Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last news from Gluhwein kingdom

I take 5 lil minutes to answer ma coupine Dr Caso and for the pleasure to make a last bloggie for 2008 ...

We've indeed spent the week calling the insurance companies in France and Germany, and the car will be destroyed soon, we need another paper to give our agreement ...
Next step, I dunno, we've to list all what we lost and bring proofs (photos, invoices, etc), We'll do it once back in Paris.

Despite the accident, we've spent 10 wunnerful days in a Hamburg, Martin's parents helped a lot, taking care of the kids, bringing the love we needed... so after a couple of days when I felt pretty down and stressed, life's was fine again. Made some sport (ran a lot, something I never did before), went out pretty often. I'll share lots of pics once back.

The plane tickets were (much) too expensive for us so we managed to get the insurance pay for renting a car to go back to Paris.
We've rent one for 10 days, and Martin right now has just left to take it back and and then will go to another agency to rent another. We'll celebrate New Year's Eve really on midnight and not before, no doubt :)

I can hear the fireworks everywhere already and that will last the whole night, people love it here, and so do I.

We leave tomorrow early in the morning, and I'm not soooooo excited to leave Hamburg that I really like!

I wish you more than just a happy year, wish you one full of Love & good music! :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More than just a Xmas ritual :

Wishing you some precious time with yours
Take care of your bits

love yas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some kind of bad trip

I just take a couple of minutes (because I knowwww some of you does not go on Facebook)to tell you how bad our trip has been on our way to Hamburg.

Our car is dead, we're not (which is the miracle in the whole story)

It was 3.00am, heavy rains, we were near Dusseldorf.
Thank Gawd, I had just given the *wheel* to Martin, to sleep a bit.

We were on the highway, middle lane, on our right a truck, behind on the left lane a big BMW.
The driver of the BMW was going fast, despite the rain. Fell asleep and at full speed, changed of lane to drive into our car from behind, our speed was about 110)

The chock was terrible, dunno how Martin managed to control the no more controlable car, to cross the lanes in front of the truck and other cars.

The kids were not even hurt, whereas the back of the car, window, etc was totaly destroyed. The cops expected dead ones when they arrived.

So at 4.00am we were in the middle of nowhere, comforted by the guys that came to help. Honestly, I felt like on planet Mars.
We had lost our coats (everything just flight out of the car), clothes, Christmas presents, bottles of wine, all the paintings I had to deliver in Hamburg, computer (coats, everything into pieces), camera, all my painting equipment, etc.

Our poor car can't be saved.

But we're here, very alive. I don't sleep well, feels pretty down, but I'm fine, so happy to have my kids around! Martin's been a hero :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ich bin ein Hamburger (miam!)

well, at least from Saturday -and for 2 weeks- I'll be one! :)

We will leave tomorrow night by car, should be there in the morning (12 hours to go there) if we don't get caught in any snow storm (but we won't! It seems to be warmer up there at the moment)

The last days and weeks have been so busy here that it will be a most pleasant chock to arrive there and be on real holidays... with the family, with friends, with kids over excited to go up to the North (closer to ol' Santa) :-)

I wish you all happy times with those you love

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Facebook moment

I just can't help blogging this... hehe

With Mahie, we luve playing @ wordscrap' on Facebook. A kind of scrabble. Boring? no way!
We do fight hard!

We play together in French. And earlier I started a game with something that... (see the score, see the word? hehe)... I just HAD to blog! :P

click here

Starting the Christmas season with Italia!

Oh that was nice!
Yesterday we were invited to an Italian Xmas party. Among our group of friends here we get some from Italia and they decided it would be nice to make a lil something with friends before we all leave Paris to join families for Christmas.

Brilliant idea!

We had a *real* Italian meal, made by Italians... talk about Heaven!!!!
It was fantastic, and the wine... mama mia!!!

(do you understand now why I *need* to do sport? lol... our weekends are simply very terrrrrible... terribly good!)

We were 10 adults and twice more kids and after the great lunch, we had the time of our life playing some traditional Italian games like loto, etc. (happy sigh)

click here

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So I was there, with my 7cm heels... hehe
The party (Martin's company) happened in an old abbey in the middle of Paris, fantastic.
Loved the contrast between the place and a certain level of *decadence* happening there.

The atmosphere was really nice. People feeling comfortable, no dress code. About 200 people.
Excellent champagne (I was stuck to a kir royable with a yummy lovely raspberry inside), lots of it, excellent wine. Excellent everything.

