would be the best. How weird -and kewl!

Monday, September 30, 2002

Ohhhh ohhhhhh !!!!

It seems Martin has found a job!!!

Yeeeepeeeeeeeeeee! I should not be talking 'bout it before he signs but....
I'm too excited!
Yesterday we had a "down" moment when we both started to say we won't find a job anymore, we'll have to go and live under bridges, etc (s)
We actually started to think that finding a job won't be that easy (I and my eternal optimism were losing confidence! eeeck!)

Anyway, this morning, Martin found an email from a man he had met last week.
The job offered was "project manager/webmaster for the German Department" (the German department does not exist yet).

When we had first read the offer, the job was attractive but we laughed and thought it was not a serious company.
It's a company that help people to meet, like hundreds of other internet companies.
But we went to visit the webpage and found details about the reference of this company, and it's one of the most serious one in the market.
That has been confirmed when Martin met its manager. It's a start-up managed by youngish ones with already heavy "luggage" in the internet field, who see in this market (national and international meetings) many perspectives.

All their policy is based on the seriousess of their activity (which is pretty unusual in this field). Weirdos have no chance to be customers, that's it.

This company exists since a few months only and they have already about 550 000 members/customers! They've developped a French, Belgian and Spanish version and now wanna start with the German market... web development, web content, web design, web programming, etc... that's what Martin will have to do! That's what he loves!

Martin fitted completly to the offer (an offer I had found by the way :P, I can be proud , no?! hehe), because of his technical knowledge and also fluent German, but we had no hope since apparently they could not pay as much as Martin wanted.

Anyway, after having met other candidates, they finally chose Martin!
For the first three months (that we call "start months"), he won't be paid as much as expected but they agree to renegociate after.
And because it's so interesting for Martin, we think it's ok.

Martin has to meet them again, but...and it's the cherry on the cake... he would start beginning of November!
That means no stress for the birth! Martin will have all the time he *needs* with us!
That's just wonderful **~~* * *^^* * *

(keeping crossed bits till he signs though)

Oh, by the way, at the moment I'm typing this bloggie, Martin has a rendez-vous with another company another start-up near les Halles.
We thought he could still go there, you never know.. when guud vibes are on your side, it's better to take advantage of dem :P

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I've heard today: Virginia, the state where "men are men, and sheep are scared"
Is it an English expression, hm?
it must be! Naturally!

Gotta translate it in Frawnch in a way or the other, it's pretty guuuuud! hehe
it's getting close!!!
As the cervix is now really open (I hope it nebber chocks when I start with such details! hehe), the gyno thinks the buDerfly will arrive in 7, 10 days maximum!!! We'll see... I'm patient!!!!

All I need right now is sleeping (without going to visit Penelope 4 times in the night!)...hehe... I should not feel that tired before everything starts! huuuuu

Sooooooooo ..... woooosh: to the bed!!! yoooohoooooooo!
I agree with the media here, whatever might happens, Bush will attack Iraq.
Does he need proofs or any official reason to do it? nooo
His plan is to attack this small country in any case.
Pushed by the oil biz? Or to hide such probbies as the national american recession? Or to show again that the usa is the 'leader'?
Certainly a cocktail of all that.

After Bush confessed he could not let go a man who attacked his father and his country (laffin here just thinking about such a speech),
the last thing that has been said in the American Congress is that Iraq has been highly responsible in the spread of AIDS in the world!
Can you believe that?
It would be a joke if it did not concern such a serious matter (shaking head)

I hope Europe and most part of UNO will not get into any fever, attacking george w. or defending him, but will keep doing its job "properly", with a minimum of cold head.
We don't want war as much as we don't want Iraq or any country to be threating the world.

But I wonder, is Iraq the only country which "would be" working on chemical weapons? the only country that has enough ressources to be a threat?
hehe, really I doubt it.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Tommorrow I gotta go to the clinic, the gyno wanna see me everyweek now :)
I just hope he won't tell me (don't laff) that I'm "giving birth" and gotta go directly to the birth room! ... I'm so used to painful contractions that I'm not sure I would recognize the "right moment"... hehe... well I noeeeeee it will be obvious when it comes, but... I still wonder.
Most painful to me right now is the back, whatever I do, it hurts!

But I'm very patient, I'm not eager to be in the birth room... eeeck not al all!!!
Gimme 3 other weeks and I'll be the happiest! :P

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yeeeeppppeeee !!!
Clara and Aymeric are now PARENTS! ....Maïa is born yesterday at 1.00 pm (they arrived at the hospital at 1.00 am!), she is beauDiful (I've already seen pics) and her weight is of 3.4 kg.
Everything went ok and they are the happiest!

Clara was one of the moms we had met, whose due date was for October (1st of October for her).

It's emotionnally very intense for me because it feels like Clara has left the "starting blocs" and we're now all in the race!!!
All of us *Octobrette goils* were expecting patiently who will be the first one to make the big jump! :)
...and Clara has brilliantly 'done it' .... our turn now!!

That stresses me... everyday my belly gets bigger and I wonder how the buDerfly will manage to get out without me to split in two just like a sheet of paper!

hehe.... wooooo..... I gotta keep zeeeeeeeen!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My first book is now full !!! .... full of the prints we've done from my paintings!
It's the first step towards celebrity ;-)
Now I can walk around with this book showing easily my work, it's kewl :-)))
And now George W. refuses to send his congratulations to Gerhard S. because because of the "German" anti-americanism!!! And the American governement waits now for big efforts from the German governement's attitude!!!

This george has no manners and is lucky to have enough power to allow himself treat a "partner-country" that way.
It does not come to his mind that another country, another government might not share the American ideas and plans for the future.

