Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stuck in the laundrette

"What a way to start the day!
I'm stuck in a laundrette (remind me next time to NOT give a pint of water to my devils before I send them to bed!)

The sky is lovely this morning, pinkish in a polluted way. I almost like it. Well I like it.
But it's bloody cold, so I'm stuck here. It's warm.
Too bad Martin's not around, he would have made a perfect Levis guy in the laundrette

And what do I do here? I could be reading a book or, yum, people's mags. But no, I'm blogging! (shakking head)
It's just that... I have my notebook with me, the one I carry all the time, just in case something crazy happens and I worry I can forget it. As I almost never go to the laundrette, you never know what may happen, huh ;-)
I am ready, paper and pen on the knees.

I need a coffee.

Ok, let's concentrate, I'm supposed to write a bloggie.

Jeez, 20 minutes to go..

I need a coffee.


Done! The machines have stopped. It's quiet and the sky outside still look polluted but more greyish :(

Been dreaming for the 20 last minutes it seems!
Dreaming in a laundrette.

And the best thing is that I can go now and have my bloody coffee!"


been fishing ;-)

...and I got this lil treasure!
Nothing spectacular at first sight, but very hmm, touching maybe. Which is definitely the most important, don't you think?
I like a lot the song and the lil video that goes with it... if you've a minute, it won't be a real waste of time me thinks :)

long free weekend: let's party!!!

Tomorrow my adorable lil devil leaves for Brittany, for 3 days.

3 days where just the two of us will jump into bed, and will wake up without the lil devil between us :)

3 days including a restaurant with Lola, a dinner at friends', relaxed shopping, a happy hour or two in front of rugger (6 nations' starting! yeeepeeeeeee!), some wall painting and peaceful work too.

It feels good to have a lil break, I tell you! I already miss my babe, but ok, he's the one who'll have real fun ;-) ... and 3 days are not so long, I should be fine, and so should he :)

the song that goes with the image above is here. If you've never seen/heard the rock Opera Tommy, by the Who, which I simple looooove, I'm sure you know many songs of it! Pinball wizard, etc)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

getting ready for the next Olympics :)

I did not think Loup would stand on the ice, but it wasn't a problem at all for him!
Lola is already used to ice-skating (every year Paris opens several ice rinks outside for a few months, which is just brilliant! Here it's in front of Montparnasse railway station)

The kids had so much fun!

Talking of ice-skating, am the only one below 75 years-old to watch figure skating (Martin's rolling his eyes already! lol)?
The only person that I know who openly enjoys it is my grand-mama... and Lola who's just been initiated to it :P

I know watching figure-skating feels like Sunday afternoon cupoteatime (if that means anything! lol), but I love it!
The very kitsch costumes, hair, make-up, the boring songs, the comments... terrible, but just terribly perfect for Lola and I! hehe

We jump on the sofa, grab a warm blanket, ask Martin for a hot drink, start to gossip about the talented ones on the screen... and, well, life is perfect then!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I might have missed the Golden globes...

but, you will see, I'm gonna win the Oscars with that!

Title: the 5 golden rules to be a successful cook
Leading roles: Loup, Lola, 1 flying spoon and 2 lovely eggs
Cameraman: Martin

Friday, January 25, 2008

You're hungry? I mean REALLY hungry?

well let's see... (covering my eyes, clicking on the first recipe)... we gonna have...

with snails bits

the recipe is here: Alligator fumé farci à la seiche garni de caviar d'escargots ("smoked Alligator stuffed with octopus bits and served with snails caviar")

First comment there: "J'aimerais bien essayer la recette mais où est-ce qu'on trouve l'alligator et le caviar d'escargots ?"

no, but really! Waw!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So easy to make me happy, one of these would be just perfect!

sleeping would come first here :)

And what about you, what do you dream about just right now?

Existential question aka supa interesting stuff !

(but trust me!)

Ok, we're in the middle of the last season of Grey's Anatomy, you don't watch series, ok you can still play here (but -oh nooo- you miss so many brilliant stuff!).

With Martin we often have girlie talks (which I love), and yesterday he told me Mc dreamy was his fav (in comparison with Mc Steamy)! Nonono, it can't be!


Your point?