The food, my friends, was .....

Oh my God, I think it was real fooding (food+feeling) ... a buffet with many guys running everywhere to please us (huhu).
And the most delicious food served in small quantity (like in spoons, etc)
but with such a variety, so many spices, and ... unexpected tastes! Fois gras, scallops, crayfish, vegetables flans, most exotic tiny brochettes, etc. Really, it was paradise for the one who luves real good stuff. Top quality time... a *ohhhhh haaaaa yummmmm*'s sucker one.

And then, still with a glass full of delicious champagne, still with my 7cm heels, I joined the dance floor with Martin and .... we had fun! Real fun!

It's just that we had to leave early... metro oblige.

... It was so cold and my feet started to hurt badly (finally! Victory on the side of the bloody heels!)... but had spent such a good time ...

I slept wunnerfully!

Ode to Betty Page

Betty Page has just died, but really the Betty Page we love died years ago, didn't she? ...

It is strange, because the *pin-up*, the icon she's been, has never been a *problem* for me. I have never seen her as an object, a toy for men. Though I think she was precisely all of that.
I'm not sure she had great fun as a pin-up... did she ever know that for many of us girls, she was an icon of freedom (at a time when nekkid women were ignored, denied, not publicly accepted), a woman proud of her own body, a woman who smiles at the cam but will never let herself tame by it? Her poses and attitudes echoing a certain happiness with life, celebration of it. (and I don't tell that she was happy here, she pretends, and that's what we get)
The more she smiles the more sexy she gets. Is Hapiness the key to sexyness? Probably for me, yes.

Anyway, she's an icon. Often inspired me in my paintings. If there's one thing I love in women, it's their feminity. Let's be sexy and proud of it.

Merci Betty **~~*^* * *

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got my Xmas present !

I swear I haven't given any candies to Ol' Santa to get my presents earlier!

It's just that my step father decided we might need some eeepc! Yup, one of these small internet books that you can carry in your handbag!

I'm so happy!

We will bring it to Hamburg and I'll definably update my facebook status (what! you're not on facebook, yet? ;-)

Anwyay, that's very cool... My step father needed a bigger one, and instead of selling it, he just gave it to us!!!!

(dancing around the totem)


Earlier today, we were crossing a street when I asked the kids: "have you seen the tiny tiny little car there?"

Lola (6 years old) answered "Mom, it's tiny, but it's really rock and roll"!


Quickies & shoes

If you don't mind, I might be in the mood to write one line posts :D

I wanna talk about a lot of things, just haven't the time. So I'll make my posts shorter than usual :)


Tomorrow, for the first time in 6 years, we will attend the BIG *end of the year's dinner* of Martin's company.
For once I might not wear bikers' boots, but ones with high heels (wish me luck!!!)

Do you enjoy heels? (Are you that masochist? :P)
Do you ever wear them?

(Of course I ask the question to goils! .... Men ALWAYS love heels!)

Monday, December 08, 2008

R.I.P , Julia

Booo oooooooooooo

Julia died last night.

She was so cute, she was so much part of the family.
My step-father found her dead in the early morning, with the lil black sheep around her :(

I miss her, I'm sad I haven't seen her in the past weeks. She was a real brave one, she was very communicative (answered when you talked to her), she loved cuddles and I think she was like a mama for the lil ones.

That breaks my lil heart

Xmas, etc

It seems that for Lola, the real Xmas song this year is this one... she heard it once in a café where I bought some parking card, and that was enough.
Since then, she's into it!

I dunno what I'm into really at the moment. I just run. Adding regular sport to my timetable was a bit like very masochist.

And I don't stop on weekends, it's almost worst. My weekends are like lil bombs of busy-ness, I just keep running.
On Saturday, I've been to the Paris boat show, which was great! For the boats I don't know really (well I do, if you want a boat, go there, seems that there are some kind of huge discounts), but for the ol' *sailor* friends, yeah, fantastic! :P

Then we ran to Martin's company where a Christmas was organized for kids. Very nice!
(It was just a VERY bad idea to cross Paris on a December-ish Saturday!)

Then Yesterday I had much sport, then spent the afternoon with an old friend of us. And by the way, if the Gods would really want to please me for once, give her the strength to make the right decisions!

Do you have plans for Xmas? Joining your family? Not celebrating it?

