Friday, March 29, 2002

I'm almost jumping in the train, leaving for the 5 next days to the Bretonne coast (happy sigh)

Ohhh I've seen and heard (his heart) our Babe today!! a BeauDiful Babe of 54 millimeters who got many lazy attitudes! hehehe
We are doing very well, I'm so relieved and happy **~* *~~* * * *

Thursday, March 28, 2002

The pain is gone! Haha! :-)))
Gawd bless my *teefguru*, 5 minutes after he had finished with me, the pain just disappeared!
It was simply magic, I felt so relieved!!! I’ll have to ask my *bellyguru* (gyno) if I can get any injection in case of emergency with a broken teeth or something. You never know … (crossing bits and touching wood though!)

So I came back home quite early yesterday, early enough (and happy enough!) to train with clay again :-)
That was so kewl, the air was warm, I could work with open windows and that makes a difference!
I prepared myself (materials, clothes, music on, fresh fruit juices near) and started to work on clay for 4 hours (happy sigh).
Joe was sittin on the table where I worked, he kept watching what I was doing (s)… Gawd, I wish he could “speak human”, or that I could “speak cat”, he always seems on the point to tell something!

I love it when the days are that *productive* (I should rather use *creative*), it happens so often I have 20 different ideas in mind and without deciding with which one I’ll start, the day is over or the bloody inspiration gone!

If I’m still in the muuuuud, tonight will be a painting cession evening, I know already since a few days what I wanna paint, I found how I wanted to “organize” the painting , I’ve worked on how the baaadie will look like, now I just have to work on details about 2 other characters, I gotta find the lil thingie in dem that will complete the painting.
And when I say “work”, it’s really not far from that actually, nothing comes to me just like that…unfortunately :P
I have to imagine why I paint such a scene, what is the story behind, what I wanna tell in this precise scene, what the characters have in mind, etc. And it’s exactly the same process with clay :-) **~* * *^** *
30 hours and 13 minutes before the scan… weeeeeeeee!!!!
I hope they’ll find the babe in my belly !!!… the more I look at it (the belly), the more I ask myself where the babe is hidding … hehe… I know I know, stooopid. But I can’t help wondering:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Today won’t be the purrrfect day I imagined, I woke up in the middle of the night with a baaaaad toothache…Gawd, I know exactly which little teeth is harassing me, fookin one!

While the pain was growing, I imagined myself as a nervous shark or zen crocodile… lucky creatures, they have beauDiful teef growing during their whole life, taking the place of those who are not good enough anymore (jealous sigh).

I managed to get a rendez-vous at my dentist-the-butcher in the middle of the afternoon today, he somehow understood I was to DIE if he hadn’t accept!

All that bothers me, I can’t take anything to calm the pain, not during the rendez-vous, not after. Or only very light pills that have almost no effects :-(((
(trembling in my boots)

Anyway, except my toothache and headache, the sun is shining hard outside and I think it should be a ferociously guuud day for everyone that can smile without pain :P

Monday, March 25, 2002

eeeeeeeck.... my reputation, my egoooooooooo!
After work, Gwéno told me the others (at work) had been talking about me (my belly), saying it was really wonderful that I'm getting a lil belly of pregnant woman, etc etc!!!
eeeeeck!!....."a LIL belly" ......//OO\\
(running to check in every mirror around)
It's a mirage! (shrugging) I've lost weight..tssss... It's my pullover, see... tomorrow I'll wear whatever tight enough to show I've nothing of a ball, not yet!

103 hours and 30 minutes before the scan, am I impatient or something?!!

Sunday, March 24, 2002

Finally we're having a totally sunny weekend !
The sky is so blue that with some 15 more degrees, we'd put a swimsuit and be on our way to the beach (the closest beaches are in Normandie, at less than 1.30 hour by car... reasonnable, hey!)

