Friday, January 28, 2005

a pint of cider and a galette saucisse

Sweet words! :P

We leave tonight for an express weekend in Bretagne. We'll be back on Sunday...(sigh, that's short).

We just have to work on the hobbits' house, so tomorrow we'll be very busy hard working on the stones' walls of one of the room.
I tell you, it is very furstrating to have such a lovely house and not be able to work on it more often!

We've to be efficient, quick and ermmm (looking at my goil' hands with just painted nails) professionnal!

Thank gawd, we've our *carrot* at the end of the day... the family house not far waiting for us with a big warm fire and probably decadent drinks ... phewwww :-)

Have a sunny-bananas weekend ewwws all! :)))

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I've been Shreked....ouch!

The problem with cartoons and kids is that when you get a new dvd, you've to accept to watch it about a zillions times!
And we had the bad bad idea to borrow Shrek 2 for Lola the other day. I was curious, it got excellent critics.

Well, there are some details I enjoyed. I liked the cat spitting out his hairs' ball.
But for the rest, I wasn't into it (though I'm very easy.... I even still luuuve Benny Hill!). But no, this time the magic did not work.
It has certainly something to do with Shrek's face, I don't like at all the design of it.
And well, so far we've watched it in French. That might be THE problem.

Anyway, Lola's top 5 this month is:

1.Ulysse 31 (yeepeeeeee! dunno why she likes it really, she's too young to appreciate)
2.Heidi (which gets one of the worst cartoon song!)
3.Shrek 2 (sigh)
4.Kirikou and the sorceress (the best cartoon I've seen since ages! Wawww, amazing, trooly amazing. You've to watch it!)
5.Harry Potter and the prisonner of Azkaban (which I've just discovered. Guud one)

Sooo, no more teletubbies and barbapapa! Isn't life beauDiful sometimes?
(I'm lying here... I really love Barbapapa:)

Kirikou, one of the most beauDiful cartoons I've ever seen!

Admiration and confession

Somehow I really admire people who manage to share their feelings in blogs when they are down. And I confess I'd be unable to do it.
I've never been really depressed or deeply down. More like stressed sometimes. I can share sadness though.
But feeling down or depressed is different than feeling sad.

And it's the same in *real* life (I hate it when I oppose *real life* to *internet life*, the first one is really part of the second!), I don't like much sharing when I feel down. It seems that the more I talk of it, the more I'm stuck in it.
But it's the way I *work* ... for many others, talking of it is alreading feeling much beDer..

Marie's birthday

Marie's my half-sister, she's 26 now and she's a delicious woman. We're close enough, but we could improve our relationship. We get on well and all, but simply live our lives and do not take much time for each other usually.
That will change, I can feel it**~~*^* *

Eva, my niece, Marie and Lola,who's very concentrated, as you can see!

And I simply could not resist adding this pic of my other niece, Marine with her worried look in the eyes while I feed her :) hehe
Awww, she is so so cute (what a good job you made Gweno and Luc!)... the kind of moment that makes me wanna have zillions of kids!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

248 pages and a lot of inspiration!

Like every year, I've printed all the bloggies from the past year... and for 2004, I've finally *written* 248 pages of blogs!
Gawd, if I think that for 2002 I've printed 73 pages, for 2003, 139 pages... and for 2004, 248... remind me to buy ink and paper for 2005 :P

I had to do it quickly, because all my images had been downloaded at my ex-internet provider's. Another week and I would have lost them all!

You may ask what's the point printing all these blogs, hm?
Hmm, when I wonder that, I just open the 2002 or 2003 *books* and realize this is a very very good idea.
As my blog is really personnal, I find there all the big events I might have forgotten more or less, from the past years.
My pregnancy for instance, pictures of me as round as a ball, all the feelings I've got by then.
Or my first contract with an editor. Or my first tatoo! ;-)

Anyway, I find in here what I would not get with a photo album or simple written diary.
Lola, Martin and I really had fun turning the pages of the 2003 *book* yesterday!
It's really unique**~~*^* * **^^* *

Full, round, as generous as usual

Yup, talking of the moon again!
Happy full moon to ewwws ;-)

It's been 3 days the moon shines fookin hard around here! ...So if werewolves are out tonight... run fast 'cause they gonna be very hungry!

