Monday, April 29, 2002

Just before leaving for Bretagne, I went to the clinic for my monthly rendez-vous:-)

*We*'re doing pretty well it seems** ^^^**~~hehe~* *
I managed to hear the baby moving inside thanks to some high-tech thingie!
It was beauDiful :-))))
The doc said he/she was moving a looooooot inside and adviced I start to take some medication to relax da belly and that I get a bit less active (which should not be that hard :P).

My weight has not changed at all, which is a relief, but since 2, 3 days my belly is clearly in mutation!
woooooooooooo! That had to happen somehow, hey ?! hehe
When I touch under the belly button, I can now feel a round and hard thingie inside, it is such a bizarre and pleasant feeling! You can't really see anything yet, people wonder where I am hiding the babe (s)
Well, "they" cannot see it yet, but I can, I tell you ;-)

On Saturday morning, on our way out of Paris, I stopped at the "American hospital of Paris" which is specialized in many fields, including the "detection" of trisomia 21, to make this blood test. It's the second (standard) test I do for trisomia 21 and the doc should call me in a few days to give me the results :-))

Sooo, that's it for the last news about Candide the future mom :P
Candles the goil is doing very well and having great time away from Paris ;-)

Friday, April 26, 2002

First cawffee, first blog...waaaaaa
and it's Friday... and I'm on holidays in 3 hours!!!
(jumping on da desk, poking tongue at bloody routine)

Such a fine day....I could almost be jealous of my case //oO\\

Well there are things that could very easily spoil my, hmm, the 3 burning letters I've got yesterday (tax+tax+tax).
I won't open dem before the end of the holidays!
Isn't life simple sometimes ;-)

Now my day would be rilly purrfect if I had news from da famous *ghostlette* (aka Mizz Penny) :-)
What do you do when your cat gets *fleafleas* and that he has the baaaad habit to sleep with you all da time!

I realized Joe had fleas the other day (easy to notice, as he is all white), when I was cuddling him (or vice-versa).
Damn, and he sleeps in the bed! Whatever we do, he always join us in the middle of the night to sleep on my neck or against me under the covers!
Bad habit I know... and worse now he has fleafleas!

Well, he has had a treatment now (and is in baad mood since then), I cross my bits so that it works!

(that was probably the least interesting blog I've ever sent! hehe I'm beating records... aplaudd now, puleeease! :P)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Argggg, I start to feel tight in my trousers!
Later, I'll have to medidate in my HQ (bathroom) about which strategy to adopt (scratching invisible beard)...

(gettin up)

Captain Belly and Officer Boobies, I warn you, you'll have to train hard dem lazy soldiers...'cause neither excesses nor dissipation will be allowed, understand?!!
Break ranks now!

(falling down on my chair :P)
I see in my crystal ball the nicest end of week! Yup yup!
Look,.., I leave work earlier so I'll have time finish a new painting..

...Tomorrow we have the visit of Martin's aunt and cousin, Gisella and Frauke (I'm not sure about the spelling); they are the most lovely and pleasant persons you can imagine! We're going to take them to a yummy French restaurant!

...On Friday, I have rendez-vous at the clinic for my "monthly rendez-vous", I hope to hear only guud news (crossing bits); I'll have to remember to book a room for Ze Big Day :-)

...Then on Saturday, we leave for Bretagne (when we should have left for Brisbane!!! Waaaaaaa:-((( )
I have 2 weeks holidays, but as Martin will have to work a few days and as I will have to vote again soon, we'll have to go back to Paris a few days.
Anyway, these holidays are the cherry on the cake, I'm very excited to relax //oO\\

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Haaaaa, I can smell a certain revolutionary perfume in the air!
(not looking for Mr Guillotin's invention though:P hehe)

I find it somehow brilliant that suddenly everybody feels it is more than a duty to involve a bit into politics !
I think on the 5th of May (second round to elect the president), there will be a memorable score of participation :-))

This situation we're living at the moment was somehow necessary, people finally react! Yeeepeeeee!!**~* *
Even my sister Gwéno (who even prefered talking mathematics rather than politics) called me the other at about midnight from one of those demonstrations!

