Saturday, August 31, 2002

I'm really about to be a *Mom* !!!!

(falling from chair)

I mean, it's been months I'm working hard for it (hehe) and it sounds so close now!
My visit went well this morning, no big change since last time :)

The buderfly is pushing more but the lil door hasn't started to open yet (sorry my vocabulary is limited when it concerns the body bits!). The gyno could feel the head of my little Marion Jones though... so, as usual since a few months, he asked me to be extremely careful.

He asked me not to go out in any case and that for the next 3 weeks. He said he does not want to scare me but he really fights against premature births. And before the end of the 8th month, it's always risky.
So I won't attend the preparation courses for the birth. He said it was not a real probbie and that I had not the choice in any case:)

I'll see him in 3 weeks then, and he said on that day I'll be starting my 9th month, so there won't be any risk anymore.
3 weeks is so short, I can't imagine the birth happening that quickly!!! wooooooooooooooo hehehe

But maybe I'll manage to keep her till October! That's my very big challenge now :-))))) ***~~* * *^^* *

Friday, August 30, 2002

That is the kind of jokes which will only receive a heavy ha - ha - ha from most people, but which makes me laugh.

Joe was not a very romantic person, and furthermore he was rather stupid. But he wanted to impress his wife, so he took her out for an anniversary dinner and watched the couples around them, following their leads.

He observed the couple next to him. The man lifted a sugar shaker towards his wife's cup and said, "Sugar, sugar?" Joe thought this was great and continued to listen around the dining room.
Another table over Joe observed the following. A man spooned out some honey out of a bowl for his wife and asked, "Honey, honey?"
Again Joe thought this was good stuff.

Finally, he cut off a piece of his meat, stared longingly into his young wife's eyes and said, "Ham, pig?"

The buDerfly has been moving all day! (and Gawd, it's so pleasant to feel her that much!!!)

Tomorrow, at 9.00 (but yes, I agree, it's far too early!), I've my 8th official visit to the gyno (we have 9 mandatory visits during the pregnancy).
As usual I'm curious about what the gyno's diagnostic. I think I'm doing well and I don't see why the buderfly would come too early:-))
I hope the gyno will allow me to attend the preparation courses for the birth. These courses are highly recommended, there you can learn a loooot about the birth itself, the ways to keep zen, and they give many clues about how taking care of the babe and yourself during the first days... the kind of advice I need cause I ask myself many questions about female probbies and many "how will I do this and that" about the baby.

I've quite a few books that give guud advice but I *need* to hear some female experience :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Martin has just signed the papers today, Friday will be his last day at work.
He is glad enough to stop now because he really did not enjoy working for the new company.

Now we'll be two looking for a job, it should work:)
I give myself the whole month of September to find something, then I'll start to worry (s)

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Ohhhh aarrrrrgggg!!!!

I've just talked with an American old friend on the web... As usual, we laughed about George W. last actions and decisions... and we finally started to talk about the Earth Summit, and the defense of the environment.
After 1/2 of hard talk, it was clear I was standing on the side of the environment, and him on the other side!!! What a shock it was!

I was just telling it was time we start to take care of what surrounds us, etc. He was keeping answering things like:
-what happens will happen, we can't do anything against it (like the ices age is coming back)
-what the fuck defending a tiger of siberia whereas people are dying in Africa (I told him he could start writing W. speeches then)
-that polluting industries give employment, etc etc (as if non-polluting ones wouldn't produce employment //oO\\)

Then he said :
1) I was young and Youth gets really cute ideas !!!!!
2) I should go to Pennsylvania and live with the Hamish
3) that all my foolish ideas about environment were due to my education

Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Where's my bazooooooka again!

Then he added he knew what he was talking about, that 31 years ago he was a Hippy, holding hands with 5000 other people, etc
I said he was being really caricatural and that there's nothing to be proud of in being a hippy in south CA, 30 years ago....I mean 90% of them are now guuuud biz men, caring for their own comfort and laughing at "youth"'s ideals and fights. Disgusting.

