Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring in Bretonie ...

...meant a lot of new works in the hobbit house (I've learnt how to put tiles in the bathroom, thought it would be way harder, but it's quite easy!); Spring there also meant some unexpected weather, glorious one, and a very green garden with flowers popping out everywhere. Lovely, refreshing for the city one that I am ;-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well the hobbit house is quite something. I gotta find somewhere (where??) the first pics, so you would see the difference now!

The kitchen.

From one corner it looks, errr, like a kitchen to be!

From the other corner (see, don't be fooled with photography!), it looks totally different! bon appétit :P

Oh well, when we cook something, it's in the barbarian fireplace and when we want something else, we have a picnic in the garden.

But hey, with champagne!

happy auntie Candy

So I've met the lil one, born last week!

Lola chose his name, unfortunately (lol, sorry my shrimprette but..); she called him Junior... huhu... and there was no way to make her changer her mind to my Anakin!
hehe... (shaking head)

So now we have 3 females, 3 males and that's a bit too many males (the animal world is very unfair, one male should be enough for several females!)

Well ok the other story (which is not better!) is that the males fights a lot and it's good to not have too many of them together.

Anyway, he's absolutely adorable, protected by his mama Rosalie, night and day. And you should see his lil tail going right and left so fast when he's sucking his mama's tits! (happy sigh)

We'll give his big bro, Marius, and his cousin, Fanny to a neighbour next summer. Lil sheep from Ouessant are so cool that it's not hard to find mamas and papas for them :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the road again

hm (checking the time here), I should jump into bed soon if I want to sleep at least more than 3 hours! :P

Will be in Bretonie for 4 days. I'm really happy to join my devils, I've missed them of course. Besides, it should be..... sunny ! ... yeah no rain, no cold wind. Gonna be a shock :)

I should be there for breakfast, I like that, driving in the very early morning = not wasting time! Then we have the full day to... work on the hobbit house lol.

Well I'll be there on time if shit does not happen... unlike what happens below (I think it's a vid from just over the pond! no? :P)

(thank you Jérôme, oh that was a good one!)

I couldn't resist

I absolutely needed (it was vital you know? girls have these vital needs sometimes! Men have different ones huh -kidding! we share the same needs!-)... I absolutely needed new jeans shorts. I think I'll wear those the whole summer (just need a pair of boots with them), despite my Chuck Norris thighs.


(I luve them! :P)

Remember your dreams?

sometimes? yes, same for me.
Unfortunately I don't remember dreams where I'm flying above prairies full of flowers, I mainly remember those who provoke a disturbed sleep. Usually the erotic stuff or the scary stuff.

hm, well I've remembered pretty well my nightmare last night.

It's so real in my mind, that's what scares me. As if it really happened.

I was in a metro station, waiting on the quay for the metro. Just near where the metro arrives first (where the tunnel stops).

And there was this old lovely couple talking near me. Laughing, arguing. Very alive couple.
Suddenly the woman steps back and falls on the rail.

She's not hurt, or does not seem to be. She adjusts, sits straight, with her legs stretched a bit spread. She tries to understand what happened. Recovering.
Everything is slow to me.

Before her husband or I could react, the eyes of the metro appear in the dark tunnel. The lil lady does not hear it coming.
We hear the breaks, too late of course. Too fast.

I instantly hold the hand of the old man.

The metro can't stop and runs over the lil lady, and will finally stop one meter after.

I hold the old man's hand more tightly, he's crying, unable to talk, move or anything.
Tears runs down my cheeks.

We're under the shock. The world has stopped.

I remember the firemen coming on the other side of the rails. The old man and I looking down for endless minutes to avoid "seeing" anything. I remember the "bag" in which they carry the broken dead body.

More tears.

I won't sleep much tonight, 4 hours (after will be on the road). I guess I won't get any dream. I'm too tired for them. Phewwww!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Men @work, but not only ;-)

woooshing back to Paris :)

I left my babes in Bretonie, and I miss them despite tons of cuddles earlier (I played at "the crêpe"... I'm the crêpe, who wants to be my sugar??... it worked pretty well! a hundred cuddles) **happy sigh**

I arrived in Bretonie yesterday and I'm already back in Paris.

It's been sunny, for real. Where the hobbit house is located, I swear it's warmer than anywhere else in Brittany! Gotta dig a lil pond in the garden, I need more water.

Lola has spent 2 days actively working in the house

She's so happy when she can help and participate for real.