After all 17% of voters have voted for extreme-right (which is too much, right), which means 83% are in favour of Democrates. Who will say FrawgLand is racist, hm?
Phewwww, I'll kick the bums of these ones anyway :P

We've an invitation to a political meeting tonight with my political heroine of the moment (laughing), Corinne Lepage (who only got 0.5% of the votes...arggg)
.. I should be going there.. but .. I'm not yet enough motivated to spend time in that, soon maybe ..:P
As for the next demonstrations in the streets, I've often done that, been there... I would attend the big ones of the 1st May..but we'll be in Bretagne.. so I'll demonstrate on the road from river to the bbq :P

Monday, April 22, 2002

I woke up with my blood boiling (not the Spring's effects ;-)... ----> Politics!

For the first round to elect the next President, it's been almost a disaster!
The best scores are for Chirac (the conservative Party) and lepen (extreme-right party)!
What a shock for all of us, what a shock for the socialists who are disappearing from the race!

It's not dramatic though, because on the second round, Chirac will probably win with 80% of the votes against 20% for lepen.
Democracy is safe.

Why did the extreme-right got such a score? Because all the campaign has focused on security, media are very responsible in that. Second reason, quite many people from the 2 traditionnal parties (conservative/socialist) did not think important enough to go to vote.

And that makes me want to bite... all these people who do not care about politics, even less about voting!
30% did not come to vote. Now they complain that an extreme-right party marks a good score. It is almost the fault of people who 'do not care' about politics!
It's so irresponsible! (sowwwy, but that makes me maaad! :P)
Does it require so much effort to take 15 minutes to go voting, hm?!! Arggggg (my blood is now at about 100°C, still rising up ;-)... Voting is the only little power in the hand of people, the only opportunity we have to change things or to prevent extreme parties to get too important.
But people did not care..

...till today!
That's somehow a very good lesson; nobody expected that it could happen, everybody said 'my vote would not change anything anyway'. Hah!
(shaking head)

Now I hope we'll all be voting when we're given the opportunity...
...and well, lepen should enjoy this little victory, cause in less than 3 weeks, his political life will be simply over!

So many emotions for a Monday morning!! Rilly!
Phewwwww... I'm allowed in the Bloooe Zone again!
(dancing around)

I can understand SOMEHOW (s) they don't want people to be too rude in there... everybody's adding a "fuck" after each word would be boring.
I regret a bit though that "clit", for instance, is considered as slang. It's not, isn't it?!
But then... compuserve (aol)... you can't expect anything not very politically correct.

Now I don't understand why I've been kicked out and not the others who were worse than I!
That's discrimination! And I've had enough of the 'discrimination' topic since yesterday evening ;-)


Saturday, April 20, 2002

Haaa powerpuff goils (les supers nanas in French)!!
I love dem! I have even one as "key ring", yup yup :P

Which PPG are you?

I woke up this morning without coughing and I screamed VICTORY!!!
....while Martin was opening red eyes and stretching painfully an arm to grab aspirin...awww.... I will be the Doc for the weekend!!! :-))))

We went early out before Paris got busy... it was brilliant!! I bought tons of fruits on the marked...strawberries, pineapple, kiwis (did you know that you can eat kiwis but the vitamine C in them is under such a 'shape' that we can't benefit from it?), grapes and bananas...then at least 4 kinds of different salads, they smelt so guuuuud!
<--- will turn into a rabbit before the end of the weekend ;-)

The whole streets around are celebrating "Bretagne" today, and it was great! Much music (bagpipes, shawm, bombarde, bignou!)... and there was this little terrasse just in front of a guuud was only 9 and I felt like having a huge beer! hehe ... Martin with his lil expresso opened big eyes but he knows that you gotta please preggie women or they get into a baaad muuuud :P

Ohh the sun, the smell of the croissant, the music around and dat beer! The day started rilllllllly well!

(...till I got kicked out from compuserve, but t'is another story ;-)

Friday, April 19, 2002

What a lovely evening we had in this Italian restaurant!!! Talking 'bout men and babies!
The goils spent their evening asking me about what I feel being preggie, if I will give milk to the babe, etc etc.. We laughed a lot talking of that, I think the guys felt really bizarre to be witness of our intimate questions and remarks 'bout being a *woman* (S)

Then we started talking about men (G), one of the goils has had a very tough experience....the typical tough experience ya know... the man having affairs, leading several 'lifes' since years, etc. And when you know the goil, very pretty and fun and witty, you can't imagine how a guy could do that to her. And the pain is so strong that she can hardly talk of it.