Full moon butterfly

Saturday, January 22, 2005

easiest way to lose one's parents' medal...

1) we went shopping the whole morning
2) had a fine birthday lunch
3) cameback home at 4.00
4) realized we had forgotten to change Lola's nappy the whole day...

She was wet from the knees to the belly!

Anyone wanna my help as a babysitter?

FHM joke

Momo's English teacher is the most beautiful woman.
One day he decides to tell her about his (boiling) feelings:

"I sink aille am foling in love ouizdyou. Douillou zink it is envisageable crack crack wiziou this ivening?
-With you? Never!
-Euh, OK. Let's say never, never et demie"

hehehe... loved it!

It gonna be hard for ewwws English speaking ones to get it :-(
(If it can help..."never, never et demie" = sounds like "nine, nine and a half" in French)

Friday, January 21, 2005

Lithium and his 235012452456 ideas!

If I had to paint about the concept of creativity, I think I would find inspiration in Lithium's personnality.
I would paint a supa busy sprite or goblin (I dunno how you really call *lutin* in English), running everywhere, stopping to think for 2 seconds (not more) about the next project he has in mind.
And I don't think there is any "OFF" button to stop him. Thank Gawd :)))

So with such a creature, you just can't help taking part in his projects from time to time :P
Wanna join?

Then you simply have to take the first book you find, open it on page 12, and tell us the third sentence of it!! That's all!
This project is called a *miniature livresque* (anyone to translate that?)

Okies, while waiting to discover your *miniature livresque*, here's mine:

He and his father had a nasty habit of cutting down other people
lol! Just perfect :P
from Trolls and their relatives by Jan Bergh Eriksen and Per Aase (I have my whole collection of lovely creatures' books above Gulliver my puter)

spreekt u het Nederlands?

Somehow this translation does not sound ok. Nebbermind :P
Can you see something unusual on the Herman cover below?

... Yup it's in Dutch! 2000 copies of Herman have been printed in Dutch!
I'm... proud!

I would have never guessed Herman would have taken us that far :)))

(message for Jack -cause I can hear you already ;-)- : ...nope, I still can't buy any island with da book! Not even a bottle of sand from some exotic island! hehe... SIGH)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another *toute première fois*

Last weekend we had the visit of Martin's parents from Hamburg, and for the occasion we decided to take everybody to the circus.
That was a very first time for Lola and if you had seen her eyes during the show, you'd say she has reached a first graal there! lol

It was a classic circus, an old one, without any kind of sophisticated presentation.
A family circus where everybody (from the 2 years old girlette to the 70 years old Indiana Jones) took part with much happiness it seemed!

The clowns were not scary at all... they were 2, one young looking like Oliver Hardy and another being, dunno, 6 years old and looking like the boss of the circus:)

The animals looked wonderful, not thin, not sick, very alive and apparently really healthy!

Lola agreed to try how comfortable was monsieur camel below (his fur was so thick, I just wanted to cuddle him!)... and that made a funny pic (look at the face of the camel, he's definatly smiling! lol)

click here

Time eater

I'm sure you all have lil pleasures or hobbies that take a looooooot of time.
And I know what is my lil weakness. Long time ago it was chat online, it could have been blogging too but no, I don't blog everyday, and never make of it an obligation.

Neeee, my time eaters are simply GAMES!
And as I know meself, I do not play often (cough cough). I naturally never play online, or I would not sleep anymore!

Games. Whatever game as long as there is a lil challenge.