With Loup it's different... he's less concentrated, he'll be interested by something for 2 minutes then will want to start with something else. He is so greedy with life, so curious! Like his sister, just with less patience (boys vs girls huh :P)

And I, well, spent the last 2 days helping Martin with the roof, and sucking sun's light whenever I could ;-)
I learn a lot there. The citygirl that I am has some unexpected qualities in the countryside (lol well, **shrugging**, that's the truth!). At least I am very fond of manual works, I don't fear if it's hard or boring, or apparently not exciting... Making something that will be useful with one's own hands... that's indeed something. I do that as a painter, but it's slightly different. Both being very complementary.
My weekend was fine. Sunny in several ways!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Holidays definition #1

= time for work !

yeah working @home is pretty special. The flexibility is wonderful, but then sometimes @midnight you're still working.
With the devils being away for a few days, I plan to finish a water colour painting. But it's a loooong work that requires many details...

Here is 10 % of the sketch done for it, and I've not finished with this part yet. It's endless... every lil part tells a own story. Mind's boiling ! :)

At the same time, gotta work (and that is way less entertaining) on my new site.

So the devil's holidays will be working holidays for me. Honestly, I love that. Working, I mean. Because I do something I really love, of course. that makes everything much easier ;-)

Holidays... just being lazy on the beach under the sun? no way. Life's too short!
Under a full moon, now that would be different... Life's too short to not enjoy *that* ..

Holidays definition #2

= time for sport!

I'm happily checking all what I can do during the few days I'm in Paris. I'll get 4 days and I think that will mean 2 hours everyday of sport. I am so addicted to physical efforts that I will naturally treat myself as much as possible! :P

I get so many possibilities to follow most intensive courses, that's very exciting.

My main interest is always getting a perfect trainer, one that will force me to shout at him, one that will look for the inner strength in us. A soft trainer is waste of time (not of energy unfortunately). Life is short and I want it *extreme*.

That's my only purpose with sport, pushing limits. I want it hard and painful :)

A sunny quickie in Bretonie

I can't believe what I've seen ... no rain in Bretonie in the next 2 days!

We'll leave by 5.00 I think, which means I'll sleep, hm 4 hours I think. And we'll arrive 4 hours later for a (sunny) breakfast.

We take the devils to my parents' there, and will be back on (sunny) Sunday.

My plan is to work as much as possible in the hobbit house, carrying and fixing plasterboards sheets under the roof. The weight does not bother me but it's large and I'm small.

Anyway, if it's really a (sunny) fine day, I'll work a bit outside (freckles powa), hoping there won't be these lil snakes and lezards and toads hiding in the grass (well ok, I'm a city one, but I make efforts!)

Oh, more important, I'll try the internet connexion to check if it works there. That's very exciting! Making of the hobbit house a high tech one :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Profile pics

... a concept only the internet user does know pretty well ;-)
Isn't it hard to present yourself with a photo? Accepting the message that comes with your pic (there's always one, whether you want it or not)... yeah it's not easy to present oneself.

Do the profile pics tell the truth? Whatever they are, I think yes. They're revealing anyway about who you are. Or who you are not. //oO\\

But, hey, you might change your mind with this ad that I discovered on Mel' s Facebook page the other day! (thank you girl!) ... a profile pic might not reveal the truth at all ;-)

Girls in boots

On Saturday afternoon, I took Lola for a girlie afternoon. We did it months ago, and that was about time to do it again.

The devils grow up so quickly that I had to find new clothes for both of them. I came back with more than necessary, of course. Dresses and much more for the shrimpette, rocking trousers & shirts with skull or dragon for the lil wolf, + spiderman sunglasses (he slept with them last night lol)

We really had a good time, specially when we both just tried dresses for fun!
But that was exhausting. I like buying stuff, I hate shopping!

The good thing is that I won't buy anything for summer! (after the lil dress I found I mean, it's not reasonable, I know, I feel bad, and good lol)
Everything I have will be the summer fashion: jeans + brown stuff, western style they say.

The very bad thing is that they forgot to make summer boots in shops! REALLY!!! Now that's a real tragedy.

frogs, google and French stereotypes

Being curious, I've typed the other day "french woman" then "french man" in google. And that's what I've got in first place :

lol, well... now I think of it I don't know any French man among my friends having a moustache (only Germans can do that :P), or a beret.
As for women, our French women reputation is safe with such pretty one I reckon :-)

The other day I was talking about my "candy froggie" handle referring to the frog legs eaters that we are (well, I doubt any of us even eat frog legs once a year!)
Stereotypes are funny, sometimes surprising, but you always learn from them. Do you know or are you aware of the stereotypes of your own country? Do they make you uncomfortable or angry?

Besides what's listed on the link above, we French are also often said to be arrogant, are we? I think I'm always right, but not because I'm French, just because **shrugging**, I'm right!

If I remember French people are said to stink because (of the English spreading terrible ideas! lol), because centuries ago, people, aristocrats did not bath for fear of, I don't remember. Centuries ago. lol
I swear we're supa clean and smell wonderfully, well, I do at least lol

French women have the reputation to not shave and at the same time to be sophisticated?? I have no idea lol. I do shave and don't know if I'm sophisticated.