I'm not to blame guys today (lucky day, huh), cause there are too many exceptions to make a real theory ;-)
But if there was some advice to give, I'd say if some guys need harems to prove themselves anything, then right, why not ! :-))... but the least they can do is warning the goils they're part of a *harem*..:)

I won't tell more about the topic today, though.... it's an endless one :P

Hehe, sorry guys, sometimes we just *neeeeeeeed* to support our sistas... the pain for them is sometimes so strong, we gotta share it..:-) **~* *^* *~* * *

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Did you know that on the 17th of April, if you give enough hmm..attention, you can clearly hear Angels singing overthere (pointing towards the white clouds)... BeauDiful voice they have, beauDiful **~* ^* **^* *^* * * *
Yesterday evening, Charlotte, a goil from school, contacted me (via the web) to ask what I thought about celebrating the anniversary of our "bac" (the final exam at school, when you're about 18 years-old.. I guess it corresponds to the English A-Level).

Charlotte was following the "Economics" courses (all what she learnt was linked to economics).
I was following the "languages and philosophy" courses (which had a kewl reputation, but a bit too kewl, nobody thought we were really working hard! ... well, we were not, but it's not the problem!)

And then there 3 other categories "mathematics and phylosophy" courses (yuuuuck), "mathematics and physics" courses (mega-yuuuuck), "biology and physics" courses (bucket's full ;-).

We all studied everything, english, maths, philo, latin, etc., but according to our main subjects, some courses were harder than others.
Like for me, mathematics were so easy that I've nebber loved so much maths than during this last year! hehe

It's been actually 10 years now that we passed this "bac".
My first reaction was to think such a reunion with people from school is sooo sooo... I mean you feel old when you start to gather with schoolfriends to see how they are now, and to talk inevitably of the past years.

Then I thought "only 10 little years since I left school"!
After school, I spent 4 (too short) years at University, then I started to work.
I only work since 6 years (and me who was ready to retire :P)!!! I'm more a newwwwbie rather than anything, hey :P

Sooooooo....well....I feel young today! Yeeeehhoooooo!!!... (dancing around)

That will be fun to see all the goils (with their boyfriends or hubbies :P), their new wrinkles (Gawd, do they have some already??)...Mwahahaha :P
...and we might try to contact the nuns who took care of us at the time... hehehe... That would be some kind of surprise :))

I just hope they will organize this party quite soon, it's just that.... in a couple of months I should be as round as a giant jelly belly and I won't have anything to wear except potatoes bags you see... It would be te-rrrrrrrri-ble ;-)

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring and good looking?
Because those men already have boyfriends....

hehehe....I have personnally 10000 different answers to that question, which would not be in favour of men anyway :P

I just need a grog, a warm bed and a few couples of hours to sleep (s)
And I have 2 good excuses for that, my cold and the lack of activity at work!

People here talk all the time about the fact Gwéno and I are fired, they've been really shocked by that. Certainly because they're sad for our situation but probably more because now they know it might happen to any of them whenever.
They all see the activity getting slower and slower and logically they ask themselves many questions about the future of the company. I have answers about it that I don't want to share, it's not my role anyway.

Most of them have worked here their whole life (for 25, 30 years!), I guess how much they stress about a change.
This general stress I feel around makes me feel more peaceful about my own situation... (It is terrible to find one's peace in others'stress, isn't it!)

There are times when I project myself in a near future and I get pretty nervous. You can't always avoid stress and nervosity.
And then there are days like today when I only care for the present moment **~* ^* ***^* *

If only I had not that cold!!!
Each time I cough, I feel sowwwy to disturb the bambino who's comfortably sleeping in me!....(s)
I knew I had to stress a little in a way or the other :P

Monday, April 15, 2002

Yesterday evening, we tried 2 new games at the playstation (yeah Life's hard on Sunday evenings ;-).