End of next week, woooosh we go to Hamburg.
And THAT is very exciting! I can't wait, we're going to spend 2 fantastic weeks with my beloved in-laws and relatives, and friends there of course! Can't wait. It's gonna be exotic for the lil Frenchie that I am.

The kids have made their letter weeks ago to Sandy Claus....... asking for bloody DS ..(hehe that was for Mahie :P).. which makes us sweat pretty much!

And what would YOU want for Christmas?
I would love fitness clothes.... hehe... yeah I know I'm a desperate case!
Shoes, too, naturally... hmmm... a nice restaurant maybe?! yeahh! hehe... no, but really what makes Christmas wunnerful... it's the kids. They're magic. They do bring the magic!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Operation Rescue Major Tom

Here's the last one hanging on the walls of the gallery :-)

I had the topic in mind since months. Took me a few hard hours. But got what I wanted!

click here

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Petit business

Well, I'm quite proud and very very happy... in the past 3 weeks I sold 4 paintings!

I think there the lil "books" I made helped a lot, people sit down, look at them, and again, and again, they compare, and suddenly they fell in love with one painting.

That's great!

I've also another order for candle holders, and that is also really great!

Just have to find the time for biz!!!

gimme fuel gimme fire

It's getting hard to find time for blogging (yet still lots of time to blabla on facebook :P)

I'm slightly less motivated ... like blogging more than once a week would be way too much for me.

I think though blogging is very special... when you blog, you really sit down, relax, type and share bits of yourself. (Usually) you don't play, you don't pretend, you are yourself.

That's precious.

It's just that after almost 8 years talking of the xmas tree in December, the good jokes on April's fool, etc... there are some topics you're not so excited to talk about! :P

So, I just need a ..... *Xmas tree* break, won't talk of it! :P

Well, I could change my mind there!

For me, sure thing, Daniel Craig, despite (or because??) his body-builder shape, is the James Bond I really love.

But then, when I see this fantastic pic of Sean C., I think sex-appeal might be where we do not expect it...

... Or not!!!

from here

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pour cent balles t'as plus rien ?

aka... "what do you get for a fistfull of dollars?"

I wonder how life is expensive, or not, where you are.
When I make the weekly BORING shopping (food, etc)... I usually pay like 130 to 180 euros (including wine and beer :P) in a Parisian supermarket.. and I'm really careful! Almost no meat, no extra, etc.
Oh that this is for 4 people.

I find it very difficult to pay less than that!

How is it for you?

My Terminators

At the beginning I thought my real Terminators were these machines below ...

(these are let's say 1/3 of the machines on which I work, and I'm quite proud -not to use them- but to know how to use them ! lol
They are very good, makes work the parts of the body you want)

Yet... my real Terminators are human. I should have guessed! Same old story!
Body-building on the machines is one thing... fitness courses are something else! The trainers push your limits to the point where you really wonder what you're doing there, suffering! lol

But the group courses are very funny! People from every age every condition!

I've met already goils my age (or are they really younger? lol) and get on well with the grannies.

Specially one who always take her shower with me! lol ... the other day, we were all naked, putting lotion, etc.. and she started to tell me about her husband who died a few month ago ... ... and how sport helped her to *survive* :-) ... that was a strange situation, but very nice :)

I dunno really what sports brings me right now... but it feels very good!

"God's wrath" should be a quality label!

Quoting Wikipedia... :
For the sins of their inhabitants Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim were destroyed by "brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven" (Genesis 19:24-25).
In Christianity and Islam, their names have become synonymous with impenitent sin, and their fall with a proverbial manifestation of God's wrath.

"God's wrath"... yup, that's already a good reason to wonder what can provoke so much hatred! Certainly something interesting!

And from insteresting I jump to inspiring, that's what I feel when I hear this song by Therion. I did not know what Therion made, I'm not fond of everything, but this one is bloody good!

Pssshhit: ....what a lovely talented singer!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Major Tom and I, busy week!

It's been a busy week indeed, and I'm working on a "Major Tom" project.

A painting, yes... in which I plan to save Major Tom. David Bowie's Space Oddity is one of these songs that makes me reach some kind of Nirvana.
And if I could have done it, I would have saved Major Tom from his tragic destiny.
I'm doing it with a painting. I realize only now I can do this kind of magic, and this is very exciting!

But I haven't got the time to work much on it. Been so busy!
Loup had his first full day at school (and it went very ok), he's also still recovering from his otitis.. I hate winter for that!
Wait, it's not winter yet!
Oh and yesterday, there was a big strike (education field), so the kids were at home. Makes everything busier, huh ;-)

At the moment I'm really struggling with time. Again. I run all the time, and it makes everything complicate (specially with work... Working at home is some kind of adventure!)

