Sunday, August 30, 2009

I keep on bubbling, on and on

3 days before school starts again (woooohoooooooooooo!!!)

Well, I'm not sure yet it will be ok for Loup and his leg. after nearly 2 weeks without his cast, he put his foot on the floor and walks as much as he can. He's so courageous :)

The weather here in Paris is fantastic, we expect 30°C tomorrow again. Picnics, swimming pool (whenever we can) & ice creams, life can be sweet around here :)

I've finished another collage, but while I was doing it I had the next one already done in my mind, very disturbing! lol

And I'm now working on a painting. I've never been so inspired, it's crazy! If I had enough time and space I would work night and day!

By the way, Martin and I have been working since weeks on a new gallery. Something more practical than just an art blog. Well lol ok, more like a shop. I need to sell! :)
The website is pretty complicate to organise but at the end the result should be what I want.

Apart from kids and work, sport keeps making me busy, as usual. I've been doing a lot of it again lately. It just feels so good (when you really start you get addicted!). I'm getting used to do it in the evenings, it just requires a lot of motivation to go sweating when it's time for a drink ;-)

Well, I still have my taxes to pay and dozens of bills to deal with, but apart from that, life is ok right now :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer in Paris

... loving it!

Except for my work! (the glue does not dry anymore! lol! I don't understand why.. and watercolour dries too quickly! pfff! )

Paris is empty, or was (I don't know maybe everyone is back now!)

Paris is hot (between 25 and 35°C since 10 days now)

Paris is intimate (you don't meet much people you know, they're all away, so when you do, you take your time :)

Paris has gotten rid of his stressed car drivers!

Oh I love it!

And the kids love it too! Despite Loup's condition, we have a picnic everyday and have fun as much as we can outside.

Talking of Loup, he's still very hesitating with his leg. Very cautious. So far, I gotta admit he does not walk. He goes back to school in 10 days so, well, I don't know. We'll see.

Yet, today, when he went to have fun in the Parc André Citroen, he was really motivated! He made a few steps, could stand up too. He was proud! Well, I think he might walk again quite soon, walk properly in a couple of months maybe.

But that's ok, he's going to make it :)
Oh, and with such a helpful sister as Lola, no doubts miracles will happen :)

(proud-ish smile here)

A real pirate!

You know... I would have never believed lil ones could have such a big imagination.
Loup is getting like an expert in the imagination world.

For him, as soon as he starts involving himself in a game, or whatever, then it happens.
I've always wondered how it worked with the cards, you know, Pokemon type... How kids could just use their cards to imagine they would transform in something etc.
Then I saw Loup, just grabbing a card, putting his hand on it, making a big noise then being the creature on the card! LOL
very impressive!

Loup is so much into it. And I am the last one who will break his imagination, I feed it, enjoy it so much that I'm caught by it. I become the real tinker bell that my lil pirate wanna kill! lol

Even gold has to be real, you see... well almost:

(Loup talking)

Mom I want real gold coins!


yes mom, and not those like the one Lola made, in paper, I want real ones... in PLASTIC!!!

A treat for the eyes

Pete is from the land where you eat rice pudding and such things like Marmite ... , but he has qualities too!


Pete is an artist, a real one, exposing his soul through his work, yes, that's what I feel. But talking about his work would be spoiling it already.

I could marry twice a year, every year (lol), just to get Pete's photos. And great champ' too! :P
That was my first thought when I watched them. But *that* is a tiny part of his whole work...

Just check by yourself right here !

Another day, another drug

When I'm not trying to save the world (which I don't do on a regular basis lol), I just let it go and openly enjoy my little drugs

At the moment I'm crazy for those !

They're not as hard as the original ones, the taste is perfect and they make pretty nice bubbles.

I love making bubbles (specially when I'm driving, very classy huh), and try to motivate everyone around to beat me at it! But nobody want (or dare I would say! huhu). The kids only want to put their fingers in my bubbles, and Martin says it's a suicide for someone with a moustache. Pfffff (shrugging!), one gotta take risks in one's life!

So, here's a modest bubble, who wanna try to beat it? (waiting, taping foot :P)

And bellow is my master (master!), one day, I'll beat him!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nowhere to be found

just looking for a high quality video of Planet Caravan, by Black Sabbath or Panthera... just can't get one!

