Saturday, February 28, 2009

So.... Rock 'n roll !

Martin got it!

Got his new tat' :D
And I can even show it to you :)

It's been made by miss Sunny Buick (with such a name, you just have to be a tattoo Goddess!)

There are still some bruises around (yellow), because it's still healing. I find it really beautiful!
(Martin said it was very painful, specially when it came near the nipple! ouch! -will never ever do it there-!)

So now we both have our tattooist! very kewl. When we met mine in a pub yesterday, told him I will keep him for myself and Martin will have to go back to Sunny :P hehe

The hourglass

Olala, I'm so happy to have finished this one, it took me aaaaaaaaaages!

click here

Time to start with a dragon painting now!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photographic, picture

A postcard from Bretonie

click here

and one from the handsome Cesar (Rosalie's just behind! :P)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Wall

What a pleasure, what a satisfaction to see one's painting, framed, on a wall. Some people wanted this one at this place on their wall.

My wingless butterfly found a home, a safe place, ... maybe she did not die at the end!


Well, my parents' house is getting better and better! (they're working so hard on it!)

When I want to have a nap, I can chose under the roofs, near the fireplaces, in one of the cosy bedrooms, etc.

I'm like a cat and love it when it's warm.

Here's my fav place for naps on winter time... (so, you're jealous! I hope so :P)

Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please

'cause ol' Candy's blogging and that doesn't happen twice a week, huh!

So here's the first post of a series of bloggies about Bretonie, just because I feel like it.
We did not have much time to work on the hobbit house (Martin was not there except on weekends), but we had good days! Even sunny ones!

So, some heard (the Facebook addicts!) that a few days ago I made a promise I instantly regretted!
And, tadddddda, this promise was to cook (fainting already) a rum baba. Me cooking a rum baba (I hate cooking). Cooking that takes half a day, unbelievable!

I could not fail, it was to celebrate Martin's 40th birthday!
I was under pressure.

But I reckon rum and I make a good team... and the result was absolutely perfect!
If any of you wanna try my baba some day, you beg me for a week and I'll do it :P hehe

I naturally added 10 times more rum than recommended and it was great!

I also cooked a cheese cake (great too but too many speculoos :P), 100 crepes (I am not kidding!)and a creole chicken.

I still hate cooking, but kinda enjoy bringing this pleasure to those I love.

click here

Martin looks 10 years younger than I, that's unfair! He will get in 2 days his special present, a big tattoo on the chest (ouch!), an old boat that will be made by a famous tattooist named Sunny :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Road trippin

on my way to Bretonie,
take care of your bits, my friends :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got inked, in technicolours

So voilà, I've got my new tattoo, and it's healing so well that I think it's ok to show it already! :)

A swallow, guiding the lost sailor to the coast, giving hope. I like that. Besides it's pretty, I wanted colours, I got them. I was stressed enough before, because it's so visible... but that's exactly what I wanted!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's been a devils' week (so far)

On Saturday morning I was at the doc with a sick Loup (sigh)
On Monday morning I was at the doc, with a sick Lola (pfffff)

Finally they both start to feel better and should go back to school tomorrow! (yeeepeeeeeee!)

They should be in some perfect shape for the holidays (fainting thinking I'm about to enjoy two very devilish weeks!)

But anyway, sick or not, they've both been very active in the kitchen (see, we teach them the priorities in life!)

Loup enjoyed pushing in and out the fish' eyes...

... While Lola turned to be the crêpes' queenette!

(<---is a proud mama!)

Marlon.... Elvis... or

...a drunk lil devil?!

neeeeeee, Loup only drinks apfelsaft !
So I guess wether he does not really stand the camera's flash, or... he is a real Elvis! :P

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tattoo design

So, next one should look like that. A swallow on the front side of the shoulder.
I used here a design that I modified with the shape and colours I want.

Busy bee!

My Saturday started a couple of hours ago, visiting the doc for Loup.
(called the doc at 8.00, on a Saturday, and had my rendez-vous for 8.45! That is so kewl!)
But... Loup gets an angina. Damn.