I don't know how but I managed to not insult him at the end (g)
I even thanked him for this highly intresting chat, in a very lady way :P
But inside me, I was/am burrrrrrrrrrning!!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Eeeck, I can't remember if I ever put this very cute drawing on here... If I did, sorry for that... At least it reminds us the female position in this World is nebber the easiest one :P
Haaaa, this lil test is not that baaaad, have a look at it :-))

The Frawnch fragile thingie that I am now (rolling eyes) has been fighting against a baaaaaaad cold since 3 days now.. and it's not over!
And I've not even been at Chez Sillan (where they've all been infected lately!)

I cough like a man smoking 4 paquets of gitanes maïs a day! I could not sleep last night, except from 6.00 to 9.00 am.
I'm exhausted but still cough and cough and cough. I cannot take anything efficient against it, it is not kewl!

Next time I'll cough my lungs!

The worse in that (s), it's that I'm forced to drink some catweewee with lemon juice in it all day! Yuck, double-yuck!
I've even started with an inhalation of some obscure mixture of different (good!) herbs that are supposed to get rid of the cough. It does not work so far, but it smells guuuuud :P

If anyone has any good trick against a baaaad cough in a preggie one, I'm interested (G)

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I'm just back from a clinic (which is at 2 min from here) for the third and last scan of the buDerfly :-))))
The image on the screen was much less good than with the previous scans, but we managed to get some of her profile :-)))

I've also been confirmed she was not an hermaphrodite (g)... yup, she's "still" a goil! :P
All the measures and tests went well (which has been a relief) and she is well placed (head towards the way out ;-)

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

And here are the three last paintings I've done:

For "Cavalière solitaire", I was much inspired by snails in Bretagne when it was raining hard. I imagined all of them coming out at the "rain" signal to join for some tournament.

Then there are the 2 complementary "Faites vos jeux, part 1" and "Faites vos jeux, part 2" which I like a lot :-)

I need to work a lot on paintings and drawings because I hope to get 50 of them soon enough. Right now there are maybe only 20 paintings that I like enough to show. I realize I can be over critical towards myself (when it comes to paintings :P). In any case I can't help it, I can't imagine selling anything I don't like at 250% !
Have you heard in the news about Amina (a woman from Nigeria) who's about to be stoned to death for having sexual relationship with a man, other than her ex-husband (they had just divorced).
With a high sense of human generosity, they wait for her baby to be weaned before stoning her.

All those judges there (because there are trials before, great hey) should be put to jail for murder, shouldn't they?!
I can't believe there are laws that support such decisions, whatever the cultures and traditions and religions are.
And refering to God as an excuse for murder ... how can a man defend such a theory.
And today, the buDerfly is 7 months (in *belly time*) :-)))
Yeeeepeeeeeeeeee, 2 months left and wooooosh (if only it was just a wooooosh ;-), she'll be around here!

What has changed in a month?
Well, the size of my belly, sure thing (no comment 'bout the pic, puleaaaase), it is bigger everyday and it gets complicate to dress.
She's now 40 cm long (which I can hardly imagine when looking at my belly), and her weight should be about 2kg :-))
She sleeps about 20 hours/day (ermm.. I can hardly believe it! ;-)

She now can hear us (which is guuuud since we talk to her all the time).
And we have a whole pile of cds that we want her (us? ;-) to listen. Martin will play the Irish flute to my belly (hehe). You never know she might develop a musical talent! :P

and she still moves a lot (but soon she won't have space enough to move as she uses).
Since we've learnt she was very low in the womb, we've started to "learn to know where she was" in the belly.
Since weeks, we manage to feel where's her head and back.
We often give a sweet massage the womb when I feel she's pushing down or when she starts to kick (and it feels like talking by morse code with her, very funny!)

So what has changed to me (and certainly to Martin) is that relationship which is getting more and more *real* **~~* *^* *

Friday, August 16, 2002

I love dem Friday evenings... well usually!
It's 10.00 pm and I'm just back from the emergency services!.... not for my belly, neeeee (thanx gawd).. but for my teef!
Dem again!