I can't remember the name of the first one, but it's a "personnal shooter" game, the first mission is in Alaska where your plane has just crashed. You and your team is lost and you gotta find (what remains of)the plane to get in touch with the authorities. Of course there, you are attacked by the enemy and oh gawd, the enemy is tough! Why is it that their weapons are always loaded and that yours turn empty in 2 minutes! What a stress but what a training ;-)
Martin and I are *virtually* excellent lil warriors :P hehe

After that, to relax, we tried a game I found last Xmas... Harry Potter (G)... hehe... well, it must be a game for 10 years-old (maximum) bambini because everything is explained, when you fail, you can re-try as much as you need, etc. I love it!!! I've already won once at Quidditch, I've beaten Malfoy at his nasty games and I've succeeded at a mission given by Hagrid :P
It is really well done and troooly funny! I will finish dat game in the week, yeeepeeeeee!!!
Today's a Fantabizooby day!!!
Eva, my *goddaughter* (you really say that in English? "godchild, godson, etc."? how beauDiful!) is 4 years-old today!
I called her before leaving for work this morning, her mom brought her the phone to her bed (s), she was half-sleeping, half-over excited by this special day! hehe :-))

At school, they will celebrate her birthday, with a party, cakes, balloons, etc. And tonight she leaves for holidays with her mom for a week... you can imagine how much she is happy!
(smiling sigh)
**~^* * * *~* * *^* * *

Saturday, April 13, 2002

I know finally nothing about the Palestinian/Israelian war ... both should have territories and live in peace with their neighbours, right.
I don't think we'll ever learn from wars, what happened will happen again and again. We must be stoopid or something.

Reading the news today, I've noticed other European demonstrations in favour of Palestinians. Which is good.
But a demonstration "in favour" of someone, is always "against" another... and I fear that the media who use Sharon as a target... slowly start to use the Jews in general as a target. And everybody will think that is normal.... nope, we never learn from the past, huh.

Anyway, let's hope both Israelians and Palestinians find Peace very quickly. Enough of the violence.

(I had to tell a word about that, I simply had! :)

Friday, April 12, 2002

The blessed day has come!!!
(dancing around)

I'm making a lil break here, lots of work and also some time spending on the web to check what administrative steps I'll have to do once unemployed... (here, once you know you are fired, you have the right to use 2 hours/day at work to take care of such matter... not bad, hey :-).

Anyway, being preggie and unemployed is not the best situation you can imagine.
Though being preggie is the most most wonderful state! hehe :-))))

I actually can't look for another job before almost the end of the year... or I can look for one without telling I'm pregnant (it's officially allowed), but soon I won't be able to hide my belly (s), and I don't know 1 company who would employ a preggie woman.
Soooo administrative steps already bother me, but it will be fine :-)))

Ohh changing topic, have I ever said I was crazy for the (japanese?) game Mah-Jong ??
Well I am :P ...and my other half has just offered me 1 mah-jong computer game!!! Far better than those you can download!
I will break all the records! I don't know when I'll find time for that, but I will :P

I have never played with a real mah-jong game (ya know with all the pieces in wood)... I wanted to buy one once, but they are rather expensive and .. in 3 dimensions, it looks much harder!
The other day, I read that in Japan the workers who work in places dedicated to Mah-Jong receive a kind of money compensation because specially because of the noise from the players! hehehe, so I play in the right way...screaming when I win! :P

Okok, I'd better run and finish with work...2 hours left and wooooooosh !

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Huuuu... it took me almost more time to work on the pics of the lil sculptures I've done than making them really ;-)
Neeeeee... I spent hours making dem!!
Soon the results will be as I expect ... I gotta be patient :P

If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in:
The Shire

The rolling green hills, the springtime weather, and especially being surrounded by the ones you love makes the Shire a comfortable area for you. You love being surrounded only by the ones you care about, and you only desire this in an environment that is vast and open to nature, unlike in the cities or the caves.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Okies, I've just got my letter and I'm officially fired ..... hmm expected! :P
The first time I receive this kind of letter ... strange feeling... I hope I won't make a collection of dem ;-)

I'll be *free* on the 6th of July, I think I'll make of that day my own Independence Day ! hehe

I'm ok with it, I know I'll stress later anyway, so better not start too early ;-)