So far it's been a guuuuud weekend, we started it with a great movie (Monsters & Co), we spent our Saturday out and found a lil present for Joe (g) ... a travelling bag!! hehe
A very comfortable one, so that next weekend we can take him with us by train to Bretagne! Better than waiting 5 days in the the deserted flat :-)))

In a few minutes, I'll be on way to try to make a face with clay, I've already done one, but I need to get used to it.. specially to make noses, I don't know why, but it's the most difficult part to do!
It will be my third work with clay (here's a pic of the first one)

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

First day of Spring, even my shadow feels wonderful **~* *^* *
(wondering if it’s the first day of autumn –looking at my feet- down overthere ;-)

The sun is not particularly shining, but it’s getting warmer. The flowers are not really out, but it smells better (happy sigh) **~* *^* *

I gotta say, today is all the more special as it’s today I’m officially preggie since 2 months!!! (if my biological inner clock is working well, that is :P)

I’ve spent my last evening on the web, looking at special webpages for preggie goils…
“”… “”, etc… hehe
Oh it is wonderful, you are given so much information!!! I have learnt a lot!
The forums are great there, women and goils sharing their experience, giving each other advice, zactly what I (will) need :-))))
I wondered why I had not felt so far anything in my belly, not even a little ball you know.. well, they told me it won’t happen before the 4th month!… talk about patience!

I’ve also watched lots of pictures/scans of foetus that are about the age of mine…(huge smile)… I could not believe my eyes… and still can’t! The foetus does not look anymore only like a tadpole! You see it’s –also- a baby!
Magical **^* * *~* * :-)))

Anyway, 9 days to wait before my scan. I’m getting a bit nervous, no, totally nervous!
“What if” they don’t see anything / the shape of the foetus is not normal / they notice a probbie, etc!
But *whatifs* are nasty lil thingies. I will keep my imagination in my pocket and only focus on drinking milk and eating fruits :P

Monday, March 18, 2002

Oh wawww, what a Sunday!
I woke up at 9.00 and fell asleep at 11.00 !! After 2 hours I was literally broken! hehe...I slept till the end of afternoon, can you believe that!

Anyway, after we went to that concert of System of a Down (the tickets were a Christmas present from Martin :-)).
It was wild yup, but so funny!
We found seats easily (I did not want to spend the whole evening without having the chance to sit when tired, me fragile thingie :P).
While waiting for the concert to start, I started to notice the t-shirts people around were wearing. Kinda over-provocative...
....but talking of provocation, Martin got the big award!
Yuss, once there, my so pacifist hubby took off his leather coat and showed me his back.... with a huge smile ... the kind of smile that means "you gonna have a shock baby" (g)

And yess, I tell you, I had the shock and laugh of my day!
On his t-shirt was written (in red):
"Fuck you,
Get out of my way,
I survived the Full of Hate Easter festival '93

(trembling in my boots!)

Tssss, gawd I was really astonished! hehe
And he really went to that festival! It was a tour with 5 heavy metal bands....hehe .. of course it is not meant to be a violent message to anyone (but the "Society").

The atmosphere at the concert was really guuud, full of new/post hippies.. they would not harm a fly, and they'd even take care of it..hehe :-)))**~~* *

Friday, March 15, 2002

Friday.. the most promising day !
And I don’t only say that because we finish work at 12.30, nenene :P

Work work… What work am I talking about? Since a week there is hardly no work to do.. that’s actually scary, you feel you’re wasting your time, losing your capacities, etc.
Haaaaaaa , thinking of it, those stressing days were delightful !!! (well...kiddin!! hehe)
It is actually the lack of noise around, the phone that remains more and more quiet that is most bizarre. 10 more days like that and there will be high chances I meet a ghost at the corner of my desk (mind you, ghosts are good company).

Even if the activity is getting slow, I am not to waste my time! I have started to learn HTML language and I try to practice it now. Then I will start with German. Then I will start with getting info about how creating your own company with no money in the pocket (s)
So much to learn, no way I can waste my time :)

Anyway, the weekend is most welcome, my bits are a unusually tired at the end of the days
:-).. I gotta gather some guuuud energy to start my actually very busy next week! :P

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Who said English was an easy language?
Certainly not the French (s)

Maybe you've heard of it, but probably not...
Yesterday an Airbus from Air France which was going from Toulouse to Paris got a lil technical probbie (a fuse burnt out) which forced the plane to go back to Toulouse.
When there are such probbies or alerts, etc., the language which must be used is English.
So the French Captain told the French guys from the control tower : "Fire on board"

But..(g)...The French guys from the tower understood "Five men on board" and immediatly the super high-tech military planes were launched, the prime minister hurried back to Paris, etc etc... In a few minutes France was ready to deal with a big terrorist alert.

hehe.. really....Oh I don't blame them for I personnally easily understand the contrary of what I'm told in English... But hell, they are "professionals" ;-)

Apart from the absurdity of the situation, the positive thingie is that it's good to know defense staff is quick to react :P

Monday, March 11, 2002

Because of the situation at work, I have to hurry a bit with papers and prepare myself to any eventuality.
So I asked the Doctor a written confirmation of my pregnancy ...
...He has written that I'm officially expected to be *busy* at the clinic on the 20th of October !!!
(happy sigh) **~* *^* *
I really ask myself how he can be that precise... I have not passed any special blood test about it...
Anyway, I'll trust him :P

I'll be confirmed precisely when having a scan, in 3 weeks... but at least ... having a date in mind makes it a lil bit more real :-)))**~**^**

Saturday, March 09, 2002

For a few days and just in the next street, there is a market selling the most yummy products from different regions!!!