Thanks Gawd, CandyZorrette is back with her last find from George's gallery :P

Sunday, September 22, 2002

As promised, here's the detail of what I gotta bring to the clinic on the big day :P

For the BuDerfly:
10 undershirts in wool and coton, 6 pyjamas, 6 bibs, 3 pairs of slippers, 2 towels, 1 pair of mitten, 1 turbulette (I have no translation for this one!), 1 body, 1 all-in-one, 3 pairs of socks, 1 bonnet!

And for I (the list is really less cute!) :
4 nightdresses, 1 dressing gown, slippers, kleenex, 2 special bras for the feeding, 1 hair-dryer, net panties (eeeeck), feeding cushions (that's how they call that), feeding shell (to take the extra milk during the night... well, that's what's written on the box!), and a good dose of energy to enjoy all what will happen there :P


I just hope I won't spend too many days there, the clinic is semi-private, it's a very small and kinda cosy one... and actually very expensive! If I spend 5 days there, at the end all will cost about 2 200 Euros! Waaaaaaaaaa... we've just realized that!
But at the end, the public hospitals are full and if I can have good doctors around, my own room and bathroom (yeah, I have posh tastes), and a pleasant atmosphere, we think it's not really wasting money :-))

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Warning (S): you can just jump into another bloggie if you don't wanna hear about politics :P

Keeping on focusing on george w.'s policy, I keep wondering a lot about the American strategy.
Since 2 days, you can hear the American congress repeating:
"We will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of self-defense by acting pre-emptively."

What does that mean? They legitimate an attack by naming it 'a right of self-defense' ? lol
If they go on using such bad arguments, I'll start thinking the German minister was not so wrong in her criticism! That's exatcly the kind of arguments used years ago...

I also wonder why the American government focuses that much on Irak! As if Irak was suddenly the only "American problem"... Are they hidding "national" problems... like economic and social ones? Would they try to keep the attention of the people on Irak to avoid any kind of other crisis? dat's strange.

I read this morning in a paper that thanks to george w.'s position towards hussein, suddenly hussein is winning credit and positive image with the rest of the world.
How true! If we start criticizing george w., we must be very careful to not forget hussein is a dictator, not a victim of some american paranoia ;-)

That's all I wanted to add about the topic, enough with America for the 15 next days:P

Friday, September 20, 2002

And today, I've just finished my 8th month!!!
Wooo ooooooooo!!! :-)))))))
In 2 days exactly, the buDerfly will have reached the final step of 'prematurity'. In other words, she can arrive whenever she wants in the 9th month!

The gyno hopes she'll have at least 10 more days to grow up a bit again but when he checked my bits, he saw the cervix was ready now (hard to find the right words in English! in french we say "the cervix stands sideways" or something like dat).
He considers that the very first part of the labour is actually done now (//oO\\)...
He says once she will start to push hard, it will be very quick (trembling in my boots here!!)... so if I have contractions for one hour maximum, I gotta rush to the clinic.

In other words, he is sure the mermaid won't wait till he 20th of October. Even if there is no risk anymore for her, he does not want me to start again to go out and be active (as if I could deliver such a precious present in the middle of the street! eeeck!)

I have another rendez-vous at the clinic next week to check again everything. It's getting so "real" now!
I'm excited and a bit scared, I admit. You can read tens of books about all that, but you never feel "ready" (for the first one, at least).

Now my only wish is to spend another quiet week, maybe 2!!! hehe
Oh and if the mermaid could arrive at about 11.00 am on a saturday, that would really suit me :P

PS: and contrary to what is sooooo visible on the pic, I have actually only taken 6 kgs, not even 8! hehe... Well all these kilos went directly in the belly, trust me:P

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Arggg, what a mistake the German minister of justice has done!
Comparing Bush to Hitler won't bring anything good, or worse that will only give credit to Bush!

Strange, usually it's us Frawnch who make that kind of mistake :P

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

To change from the heavy metal background, I put a cd Martin had about songs of whales, and that just for the Buderfly!
We thought sounds from the sea would seem familiar for a lil creature living in a water environment (S)

I don't know it it worked for the buDerfly, but Joe was scared! I suspect him to understand what the whales were talking about and it must not have been pretty-pretty!
Anyway, after I found a few records from cats meowing, and that suited Joe who came to cuddle my belly!

Huuuuu, I realize the life of preggie ones is very exciting, huh! hehehe :-))))
25th legal and authorized murder in Texas. Guilty one named Jessie Patrick.

Well, some things never change even in *civilized* countries.
Of course the USA do not have the "monopoly" of death penalty. They're even far from it. But we share more or less the same kind of culture and ideals, all that looks very barbarian and really hypocrit.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It's been a kewwwl day! I had the visit of Clara, one of my friends who's preggie :)))
Her mermaid is expected around the 1st of October, so about 3 weeks before me.