Unfortunately, we've started recently a new PS game, one we wanted since a year maybe. We had to wait for its price to be reasonnable, and found a second-hand one (price for new PS games are indecent, about 60 euros for this one!)
It's a RPG game ("Champions of Norrath"), hack and slash type. My favourite type!
It's basic but fook, at the end of the day when I wanna forget about lil probbies, it works!


So tonight again, Martin will jump into his dark elf shadowknight's armour while I'll be having fun in my wood elf ranger's one (next time, I take the basic, with no magical power, a barbarian warrior!).
at the moment we're dealing with orcs and giant spiders and ants... isn't life exotic sometimes? ;-)

And I know it's stoopid losing one's time this way, but I can't help it, I have to finish it!

(shrugging) why doing sport when you can just push a button to be tall, muscled and sexy! ;-)

too old to be a mama?

So you've old heard about that woman, 67 years old, who gave birth to a lil one.
Everybody's talking of it...lack of responsibily of the docs (cause she's got preggie in vitro), lack of responsibility of the mama, etc etc.

And I actually agree with most of what is said about it.

But... it's time people start to talk of all these men who have no probbie having a child although they're old enough to be a grand-father!

Yeah, the world is shocked an older woman has a baby and nobody was shocked when Paul Mc Cartney has got a new baby not long ago.

I'm just saying that older men are as much responsible for having babies lately as older women are!

Personnal message

(private joke)

(he says) "Pouf à la racine!"

(and I say) C'est minable!!!!

sowwwy goils and guys, I just had to tell it on open :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


(dancing around)
(throwing rose petals in the the air)
It works, it works, and it's so so fast! It almost feels as if my words appeared on the screen before I type them!

When your computer is usually connected all day, you get kinda addicted to the internet...
And Gawd, a full week without the internet has been very, very long!
I don't watch tv, don't read newpapers, don't listen at radio, the internet is the only information tool I use.

So for a week, I felt like on a lil island lost in the middle of the Pacific.
And when I think a few years ago, the internet was criticized for making people more hmm isolated! lol
I just experienced the opposite!

Okies, now gimme a couple of days to visit your bloggies again and to dive into zillions of crispy news!
**~~*^* *

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Will I survive???

I'm sadly joining the gang of those who have troubles with their connexion...

From 9.00 this morning to up to 15 days, I won't get any connexion (except very few times via this old modem that is costing me a LOT)... Yeah, my new internet provider needs time to install the line as they said.

Oh internet is great when it works, but when it does not... arggggg!!!!
Gimme my BAZOOKA!

Soooo, I won't have the possibility to surf or check emails (SIGH)
Wish me luck, maybe I will improve my talents at freecell at least (wink@ Penny who isn't bad at all at it! Another guru title here! :P**~~* *)

I really feel *disconnected*!
(on my way to freecell)

Monday, January 10, 2005

Feeling bad...

..for having cut our xmas tree in lil pieces today!
And no I am not a violent woman!

I had to get rid of that too heavy and old tree, that's all.

But I hated doing it (and worse in front of Lola!)... and if the king of xmas trees hears me now, I want him to know I'm very sorry and won't start again! I swear it!
(spitting far!)

In memory of Dragon Lady

I've just learnt our (Ariel, Penny and I and all the regs from ol' Catch 22) Dragon Lady had passed away.
I had lost contact with her since about 2 years.

But I remember how she welcome me in that very *schpeshul* chatroom, catch 22, when I started using the internet. I was 21 or 22 I think.
She was like the guru of this chatroom, knowing everybody around, always being interested with what was happening around.
She was from Hawaii.
Not so long ago, I sent her a lil oil painting of a flying mermaid and she sent me back a Hawaiian dress. That was our deal:)

She was definatly sweet and maternal with me. And patient with my ugly English.


Second time I *meet* Death in the internet world. First time was with *Hamburg player*, a chatter from the same gang. We had met him 3 months before he was gone.