But somehow I will manage!
I count on the weekend for more time and on these long "free" Tuesdays I will get.

Jumping to another topic, I worry a bit for Lola. She's very tired. Her mistress noticed it too, she is very good at school but lately, she just doesn't manage to finish work... to follow ... etc. Same at home, she does not listen really, she looks exhausted and gets on nerves easily.
I think she needs to sleep much more...

She's gonna be my weekend's priority!

Major Tom can wait a few hours more.. :)

pshhhhit: tomorrow we play Oz!!! Rugger rules, don't miss it :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Blessed Tuesday?

My problem at the moment is finding time to work. And not just 30 minutes here and there, I need more time to create and sell my stuff.

So I thought something could help me here... like Loup spending 1 day at school (he only goes there usually from 8.30 to 11.30 am)
Tomorrow for the very first time, he will eat there, and spend a few more hours there.

That breaks my heart to do it though (Etolane si tu m'entends ;-)... but at the same time, it will be an incredibly precious day.

Oh and besides working, I will plan meetings on lunchtime, just like tomorrow, I'll join Martin... which happened maybe once in 6 years! (falling from chair)


Well, I'm writing the end of this post and Loup has just joined our bed, feeling obviously sick :-(, my poor baby, just another painful otitis!

Not sure this "first" Tuesday's gonna be really a blessed one!

Getting Ivy ?

Nim', I swear I did not want to steal your idea, and I think you want something different anyway! (you're looking for some ivy tattoo, right?)

...but there I go, I want something close to plants or flowers to link my 3 first tattoos... I tried many different things. And hope to get some inspired help from the tattoo guys.

But that's about what I'd want.

It's just a concept. I'm waiting to know more about prices, I haven't won the lottery yet and I have many other priorities!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Metal boy

Or *poubelle one*, as you want! ;-)

Loup came back this way earlier.

And when I think we've spent days thinking hard about Halloween... whereas Loup had the very best idea!
(shaking head)

Words, don't come easy, to me

well actually they do, but it could always be better when it comes to English :P

I dream, really dream of a new dictionary. Mine (Harrap's Shorter, 1991.......!) is literally into pieces, got few surgeries, but coming to some inevitable death. Been using it for 17 years!!! lol I can hardly believe it.

Since 17 years (waving @ the internet) there have been LOTS of changes, new words, expressions, etc. I want a new one, plans to simply get this one... I need a simple one, complete enough.

Which one do you use? any recommandation from the Anglo-Frawnch *professionnals* (or not)

The *heart beating fast* songs, part #1

I think we all have in mind a few songs that touch the inner *self* more than other songs.

Actually I can think of hundreds songs at this very minute, but if I had to chose one by Lennon, it would be this one. When I hear it, the world around then stops. Feels nice.

Any song by him or the Beatles that really *touches* you?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

some kind of fest!

I don't know how I managed (still on Sunday) to attend the Heidenfest without collapsing. My legs were taking a revange on me (early training fault). But it went well!
I collapsed once back home after what 5 hours of concert.

One of the great part was also joing Manu & Nim' to share some beers before. That was really nice.
Then Nim' saw friends in the queue and that was our lucky day, we could simply join them to wait, gently smiling at the rest of the queue :P

I loved the festival. Loved the atmosphere of it and the bands. Well, except 2 bands (Catamenia and Primordial which were a real pain in the bum, ermm, more in the ears, for me).

Now it was a pleasure to get female musicians here and there too.
Wonderful surprise to discover 2 bands (Manegarm & Equilibrium) and a huge pleasure to enjoy Eluveitie and even more Finntroll in live for the very first time!)

click here

Well, I highly recommand a concert to anyone from time to time... it just feels so very good!

Just because they are less famous, a song from Equilibrium... wait, don't click if you're not in the mood, the voice is very shhhpeshhhul
Oh and I don't ask you to like it, huh, that was just to share the Heidenfest mood :)

just gotta keep the rythm

I've got some kind of wunnerful weekend.

Martin's parents arrived a few days ago, and they brought their good mood and kindness, so life @chez Candles is pretty easy right now.