So, steaming or dreaming?
Mc Steamy
Mc Dreamy
See the results

(I just know you're happy to have visited my bloggie today! :P)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Blue Monday ?

don't forget your vitamines
and tonight, well, have a glass of wine!

...'cause today is said to be the most depressing day of the year, nothing less.

You feel down today?

Well, it's not that hard to build such theories me thinks, it's winter, we lack sun, and well, it's Monday! Mondays are always depressing (yawn)

But today, I do not feel that bad.

...I wouldn't mind going back to bed though

Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you talk Facebook?

-I have 10 active games at Scrabulous that I plan to win (of course!)

-I also plan to show my Q to King Romu at the music Challenge

-As a pirate, I've reached the highest level (I am now "Captain Bonny"! wooohaaaa!), I can now fight against all the "Chuck Norris" (the highest level in Ninjas, my ennemies, lol). But I've lost all my gold. Damn!

-I've been poked 3 times by Jerôme today, I expect a fourth time. hehe

-My fluff friend, George, is crazy for Cheesecake. But I can't buy him more of them, I've lost all my munny at races! grrmppphhh

-I've saved one poor lost Alien, named John John, he's the cutest!

-I've taken the New Year's resolution quizz, and again loved to compare the results with friends there.

-I'm Fred and George Weasley, I'm Marge from the Simpson, I'm a daffodil, and I'm the drunk drunk type, my stripper name is Heather Amberspot.

-I wish I could convince you to join there, but I fear that with all what I've just said, you will never open the facebook page. lol
Too bad, but really!

(When do I find the time to play there? I have no idea!!!!)

mais Kwoon c'est kwa?

So I watched and watched again this video(2 posts below), then I surfed a bit, discovered the music was made by a French band with an exotic name Kwoon.

They've made one album Tales & Dreams. I've heard 3 songs that I really enjoy and the comments refer to Pink Floyd (huhu, when you name THE band, I'm an easy target!), Tim Burton, music that feeds your imagination.

A couple of songs heard, good critics, enough to convince me. When I make these *blind* jumps with music, it's really the 6th sense who talks. It works often pretty well, but sometimes it fails, huh!

Do you *buy* new music this way, with your 6th sense? or do you need to really *know* what you buy?

14 euros for Kwoon's album, only sold on their site. Ok, I'll make the jump before the end of the weekend!

PS: what's the last artists you've discovered? Anything you would recommend?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh no!!!!

Yesterday morning for my biz rendez-vous, I decided to wear the most beautiful present I got for Christmas.
Jewels. Very *schpeshul* ones! Martin had bought them from THE *jewel Goddess* aka Laurienna. Laurienna is a most inspired one, you should see her creations, they're just wawwww!!!

So I went there, wearing my lil treasure. Luck would be on my side!
And yes, it happened this way :)


...4 hours later when I came back at home, I realized one of the earrings was missing!!!!!

I don't think I'll find it now, but who knows... miracles happen too.

They're so *delicate* and *precious*, and mean so much to me.... I'm really mad at meself for losing such treasure!!!!!


The magic of Art

is like with this video I've found. I have no clue really what it is about, yet I love it.
It touches me. Why? I have no precise idea! hehe
It's absolutely beautiful and it's an open door to imagination, that's why I love it maybe, yes.
Oh and the music, perfect!

If you're curious, just click below, huhu

edit: from the official site, this video is "the story of a father, teaching his son the art of dreaming, to escape the cruel world he's living in.
(happy sigh)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapeau, Marie-Thérèse!

Yesterday, there was this broadcast on Arte about Marie-Antoinette.
Lola wanted to watch it... she said she knew she was the queen who was cut in 2 parts at the end of her life.

Such details are so attractive for such curious minds :)
So ok we watched it, I explained what could be explained to a lil one.
Finally the most difficult part was to make her understand *when* all that happened. "centuries ago" is a mysterious concept for Lola who's hardly taming the tomorrow/yesterday/today thingie.

Anyway, Lola was a bit shocked that a queen could lose her head this way (apparently being cut in 2 parts is ok, but having one's head cut is less fun! .. lol).

Till yesterday being a queen was one of the job Lola had planned to do later. I think she's changed her mind. ;-)

To explain Marie-Antoinette's violent death, I told Lola something like "the queen had too much bread and did not share, people got crazy because they were so hungry and poor" (which I think is way enough explanation for a 5 years-old one)
Lola was a bit sad for the hungry people, but much more sad for the lil headless queen, of course! ;-)

And while we were in the middle of all that, I kept thinking about what had just been said about Marie-Antoinette's mom, Maria Theresa of Austria.