Do you think of other stereotypes about the French?

(oh and while looking for stuff about frogs, I've found that lil jewel! lol
Frogs can be scary too -hoping my devilish frown can work here-

High tech hobbit house

Do you suffer from any form on internet addiction?
No? you could live without it then?

(I imagine some people thinking how crazy this question is: of course they can live without it!)

Naturally most of us won't need the internet connexion when far away on an island, bum in the sand, boobs in the sun.

But on a daily life basis, whenever my connexion does not work for a few days (which hardly ever happens because I have ways to strike back :P)... I feel like claustrophobia. Suddenly I feel the pressure of the walls, of my universe being reduced and limited to what physically surrounds me.

So yeah, I guess I'm totally addicted. and I can live with that! :P

Specially since we've received our internet connexion box for the hobbit house!

Next weekend we'll take the kids to Bretonie and I hope we can fix the connexion without any trouble.

You'll call me crazy but I needed that to really start living there during holidays (and run away from the family house ;-)
So next summer, when in Bretonie, I will be in my own space there, and the idea of it is pretty cool.

The internet in the hobbit house. My caprice, my luxuary.

It's crazy, the roof is not finished, the kitchen is not done at all, the bathroom can't be used, there's still a concrete mixer in the living room, there's no heating system ... but hey we've got the internet!

Monday, April 05, 2010

olala... petit goût de Nirvana !

You know, you all know how much I love my devils!

I'm a devoted mama, happy to watch 10 times in a row Star Wars I, II, III, IV, V, VI, happy to talk about where the dragons live for real, happy to teach how to fight back when a lil friend is being nasty, happy (more or less!) to cook 150 muffins to feed 2 classrooms' stomachs, etc.

But then, when my mom offered to take my babes for one week during their 2 weeks of Spring holidays...

... I thought I would thank God (I did not, phewww! *just* thanked my mom! :P)

I'll take them to Brittany the first weekend, then will come back to Paris, where I plan lots of sport, sauna, work, and whatever I can't usually do when the babes are around (sleeping?? naaaa!)

So for the first time since ages, I can't wait for holidays! :P
Does that make a bad mama of me? hmmmmmmm
(thinking hard)
(hands on hips, frown on the face) : Absobloodilutely not! oh!

Such a perfect non-Easter day

I haven't got any chocolate, which never happens.... but today lol
I haven't been to the church of course.

So today was... not a Easter day.
A very fine Sunday. 3 hours sweating/swearing @sports. God that was so hard! So good too! Then my first Turkish bath. Hot, wet and steamy. Wonderful after so many physical efforts. Perfect to exchange girlie talks and views :)

A wonderful non-Easter day I've got.

Right now, I simply dream of lying down on the sofa, with a cat, Charlie of course, lying on my stomach to warm it up :)

Checkmate !

I used to play chess a LOT when I was a kid. At 5, I played against adults and simply loved the challenge to be able to beat them.

Lola and Loup LOVE chess. I think they were first attracted by our LOTR game. Its towers are just much more entertaining than simple towers ;-)

So Chess is a new fashion game here... and just like with video games, I'm most certain they'll beat me pretty soon @chess!

Both concentrate a lot before playing, and Loup has stated that the winners were the baddies (because they make of all the others prisoners! :)

Dallas, a woman and her music

I've first heard about that video a few days ago, via miss Etolane... Then I saw it about everywhere.

It's not the type of music I enjoy, but that's ok. The video? hmm, what do you think about it? Does it shock you or make you feel uncomfortable? or maybe just the opposite: you totally enjoy it? I'm curious...
Sure thing is that the publicity around it is simply fantastic: we're all talking about it everywhere, even in my lair! :P

Le strip-tease d'Erykah Badu
envoyé par Nouvelobs. - Futurs lauréats du Sundance.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Waving @god and bunnies

what do I tell my children... all these religious festivities when I don't believe in them... hard to explain them -when they ask- about the big *why* !

I've started to talk of Jesus as a legend stuff. Really I don't want to break their lil heart with realities (well, mines at least)... They've already seen a lot of crucifix and feel really concerned with anything concerning this man being nailed on wood boards.

About Easter...I've told them, he died then came back to life (rolling eyes). They asked *how*. I said it's all magic (with a wink...)
Loup asked me if he was really ugly when he came back from his tomb. hehe...

I believe that celebrating legends is a most wonderful thing. Of course my babes will get their chocolate treats, just tomorrow. I will tell them about another legend (thinking quickly!): some god wanting to create a paradise of chocolate for his friends, training hard and asking the Earth kids' approval every year.


When I was a kid, every year on Easter I started an allergy to chocolate. Every year.
Only on Easter time!
I had red marks all over the hands, and arms and legs. And that started after 1 piece of chocolate only!

My body was rebelling already against the ol' legends! :P