Nonono you just can't find everything on the internet :P

¤%&%#@#$$¤¤ !!!

I was with the kids in the street.
There was this guy there, looking lost. Asked him if I could help.

Tells me he's homeless, nobody helps him, makes a few racist remarks to explain his unfair situation (=black people get more help than he does), and that he's lost in Paris and tries to find some addresses he has on a paper.

Ok, let's see, I check, explains him.
Then he asks me how he can do to go to La Bastille. I explain and tell him I can give him a metro ticket.

He said he has one already.
So I tell him I can't do more then. He begs me to help him to get some lunch. And I, bonne poire faut croire, start to check if I have some coin in the pocket. 2 euros only. Damn (that's much for me, isn't it for you?)
I give him.

Know what he answered??

Is it what you call generosity?

then went on

... 10 euros sounds more like the minimum for generosity!

Oh God, generosity, my ass!

Answered him I couldn't believe it, that I had just lost precious time with him and that if 2 euros was not "generous" enough, I wanted them back now!

The guy left! he just left. Just like that.

Honestly, that kills me! Yeah I know he's in the street, life's bad for him, etc.
Some believe when people have enough money to live then they have to share it. That people with "money" are lucky, in the way, luck brings that money.

Hey, I am not mother Theresa, I am not born generous, I help if I want and I work for what I have. So please, all who beg for my coins, as much the government as this homeless one, respect that.


PS: wait the government doesn't beg for my coins, the government doesn't ask. It takes!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I've never been so busy with the devils than in the past weeks.
I've never felt so tired, but never felt so inspired for my work.

I feel like a writer, I get ideas when sleeping, and wakes up to take notes. LOL
Unusual. Exciting!

It's like... the more you push your own limits, the more you get, really. Fascinating process. But exhausting too!

Normal life is really exceptionnal

...something you discover when suddenly life's harder for such or such reason.
Well, I know my luck, we've just experienced a "broken leg", which is nothing in comparison to many other situations.

But that was enough to *feel* how normal life is precious.

We've spent hours in hospital this morning (Gawd, they need more workers in Necker hospital, too much to do there for them!).
Finally, after a few x-rays, a few checkings, Loup got his cast removed!

Yeepeeeeeeeeee!!! I was so stressed. On the x-rays, you can still see clearly the broken tibia but no "empty space" between the bones.
The doc said that now he can start walking again, that everything's fine. He can't do any sport for at least six other weeks and must be careful. We'll go back to hospital end of September. A last visit :)

No more wheelchair, god, that was so heavy with the floors, with stairs everywhere, so complicate to organise..
No more strategic plans for peeing or washing or playing cowboys ...
No more stress about Loup moving his broken leg, night and day. I get my bed and sleep back for myself! (supa happy sigh)

Well, I've still spent the most tiring day in weeks today, because Loup can't/refuse to walk so I'm his wheelchair! lol... But that's just a matter of days :)



And trust me, there's a huge difference between these two days ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wondering how lil devil went from his wheelchair to this carton...


Lola and Loup had no explanation to give me... they just shrugged... lol
I had to take some big voice & rolling eyes so they don't do that again, but... they really made me laugh! :)

The consciously forgotten topic

lol I gotta understand my title before knowing how to explain it!

There's one topic I don't (want to) talk about on here, politics. A topic, subject, that keeps me pretty busy lately... I say lately, but it's been months.

Only way to express it for the moment, through my work. More work to come then :)


so is my last work, *explicit*

Hopes the family won't be shocked lol, I could have painted a (naked) troll or a boobed mermaid, had to be a naked man here.

New work in mind already, gotta find time for it!

Back to quickies

when coming back from hols, I wondered if I'd stop my bloggie for a while.
Oh I still enjoy it a lot,
but most of what I share, including new works, etc, I do it on FB, and it takes one minute not more.

Days are so short & so full, blogs require so much time & attention really!

Well I won't give it up, just make it shorter, quickies only.
From a reader's perspective, that's not too bad either I believe :)

edit: I just say I almost stop with my blog and I add 4 more posts! lol, typical!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summerish summary

The Facebookers already know what a shitty weather we've got during these four weeks in Bretonie. But I gotta say that for Loup, unable to move, it was not that bad... no temptation for the beach!