It's so great to share our feelings about that same *event* we're both experiencing!
She's very active (lucky goil!) and hopes to go to the hospital very quickly now.
We compared first our bellies ;-)... then what we had prepared in our respective "hopital bag" (many things are required! From special panties (eeeck, ugly ones), airbrush in case you get an episiotomia (I guess it's to keep all the bits "dry" -faiting-), to lil gloves for the baby (so that the baby does not hurt him/herself with his/her nails), etc etc.... hehe

.. my bags (one for the buderfly, one for myself) are ready since about a month, I'll have to give complete details about them... it's kinda funny ;-)

Clara was not too stressed actually, but she really worried for her weight.
As she's very active she does not understand why she's getting that big (her words)... She must have gained some 10 kg so far (and I about 8) which is really ok and reasonnable! I told Clara about Gwéno who had taken 22 kg (hehe, sorry Gwéno, I know you'll read this... but now you've the shape of a model, who cares :P)...and that just reassured both of us! hehe

It's terrible how you can reassure yourself in many situations just by thinking about those who're living much worse experiences than yourself!
But it works :P

Talking about weight, since about a month my appetite has doubled (not my weight, pheww :P)! It's scary, I tell you. I feel very quickly hungry and I cannot resist any cake. Each time Martin goes out, I just suggest the "well, hahum, if you ever pass near a bakery... well, if you see anything that looks terribly attractive, well... you knowww (S)"

I really don't know how a now big buderfly and such a hungry stomach can cohabit in the same belly!
Dat's magical!!!
(looking at my huge belly)..magical in a very "real" way :P

Monday, September 16, 2002

Yeeeehoooooo!!! another sunny Monday :-)))

That is guud to balance the news I've got about my "administrative" situation. Since I've stopped working, I should have received money as a social insurance (for which you pay when working, of course), and it should have been really easy for me to get it, as a preggie one. But the social services have not paid anything so far... always finding a stoopid reason, asking for a new paper, telling it's not their responsibility now because I'm pregnant so I should depend from another service, etc.
Really it's more than boring.

But ...... the sun is shining outside, hey! :-))))

Thursday, September 12, 2002

And I was to talk about Iraq, sharing my views about how I could feel that finally france would follow george w.'s plan, as any guud puppy (sigh)... I found something beder.. well, more entertaining! :P

Just for Joe's pleasure :-)))

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I've heard, from Newsweek mag, that hundreds of Talibans had disappeared after they surrendered to the Afghan and American authorities.
All that sounds strange, why would prisonners just disappear like that? (shrugging) It's not our habit to lose prisonners "that way"...

...I wonder if the ONU will manage to find the the truth about it.
I already expect a positive conclusion that won't involve any "legal" authority.

Anyway, I'm curious to find more about it.
We've almost finished the bedroom for the BuDerfly! Yeahhh!! That's one of the positive point with Martin being free at the moment.
He has time to take care of all that (which I could not have done)!
As soon as it's finished, I'll take some pic of her nest :-)))

The other positive point is that Martin is living the end of the pregnancy in a unique way, he's always arround when the buderfly moves, when I feel sick, when I worry about the birth, etc. We have time to share all our feelings about it and it's fantastic!

For the birth, the only thing that worries Martin is "cutting the cord".. he's not sure he wanna cut something from my body! (laughing)
I can understand him, really!
I do not enjoy either thinking much bout all these physical lil interventions they'll make. Cutting the cord is one thing among tens of others! I've read all what might happen during the birth... it gets really bloody sometimes! eeeeck

It's normal I think of it that way I guess, a "first time" is always stressing huh... If I project myself at the clinic right now, I feel scared and hysteric and happy. More hysteric than anything because I naturally think of it all the time! hehehe
It gonna be terrific!
Have you ever watched an episode of The Osbournes?
hehe... I did.. (pointing at Martin).. we did!

Oh we enjoy it! We've never been big fan of his music, but it's ok. Now his Ozzfest is a great creation for the metal scene!

Coming back to the tv show, the whole family is really fun. The kids, the wife of Ozzie (everybody would dream to have such a mom! hehe, really!), Ozzie himself (who amazingly never seem to be sober)... they're all pretty unusual!
They all seem quite united and it's great to see them all organizing Ozzie's tours, for instance..
Yesterday, Ozzie's wife was working on all the details for a concert... and when Ozzie saw she had asked for soap bubbles to be sent everywhere, he really turned mad and kept telling her "You can't do this to me, I am the fucking prince of fucking Darkness!!!"

hehehe, that was too guuuud!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

If that is not Love, huh ;-).... : I've just spent 6 hours looking for jobs and contacts for Martin, and it feels like a day at work!
I'm complely dead now :P

Today I've mainly looked for startups within Paris and I've found a few ones really interesting:) It's funny because I know so much what kind of job Martin's looking for, that I noooooooooooe purrfectly there would be much more chances I find a job for him than for myself!

If anyone look for a job, ask da new jobguru for help huh ;-)
(for 1 job found, I ask my weight -as preggie one- in candies :P)

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Last week, I finished the Voyage en ballon, and I guess there will be again a few other paintings about pregnancy. I could not be more inspired than right now :P

Saturday, August 31, 2002

I'm really about to be a *Mom* !!!!

(falling from chair)

I mean, it's been months I'm working hard for it (hehe) and it sounds so close now!
My visit went well this morning, no big change since last time :)

The buderfly is pushing more but the lil door hasn't started to open yet (sorry my vocabulary is limited when it concerns the body bits!). The gyno could feel the head of my little Marion Jones though... so, as usual since a few months, he asked me to be extremely careful.

He asked me not to go out in any case and that for the next 3 weeks. He said he does not want to scare me but he really fights against premature births. And before the end of the 8th month, it's always risky.
So I won't attend the preparation courses for the birth. He said it was not a real probbie and that I had not the choice in any case:)

I'll see him in 3 weeks then, and he said on that day I'll be starting my 9th month, so there won't be any risk anymore.
3 weeks is so short, I can't imagine the birth happening that quickly!!! wooooooooooooooo hehehe

But maybe I'll manage to keep her till October! That's my very big challenge now :-))))) ***~~* * *^^* *

Friday, August 30, 2002

That is the kind of jokes which will only receive a heavy ha - ha - ha from most people, but which makes me laugh.

Joe was not a very romantic person, and furthermore he was rather stupid. But he wanted to impress his wife, so he took her out for an anniversary dinner and watched the couples around them, following their leads.