As long as he does not kiss everyone, it won't be infectious.
Because in a couple of hours we're expected at my grand ma' to celebrate the Xmas we have had no time to celebrate together, lol. Xmas...

2 hours later we join our French-American cousins to celebrate a birthday with looooots of kids and yummy food. We made 40 crepes for the party! 40!
(well I made the preparation and Martin and the kids did the crepes! lol)

2 hours later again: RUGGER! France/Ireland... it's gonna be YUMMY (faint)
So exciting!!!

Then tomorrow morning 3 hours of sport
Tomorrow afternoon, my dad visits us (which happens, once a year huhu)

Meanwhile I gotta work on my painting and finish the design for the tattoo I get on Tuesday (I will show you later today when I come back for more bloggies)

I'm a busy bee, I think.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Frozen bits on the grill

(no comment about that stoopid title, thank you :P)

We woke up this morning in a very white Paris. BeauDiful, for a couple of hours and then it turned so... muddy! ... Yiiickes!
Winter's still around and I actually like it (as long as my babes and other-half are not sick!).
When it's cold and snowy outside, it's so cosy and warm inside :)

Tomorrow, I get a girlie lunch, joining 3 supa ones for giggles. That is just perfect. Another proof that it might be icy outside, will be boiling inside :)
Before, early sport (I've tried something the other day called "total body conditionning"... the best thing ever, totally exhausting, mixture of cardio training and muscles' training... perfect torture!)
... then work, break with the girls, work.
So, much time for meself, Tuesdays are blessed!

My time on the internet is now more or less divided between bloggies, Facebook and Jango. Facebook being more present than the rest, not that I really spend time on it, but it's just there, bringing me the news friends wanna share. I know who gets the flu, who's pissed with work, who's feeling on top of the world. That really suits me.
I keep refusing relatives there as "friends", it's just that... it's my own space, I wanna feel free with it, with friends. I know how my relatives are doing, does not need FB for that :)
Oh and guess what... the group we've created about metal music is about to reach 100 members! Woaaaa, that rocks! hehe

Talking about music, I've divorced from the Police one. Been listening to them lately and I find most of their music terrible. C'pas grave!
I've also re-explored Queen. Sometimes, tastes might change. But no, I was on a very open mode but their music still does not touch me at all. I even automatically switch to something else when I get them on the radio!
Now, sticking to oldies, I've been listening a lot to the Doors again. And there are much stuff (not everything) I really love, they were fookin good too :)

Not a love bite

And here comes my last painting; I'm slightly frustrated because the colours from the scan are not as contrasted as they're for real (talking of the background mainly), but it's ok!
A vampire scene, not too gothic, with lots of colours, which might be a change.

People always tell, and they're right, that there's always something from the painter in the painting. Here the personnal message is obvious: don't offer me flower for Valentine's!


I bet you have never ever received such kitsch postcards!
I'm the luckiest one, erm, I trooly think !

Mahie sent me this one and it's definitely a collector!

Photoshop would have spoiled everything you know!
Here you get REAL lace (dentelle) !
And the roses, that you can deliciously notice, have been cut from another photo and glued on this one to build the postcard.
I tell you, life without Photoshop was something (that I dont regret, really :P)
The beads, the pink lips and yellowish tan, the fierce look in the eyes that tell you "allons voir si la rose"
haaa perfect!

I'm sure Esox (my bloody opponent at the "kitsch postcards battle") will appreciate this piece of art!

... though he sent himself a collector a few weeks ago! I just had to share it with ewes!
Look at this one:

Maybe it was supposed to be a romantic scene... maybe!
Did they really sell that? I mean you always to chose a postcard thinking of the person who'll receive it (mind boiling here)
What I LOVE here is that behind a strange romantic scene, you can clearly see a maniac man, with a serial killer potential (look at his lips, his face and attitude! Almost a Norman Bates!)
I think the woman here did not survive the day!

Making unintentionnally something scary from something romantic... is kitschissim me thinks!

Now gotta strike back! Be ready Esox, be very ready!