Monday, August 30, 2010

Waving goodbye to lovely Bretonie

First day back in Paris... first concert (!), first friends ("Woaaaaaaa! it's been a months I've been waiting for you", so France shouted as taking me into her arms! hehe that was sweet)... first happy times with school friends for the devils, first bonjour every 3 seconds as walking outside. Paris is truly a great city to me, warm and friendly.
But cold, shit, I need sun and heat already...

I woke up 2,3 times last night, not knowing where I was anymore. Expecting strange birds to sing, old Bretonish ghosts to move around. But I'm adjusting already.

Summertime in Bretonie was really some kind of experience. And I don't talk of the sunbaths only. A total independence. Far from the family (...), far from everything. I've discovered great neighbours, some making the best drinks, the others already keeping the devils at night sometimes, and another one always bringing food for 10 when invited! lol
Then I got the visit from dear friends there, their presence changed everything. I've spent some times of true happiness.

Comfort was limited, as I had no kitchen, nothing to make the laundry, nothing to warm up the house but the fireplace. But it was fine, perfect.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Serj gonna feed me (at least my ears :P)

I'm just back in Paname(=a familiar name for Paris), and just realised I had a ticket for some concert tomorrow! Yeah yeah!
System of a Down's singer, Serj Tankian will perform in Paris.
I saw SOAD live 7 years ago, and I'm so happy I have this opportunity! I'm very fond of his voice and involved personality.

edit: just back from a very good concert, I found that vid from it, to give ya an idea, and I chose that song because he dreamt it a few years ago when he was in Paris :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poor little bunny's long and painfull death

I feel very concerned by my friends' health. And there is our poor Keith who is dying and needs your support (and soup & whisky)!

He's suffering from what I call a double decease : the man flu ! Being a man AND having a cold is fatal. Well so it seems!

If you wonder what I'm talking about, Keith explained it very well with this vid' - that craked me up for it is SOOOOO true, real, etc -

Hey girls, let's burn, hey not our sexy bras, nenene, but all these little pink bunnies around! :P

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The little tavern on the prairie (5 crowns!)

I had no idea what would this room become.
Suddenly it looks and feels like an old tavern, no kidding!

The old table (18th century, yeah I'm proud and I bet the table has seen lots of pretty asses! :P), the candles and oil lamps, the "ivrognier" (just the name is inspiring, I can't translate it, just know that "ivrogne"is a drunk man, an "ivrogner is some kind of old furniture in which you can put bottles). I don't have enough bottles yet. lol. Well, we have, but they never last!

There's also a Christ somewhere, I did not want him in my house. Can anyone start a petition for me? :P

Anyway, when you enter this room, you are in a tavern! You only see half of it on the pics, there's also that big fireplace in the middle of it! ... and when you start sipping your Bretonnish (or not) beverage, then you expect thieves and whores and weird creatures (like you!) anytime! I love it!

Besides, I think I beat Caroline Ingalls on her own ground (phewwwwww!): the lil tavern on the prairie sound much more cool!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My predator

I can't use my wounded finger as well since yesterday, can't stretch it at all but... I managed to finish my last painting! I'm back on the rails, and ready to paint a new world!
I've got what I wanted. I'm pretty happy with it ! So much work involved, you wouldn't believe it :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a lullaby, for tonight : )

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My fix

I haven't found any pot in time to forget my lil wound the other day, but I got much better. I have Charlie not far, and as much as I need a fix of him, I believe he also needs a fix of me sometimes ;-)
Fair deal :)

Teaser #2

here's another part of my Predator's project. Can't wait to have it done! it will be made of indian black ink with a warm background in watercolour.

Sorry for the photo quality, I hate my cam and my cam hates me! :P

More of my den

I wanna show you much more of the new works done in the hobbit house, but I'd like to find first the ooold photos of how it was before. To provoke some heart attacks (and deep pride) you know :P

Here's my lil place, tiny corner, just for myself. I have my computers, my painting tools, my hairbrush, my makeup and lots of shoes hidden behind my desk. Paradise!

Hobbit house heating system

Not very cheap (this 1m3 of wood cost 85 euros .. dunno how cheap or not that is!..?), but looking good and being promising!

Some free lil hands to carry it were very welcome, I wasn't very efficient at it.

Now I have to manage to light a proper fire, which is not the case so far. Queenette of the BBQ but still slave to the fire. pfff

The conspiracy theory

My subconscious and my body joined together and organised an evil conspiracy against me!
In the worst way, they tried (and so far succeeded) to force me to some kind of ugly laziness!!!

I was getting back to work (on my painting) on Thursday, when I washed a glass which was broken. I washed it quickly with much energy and strength in the movement. Perfect for a good clean scalp. 5 seconds later a nice bit (top middle part of my index) was lying on the sink. I know I try to make it sound horrible, but it was! lol ... I could see my tendon!!!!

It bled and bled and I took a a clean rag to press it around the finger. The devils asked me if I was going to die (told you it was tragic!)

I took the car with my bloody rag at the end of my finger and drove to join family, let the kids and found medical help. Nothing could be done, the flesh and skin were in my sink. Good, no needles involved. Oh just a needle for a vaccine later.

Anyway there's a nice hole on top of my finger and it hurts whenever I try to use my hand with pressure. I don't want to wear any bandage as recommended for 3 weeks, because when I changed it yesterday, it was stuck to the flesh and it felt really bad to take it off (me poor lil thing lol)

I could show you the wound, but hey I've not crossed that limit (*reality blog*) yet. :P

Been two days now I can't do anything because of that bloody finger! I can't do just "nothing"! No, life's short so that wound should better heal very quickly, I am like a lion(ess) in cage!