He observed the couple next to him. The man lifted a sugar shaker towards his wife's cup and said, "Sugar, sugar?" Joe thought this was great and continued to listen around the dining room.
Another table over Joe observed the following. A man spooned out some honey out of a bowl for his wife and asked, "Honey, honey?"
Again Joe thought this was good stuff.

Finally, he cut off a piece of his meat, stared longingly into his young wife's eyes and said, "Ham, pig?"

The buDerfly has been moving all day! (and Gawd, it's so pleasant to feel her that much!!!)

Tomorrow, at 9.00 (but yes, I agree, it's far too early!), I've my 8th official visit to the gyno (we have 9 mandatory visits during the pregnancy).
As usual I'm curious about what the gyno's diagnostic. I think I'm doing well and I don't see why the buderfly would come too early:-))
I hope the gyno will allow me to attend the preparation courses for the birth. These courses are highly recommended, there you can learn a loooot about the birth itself, the ways to keep zen, and they give many clues about how taking care of the babe and yourself during the first days... the kind of advice I need cause I ask myself many questions about female probbies and many "how will I do this and that" about the baby.

I've quite a few books that give guud advice but I *need* to hear some female experience :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Martin has just signed the papers today, Friday will be his last day at work.
He is glad enough to stop now because he really did not enjoy working for the new company.

Now we'll be two looking for a job, it should work:)
I give myself the whole month of September to find something, then I'll start to worry (s)

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Ohhhh aarrrrrgggg!!!!

I've just talked with an American old friend on the web... As usual, we laughed about George W. last actions and decisions... and we finally started to talk about the Earth Summit, and the defense of the environment.
After 1/2 of hard talk, it was clear I was standing on the side of the environment, and him on the other side!!! What a shock it was!

I was just telling it was time we start to take care of what surrounds us, etc. He was keeping answering things like:
-what happens will happen, we can't do anything against it (like the ices age is coming back)
-what the fuck defending a tiger of siberia whereas people are dying in Africa (I told him he could start writing W. speeches then)
-that polluting industries give employment, etc etc (as if non-polluting ones wouldn't produce employment //oO\\)

Then he said :
1) I was young and Youth gets really cute ideas !!!!!
2) I should go to Pennsylvania and live with the Hamish
3) that all my foolish ideas about environment were due to my education

Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Where's my bazooooooka again!

Then he added he knew what he was talking about, that 31 years ago he was a Hippy, holding hands with 5000 other people, etc
I said he was being really caricatural and that there's nothing to be proud of in being a hippy in south CA, 30 years ago....I mean 90% of them are now guuuud biz men, caring for their own comfort and laughing at "youth"'s ideals and fights. Disgusting.

I don't know how but I managed to not insult him at the end (g)
I even thanked him for this highly intresting chat, in a very lady way :P
But inside me, I was/am burrrrrrrrrrning!!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Eeeck, I can't remember if I ever put this very cute drawing on here... If I did, sorry for that... At least it reminds us the female position in this World is nebber the easiest one :P
Haaaa, this lil test is not that baaaad, have a look at it :-))

The Frawnch fragile thingie that I am now (rolling eyes) has been fighting against a baaaaaaad cold since 3 days now.. and it's not over!
And I've not even been at Chez Sillan (where they've all been infected lately!)

I cough like a man smoking 4 paquets of gitanes maïs a day! I could not sleep last night, except from 6.00 to 9.00 am.
I'm exhausted but still cough and cough and cough. I cannot take anything efficient against it, it is not kewl!

Next time I'll cough my lungs!

The worse in that (s), it's that I'm forced to drink some catweewee with lemon juice in it all day! Yuck, double-yuck!
I've even started with an inhalation of some obscure mixture of different (good!) herbs that are supposed to get rid of the cough. It does not work so far, but it smells guuuuud :P

If anyone has any good trick against a baaaad cough in a preggie one, I'm interested (G)

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I'm just back from a clinic (which is at 2 min from here) for the third and last scan of the buDerfly :-))))
The image on the screen was much less good than with the previous scans, but we managed to get some of her profile :-)))

I've also been confirmed she was not an hermaphrodite (g)... yup, she's "still" a goil! :P
All the measures and tests went well (which has been a relief) and she is well placed (head towards the way out ;-)

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

And here are the three last paintings I've done:

For "Cavalière solitaire", I was much inspired by snails in Bretagne when it was raining hard. I imagined all of them coming out at the "rain" signal to join for some tournament.

Then there are the 2 complementary "Faites vos jeux, part 1" and "Faites vos jeux, part 2" which I like a lot :-)

I need to work a lot on paintings and drawings because I hope to get 50 of them soon enough. Right now there are maybe only 20 paintings that I like enough to show. I realize I can be over critical towards myself (when it comes to paintings :P). In any case I can't help it, I can't imagine selling anything I don't like at 250% !
Have you heard in the news about Amina (a woman from Nigeria) who's about to be stoned to death for having sexual relationship with a man, other than her ex-husband (they had just divorced).
With a high sense of human generosity, they wait for her baby to be weaned before stoning her.

All those judges there (because there are trials before, great hey) should be put to jail for murder, shouldn't they?!
I can't believe there are laws that support such decisions, whatever the cultures and traditions and religions are.
And refering to God as an excuse for murder ... how can a man defend such a theory.
And today, the buDerfly is 7 months (in *belly time*) :-)))
Yeeeepeeeeeeeeee, 2 months left and wooooosh (if only it was just a wooooosh ;-), she'll be around here!

