Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, as I felt on top of the world again yesterday, as Spring was here for 2 hours, as the lil devils were like angels, as I had just sold a new painting,

etc etc... I found many reasons to treat myself !

I entered this very small shop which hid treasures. I knew it did.
I thought I couldn't afford any of them. But I was wrong, I found 2 pairs of earings and just decided to make meself a happy *material girl*! :P

Naturally my photos are terrible and the ear rings are much more beauDiful "for real". But it gives an idea :-)

And if you wanna see more, they get a website and it's here

...and psssshhhhit...
... what was your last treat??? Shoes, jewels? Dvds? Books?

Percival, my hero

I'm talking *Kaamelott* here.
If you do not speak French, then you've the only excuse to not be a fan yet ;-)

I've watched every episode so far and most of dem are lil jewels!
My favourite ones are those when Percival explain the most absurd rules of games.
Maybe you remember the cul d'chouette game, there's also the pelican, the Sloubi or again the Sirop. I wanted to show you the pelican which is

hilarious, but then I only found the sirop, which is pretty good too. The Sloubi's not bad either, I'll add it too! (I'm so much in the mood! :P)

In any case, I highly recommend that you had the dvds to your *wish list*! You won't be disappointed!

Le Buzz in your bookmarks!

Benoit has just given life (he's this kind of magician you know) to a new website, which I have recently discovered, and I'm a fan!

What I love there is that the news you get, you won't find them anywhere else, because of the way they're presented and discussed (*independent* journalists, passionate ones, are behind all that).
So much more interesting than my cheap "People's blogs", so less boring than the neutral "information website" that I regularly visit.

So, when you have a minute, really I advice you to jump there (it's in French but you get photos and videos too :P)

It's called Le Buzz and I can see in my crystal ball it's just the beginning of a successful internet story!

edit: and (shaking head at meself) I forgot to mention Isabelle! Behind any real good project there has to be somewhere a brilliant feminine (=sensitive, professionnal, motivated) touch, and here the "brilliant touch" is named Isabelle!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Did you really think winter pleasures were gone?!!

Because at chez Candles we know how to keep you satisfied beyond what you can imagine!

2 of us have just caught the very nasty GASTRO(enteritis), and we're having, woaaaaaaa, so much fun painting the walls!
In case you wanna get high too, we've still lots of magic potion to share! Just join us, we're waiting for you!

Water is wet, wine is, errr, good

and girls LUVE shoes!
There are things in life you just can't explain. Why *dressing* our feet bring us so much pleasure, I have no idea. It's just a fact. That's the way it is.

And all the process can start really early :P

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter postcard

It was stormy, as expected!
We had snow on our way, then much wind and heavy rains. Yeeepeeee, vive la Brittany :P

So it was less ermmm "exotic" than I wanted, but we had a very nice weekend! We did not take many photos, but here's a postcard of the weekend :)

click here

You might even notice 2 Inspector Maigret hiding here :P (no worries, Loup does not smoke :P, and will never smoke anything except fresh air, as long as I'm alive and kicking, that is)

Martin also started new works in the house, we're building now the walls of what will be the toilets, bathroom and dressing. So far we have a big empty room which will be devided in 3 parts with a corridor. Almost surrealist.
Here's a pic to give you an idea of what we're doing

click here

Well, you've to use your imagination just as we do, it will be nice, trust ol' Candy :-)


I've just met the headmistress of the new school where Lola will go next year.

I wondered how I'll organized between Loup's school and Lola's (I'll have to run from one to the other and that's all)

I wondered about the quality of the school of course. And from what I can see, it should be great!
Lola will have a mistress + 3 different teachers who'll teach them sports, arts and computer stuff. She'll also learn the basics with music and how to swim.

They have much space in this "old school" and the lil ones seem to learn to read pretty quickly (like by the end of December, they usually all know how to read... in 4 months!)

Anyway, I'm relieved by all the good vibes I had when visiting the headmistress.
I'm so lucky for my babes! Some of my friends have real problems with schools' quality and that is so stressing!

But, as I'm not Alice in Wonderlands, the bitter side of the story is that our flat's rent should raise a lot before next summer.
I've no idea how much, but I'm not sure at all we can afford it then

Well, sure thing is that we'll try to stay around here for another year. It's not that I am so excited by our flat (small, old, not practical at all and yes expensive -yawn-), but the environment is so quiet for the kids, that's my main motivation.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just because I'm fond of quickies

I'm off for a couple of days :)
I'll be ... ---> there
Well you know where :)

take care of your bits and keep the finest chocolate for me (or you're gonna be sick! Just believe me!)
(and btw, I like any kind of chocolate, white, milk, pink, dark, whatever...oh except with mint or hot spices, yuck!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some kind of miracle !