This morning, we could not resist anymore (well, the market started yesterday evening only :P) and bought Corsica products!
a wild bore ham :-)
a dry saussage of livers (that we have to hang up for 3 days again before eating)
a very strong cheese (we asked for the most stinky one)

We've tried the ham and cheese....SantamariaJosephMariamagdalena!!!.....I'll make a lil prayer tonight to thank Gawd there are such gooooodies on Earth!

And tonight we have rendez-vous with Arnaud in the Quartier Latin at the 'Dromadaire Gourmand' (*Greedy Dromedary*), a Northen African restaurant which seems to have an excellent reputation.....!!!!

Do preggie goils get a stomach instead of their brain sometimes.....?
It's just that...just the name *greedy dromedary* makes you so easily dream ..... and drool :P
When I read the newspapers yesterday, I was surprised that many people look at the *Journée de la femme* (females' day) rather as an hysterical caprice to defend women positions/rights/etc...against men!
I caricature a bit but I also saw and heard some men -and women- rolling their eyes and sighing when they had to give their opinion about this special day.

The Spanish women were desmonstrating in the streets telling that last year in Spain there had been more death of females due to violence at home than due to the big evil of the year "Terrorism"......
Yup, tortured women must feel relieved terrorism is well pursued ...
( "Anaconda Operation" really...!!)

I don't understand how some people might just "sigh" when just on one day they are reminded that the most basic rights (working, freedom of love, speech, freedom over their own body, etc) are simply not allowed in many parts of the world.

Finally cats and dawgs are often luckier

I don't exagerate!!!

....discrimination due to sex.... it sounds like another century on another planet.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Ohh hehe, while coming back from work, Gwenola told me she had bought a lipstick to Eva (who will be soon 4 years old)..
Eva had insisted really really much ..hehe
So since a couple of days, each time before going into her school, Eva asks Gweno to put some lipstick on her lil mouff...(s)....and you know what Eva asks every time?

"Will the lipstick resist the dummy, mommy?"
no kiddin... she has invented the concept of dummyproof make-up!!!
**~* ^* * *^^**~~* * *
Yeeeeepeeeeeee, that is a major victory !!!
Thank Gawd the Irish propositions against the right to abortion have been rejected!!!
The Women's Day will start a lil better than usual **~~* * ^^* * *^* * *

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Today the Irish government is holding a referendum to intensify the law against the right to abort.

I could not believe my eyes when I read that. I was almost jumping on my chair thinking finally a referendum was organized there to allow Irish women to abort !!!
But it's simply the opposite that is happening :(

Let's wait for the results... but I fear another blackhead is growing on m'am Humanity's face (a baaad thing cause lately her face has not been the most lovely one :P)
There have been so many tensions at work lately that I feel like unable to be stressed by it anymore. I have reached the limit, I feel kinda dettached, losing my job sound completly logical now ... and I gotta admit... it would even be a relief.

I actually can't remember the days (if there were some) when I woke up in the morning, happy to go working. I'm sure though it's been that way, years ago...
Ha well, I'm passionate for anything but work, that bothers me a lil bit. I wanna this specific energy back:)

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Call me Mizz FruitsBasket, puleaaase :P
I 'm serious actually (as usual, rilly)... I've just read in "9 Months" magazine (a magazine Gwenola has just given me! :-) that *something* (let's say a *nest*) of the size of a mandarin was taking shape in my belly at the moment!
Next month, I should have a grapefruit!!!
Hmmm... now, just the sight of watermelons and other giant pumpkins makes me tremble in my boots!
{is not very brave

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Mwaaaahahaaa.... what happened to the *Dream Team*, hm...?!!!
20-15 for the Frawnchie bums against the Roastbeef ones...bookmakers must have gone very pale!
Now I don't mind losing against Irish or Scottish....well, we've done our job! :P
Hmmm...thinking of it, I would mind a lil bit losing against the Irish ;-)