What has changed in a month?
Well, the size of my belly, sure thing (no comment 'bout the pic, puleaaaase), it is bigger everyday and it gets complicate to dress.
She's now 40 cm long (which I can hardly imagine when looking at my belly), and her weight should be about 2kg :-))
She sleeps about 20 hours/day (ermm.. I can hardly believe it! ;-)

She now can hear us (which is guuuud since we talk to her all the time).
And we have a whole pile of cds that we want her (us? ;-) to listen. Martin will play the Irish flute to my belly (hehe). You never know she might develop a musical talent! :P

and she still moves a lot (but soon she won't have space enough to move as she uses).
Since we've learnt she was very low in the womb, we've started to "learn to know where she was" in the belly.
Since weeks, we manage to feel where's her head and back.
We often give a sweet massage the womb when I feel she's pushing down or when she starts to kick (and it feels like talking by morse code with her, very funny!)

So what has changed to me (and certainly to Martin) is that relationship which is getting more and more *real* **~~* *^* *

Friday, August 16, 2002

I love dem Friday evenings... well usually!
It's 10.00 pm and I'm just back from the emergency services!.... not for my belly, neeeee (thanx gawd).. but for my teef!
Dem again!

You would not believe these lil thingies can hurt that much. And I must be doomed with toothaches, it seems to happen so often.
I will change of butcher, I think he has not done his job.

In 2 words, I have a nerve that is painful since a few months. But my butcher did not dare to do anything serious since I was preggie. He said it would be ok and that can wait after the birth.
Since the beginning of the week, it has started to hurt more than usual. Well, finding a dentist in middle of August is like winning 4 numbers at the lottery.
So I thought it would pass. I drank liters of icy water to calm the pain. But last night I could not sleep and the pain turned to be so intense that contractions started.

I resisted (which was stoopid) till tonight when Martin had to take me to some emergency service near Montparnasse.
And now I'm back, much reassured to have seen a dentist (he did the scariest injection I've ever had, I heard the needle coming into my bone (to reach the nerve)!! eeeeck :P). It was pretty expensive (90 €) but he apparently did a good job.

Right now I'm blessing the effects of the injection (feeling no pain), and I hope all will be ok now, then I'll sleep like a babe :)))
I thought Elvis had died some 40 years ago, not just 25!
Maybe because I only keep in mind his glamourous face (when he was in his 20 !)...

I find that so strange to see all these fans all over the world, worshipping him as if he was still alive... but what's even more astonishing (to me) is the Elvis' fans desire to look like their King! ....specially those who try to have his 1970's look!

Bloody business world!
We've been waiting for moooooonths for LOTR (lord of the ring) to be available in video or dvd... and now it's everywhere, I discover the "real" version (longer one) will come out only in November!
Actually I can wait, but I would have been kinda angry to buy the normal version now and discover 3 months later the longer one!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Sooooo, I expected a bit what my gyno told me yesterday.

He first found I was in good form (and he was right, I was feeling really well). I've still the same weight as last month (which sounded as a miracle since my belly has now extreme proportions ;-).
Before he checked for the womb and everything, I told him he'd beDer confirmed the mermaid and I are really doing well (S)

But as soon as he started, an upset look appeared on his very serious face... He was repeating -as to himself- "no no it's not not good". And I was there, watching the ceiling, waiting for him to come back to me to give me explanations.
Oh nothing critical, but now it's sure that even if I hardly move, the buDerfly will go on pushing to go out.

He confirmed there is all the symptoms that the babe is a prematured one. Of course, I don't complain, I'm already at the end of my 6th months, there plenty of prematured babes everyday,etc.
But I don't think you can be peaceful when you know there is always a risk with a prematured babe. And I would hate that the buDerfly arrives too soon and be forced to stay at the hospital for a couple of months..

Anyway, I'm not expecting to be reassured, I know there's a risk whenever from now on.
The gyno asked I stay on bed now 24h/24, and I'm only allowed to get up for a shower, for the third scan (next week) and to come back to the clinic. Of course, he said I gotta rush to him whenever I feel something wrong (sigh).
Time looks very long now. But it's ok, as long as the mermaid keeps kewl :-)))

The gyno has also doubled my treatment to calm down contractions, every 2 hours I gotta take the drugs. I hope they will be efficient:)

Now I worry for Martin, he has to take care of everything, from his research of a job to the cleaning of the flat, etc. This afternoon (he has a week of holidays now), he'll go to try to find the basic equipment for the mermaid, just in case she arrives quickly. Not fun to do that alone :(((

Sooooo, the only thing I can do for him is cuddling him as much as possible and giving him lil massages whenever possible :-)))
Not that baaaad for the future Dad, huh ;-)**~~^^** * *~~* * ... but very frustrating for me not to be able to help him more!

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Tomorrow I've to go to the clinic and this time I hope the gyno will have guud news for the mermaid and I **~~* * *^^*
I've been rilly riiiiilllllyyyyy reasonable!

My belly is now really huge and I start to think the mermaid will be a big baby! It won't be easy to ermmm... *open the door* to her ! That gonna give me new nightmares :P

Thursday, August 08, 2002

I heard the Americans wanna launch an attack in Irak. Of course, they have planned how the country will organize once they'll have got rid of the *baaadies*.
And Georges W. is trying again to impose his rules to Israelians and Palestinians.
I don't want to focus everyday on Americans but why do they always intervene in external affairs -too often with military options-, and besides without the agreement of intenational institutions?