So I went to my dentist-the-butcher yesterday, trembling in my boots naturally.

I warned him I felt no pain, everything HAD to be OK.
He checked. Made a scan too.

Well, he had simple no work to do.... my teef were perfect!

That never ever happened once in my life!
So I went back at home and grabbed the teeth killers below. I just had to celebrate you see!!!

Candles mood

I've just finished another series of candle holders. I'm starting to feel the first limit with the glass painting, it's very hard to make it look perfect, I need help to improve. Gotta check about it :)

Anyway, I made 4 new ones, one with sweets, another with bramble, the third with a snake and the last with ivy.

I get my inspiration from the tattoo design, it's just perfect for me.

I also gotta find the best way to make pics of them but Martin helped me for these ones and they looked good. Here's one of the candle holders:

click here

But even though they're not perfect yet, the atmosphere they create is already the one I wanted!
I just have to work work work, improve and then I can sell zillions of them to share the *Candles' sssshhhhpirit* :-)

edit: following the advice to share more details about the candle holders, here are the details for the snake one. (I had to secretly steal martin's big toy, and pick up one of the huge zoom to make it! pffff, I really prefer my 2 buttons cam' :P)
For the other candle holders, I'll work on that part when I open an online gallery! (can't wait!)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Mosaic

tomorrow, I go to the dentist *just* for a check up. I never go to the dentist except when I'm close to death!!!
I feel ok today but I can bet 10 bucks my teeth will be painful tomorrow! (boo ooo)

(it's my JC Vandame quality)
I'm not a teen anymore, I'm not angry or whatever, but I know my dad does not care for my sister and I.
When we call for help, he won't answer back. Can you imagine that? really? he just does not call back. He ignores.
He's never worried for us in the way he count on others to do it (and he's right in a way, lots of other people do it)
I find it a bit sad though, I don't get why he's never cared.
I guess being a dad (or "parent") is not a natural thingie for everybody.

We've just planned to spend the Easter weekend on the west coast (what a change!), lots of road again, but a great weekend in perspective

I won't lose any game this week, scramble, scrabulous, superheroes, winny-the-poo loto with Loup, not a single game. RoaaaaR!

I *just* need enough time to work this week and it should be pretty good

Instead of just running when I wanna do sport (yawn) ... I plan to ...
Wait! Why would I want to sweat more than I already do??! I climb already endless stairs 100 times a day with extra heavy weight in the arms, it is ENOUGH sport.
Let's say when I feel in the mood to make even more sport than I already do (me courageous one), I'm going to seriously try the skipping rope! This sport is made for me!

Supa happy:
If everything goes well, I should meet Mahie and Benoit in a few weeks! Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!

Thirsty ! :
I was to forget it's Saint Patrick's day... My favourite Saint!

What about your Monday Mosaic? Should be a good week, hm?

Very Virgin

I know how to chose my titles huh ;-)

Sorry for those who expected some hilarious salacious joke, I only wanted to talk about music here

I work with the computer near and I put music all the time on it, while working.
I used to listen to radioblog, with my fav songs. But the site is kinda dead it seems.
A pity!

But now I'm into Virgin web radios, and this one is very good! I switch to the other Virgin radios pretty often, but this one is my fav at the moment (yeah I know, a bit dusty, Bowie, Pink Floyd, ACDC, etc). I also switch to New wave 80 radio (lol) which is very enjoyable, when in the mood.

What do you listen on your computer? Cds, radios? Any advice?

Friday, March 14, 2008

some kind of frustration

Booo ooo ... Only one of the three books I've illustrated will be published in May.

The 2 others will come later (and I hope they will, but... you never know, that's a main thing I've learnt in the past 5 years with the writing/illustrating/publishing world)

Well, somehow, 3 books in a month, that was a bit like a dream. Something had to happen..

Well, I'm going to focus on my paintings biz for now, gonna try to develop it, and in a couple of weeks I'll start again with Lola Tralala's books. I really want to make them, they're gonna be best-sellers, one day :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baywatch babes (made in Brittany)

Esox, who has no blog but who's a very active facebooker, just won a battle with our "most kitsch postcard" war!

Just see by yourself :P

I love every bit of it!
Well done, Esox! ... revenge on its way ;-)

The colour of the sky, and a lil bit more

via Blog writers' faces!

That is the brilliant idea Mahie got!
Talking about the weather on a blog, huhu, that was risky :P But making of it the way to discover more about your blog friends, yeah that's kewl!