She was an Empress, ok, which is a tough job I can imagine. But besides being an Empress, she gave birth to 16 kids! Can you imagine that?!!!! When you know all what it takes to make a baby (talking physical strength and energy)... I just cannot imagine that to happen 16 times!

And in the broadcast, they said Maria Theresa used to keep reading the reports from her ministers even when she was having contractions.

Wawww, une force de la nature, cette Marie-Thérèse!!!!

Cross your bits for me

I've another rendez-vous tomorrow morning with my publishing house.
I'll give them the 14 illustrations "boards" that are ready for the second book of the series, and I should get there the text of the third book I have to illustrate before the end of next month.

I like what I did, really, which is definitely what matters. I hope they'll enjoy it too. We'll see.

I've also to finish the first *items* I'm creating for my new lil biz, so far the result is pretty good I think. Martin's working on it too! We're both inspired :)
I should be able to show something in my gallery in a couple of weeks(I will have to create another gallery for these new items, but later).

And I'm working on a new painting, which is maybe the hardest job since you need real inspiration to paint, you've to be able to explore in yourself what you want to express, the way you want to express it, etc.
I'd say 20% of this new painting's done. I hope to finish it before the end of the week. Challenge!

Well, if I was paid for the time I spend on my works, I'd be rich, I tell you! but... it does not work this way. And I still play lottery every week

edit: the rendez-vous went really well! The three books should be published by the end of May :-) I think I will spend a very lazy evening tonight, just to celebrate all that! (dancing around)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What kind of webuser are you?

How do you spend your time on the internet? games, news, blogs, information?

let me see, at the moment I use it for:
-blogs of course (and I'd love to have the time to discover new ones too. I miss that)
-music (I mainly listen at my radioblog stuff)
-my biz
-facebook on which I spend more time than any other site... lol (being a big fan of the music challenge and scrabulous devil thingie huhu :P)
-news, information research
-gossips (perezhilton, etc ETC)

...and when I have some lil time left, I love surfing on dailymotion or youtube, in the art/animation channel.
There are real jewels there! And I must say I'm a bit jealous of these people who have such a sense of creativity in them, and the latent to express it (both being equally important)! :)

Anyway, here's a lil film I've just found, I really like it! So simple but so well done, with the touch of humour that makes it perfect (for me at least :-)

envoyé par tudoempaz

(relax) take it ...hmmm.... easy ? :P

Tanja (ok, you don't know Tanja, she's a great friend of us from Hamburg) sent me an email yesterday to share the wunnnerful piece of news :

Easyjet is about to start flights Paris-Hamburg (they will start in March!)

A cheap airline to go to Hamburg, that's just perfect!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

9 years, the most beautiful 9 years of my life!

(It's our wedding Anniversary today!)
(dancing around -the pole-)

... and for those who still wonder about this housewife's hobby...:

The Office, season 3

(now you don't ask anymore about the "last movie you've seen", but more like about the "last series you've watched", times have changed huh :P)

I've just spent the whole evening watching youtube stuff from the Office, season 3, to share with you a good laugh... but I could not decide which extract was the best! Maybe this one !

We've still 3 episodes to watch, and it's gonna be pure pleasure! The American Office is getting funnier and funnier! The dvd we watch are Michelle's but I think we'll buy them, it's just too good.

Sooo, I ask you *the* question? What series do you follow at the moment, hm?


I've just finished the illustrations of a second book, I'll deliver them next week and start with a third book.
So much work and time required for that!

Anyway, for now I have a couple of days to make a new painting (which is a wunnerful break)
.. and also some time to think more about the new lil biz I wanna create which would complete my biz with the paintings.

My mind is boiling right now.

Martin and I got the same idea on the 1st of January, that's a sign!