Because they're economically the first power and wanna remain such? Because they feel they've a kind of sacred duty ("we gonna save the world") and have to involve in every conflict?
I wonder.
I had such nightmares last night! Huuuuu, nebber again!
First one... I'm at the hospital, giving birth to the mermaid, far too early. Everything goes wrong, we lose her.I remember the details, but I'm not in the mood to type them I guess..
I woke up, sweating. Fell asleep again. Started to dream again.
Martin is helping me to give birth to the mermaid, again far too early. The mermaid arrives, beauDiful smiling baby. She seems to have troubles to breathe, she's a bit red.
We call the nurse, I cut the cord with my hands (huuu), and Martin gives the babe to the nurse who takes her in a towel.
We tell the nurse the name of the babe. She turns back towards us asking if we're sure for the name... because the baby is a boy!!!
We laugh, we did not expect that at all of course.
The nurse asks if we want to check if the babe is a boy. We agree. She opens the towel and there we see a mincroscopic kitten.

I woke up and felt Joe sleeping with his head on my breast, pushing me to have a maximum of space. No wonder that influenced my nightmare.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Yesterday, the weather was so fine that I did not resist to go and try to swim a bit.
I knewwwww I could not go far anyway, so we went down to the river (2 min by car, 10 min walking)... Just 2 min by car provoked contractions!
Argggg, I arrived there and could not even put a foot in the water. I just lie down and waited for the contractions to pass.
Huuuuuuuu, I promise myself to have very active holidays in the next years...very "physical" ones!I wanna sweat and feel da muscles aching, puleeeeease :P
I read in the news (serious ones, I swear! :P) that 1/3 of Americans think Canada is an American state, just like Louisianne or Nevada ...

I don't believe this can really be trooooooe, 'tis not possible... hm?
Martin's been in an Austin Powers muuud today, here's some of what he told me again and again with a purrfect accent!

"Are you hungry, Mini-Me? Want to eat something? An eggo? No, stop that, Mini-Me, we don't eat Mr. Bigglesworth! Yes, come here. Give a hug to papa.." (Dr Evil to his living ego Mini-me)

"My dad is at the head of an evil organisation and wants to take over the world" (Dr Evil's son)

"Watch my sexy body, hmmmm, hoooooaaaaaaaaaaaa, come here baby, I want to eeeeeeeeeat ya" (The Scottish obese one to the blond babe)

"You're not evil enough, son, you're QUASI-evil" (Dr Evil to his son)

I can't wait to see Goldmember which will come out in November! Weeeeeeeeee!!

Monday, August 05, 2002

Have you heard about the English couple who booked tickets for Sydney via internet?
They kinda did not expect to arrive at the town of Sydney... Canada!!!
As they said in the news.. it's just not like Oz, but at least they can enjoy Canadian lobsters :P
Sunny Monday... 2 beauDifully opposite words~~^^** ^^**~~
If it gets as hot as yesterday, I give myself a couple of hours before feeling like a tiger in a cage.. I wish I could follow the others on the boat or to the beach..argggg!!!!

On the other hand, I've caught a big cold (big one, like a winter cold!) and I couldn't move much anyway. Phewww, that cold is a kind of relief (G)

Saturday, August 03, 2002

I can't walk, swim, dance but (s) I can still share lil probbies as anyone on holidays! (G)
After 20 minutes of intense sun, I found myself with 2 burnt sausages with a pair of feet at the end of dem.
Da legs hurt!!! Arggg... but it feels like holidays ;-)
I had news from some relatives today... and they managed to turn me into baaaad muud
They openly said I was completly unconscious to have come to Bretagne and added I should have stayed at home... "it would have been way more reasonnable".

I really got angry, who they think they are to tell we're consciously taking risks!
I discovered they knew me really badly, I would nebber take a single risk concerning the buDerfly!

You know, that makes me so mad to even suggest I'm not a responsible *mom*! Arggggg
Gimme my bazooooka, nowwwww!


Tuesday, July 30, 2002

We arrived pretty late in Bretage (about 1.OO am), both tired but happy :-)
The smell outside was fantastic, the perfumes of the wet grass, the wet night and the chimneys, all rushed into me. It was very intense, as if nature was embracing us.

When we finally jumped into bed, a huge thunderstorm broke out. As usual I got scared and exited, the sky was really farting hard!
While trying to sleep, I suddenly felt something wet at the end of my nose... I opened big eyes and had the strangest view! During a light of thunder, I saw Joe standing in front of my face, his nose against mine with monstruous ear-rings (yuss yusss!!) hanging down his hairy ears!
Joe did not look like a cat at all then, more like a creature of the Dark coming to haunt me!
It took me 10 secondes (which is finally long) to realize the creature was my Joe! A joe who had just visited the most dusty parts of the house and decorated himself with cobwebs! hehe

We woke really late to discover that the weather was wet and quite grey, but it smells even beDer!
That smell... oh Gawd... these perfumes all around.....
I love it ***~~* *^^* *

Saturday, July 27, 2002

I wonder.. Is it really "inappropriate" to talk of serious subjects (as the death of a relative) in a bloggie?!!
The more I use blogger the more I consider it as a part of me. The bloggies I write are always very personnal and important to me (even the lil funny pics I add sometimes)... and I see them as a way to share whaveter feeling with friends, without imposing really those feelings to them.
And to me, the bloggies let a complete freedom of reaction. I like that a lot.

I am reorganizing my archives to print them. It's fantastic, I have all of them since beginning of january **~~* * *^^^** * * *
Two days ago, I thought a lot about my grand-mother who lives in Lyon (south France). Very often in the day, I thought about her death. I dunno why.. I have not seen her since about (I dont even remember) 8, 10 years.
I never took time to go and visit her. Then I thought the fact I cannot travel during my pregnancy sounded like another excuse (though real one) to postpone our visit.
I finally thought the situation was kinda absurd, for years I did not make the lil effort to visit her and now I'm preggy I just cannot.