That means though you've to accept doing it too, even if we all know how much we do not look like what we see on a screen, how much our voice is actually diffecent, etc etc. ;-)

Anyway, I will simply not watch it, a bit too painful. I did it in French, because I had to limit the damage though :P

Psshhhiiit: don't you love my "salut les copains du blog"!?! lol

I didn't like doing it but I LOVED discovering more about Mahie, including her voice and lovely smile!

Now I REALLY hope that you, on your blog, will share your meteo! Don't be shy, just do it!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

What was it again... International women's Day?

Because my condition as a woman here is *normal* (= privileged), I almost paid no attention to the International Woman's day
So what? ...

The thing is that we just consider it as another "special day" among the 350 other "special days".
Today we celebrate Women's day, *tomorrow* we'll celebrate beer (St Patrick's soon, no?), and later it will be the Galette saucisse day. No way I'll forget the beer and crepe one.
(shaking head at meself)

But the facts can't be denied: as a woman I am privileged, I live a comfortable life, I am respected and totally free. I am not tortured, raped, threatened, killed because of what I am.

I think I'm lucky.
Just wish I could share that luck. Just a little bit more.

edit: have I really made a post about Women's day where I talk about sausages?!! Ouch!

Rain and bubbles

Now that I have finished working night and day for the books, I get soooooo much lazy time to boost my biz! ;-)

I've finally updated my gallery, which is a good start.

click here

And if you deepest dream (or not) was to get a print of my paintings, or a tee shirt, whatever actually, I've also started putting my work available at a most reasonable price here :-)
You should add the site to your bookmarks anyway, so many beautiful surprises there, including Jack's, naturally! A pleasure for the eyes!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I thought I had escaped it

but no way, *ma coupine de bloug et de facebook*, Alix had no mercy and now I have to answer the 6 *crispy details* quizz.

I won't translate everything, but the main point is to share 6 of your habits on your blogs.
And to name a gang of innocent souls to do the same on their own blog.

Ok, I'll make it short (2 Heroes episodes on my way, soooo...)

1.Polite (and stoopid)
I never ever tell a friend who cooks for me when I don't like what's gonna be served.
I really can't stand most fish (tuna beyond anything), and if friends cook fish I willeat it (even tuna) with a smile (while getting sick inside).
Martin can't understand that! lol
The thing is that most of the time, I have no luck and get any kind of fish made with love and everything.

When I discover a new CD that I love, I keep listening to it for weeks and will stop just before the overdose.

3.Parisian driver
I am anything but that. I do not take any risk, I hate driving anyway. Each time I am behind the wheel, I need to concentrate to remember where is the clutch pedal (embrayage), etc. Nothing is natural for me when I drive, it produces nasty chemicals in my body. And when I do not drive, but sits in the car, I get sea sick.
Please, I need a new invention!

4.Spanish rythm
I do not like having diner early. We usually do it between 10.00pm and midnight. Before, we just enjoy a glass of wine and quiet time, for which we're much hungrier.

5.Sensitive nose
I really can't stand heavy perfumes, like Angel, Chanel, etc. I'd be a man, I couldn't approach a woman wearing them. these smells stand like a wall to me.

6.Bad taste
I love B movies, but you know the real bad ones. Like, what was it again, the one with Jlo...Anaconda?
But I also love crap stuff like the tv movies with the crazy babysitter who seduces the father and destroys the family, or the one in which the innocent young wife is married to a serial killer, etc.

Hiro san, Jack, Jenny, Mahie, Laurienna, and young mama Lune, you're the selected ones to share your secrets and bad habits now!
One day you'll thank me, I swear it!

A storm, 2 pints and 4 devils

The title sums up pretty well my week in Bretagne (except for the pints, the total is slightly underestimated)
The kids had a wonderful time and we finally got what we've asked for a year: a new electricity meter in the hobbit house! Yeeeehaaaaaa
We can now start to read all the books about wires and plugs to make our own electrical circuit. It's gonna be fun.

If we find some €€€, we should be able to finish with the electricy and plumbery in one year. Then I think we can camp there, maybe next summer (I mean in 2009)
We started in 2003. 6 years to make a house with almost no money and with our own hands, not bad, huh!

And now you can just jump down here for the almost-sunny-bananas photos ;-)

click here

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I've just left a stormy Brittany find a bloody cold Paris. Ha yes, well still winter around :)

The kids have another week of holidays so of course I'm even more busy than usual.
Multi-taskin Candles on the way!

Maybe I'll manage to unpack the luggage before the end of the week and add a *real* post on here.

I'll do my best!