Thursday, July 29, 2010

Priceless reward

Been a week the devils and I are in the hobbit house. They have their bedroom and I have my corner from where I can work, update my bloggie, surf, enjoy music, be lazy, etc

I had no idea how it would feel to be here on my own, with a lack of comfort (I'm a city girl, sorry!)

It feels good, that's my reward! The devils are so happy to have their own place where they can do whatever they want, and I feel totally independent from anything. Time, family, etc. That feels great.

Now I've worked hard to get my corner's ready, think I deserve some good naps in the sun in the next days :)

But I'm proud, really of the efforts, the results.

The new level of freedom I've reached, motivating to reach other levels.

Gente damoiselle et beaux messieurs fougueux

The Fête des remparts in Dinan was really good this year. The theme was really interesting : the medieval fears (inquisitors, epidemics, banned temptation of the flesh, invasions, etc).
Too bad we had not enough time to enjoy it as much as I would have wanted.

Took the devils to some tournament, expected something average. But it was so damn good!

The weapons were not too sharp but real enough to hurt anyone who wouldn't be careful enough, the fights, the script, the "players", the horses! We had lot of fun! Lola was about in love with every knight that presented some nice long hair, Loup was crazy for the baddies (and so was I!).

At the head of the baddies, there was some English nobleman (of course! lol) who was arrogant as expected, fantastic. His horse was just like him. very impressive team, the best.

There were real fights, treachery, challenging, etc. And a very alive Lola just next to me! :D

First taste

... of my river, @7.00am

I ran for one hour, up and down the hills and along the path you see on the left. Waw you couldn't imagine all the lil animals (and huge birds) I've seen!

For a moment I thought Nessie was also in the party, I've seen strange things in the water!

It's a perfect place for running, beautiful & peaceful... yet very alive (early creatures awakening, boats starting to sail, fishermen already very active to hunt the trout, etc)

I like that. It's distracting (because just running is a bit ermmm... * yawning * )

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team work

One week of delay. I wish the hobbit house was done (the kids bedroom and my bureau). It should take 3 other days of hard work. Holidays, no kidding, I don't know what it is really. Soon I will (need) ! :-)

I just want it to be done.. So it will be done.

Thank god, some lil hands are helping a lot! :)


Hey girls, what's in your summer-ish hand bag?
Who cares, well I do! I guess what's in your bag might is revealing.

Mine is too big, a nightmare, a real * stomach *, it swallows everything I give it & makes it hard for me when I need something specific ! I can't find anything in it!
I can even carry my laptop in it... it's just too big!

The other day I realized I carried a bikini in it since weeks, just in case I need one! lol
I found it pretty surreal...

.. but then just the usual stuff, lots of keys , make-up, mobile, pill, etc. I can't go anywhere without my handbag of course, and apparently can't go anywhere without my bikini either!

Early birds

Days are too short, in Bretonie too!
Oh, I hate that.
I try to keep doing exercise every other day, sometimes 1 hour of musculation, the next day I run for one hour.

Took my cam the other day. I do exercise between 7.00am (or earlier when i can) and 8.00am. I wish I could do twice more.

Lovely landscape sometimes and nice companions during the run.

The Bretonish / pirate flag belongs to an old van of a terrible guy known as the "herring", terrible in its appearance, trust me.

I've never tried his crepes, probably won't. lol But he definitely belongs to the landscape :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holidays à la Candles, quick news

I've arrived in tropical Bretonie a couple of days ago. With a super bad cold (sigh), got almost rid of it now.

I spend my days working on the hobbit house... By Friday I need 2 rooms to be done so the devils can sleep there and so I can have a place to work for the painting biz.

It's exhausting, working inside like for 7 hours. I stress, push myself, never sit down and relax.
LOL. Yeah, masochist me.

Soon I'll take more time outside. But when i start something and want something done, nothing stops me. Can't stop till I get satisfaction :)

I'm getting back to it, I hope to show you soon really good results of all that work & precious sweat! : )

Saturday, July 03, 2010

My little Oedipus

Loup has always been very very close to me. asking for my presence since... since.... he popped out of my belly really! :P

It hasn't changed. Oh there are a lot of conflicts between he and I, that's normal. But a couple of hours ago he again started with the Oedipus stuff. That makes me laugh to see how it really happens.

He was in bad mood, shouting.
"You're all just idiots"!

"Who is an idiot, and why?"

"Well Papa & Lola are idiots....." -and then he had a upset look on the face-...... "but you're not!"

"Oh! I'm not? so what am I?"

"you're the mama of course!!!"

"Ok, so, and what are you?"

Loup, grinning as whispering so that no one but me could hear:
"well...... I"m the papa !!!"

lol that was a first time he expressed it this way. That was fun. I wonder how difficult it must be in the lil head of kids when they realize that no they won't marry their papa or mama :)

Books eater

I simply don't know. I don't know, I have no idea, how I manage to find time for books , but I do! :P
(I actually never watch tv anymore, this might explain that ;-)

Right now, I want to read American or English

I need a new pile of books for endless holidays.

if I can't travel during these holidays, then I count on books to help me.

I want to discover jewels. I want to shiver (from pleasure, fear, excitement, whatever).

and really I struggle to find what's gonna be the next book! .. I'd like a good collection of clever short stories, I want fiction, History, science-fi, funny, scary, etc, I'm open!... just no thrillers, I've never been fond of the genre.


ok, Loup hasn't broken his lil leg this time. Should be more kewl.
But hey, 8 weeks of holidays for kids... isn't that a kind of punishment for parents?

I will survive.

But it's LONG!
(does that make of me a bad mama???)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Wedding made in Bretonie

The weather was gorgeous, the bride, the most beautiful one, champagne, all fresh.. And Bretonie, so welcoming. I wish you (who're reading this) could come and share some of it one day.

Boy toy

I've got a new gadget! Enough points from the mobile provider to afford it and get rid of my stone age mobile!

Honestly, I have no idea how this lil jewel works, but it keeps tempting me with zillions of stuff.
With my 2 connected computers, my netbook and now that, I think I can't escape big brother anymore, and ... vice versa!

Do you fall for such gadgets?

Now here come the lil game... the ring tone... Loup falls for her and he is not the only one.
"Just in time", you will know.

Enough clues!
The one who find which artist is playing my ring tone wins..... a surprise made in Paris.