And yesterday my dad called me to tell me "Mamie" had just died :-((((((((
Ok she was 95 and not feeling so well, but it still feels like a blow you receive in the middle of the heart.
You can't tell I was very close to her, but we wrote to each other very regularly and called each other pretty often. She was the "typical" grand-mother, long wite hair always brushed on top of her head, lil voice like one of a mouse, playing scrabble everyday after lunch (s), cooking like a chef (specially jams), etc. I wish Martin had known her:)

I coud not stop contractions yesterday after I learnt about it, even staying on my bed with medication.

Now I have only one grand-mother left (to which I am very very close), I call her "bonne-maman" and I hope she'll be around us for years and years again.
That scares me to see this generation disappearing, it's like part of your childhood going away with your grand-parents (souvenirs are not just the same)... and somehow you become aware next step will be your own parents.


Anyway, I cannot even visit her a last time, which would have felt terribly ironic to me anyway. But she would have deserved at least that last visit.

Martin and I will try to leave for Bretagne on Tuesday (if I can travel "horizontally"...), I should not travel at all, but I need to breathe fresh air and to leave the walls of da flat for a few days:)

Thursday, July 25, 2002

I really can't stand torrida and it is full season for it south of France! Grrrrr
Aren't bulls adorable!

Yeeeeeepeeeee, we've just bought the domain!!!
Then we have (bought) space on an hoster's server to build our webpages, websites, etc. We have access to databasis, stats, etc!
(it costs 7 euros/month... 12,99 AUD or if you prefer 4,43 £ :P)
It will take time before you can see anything at this adress but.... first stone of my pyramid :P

Oh and I have named Martin as candyfroggie's technical manager! (G)

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Instead of counting sheep to fall asleep....(G)

I really wonder if you can sell anything on the internet without making it official...
I spend hours looking for information about the French legislation. So far, I did not find anything!
If anyone knows about it, I'll share a glass of champ with him or her :P
Well, dat fookin toothache disappeared as soon as I took rendez-vous with my dentist!!!
I went there though to be sure... He found nothing. Soooooo, I guess that strong medication I'm having provoked all that.

I'm getting used to the treatment now, I've almost stopped trembling and I have only headaches for a couple of hours! Huuuuuu, that's a relief!! :-))))))

Monday, July 22, 2002

Wooo, the medical treatment I follow seems quite strong.
The gyno had warned me about it, but it's a bit tough. My heart seems to beat faster, my hands have started to tremble (a normal reaction to this medication) and I have got a continuous headache. And last night, I suddenly felt a toothache (why everything at the same time! ;-)... I have hardly slept and I will wait till tomorrow before going to the dentist. It might be another reaction to the medication (sigh)

Now the good "physical" piece of news, the mermaid is over active, she's spending her day *telling* me she's in great shape and mood ;-)

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Ha welllllllll.... everything can't be just purrfect and the gyno was not happy with my belly this morning :(

It's strange cause I've really felt guuuuuuud in the last week and today even more!
But the buDerfly pushes again and again, provoking contractions, and she gotta be stopped a bit. I had not realized babies had already such a taste for freedom:)

The gyno sounded pretty serious and asked I hurry to the hopital if I feel anything unusual happens (I worry I might not "realize" when something serious happens though).
I have new medication to take, stronger one for women with risk of premature birth. I tell you I did not like at all that "premature" word on the paper.

Anyway, now I'm not about enjoying summer as I wished I could. I'm not even sure I can leave for any holidays.
I hope I can because it's so hot and I'm tired of looking at the walls of the flat without being allowed to go out (anymore).
...(will I tell it?...hmmm .. ok).. I wish it was full winter right now (wink@Penny), with snow and a temperature of -10°c outside!
Oh it would feel so well to be forced to stay under the covers (sigh)...

I hadn't expect pregnancy could be that tough and stressing (and I don't really complain here, it's just an obsevation:) ..I know other preggie goils who are having much worse probbies!!!)

Anyway, I really feel like a bird sitting on its egg now. What matters is this "egg" of mine, I gotta keep it warm and safe:)
**~~^^**^ ^^^**^^~~~* * * *
Yeeepeeee, today's another month to celebrate!!! :-))))

(grabbing a book a friend gave me)... let's see.. my 28th week :
The lil buDerfly must weight about 900 grammes and measures 33 cm....
the diameter of her head is about 7 cm and she has already hair.
A real lil damoiselle, hey :-)))) ***~~* * *^^* * * *

As for me, they say now I should take on about 350 to 400g every...week!!! eeeeeck!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

If my visit goes well enough (I don't expect the impossible, just the minimum of good news), we've a pic-nic planned on Sunday:)))

We organize that pic-nic with Clara and Aymeric, the couple we met 2 weeks ago at the Luxembourg garden:)))
We rilly get on well with them and wanted to see each other again!

Paris is organizing a summer project from next Sunday to mid of August. The project is called *La plage à Paris* "(the beach in Paris)... Instead of the yukkky traffic along the Seine, there will be beaches all along the quays. Sand beaches, grass beaches, with "guinguettes" here and there (guinguettes are hmm typical places along the rivers here where you dance "retro" dances like chachacha :P).
There will be also beaches for beach volley, places where you're allowed to fish, etc

Nice idea, hey?!!!
So we decided it would be purrrfect to see that while enjoying a pic-nic on one of those grass beaches! **~~ * * *^^* *
Now I can hardly wait for my visit to the gyno on Saturday.
At the same time, that stresses me a bit, but I *neeeed* to know:)))
It's the 6th month' visit! (proud smile -6 months already!)