I wish I had meet Dragon Lady once. That is a very frustrating part of the internet. New people jump into your life and suddenly they disappear. That's it, nothing to add.

(sending a big hug to DL's family and to the 22ers and whisperers that were close to her**~~*^^* * *)

chabada bada

I've met Martin 6 years ago, and we've celebrated yesterday our 6th wedding anniversary!!! (we married 3 months after our first rendez-vous)

I just remember every detail of our wedding, we had snow on that day and I thought marrying on winter time was really a fantastic idea! (we did not want to wait any longer anyway ;-)

And all the German family and friends that joined us on that day, that was trooooly wonderful and made of the house a high center of european communications :P

I would start again any day! you're ready? I send the invitations :P

29 years old

yeahhh, my lil sister Gwenola is 29 years old today!
I love it when she almost reaches my age (I'm only 29 + 1 you see!) for a few months :P

Gweno being 29, but more than that, being the mama of 2 goilettes makes me feel kinda old!
I just remember as if it was yesterday when we spent our coins buying zillions of candies on summer time, joining our friends les petites Michaux, and making plans for the show we wanted to organise for our parents (to collect money for...ermm, more candies!)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I've been Wanadooded...

And it hurts, I can hardly walk anymore!

A week, a full week our internet provider -WANADOO- has blocked our ftp access... for maintenance.
You know, a normal company would do it during night time, for a few hours maximum... and they would warn us about it!
Wanadoo did not!

As they're the most expensive on the market (but we registered 4 years ago, at the time, their prices were fine), I wonder how they dare playing with their customers (which does not include us anymore) this way.

Anyway, we're gone on the roads of our new provider club internet, not much better, but a lil bit.

The adress of this blog has been modified, same for the DHN's blog.

I hope people can find their way to them, i can't post any redirectory page for the moment!
Gawd, sometimes I luuuve technology!

2005, blessed year?

1st week of the year... my blood's boiling with excitement

For a first week, it's not that bad (despite our home pages connexion).

I've just received a contract for the third Herman's book!
(dancing around!!!)

Having a third book published, Gawd, that feels wonderful!

And next week, the author and I get a big rendez-vous with our publisher in Versailles... it should be really interesting in any case.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another wish... for my next life!

Pullllease, in my next life I accept to be anything but... a lobster!
They're so cute, and their death is so cruel... I really feel bad when I gotta cook them!
...but not bad enough though for me to resist them ;-)

Very often I lose myself in very stoopid thoughts, like... if everybody came back to life from the beginning of humanity till now, how many *Earth* would be necessary to welcome them?
Or or ... what if in our next life we come back as the animal or vegetable that we've tortured the most during our present life? (think about it a second, dat's SCARY!)

Anyway, to answer Penny and Alix's curiosity... here's why I accepted the chef hat the other day...

shrimps' soufflés
(shrimps cooked in spices then made as a soufflé... you could sell your body for that, trust me!)

Lobters a la diable
(canadian lobsters though... no way we can afford for anything else)

Chocolate cake (fondant au chocolat)

Orange cake

both with custard (creme anglaise... fookin hard to make!)

Et voilà!
Honestly, that was a success (false modesty isn't my friend as you may notice ;-), even though at 0.00 on the 1st of january I was still in the kitchen!
...Once a year, dat's fine to me ;-)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

wish wish wish

Surprise, surprise...Happy new year to you and yours!
May your life rocks in 2005,
May your days be full of lil moments of happiness and your nights be busy with the most pleasant dreams (I'm not being salacious!)**~~*^* * *

And as for my selfish wishes to meself... here we go ;-) :

click here

so much to celebrate, so little time!

My lil bloggie is three years old today (cheers to Gulliver -computer- for having been such a good boy too)

But today is also the birthday of a blogging friend who keeps offering us the most beauDiful words and a lot of sweet smiles all along the year:

**~~*^* *~~*^* *