You would not believe these lil thingies can hurt that much. And I must be doomed with toothaches, it seems to happen so often.
I will change of butcher, I think he has not done his job.

In 2 words, I have a nerve that is painful since a few months. But my butcher did not dare to do anything serious since I was preggie. He said it would be ok and that can wait after the birth.
Since the beginning of the week, it has started to hurt more than usual. Well, finding a dentist in middle of August is like winning 4 numbers at the lottery.
So I thought it would pass. I drank liters of icy water to calm the pain. But last night I could not sleep and the pain turned to be so intense that contractions started.

I resisted (which was stoopid) till tonight when Martin had to take me to some emergency service near Montparnasse.
And now I'm back, much reassured to have seen a dentist (he did the scariest injection I've ever had, I heard the needle coming into my bone (to reach the nerve)!! eeeeck :P). It was pretty expensive (90 €) but he apparently did a good job.

Right now I'm blessing the effects of the injection (feeling no pain), and I hope all will be ok now, then I'll sleep like a babe :)))
I thought Elvis had died some 40 years ago, not just 25!
Maybe because I only keep in mind his glamourous face (when he was in his 20 !)...

I find that so strange to see all these fans all over the world, worshipping him as if he was still alive... but what's even more astonishing (to me) is the Elvis' fans desire to look like their King! ....specially those who try to have his 1970's look!

Bloody business world!
We've been waiting for moooooonths for LOTR (lord of the ring) to be available in video or dvd... and now it's everywhere, I discover the "real" version (longer one) will come out only in November!
Actually I can wait, but I would have been kinda angry to buy the normal version now and discover 3 months later the longer one!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Sooooo, I expected a bit what my gyno told me yesterday.

He first found I was in good form (and he was right, I was feeling really well). I've still the same weight as last month (which sounded as a miracle since my belly has now extreme proportions ;-).
Before he checked for the womb and everything, I told him he'd beDer confirmed the mermaid and I are really doing well (S)

But as soon as he started, an upset look appeared on his very serious face... He was repeating -as to himself- "no no it's not not good". And I was there, watching the ceiling, waiting for him to come back to me to give me explanations.
Oh nothing critical, but now it's sure that even if I hardly move, the buDerfly will go on pushing to go out.

He confirmed there is all the symptoms that the babe is a prematured one. Of course, I don't complain, I'm already at the end of my 6th months, there plenty of prematured babes everyday,etc.
But I don't think you can be peaceful when you know there is always a risk with a prematured babe. And I would hate that the buDerfly arrives too soon and be forced to stay at the hospital for a couple of months..

Anyway, I'm not expecting to be reassured, I know there's a risk whenever from now on.
The gyno asked I stay on bed now 24h/24, and I'm only allowed to get up for a shower, for the third scan (next week) and to come back to the clinic. Of course, he said I gotta rush to him whenever I feel something wrong (sigh).
Time looks very long now. But it's ok, as long as the mermaid keeps kewl :-)))

The gyno has also doubled my treatment to calm down contractions, every 2 hours I gotta take the drugs. I hope they will be efficient:)

Now I worry for Martin, he has to take care of everything, from his research of a job to the cleaning of the flat, etc. This afternoon (he has a week of holidays now), he'll go to try to find the basic equipment for the mermaid, just in case she arrives quickly. Not fun to do that alone :(((

Sooooo, the only thing I can do for him is cuddling him as much as possible and giving him lil massages whenever possible :-)))
Not that baaaad for the future Dad, huh ;-)**~~^^** * *~~* * ... but very frustrating for me not to be able to help him more!

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Tomorrow I've to go to the clinic and this time I hope the gyno will have guud news for the mermaid and I **~~* * *^^*
I've been rilly riiiiilllllyyyyy reasonable!

My belly is now really huge and I start to think the mermaid will be a big baby! It won't be easy to ermmm... *open the door* to her ! That gonna give me new nightmares :P

Thursday, August 08, 2002

I heard the Americans wanna launch an attack in Irak. Of course, they have planned how the country will organize once they'll have got rid of the *baaadies*.
And Georges W. is trying again to impose his rules to Israelians and Palestinians.
I don't want to focus everyday on Americans but why do they always intervene in external affairs -too often with military options-, and besides without the agreement of intenational institutions?