I don't want to tell anything before knowing if I can make it... it's top-secret stuff but but if you're really curious, I can at least tell you I will still use brushes and painting for this new project!
huhu :P

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Billy, Feuerzangenbowle and huge bretzels

10 days in Hamburg =

(just because I needed an excuse to play with smileys, huh :P)

-hours in Christmas markets drinking Feuerzangenbowle
-Santa Claus above our head crossing in the sky in front of the Rathaus (fantastic!)
-cosy evenings with Achim, Christa, the kids and lots of candles

-Billy, the so friendly Scottish pub owner, opening his pub for us on the 24th
-a New year's eve with wunnerful friends, all playing bagpipes outside at midnight

-meeting Marcus at a Christmas market (we had not seen him since our wedding!)
-zillions of fireworks
-the shock to see the lil boys (who were around me at our wedding) almost as tall as Martin!!!
-hours spent in spielplatz with over-excited kids
-the yummy dinner and delicious drinks we had at the September
-the brunch on Sunday with family and friends
-and all these moments we had alone, for ourselves :-)

and here are the photos:

Christmas in Hamburg 2007

Cinema Festival at chez Candles: and the winner is ....

James, absolutely, totally James.

During the holidays, we've managed to watch a few movies, and Casino Royale was the best suprise.
Actually I was a bit tired of the james Bond series, very disappointed by the last ones...
But this one, woooaaaa!
First I though the new JB/Mr Craig was just good meat for the eyes. But I was wrong, the movie was fresh, while sticking to the James Bond atmosphere, avoiding all the heavy clichés (or playing with them). The dialogues, the script, Eva Green naturally. Perfect. A surprise!

the big loser of the festival :P :

I expected something much better from Stephen Frears. The Queen was the most boring one I had seen in ages. All the Diana stuff in it, the poor approach of it, and the rest was so uninteresting! After 45 minutes I gave up.

The voice of Homer in German was really funny! It was, ok, I liked the movie but, just like I enjoy a doughnut once a year, huh :)

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix is actually the only book of the series I haven't read. It was a wise advice from Martin who did not enjoy it.
The movie was particularly uninspired, even the characters, costumes included, etc...
Now I worry because I've just seen that Paul Yates, the director, has made the next Harry Potter movie! Oh noooo!!!! The next books are so good, I hope he won't spoil them!

To avoid watching too many cartoons (but now I think of it, I love cartoons!), we had to make compromises with the kids. Here's another compromise. No surprise. Lola loved it!

A most wonderful surprise. I couldn't believe it was made for tv. Helen Mirren, who's also very good in "The Queen" I admit, is brilliant here. I spent a great moment with Elizabeth I

Unfortunately, they were not available in English. I tried in Spanish with German subtitles, but it was too confusing , I could not help reading.. then I lost the threads with the Spanish and finally understood nothing! lol
As usual Spanish is spoken too quickly for me... I also realized that I'm really fond of the German language now, I should have watched them in German!
Anyway, I really can't tell how good or bad these 2 have been! lol

I also wanted to watch Babel but I had not enough time... boooo

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Allo Candy? C'est Robert!

That's the first thing I heard on the phone the other day!

Here are the details:

Robert: "Hi there, is it Candy?"

I: "hmm??? well somehow yes"

Robert: "Maybe you don't know me, I'm Robert Plant"

I: "Hmmm, from ermm work? Compuserve maybe?"

Robert: "Ermm, no from Led Zeppelin"

I: "Oh yeah, sure! Hi Robert"

Robert: "Hi Candy, I read your blog about everyday, even though I don't dare participating... and I've seen you've been stressed with the kids lately!?"

I: "hmm, hehe, well yeah just like a busy mama"

Robert: "Oh I wanted to tell you I know so much how it is! Not easy everyday, huh... But you're a great mama, I can see that from what you write (LOL). And if you want any advice then just give me a call, I'd love it!"

I: "Ok, Bob, I'll do that, that's so nice of you! Take good care! huggles"

Voilà, I just woke up after this Robert Plant's call the other day and I really started my day with a delicious laugh! Loved it!

While you're here, happy new year my friends, I'm back with + 2kg but the holidays were so fantastic that I wouldn't mind taking 2 more kilos to start again.

I'm still on a diet though.
A usual woman's life: being on a diet.
So unfair

Okies, I'd better run... I'll let you know when I get news from Robert! :P

PS: I like Led Zeppelin, but I'm not a HUGE fan, huh. That was somehow the weird part!

PPS: I hope you've noticed I'm getting beder and beder with photoshop and my graphic tablet! I'm sure you can hardly see the mike that Robert was holding on the pic! (proud smile) hehe