Monday, April 08, 2002

I almost feel *baaaad* for having slept that much yesterday! Well… almost :P
A couple of hours after I woke up, I went to lie on the bed to answer a phone call. While I was talking, Joe came to sleep on my belly, and as soon as the call was over, I naturally did like Joe : slept as I hadn’t done in ages (ages = a week)!
I say it’s the fault of Joe, creature of baaad influence ;-)

Since yesterday, I should be in my 12th week of pregnancy … 3 months! Already! Time is really running!
Physically I feel (ok, pretty tired) rather fine! There have been no change, no extra-mutation ;-). All the blood tests I did went well :-))))

Now I have to start to take care of different administrative stuff, like “booking” a place at school for the babe!! No, but can you believe it! If you wait that the babe is born, you already knowww, you will have to wait 2 extra years before your babe can be registered in a school! //oO\\
They say in the papers that since 2001 France is the european country in which there are the most births! Even more in comparison than for Ireland.. That’s a real change cause for years the births situation was not improving at all!
All that is very fine but, see, that makes schools over crowded ;-)

Anyway, I’d better find some books about all that, I know nothing of what has to be done, I just know there is much to do already!

Saturday, April 06, 2002

I was thinking of a fine way to tell we've just won the 6 nations cup....
you know....a not too arrogant way....(that would be far too French).... or am I already being arrogant?
Damn, t'is complicate!!!!


44-5 against the irish, we've been just specially lucky, hm?

(biting a wood spoon, running all around the flat, chasing joe who's chasing Martin, making the strangest sounds of hysterical happiness!!!!)


Friday, April 05, 2002

Those Fridays are really blessed ! What a pleasure to arrive at work keeping in mind you’ll leave 4 hours later!

... Even if it’s not been easy today to reach work!
Since yesterday evening there are probbies with the metro (tube) I take. They say the traffic is blocked because of a “passenger accident”… which is the formal way to tell someone committed suicide on the rails. And there are so many “passengers accidents” at the moment, it’s really weird.
Of course I don’t think there are “good or bad” ways to commit suicide, but jumping on rails when the train is arriving….rilly!… t’is such a violent act! And how terrible for the train driver…. and those who gotta clean the rails after…
Hehe sorry, it’s just that suddenly being a ‘rails cleaner’ sounds like the worst job on earth!

Talking of job, I expect a letter today in which I’m told I’m fired (good to be that close to the boss, at least you know what’s happening ;-).
This letter will explain that for “economic” reasons, they have have to get rid of me. Gwenola should receive the same letter, what a family synchronization ;-)

I joke because Gweno and I are ok with it, it’s been so long the company is having probbies that we got very used to this idea.
We’re going to be the first ones to be fired, better we leave quickly actually than being the witnesses of a worse situation.

So, if the letter is as I expect, I’ll be told my last day at work will be the 6th of July (you can’t be fired just like that, you have 3 months’notice).

Any negative points to that? Hm, yes of course. I love the people with who I work, specially the 2 goils Annick and Françoise, we’re a very fine team, hard workers (yup, hehe), complementary ones and we share the best jokes :P … and my job, when there were not such probbies, was quite fine…. And well, I think it will be a lil harder to find a totally new job after having the babe :)

But the positive points are not baaaaad at all ;-)
I think I will spend a fine (the finest!) summer (G) + I will be able to enjoy totally the last months of pregnancy + I’ll have much time to work on what I love, etc etc… yeah I will have *time* !!! Yeeeeeepeeeeee

Finally….. ---> **~* dancing around the Fattie Candy Boogie*~* ^* *

Thursday, April 04, 2002

These 5 days in Bretagne have been really relaxing! We had sun and it was warm enough outside, I would have felt better, I think I’d have jumped in water for a swim!

I was doing well but on Monday I woke up without voice, and when I say without voice, it’s that not a single sound came out of my mouff! //oO\\
Imagine 2 days without speaking.....!
That was weird I tell you! .. and very frustrating for me!

So only today my voice is coming back, a real broken voice but at least people understand me! Phewwww, one more day without being able to blahblah and I’d have felt rilly down :)

Now I’m back and it’s almost the weekend, isn’t Life Brilliant!
I’m going to make a series of tests before the weekend and fill all the boring papers to “declare” officially my pregnancy **~* *^* * *