Because they're economically the first power and wanna remain such? Because they feel they've a kind of sacred duty ("we gonna save the world") and have to involve in every conflict?
I wonder.
I had such nightmares last night! Huuuuu, nebber again!
First one... I'm at the hospital, giving birth to the mermaid, far too early. Everything goes wrong, we lose her.I remember the details, but I'm not in the mood to type them I guess..
I woke up, sweating. Fell asleep again. Started to dream again.
Martin is helping me to give birth to the mermaid, again far too early. The mermaid arrives, beauDiful smiling baby. She seems to have troubles to breathe, she's a bit red.
We call the nurse, I cut the cord with my hands (huuu), and Martin gives the babe to the nurse who takes her in a towel.
We tell the nurse the name of the babe. She turns back towards us asking if we're sure for the name... because the baby is a boy!!!
We laugh, we did not expect that at all of course.
The nurse asks if we want to check if the babe is a boy. We agree. She opens the towel and there we see a mincroscopic kitten.

I woke up and felt Joe sleeping with his head on my breast, pushing me to have a maximum of space. No wonder that influenced my nightmare.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Yesterday, the weather was so fine that I did not resist to go and try to swim a bit.
I knewwwww I could not go far anyway, so we went down to the river (2 min by car, 10 min walking)... Just 2 min by car provoked contractions!
Argggg, I arrived there and could not even put a foot in the water. I just lie down and waited for the contractions to pass.
Huuuuuuuu, I promise myself to have very active holidays in the next years...very "physical" ones!I wanna sweat and feel da muscles aching, puleeeeease :P
I read in the news (serious ones, I swear! :P) that 1/3 of Americans think Canada is an American state, just like Louisianne or Nevada ...

I don't believe this can really be trooooooe, 'tis not possible... hm?
Martin's been in an Austin Powers muuud today, here's some of what he told me again and again with a purrfect accent!

"Are you hungry, Mini-Me? Want to eat something? An eggo? No, stop that, Mini-Me, we don't eat Mr. Bigglesworth! Yes, come here. Give a hug to papa.." (Dr Evil to his living ego Mini-me)

"My dad is at the head of an evil organisation and wants to take over the world" (Dr Evil's son)

"Watch my sexy body, hmmmm, hoooooaaaaaaaaaaaa, come here baby, I want to eeeeeeeeeat ya" (The Scottish obese one to the blond babe)

"You're not evil enough, son, you're QUASI-evil" (Dr Evil to his son)

I can't wait to see Goldmember which will come out in November! Weeeeeeeeee!!

Monday, August 05, 2002

Have you heard about the English couple who booked tickets for Sydney via internet?
They kinda did not expect to arrive at the town of Sydney... Canada!!!
As they said in the news.. it's just not like Oz, but at least they can enjoy Canadian lobsters :P
Sunny Monday... 2 beauDifully opposite words~~^^** ^^**~~
If it gets as hot as yesterday, I give myself a couple of hours before feeling like a tiger in a cage.. I wish I could follow the others on the boat or to the beach..argggg!!!!

On the other hand, I've caught a big cold (big one, like a winter cold!) and I couldn't move much anyway. Phewww, that cold is a kind of relief (G)

Saturday, August 03, 2002

I can't walk, swim, dance but (s) I can still share lil probbies as anyone on holidays! (G)
After 20 minutes of intense sun, I found myself with 2 burnt sausages with a pair of feet at the end of dem.
Da legs hurt!!! Arggg... but it feels like holidays ;-)
I had news from some relatives today... and they managed to turn me into baaaad muud
They openly said I was completly unconscious to have come to Bretagne and added I should have stayed at home... "it would have been way more reasonnable".

I really got angry, who they think they are to tell we're consciously taking risks!
I discovered they knew me really badly, I would nebber take a single risk concerning the buDerfly!

You know, that makes me so mad to even suggest I'm not a responsible *mom*! Arggggg
Gimme my bazooooka, nowwwww!