On Sunday morning, I changed of fitness club, chose a closer one, and a fookin professionnal one.
I've already followed intensive "group" courses, and also started with an individual program on "machines" (real Terminators!) with a simple purpose, just to keep fit, just sweating to feel good.
The machines are pretty complicate to use, and I managed to mix an electronic program which kept me working not the soft way. Never felt so broken for a couple of hours. And that was on my very first day. lol

All is perfect except that we've to share showers with other women, I was not used to it. But, shrugging, one group shower and it already does not matter anymore. lol me prude one!

So, I found what I really wanted as sport, and that is kewl.
Martin will go there too (it was his idea at the beginning), on lunch time.
Too bad we can't do it at the same time, at the same place!
I go there 3, 4 times a week, just after taking the kids to school, on early morning, before starting working.

I've started fitness 2 months ago, and I can feel the difference ... I get much more energy for about everything. I don't think it has changed anything regarding the shape, but it simply feels very good.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

blogging hard

(for how long i dunno)

Really I did not know where to start with my posts today. So much stuff I wanna share!

I actually wanted to tell you ..

... about how broken my heart was because of this painting I sold (I felt like a mama for the creature on it)

... about how surprise I was when my new butcher called me by my first name... (huh?! have we shared something in a previous life, or?)

... how much my boobs are on vacation, which is not fun at all!

... about how happy I am to welcome Martin's parents in a couple of days

... about how unreasonnable I've been with this most beauDiful leather jacket I've just bought


But instead, I'm going to talk *pets* (Esox, I hear you! tssss!)

So there we go...

Bâbord & Tribord

(aka "portside & starboard")

It's been so rainy in Bretonie that of course there were snails, lots of them!
but only 2 very unsual ones :)

they're cute, aren't they!


Cesar is turning into a beautiful lil male! It was hard to find good pics of him, but his horns are getting huge and they "turn" in such a beautiful shape!
He's a nice one, not agressive at all as it's often said with the (sheep) males :P

Cesar, when he was 1 :

and a few days ago :

... well it's great to have nice horns, but I hope Cesar gonna start being interested in his girlfriends, I wanna see babies next year! (ermm no pressure of course :P)

Parigo, tête de veau

If anyone feels like translating this... !

literally it's an insult against parisians (parisians = calf's head), just the rhyme matters, of course :P

Soo, for the very first time in me life, I tried (to eat) calf's head.

To tell you the truth, I was not very inspired , because when they talk of head it's the real head.

Well, it was special. The tongue no, I couldn't stand. The rest was kinda ok, but not the kind of meat I like really!

But it was a success, everybody LOVED it (but me).

Sure thing is that I prefer them this way than the one above....... !

ever tried it?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's not forget

the one who actually really helped!

Because I guess without George W.Bush's help during these past few years, we wouldn't welcome such a great piece of news today!

(Taking a Monroe-ish voice now): "Thanx, Mr about-to-be-ex President, for leading your, erm, *fellow worker*, Mr Obama, to the victory!"

I just did not want him to be forgotten on such a glorious day!
Tomorrow, he'll be history.

Now if we could have someone around here to offer such hopes for the next French election, that would be something.

Otherwise, a Zorro or a Spiderman could make it. Ooooooh (slapping own face), James -Craig- Bond, could try too!
James, I'd blindly (not really though) vote for you if you promise to rule without any shirt on! Oh Yeahhhhh!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And there I'm back!

Bretonie at its best: wet, COLD, & beauDiful
We had really a yuccky weather...which could have been depressing if the family house was not that welcoming with its fireplaces, beverage and comfortable sofas under the roofs.

I must confess I've led a cat life for 10 days. Fantastic!
We worked a bit in the hobbit house (Martin is an electrician at the moment, very hard job when you don't know it!), but mostly spent a lot of time cuddling each other, cooking, & drinking! hehe... hope you're jealous enough, huh ;-)

click here

I have other pics to add, will do it... just later!

Friday, October 24, 2008

and there I'm gone

but not for long... 10 days only!
(I miss you all already though! C'est grave Docteur? :P)

I will breathe and enjoy every bits of Autumn there in Bretonie.
Will bring back pics and stories about snails, sheep and cats. Yeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!

Might update FB though, just for the pleasure of adding some unusual status (je sais, docteur, c'est grave! M'en fous!)


Love yas
and happy Halloween!

Gimme salts, I've almost died !

... This morning, I woke up, aware of the holy mission I'd have to lead.
Metallica would sell tickets for Paris at 10.00.

As I managed to be around the computer, I was asked to get 6 tickets. I quickly made it 4, couldn't buy 6 at the same time.