Apart from Loup's cast, a few fest-noz, the rain and the wind, I'll remember how much we've worked on the hobbit house! Unfortunately, the photos I took were "broken" when I tried to get them back. So you won't see the result!
We've worked a lot on the terrasse, in the kitchen and bathroom, on the living room & bedroom ceilings.

And another good memory will be our meeting with Axel. I've instantly been under the charm of his show & personnality, which is impressive on many levels. A few days later I contacted him via his site to tell how much we had enjoyed his show.
The result of all that is that I can say we've started a real friendship, he came to spend half a day at home there with his lil boy, and we really had a great time.

Next year if you're not far from Dinan, there will be the big medieval party in July. The theme of it: the Middle Ages' Fears.
Martin wants that we go there as lepers (lépreux).. lol... nene not glam enough for me!

I might change my mind though :P

But Anyway, I don't tell anything but Axel's performance there should be really something! I truly can't wait :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adieu Bretonie, Bonjour Paris

Finally I've spent 4 weeks away from Paris... how about that? pretty kewl, huh!

Well that was great for me... and for the kids, specially for Loup who, despite his wheelchair, could enjoy a huge garden & big house.

We've had some stress though with the lil devil having a bad fever, several trips to the hospital (for fear of an infection linked to his leg), new cast done, blood tests, etc...

Well it was strange holidays for me. Honestly on the last week of June when Loup broke his leg, I had so much stress (and physical pain for him) that I just did not know where I was anymore. I focused all my energy on him and was unable to think about anything else.

Then once his pain was gone (after 10 days), I started to feel better -and exhausted-.

Now I'm kinda used to the wheelchair and cast but it still makes life very complicate.

Next week, we go back to the hospital, then he should get his cast removed.
I can't wait for good news about his leg... Normal life to be back :)

Almost had a heart attack ...

... earlier today when I totally lost my summer pictures (well only had 15 of them left, from beginning of July!)

I thought I had transferred them all on my PC, but did not notice I had not enough space left.
When I finished the transfer, I just deleted them all from my ebook and memory card.

Then I started to check the photos and ...

I panicked, could remember my holidays... the images were gone, so was my memory!

When Gijs told me he might help, I thought you can't get anything back once it's really completely deleted for ever and ever

I was wrong!
Gijs helped me find a free software to get back the old pics on my empty memory card! yeah yeah!
...but I had pictures lost from the beginning of July till now, and it could only get the last days' photos.

I tried then to get a software to find deleted files on my (e)PC. Well, you know, once you empty the bin, it's empty. lost.
... wrong!
I could find all my deleted files thanks to that.
A miracle!

I have all my lost pics back, I still can't believe it!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Elle assure en bourrée!

yeah, I know, my best post title so far!

ha well, I gotta say I am pretty good at Bretonish dances, but I've got lot of fun with the Auvergnate bourrées lately!

It does not sound exciting, but when you dance it, trust me, it's something!

Ok, apart from that, Martin has made lots of lil renovations on my blogs and I really wanna thank him! I'm supa happy for all the works and improvements!

Une petite bourrée pour fêter ça, hm? :D

Monday, August 03, 2009


... there were 10 people in the hobbit garden for a picnic! The first official guests we've had :P

Yesterday, I had a bloody experience: I cut a big slow worm (orvet) while cutting the grass, it was yucky! I ran for Martin like a kid to ask for help, lol... poor lil stupid one (I thought he would have left with all the noise I was making!)

Yesterday I realized I had a taste for running, it was hard (no flats road and paths around here) but the exercise felt great!

Yesterday I finished my project. Took a lot of time to gather the pieces I wanted for the collage, but it looks definitely the way I wanted! Might do that again! :)

click here

Yesterday I said goodbye Martin. He's back in Paris for the week, starting with work again :(

And I stay an extra week here in Bretonie with the kids. So much better with the wheelchair.

Next visit to the hospital is in 2 weeks, if everything is fine: x-rays, then they remove the cast and we're gone. 2 weeks to be able to walk a bit to be ready for school.

That's the perfect script.

But I do stress a lot, wondering how his leg is fixing... what bad news the docs might tell me..

I will know, in 2 weeks.