I want to hear my gyno telling me the baby is up again and that my contractions are disappearing.
I've been so careful in the last weeks, I'd almost deserve an award (which could be -right now- a yummy strauberry pie) :P

Apart from that pub yesterday (which was close) and the Octobrettes' meeting, I haven't taken any metro or bus in the last weeks, sooooooo... it should be better!:))) **~~* * *^*
Haaa, it had been a while since we went to an English pub!
It was the choice of Rod, our Canadian friend (from Toronto). He was in Paris for 2 days and that was great to see him!!!

It's the first time I ordered a glass of milk in a pub. Which I did not get, of course (sigh)
I was not the only preggie goil, Fanny (Parisian friend) also expects a baby for December! And Rod has a lil "Noah" who's 3 months-old :-))))
So many babies around! It must be the last trend of fashion :P

I think guys talked more of babies than we did yesterday. It was very funny and their words were the most tender and sweet I've ever heard. Sometimes I think they manage to developp such a "maternal" instinct, it's really astonishing.

I hope we'll visit Rod and Karine (he married a French goil) in Canada in a few years. Canada, including Québec (s)
It must be a very beauDiful country and so far the Canadians I've met are rilly the kewl type:)))

Ohh we've also talked about Oz yesterday, a couple of friends have just made a World tour for 8 months.. and when they started to speak about Oz, they said it was very very strange to cross Vietnam, Mongolia, China, etc to arrive finally in such an occidental civilization as Oz!
Suddenly they found the civilization they knew, they could understand people again, etc.. hehe:)) They loved their trip!

They told us about the last new year's eve they spent, just the 2 of them sleeping on a mexican beach, drinking mezcal and watching the stars.... haaaaa, that sounded great!

I'll play lottery on Sat', and if we win, I'll plan a world tour once our buDerfly can follow us! Weeeeeeeeeeee:-)))))

Monday, July 15, 2002

And just before going to check the first details about how I can create a lil online shop, you can have a look at Des fleurs et des abeilles, a painting certainly inspired by what I'm living; and besides that, I've realized preggie women are hardly represented on paintings or drawings. I think they make a real interesting subject though!
I hardly dare telling we've watched Scooby-doo (g). Oh I like the original cartoon, but the movie.... one of the worst of the year! That was kinda predictable but ha well..we've to use our cinema cards sooooo it's a good excuse, isn't it?!! :P

We should know this week *how* Martin will be fired (conditions, etc). Then we'll be able to start to plan our next weeks on solid basis.
Even though I'm not allowed to travel by car, I hope we'll be able to leave Paris for a few days. I thought I wouldn't be able to rilly enjoy holidays... but a few days away won't change anything and I *need* to breathe fresh air (and to expose my whale-ish swimsuit ;-), and I think Martin too :-))
In any case, Joe will have his lil injections tomorrow, so he'll be ready to play with all the nasty tigers of Bretagne (s)

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

huuuu, lying down and working hard on the puter is real exercise! (nossing)

This morning I've spent more than 4 hours working on my English books... I like so much that language that I wanna improve! ... and it feels like holidays in comparison with learning German ;-) ... I'll go on with both in the next days.

I have found new offers for Martin, now it's up to him! (I love dat team ;-))
We've received a couple of answers.... finally! Negative ones though, that's the bad side of it...
Anyway, I've done my part, I'll start again in 2 days:)

Now I'll try to find a right position to draw a bit and tonight... Dungeon Siege time!!!
What a great role game (on PC)! Martin and I spend hours on it together... So far we've a team of 7 soldiers (magicians, warriors, etc) and one old mule (which I protect a lot, against Martin's advice...tssss) that are supposed to help the heroe (a goil, named candide :P)
Yesterday, we realized we forgot dinner when it was over midnight!
hehe, we'd be teens, we wouldn't be *worse* than that!
... but it's a guud way, among others, to forget the stress :))

Okies, for now I'll put mini-Gulli (laptop) away and grab a pencil :-)))

Monday, July 08, 2002

So Saturday was the Octobrettes'day!!!
We were 4 preggie goils, 3 future Dads :-)))

It was really great, though the weather was not with us really (boooo).
We met a very nice couple, Clara and Aymeric, with who we instantly got on well! And it happens that they know exactly where we live..and a bit more...!

When I told Clara the stairs were a bit hard for me now... she said they also know friends in the 15th arrondissement who have "troubles" with their flat on the 5th floor. Just like us (!)
They said their friends live rue Blomet... well, like us!
Then they asked if there was a big wooden door then another one in glass, etc etc... they were describing *our* building! And it finally happened that their real good friends live just at the same floor as us! hehe... they told us that, before, their friends were living in the flat in which we are! So Clara and Aymeric knew exactly our flat!
It was very funny, such a coïncidence!

I think we'll have an aperitive or something like that with our neighbours and Clara and Aymeric!

Anyway, here are the pics Aymeric did with his webcam, to give an idea :))

This one shows Clara (on the left), Phantie, the fattie and Martin. Rain was threatening, so we were looking for a pub near (s)

Here is Clara, who expects her babe for the 1st of October, a daughter! :-)))

Here is Phantie, who repeated she'll make sure her "Octobret" join next time :P She expects a...daughter for the 29 of October :-)))

Now you can see Pauline and her other half (they were the youngest, 22 years old... the rest of us was more around 30). They expect a lil boy for mid of October!
You could hardly tell she was preggie, she has almost no "belly"!

And finally, Martin and I at the pub (I was telling him which beer I'd love HE takes :P)

We spent a real good moment, and I think it was quite an experience for the future Dads too! They could share this feeling of beeing also *preggie*!
We shall all meet again before August. I did not think we'd get on so well with all of them. The Internet is kewwwwwl!