I was already logged on several sites .. when at 10.00, I got the Internal error message on all of them!!!
Oh noooooo

then I got this kind of scary message :

well, ok, 15 minutes later I got my tickets... :P

2 hours later, 2 groupies were talking like crazy about how Jaymmmz would be happy to see us! I won't name the other groupie, hehe, but I can tell you she's as much motivated as the other one is! RoaaaRRRRR

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My lil wolf, Loup, has celebrated his third birthday today!!!

Loup is amazing (of course he is! :P). So very active, yet so stuck to his mama, with such a bad temper, yet with such a devastating smile :)

At school, he is "motivated", he wants to "work" all the time! And when it's playground time, Loup turns into a lil wolf, trying to scare the others, making them laugh apparently :)
His mistress, I gotta say, is perfect! So maternal, so young (=motivated), so dedicated to her lil gang... I could not imagine a better first year for him!

Today, being still into the Halloween mood, we played at "trick or treats, gimme something good to eat" with the kids.
Michelle (our American friend) asked the local shops around if they wanted to participate to the "game". And they all agreed!
So we (about 15, 20 people I guess) went to the butcher, the baker, the flower shop, etc, sang our lil song, and the kids got their candies.
It was very nice, unusual.

When we visited the butcher, Loup forgot the candies and wanted a good juicy steack! LOL!
He really did!
That was cute :)

later we celebrated his birthday. When he opened the present from his opa and oma (tools), he left REALLY not caring for all the other presents! lol
Loup really really knows what he wants and what he doesn't!

Monday, October 20, 2008

As sucking life and dollars isn't that fun...

...we also decided to get some training to be a bit helpful when life's threatened.

We trained a bit with the Red Cross yesterday. Got our lil diploma ;-) It was not much, really the basics when there's an accident. When you should call the emergency, how to check if someone is still alive, how to help the injured or unconscious person, how to make a heart massage, etc.

Well that was not much, but that was very helpful to me!
I really wanted to do it since ages and now you can collapse near me... I won't just wonder what to do :P

It was Lola who asked to do it. She is so motivated by everything, curious and excited to learn something new... I love it!

click here

Wall Street lil suckers

I won't be long (it's kinda late, I'm more dead than I was yesterday, for real! -see below-)

Our Halloween party was the best one! Can you imagine a party were the kids have as much fun as the adults, and vice versa? No, that never happens, but there (Michelle & Frederic, you're the real pumpkin royal couple!), we had lots of fun again and were surrounded by really nice and scary creatures!!! The costumes were amazing!!!

Ours were pretty traditional,... the boys are devils and the girls as vampires... but we added a personal touch and we turned into the Wall Street devils and Stock market suckers! Our pockets were full of dollars, and there was blood on our hands, that was the idea :P

click here

and the lil devils were so perfect, so ermmm natural! I was very proud, and scared... ;-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a lil clown for a very shhpeshul week!

Oh Gawd, time's running, days are getting shorter than usual, I don't get it, I'm just late with everything!

Thought I'd never find the time to update my bloggie which is kinda unusual!

Loup was invited yesterday to a birthday. A very first time, official one. He was very proud to join the other lil clowns and had the time of his life there!

In 2 days, he will change of costume.
We open the Halloween festivities a bit earlier than the others, which is kewl, I couldn't wait any longer.
No really, I'm in the mood and I bless my American friends to bring so much positive vibes with all that. Autumn can't be gloomy with them around!

Talking of Americana, I can feel in my waters Obama won't make it and I can't believe he won't.
:( sigh
Tell me I'm wrong, please!

For our Halloween party we have found... some kind of concept. Not visually crazy but what's behind is pretty funny :P

I'll tell you much more about it later ;-)

A bunch of leaves

to celebrate this season I do love!

And soon, I'll spend a few days in Bretagne, and I get so excited by the the colours I will find there, the smells, the shhhpirit of it! (happy sigh)

I still haven't found the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy every vibe of the season but I'll do it.

Autumn is actually so warm on so many levels... Just wanna dive into it..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Queen

I say pumpkin, but should say potimarron (again, any English translation for this one? I haven't found!)

I've spent some hours preparing a lot of them for the birthdays party. I wanted all the kids to win one... I tried to make them not too scary and that's how the kids loved them apparently!

Here are the first ones I made (made 15 of them) ...

light on

light off

and my favourite one, who seemed to laugh at all my jokes! (clever pumpkin!)